Dragon Description

Egg Name and Description

Centennial Egg

This slightly rectangular looking egg is dyed a deep jungle green. Cutting the egg into even front and back halves is a thick goldenrod line. The 'front' half of the egg, that facing the stands, shows a flame of sorts spouting out of a delicate looking structure made from three thin vertical lines on the bottom, five circles and a single line on the top all in the same goldenrod as the dividing line. The flame is starts as a persimmon orange followed by cerise pink, Maya blue, lavender and finally goldenrod. As the flame progress the the colors take different shapes, finally ending as stars.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message: Centennial Egg shifts slightly, then is still once again. Did it ever move? Only the spots upon its shell where the sands placed there by a caring mother fell away prove that it did…

Crack Message: Centennial Egg shifts forward out of its hollow, the 'flame' upon the front splitting as a series of cracks beginning there wind their way down the front of the egg.

Hatch Message: Centennial Egg has had enough! There are the sharp, almost piercing sounds of a strained shell and finally, it all falls away leaving the hatchling within upon the sands, ready to face the world.

Impression Message





Sandy deserts whip across her wind, always blowing, never still, dust devils twisting and dancing, growing and then quieting according to her mood. Glimmers of gold light and other brilliant gems blink across the deserts like a sand storm of precious gems when she speaks. He voice is a womanly, but firm and full of pride and always with a commanding tone. When addressing others her voice will be firm, informative and always clipped to a point. When angered her commanding voice will rise into a furious booming, accented by large swirls of glinting red in a giant sand storm, but when calm, her voice will still be one of pride, only softer, as if speaking where one should not speak.

Mind Name and Messages

Mind Name: Shattered Festivities

Pose 1: Shattered Festivities explodes into your mind unexpectedly. It's shocking and wracks your very core, the sensation of small fragments pelting your skin causing a rush of adrenaline. Images of destruction fly through your mind at a mile per minute before disappearing suddenly and leaving your head whirling.

Pose 2: Shattered Festivities returns once more with a new wave of carnage. The sounds of sirens fill your head, nothing heard over their blaring wails. Acid green and blood red flashing into your mind every time one of the sirens screeches its call. The smell of smoke takes a hold of you next, it's strong at first and seems near suffocating you.

Pose 3: Shattered Festivities continues the reign chaos over your mind, the sirens and smoke still prevalent despite how much time has passed. It's ages, at least that's what it feels like to you, until the sounds, smells and colors start to fade away into black leaving you alone and confused.


The theme for the dragons this hatching was epic and/or memorable characters. We went with a historical character: one you, yourself, reference. Queen Nefertiti. It may be perhaps strange that we went with a Queen for a green hatchling, but when you take the personality into play: what else fits? And perhaps Safernith isn't very Queenly in her behavior, but she has the /tastes/ of royalty!

As always, Kiri, Safernith is yours to shape and play. We hope you enjoy her to the fullest and thank you for your time with us in Candidacy. ~ Rwylann and Tomi (High Reaches Weyr)


Name Elegance in Form Green Safernith
Dam Gold Rhadamanth
Sire Bronze Aslianth
Created By Rwylann and Tomi
Impressee Kiri
Hatched Sat Sep 6 16:46:34 2008
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH