Bronze shadows darken the already deep shades of this golden dragon and make this already small gold appear even smaller. An illusion to be sure and a deceiving one as well. For at first glance she may seem fragile, but in truth she's as limber and lithe as a young boy, giving her a look that is more masculine in appearance than feminine and one might almost mistake her for a bronze. Her shadings give her a wild look, a dark patch the falls across an eye and tendrils that dance down her neck like wind blown hair. Hher wings are like billowing sails, while her face holds a keenness that can cut to the quick with the snarl that seems to be a permanent fixture upon her lips. Her eyes are tilted in such a way that she seems to glare, with glints that seem to speak of dire secrets. Her tail is almost like a saber to her, whip-like and likely to be slashed at an unwitting foe.

Egg Name and Description

Crystalline Entity Egg
A soft powder blue sets the backdrop for this rather average sized egg and offsets the thin wired lines that form graceful loops and straight lines along the curved surface. Crystalline beads of ice and cerulean blue form the shape of flowers and leaves long the delicate points, while tiny indigo crystals create a circle within the middle of the overall pattern, accented by iced crystals at symmetrical points. It is both delicate and yet sturdy, dainty but still elegant. A combination of forms that combine a simple and yet complex beauty.

Hatching Message

Crystalline Entity Egg begins to move with a suddeness that has it rolling away from it's mates and away from the candidates even. It comes to stop, but only briefly as it begins moving again, though it only wobbles now instead of continuing to roll off.

Crystalline Entity Egg makes another sudden movement that sends it rolling for a few feet before cracks begin spreading out across the surface, one shard falls away, showing a darkness within and then the sudden gleam of a whirling red eye.

Crystalline Entity Egg seems to almost groan with effort and then there is an audible roar as the occupant breaks free, a darkened tail flinging forth and wings outstretched as the last of the shell falls away.

Impression Message

Oceans of Fire burst forth across you, the scent of fire and powder fill your senses, an acrid scent that is then muted by the scents of the seas while a cascade of burning light fills your mind, seeping into nook and cranny as a golden hue begins to glow. The sound of the ocean roars through your mind until it's the raging crescendo of a fire storm and then suddenly it's silenced by the gentle rain and sea spray. There's a sense of stretching and expanding as if she was still getting used to not being bunched up and then an almost feline like purr. Tendrils of darkness wriggle there way in even deeper as vibrant voice feels your mind « Lets say we blow this joint, Cap'n Tarish it's high time fer an adventure I say. By the way, could we catch some grub on the way out? I's a might peckish after bein' in the brig thar. » Her mind seems to ebb and flow with curiosity of all things you and then almost as an afterthought she adds « Name be Seviadith, now where's that grub? »


Everything for your Seviadith is based on the moment, from thoughts to actions, which in many ways might not be very good for your time in weyrlinghood, for she has an impulsive tendency that is apt to get the two of you in trouble from the get go. With your reputation and her ever growing one, don't be surprised if you are blamed for things that happen. Even if it was an accident, it just seems as if the worlds out to get the two of you. « What do you mean I shouldn't have threw up on him? I couldn't help it. It went down the wrong way.» Of Course, there will be plenty of times that the two of you earn your reputation. « Come on, lets go buzz Eixynth, show him how a real dragon flies. »

Seviadith lives for adventure, it's what she was born for. She's always ready to see just what's over the horizon, or across the bowl for she doesn't like to stay still and getting her to rest may be an adventure in itself. Even the merest leaf can an excuse for an adventure. « Lets follow that leaf and see where it takes us! » Unfortunately, if said leaf lands upon another dragon, she may well not notice it until it's too late to stop her from colliding. Her biggest problem is her tendency to focus too much upon the little things to ever worry about the larger picture. After all, she lives for the moment. Tomorrow is to far away to worry about.

She's a pirate at heart, and as such she collects treasure. There is no rhyme or reason to what she collects, just as long as it catches her eyes. From a smooth rock that's striated with quartz, to a brightly colored cloth. And no matter what she collects, it is hers and she'll hoard it like the ancient legends and woe unto any person or dragon who tries to take what she considers hers. And you are included in this. Treasure doesn't have to be an inanimate object. Even a kitten is a worthy item. This may make any future relationships tricky, for she'll see the other as someone who is trying to take you away from her. That is until she decides that they belong to you. And thus to her. Which can make things interesting if the relationship goes sour.

Children are a tricky point, any you may have most certainly fall under the category of being hers. Other children are a curiosity that she enjoys watching, for so many of them live for the moment as well and are quite adventurous. But her curiosity doesn't just center on children, for she enjoys most any people who are not boring and dull and will have a tendency to stick her nose amongst a group of people chatting. She wants to be a part of any action going on.

Where her clutch mates are concerned, and their riders, she is a typical sister. She'll pester and bug and annoy them to her hearts content, but don't let anyone else do it. For she'll respond with a fierceness that embodies her name. As she grows older, this loyalty will extend to those of her wing, or any other dragon or person she might be in close contact with on a constant basis. For, it yet again falls amongst the category of things she considers hers.

Growing Up:
She's a sassy one and has no problem speaking her mind, but she'll color it to make it sound like she's being good « Just want to serve my Weyr, be the best dragon flying in the sky, sir. » She's no concept of danger, or really the consequences that might come of her impulsive actions. A loose rein on her might end up getting her hurt as she tries to fly before she's ready, and you certainly don't want her Betweening before she's taught. She'll grow extremely restless if grounded for any length of time is bound to cause some grief. It'll be up to you, to curb her wilder impulses until maturity brings with it a sense of knowing what things she should never do. She will never willingly want to hurt someone because of her impulsive actions, but if does, it'll hit her to the core. Course, protection and flights are a whole other ball game.

Though there is no feat that is too daring for her, or a storm too wild, she will look to you, her captain for guidance on how to proceed. If you don't want her rushing forth into the eye of a storm, then you' ld best be ready with a reason why that particular course of action is not suitable, for a simple 'because I said so.' will drive her absolutely nuts. She wants to know why and she wants to know an alternate course of action.

There will hardly ever be a time that she doesn't want something to happen right now. Patience is not her strong suit and she'll be restless one on the sands, even if she's protective over her eggs. It's one time in her life she'll be at odds with herself. She'll have a tendency to pace and move eggs around. If people are in the galleries she'll be watching them and be vocalizing with rumbles, or even flicking sand with her tail.

Flights are the one time she'll be extremely Girly. She'll primp and preen and insist on being oiled constantly. Even if you just did it. At this time, males aren't a rival but something to be cultivated. She's on the prowl and she lets everyone know it. « This is what I call a target rich environment » And it is also a time where she's a little lax on your partnerships as the other riders gather. « Even you could get laid in a place like this. »

With her smaller size she's quite agile and it is here that she flies unfettered and will be prone to daring feats that bring her up to the rim and doing a flyby on the star stones and dropping back amongst the males. She will taunt them and play with them, seeking out canyons to fly through as she tries to lose them. She wants a male who's not afraid to follow her into the unknown, into the darkness. The cautious ones hold no interest for her, in fact she finds them distasteful. If one should by chance actually manage to catch her, she's quite likely to be grumpy and vindictive about the whole thing. Course a guy who worries about a few scratches or bites has no business chasing her.


Oceans of Fire
Seviadith's mind is like the ocean, wild and restless and ever changing. There's a burning intensity that one finds from a fire storm, and intelligence that eats everything up in her path. It's not painful, however exhausting it might be, and in many ways can be invigorating. Shades of deep blue are offset but bright whites and smoldering deep reds and blacks. A sound filled with the roar of the firestorm and crashing of the sea. There is the deceptive calmness before the storm and the soft lull of waves and the crackling of the flames. The scent of the sea mingles with burnt timbers, a spiciness that is almost mellow. Her mind is much as she is, never a moments rest.


Your Sevideth was written by V'gay, based upon your preferences, but feel free to change things that don't work right. She has a touch of Anne Bonny, the notorious female pirate, and Maverick from Top Gun, but she is her own lady and all yours, of that there is no doubt. Hopefully she is wild enough for your tastes and enough of a trouble maker.

Her name, Seviadith, is derived from the Hebrew word, Sevi, meaning My Wolf and the Persian word, Adish, meaning Fire which I came to visualize as My Fire Wolf. This seemed to fit with not only Maverick, as a wolf, and Anne who was Irish. Even if it was unintentional at the time. It just fit.

Her egg desc is based upon the image http://www.global-b2b-network.com/direct/dbimage/50112553/Assorted_Snowflake_Hanging.jpg and the theme for the eggs was snowflakes.


Name Terror of the Seas Gold Seviadith
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Limerith
Created By V'gay
Impressee Tarish
Hatched 18 November 2007
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH