They say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and seldom is that more accurately represented than in this bronze. He's a formidable dragon, all sharp edges and lean angles, stunted of maw with deep-set eyes that peer from beneath a long, sloping brow. Headknobs are viciously twisted, more akin to horns or the warped branches of a tree than traditional telepathic receptors. It is not the first hint of arboriousness to define him - indeed, his very hide appears variegated, strong, ageless bronze streaked over and over with lines of sepia and umber, tracking across his flesh in markings akin to the armored bark of an ancient tree. Neckridges rise in jagged crags, surging from his spine like so many axed stumps, ending as abruptly as they rose. His wings are no less grisly, bent and twisted things that prove themselves flight-worthy in their vast expanse alone, for thin, finger-like spindled excuses for wingspars certainly lend them no credence. This dragon's tail operates much like his every joint and knuckle, knobby to a fault, ending in two long tailtips with a fondness for creeping groundwards. Only the crest of his head seems to harbor any sort of softness of physical demeanor - nestled in amongst dips and valleys of striated color are pale shoots of springtime green, dank crusts of feldspar, mottling over his brow like so much moss, containing within their nurturing depths small hints of leafmatter, perhaps hinting at a gentleness to his nature that can't help but break ground.

Egg Name and Description

More Intense Than Ordinary Egg
Is this egg covered in spikes? It certainly looks like it, though thankfully for Kouzevelth it's an optical illusion: while it does have some raised areas, not a one happen to actually be anywhere near as pointy as they look. And pointy indeed they do appear, in a multitude of varieties — across a base of leathery, worn-looking black, some thicker silver spears seem to have rounded edges, and in other areas patterns looking like immense, thin brightly-colored fans rise along its edges in pinks, blues, purples and an orangey-off white. There's something almost metallic about the texture of the spear-looking parts, and those bright colors feel more like … hairs? It's an unusual egg, but there's a fierce intensity about it that just cries "come at me, bro."

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
More Intense Than Ordinary Egg rolls, the entire egg quivering as the dragon trapped within stirs, shakes, bumps into his sire and goes still.

Crack Message
More Intense Than Ordinary Egg is… dancing? Can eggs dance? This egg most certainly is. It's rolling again, in a great big circle, shimmying (eggs can totally do that now) right into its dam where it's entire shell splinters into dark crevices that look suspiciously like the complicated tangle of tree roots. Or maybe that's just your overactive imagination.

Hatch Message
More Intense Than Ordinary Egg can't be stopped, won't be stopped, BURSTS with bits of shell and egg goo that are positively indiscriminate in who they land on. YOU get some egg, and YOU get some egg, and YOU GET SOME EGG! But what does a bit of miracle yuck matter, when the wet hatchling within is revealed? … and is falling sideways. Onto his head. Oops. Don't worry. He'll figure it out.

Sands Pose #1
Okay, so This Dragon's For Hire Bronze Hatchling's feet didn't quite agree with this whole existing thing. It's fine. He'll figure it out. See? Look. He's already mastering how to use those overlong toes of hi— annnnnd he's down again. Okay, listen. He's totally got this. THERE. On his feet, proud and… tilting sideways… HA! TAKE THAT, GRAVITY! Not again! Speaking of gravity, is it possible for dragons to dance? Because this little guy is. He's bopping his hindquarters in time to a beat that only he can hear (or is that Leirith, somewhere in the distance, thrumming enthusiasm down the line?), crossing one foot over the other in a two-step that's surely not the product of this magnificent bronze attempting to keep his footing. He might start off going in the wrong direction, but a (totally on purpose) stagger sets him onto the right course, ambling past potential lifemates with maybe a little too much inertia. Move back, candies! Here. He. Comes!

Sands Pose #2
Okay, so that would have looked a lot more cool if he hadn't staggered and nearly fallen again. How about you try looking this good in egg-y Faranth-knows-what with shell clinging to your snout and feet that want to go left when you tell them to go right? That's what we THOUGHT. But This Dragon's For Hire Bronze Hatchling doesn't care what you think about his (totally amazing) inability to balance. He is on the prowl for that someone who's going to give him music to dance the rest of his life to. Just you wait. Or, you know, give him the benefit of the doubt because his entire body just drooped, head to the sands, before his entire body went with it.

Impression Message

Public Message
This Dragon's For Hire Bronze Hatchling meant to do that, you guys. He just wanted to make sure that you were paying attention, like he's paying attention now, as he reclaims his knobby-kneed footing and stands akimbo, whirling blue eyes focused on the candidates with a gentle kind of patience as if he's trying to gauge just how to get from point A to point B. He puts one paw in front of the other, then the other, then the other, gaining speed until he's barrelling forward and looks like maybe he doesn't know how to stop when he digs hindquarters into hot sands, sending it spraying in great arcs outwards, then comes to a halt by smacking into the knees of one of those white-robed candidates. But he found you, didn't he? And there's a blunt snout being butted against a chest that's a much a claiming as it is a gesture of relief. He found you. Hopefully he didn't hurt you.

Private Message
A tendril of root slips into your vision, creeping like a vine as it seeks to implant itself in your brain with an impression of feeling: I have found you. Another root-vine edges into your awareness, twisting from the edges of your peripherals in a mimicry of the first, and with it a new thought blossoms into existence, filled with an otherworldly conviction: You are mine. More roots spill in, their slow, creeping susurrus blocking out the sands as they twist and writhe, forming a cocoon around you that will surely keep you safe, as another ephemeral realization drips like nutrients from those seeking roots: I am yours. There, against the back of this curling rhizome, a thousand fireflies - or are they stars? - spelling out a name: Lu'ka. They wink in and out of existence, giving you only a moment to unravel the meaning and importance of four elided letters before they burst outwards, falling around you in a dance all their own, revealing a neon, fluorescent spattering of that name - your name - underneath. Permanent. Forever. That presence sinks into your mind in its entirety, a face that grows in withered roots as some extend to brush your face like wayward phalange, preceding a guttural, gravelly tone that fills the empty spaces in your head: « I am Roth. » Those words are considered, pondered with careful deliberation for everything they reveal, everything they are, before the dragon indelibly pressed into every corner of your mind modifies his meaning a small but infinitely significant change: « We are Roth. » But with the declaration comes the very real understanding that there's a hunger in this one - in you - and it begs to be sated.



« I am Roth. I am Roth. I am Roth, I am… Roth. I am Roth. I am Roth. I am Roth. I am Roth. »

We would have let Roth explain who he is, but as you can see… it takes a little learning to understand him. For now, allow us to translate for you.

Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: He hates hats.
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: On anyone, not just himself.
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: [to Yondu] One minute you think someone has a weird-shaped head, the next minute it's just because you realize part of that head is the hat. [to Groot] That's why you don't like hats?

Here’s the first thing you should know about Roth: he doesn't speak too well, so his vocabulistics will be limited to simplistic linguistics - words that YOU will understand, but nobody else will. It’s not entirely clear what went amiss with him - maybe it’s those twisty headknobs, or maybe it’s just the kind of dragon that he is - but for the first long while (and potentially, forever) he’ll repeat the same phrase over and over, to ad nauseum and beyond. His siblings might cotton on to his meanings, close friends might get the gist enough to guess, but the honor of understanding Roth for all he is will fall to you.

Early on, he will communicate in pictures, and his voice will change in cadence and inflection that YOU understand to be, «I don't think that means what you think that means,» or, «It's better than eleven percent,» or, «This is futile. We listen to «DRAGON NAME» to no avail. Futility is beneath Roth,» but what he actually says is, « I am Roth. I am Roth. I AM ROTH. » And so, Lu'ka, the beginning of your journey in weyrlinghood will be filled with the honor of being the very first full-blown dragon-translator on Pern. Good luck.

Peter Quill: [to Groot] Thank you Groot, thank you. See? Groot's the only one of you who has a clue.
Groot: [Groot begins to chew on a leaf protruding from his shoulder]

The second thing you will learn about Roth is this: He. Is. Not. Simple. Nor is he as simple-minded as his conversational skills (or lack thereof) paint him to be. Oh, believe us when we tell you that Roth will come off borderline inattentive and easily bullied, but he is the embodiment of the age old quote, "Do not mistake my kindness for weakness." He might well prefer to be a lover than a fighter, but Roth is not afraid of a good old-fashioned brawl, and he will not back down from one - especially when it comes to defending you. You are his Rocket Raccoon, his Planet X, his Guardian of the Galaxy, his Lu'ka, and ain’t nobody gets to offend you but him! And maybe not even then!

[showing Groot how to arm the bomb]
Rocket: All right, first you flick this switch, then this switch. That activates it. Then you push this button, which will give you five minutes to get out of there. Now, whatever you do, don't push *this* button, because that will set off the bomb immediately and we'll all be dead. Now, repeat back what I just said.
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: Uh-huh.
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: That's right.
Groot: [pointing to the death button] I am Groot.
Rocket: No! No, that's the button that will kill everyone! Try again.
Groot: Hmm. I am Groot.
Rocket: Mmm-hmm.
Groot: I am Groot?
Rocket: Uh-huh.
Groot: [pointing to the death button] I am Groot.
Rocket: No! That's exactly what you just said! How is that even possible? Which button is the button you're supposed to push? Point to it.
[Groot points to the death button]
Rocket: *No*!

Roth is, in all actuality, an incredibly intelligent dragon. He might lack the memory necessary to keep everything he learns, but the length and breadth of topics he not only grasps but can also comprehend and apply in everyday life is frankly astounding. Music theory, astrophysics, time and relative dimensions in space as applies to the transportation of draconic bodies from one point to another (aka betweening)? He understands them all at their most advanced levels, and could he, he would be able to explain them to you, too. He knows a lot; so much more than even you might give him credit for.


With that being said, the beginning will not be an easy journey for either of you. There’s a lot of growing up to do between teeny tiny hatchling and the intelligent beast he promises to become, so buckle up and be ready for a ride. He possesses of that initial learning curve inherent to the young, and there will be many a blank stare that means Roth truly doesn't understand what you’re trying to tell him. It might be frustrating at first, having to repeat the same instructions to him time and again (only for him to get it wrong after you've only JUST told him which button NOT to push), but be patient, Lu'ka. In time, your Roth will become a creature of mental finesse that surpasses that of his siblings, their parents, and even their parents before them, even if nobody really knows it except for you.

When it comes to lessons and drills, Roth may be side tracked by the little things. Butterflies will draw his attention, trees will command his audience, and the antics of his clutch brothers will maintain his focus in a way that spoken word and demonstrative actions will not. It may just become enough of a hindrance to seem as if you might be held back, but always try to remember rule number two: Roth. Is. Not. Simple. For as hard as it may be for you and the weyrling staff to believe, Roth IS paying attention (in his own way), and he's learning (in his own way). Not just those important things that will help him fit in with a weyr's society (especially one as traditional and stringent as Fort's) and adhere to time-tested rules; no, Roth is learning to understand the world around him, and what it is, exactly, that makes everything tick.

Call it one of those downsides to being the smartest in the room; intelligent minds generally require more stimulation for attention to be adequately maintained. He might well be listening to M’icha explaining wing lifts and proper firestone-chewing techniques, but he’s also watching this baby bird hatch and damn if that isn’t just as important! It might give him a certain sense of disinterest, especially given his lack of vocal talent, but in the end he will do his best, take direction, and put in the time and effort to keep the two of you right where you need to be.

You can also rest easy knowing that just because he’s smart doesn't mean he won't mess up (because he will), yet he will keep going back for whatever it is that you need for a given project or task, and will work tirelessly to see you meet your goals… even if you have to redirect him twenty times in twenty-five different ways in order to get there. Eventually he will get it right and then, oh, then!, the pair of you will be unstoppable.

Peter Quill: Well that's just as fascinating as the first 89 times you told me that. What is wrong with Giving Tree here?
Rocket Raccoon: Well he don't know talkin' good like me and you, so his vocabulistics is limited to "I" and "am" and "Groot," exclusively in that order.
Peter Quill: Well I tell you what, that's gonna wear real thin, real fast, bud.

Especially early on, Roth will not claim many friends for his own, mostly because people and dragons (especially ones who live in the now) do not seem to have the time (read: patience) to decipher just what it is that your Roth is trying to say. Early days may be peppered with mild vexations and more than one heavy sigh, but eventually Roth will learn to depend on Lu’ka for his translations, withdrawing inwards to better enjoy the world he loves rather than waste his time on those that have none for him. For all that this alienation and isolation might bother you, it won't seem to matter to Roth; Roth has you, and you are all he needs when it comes to… well… pretty much everything.


Roth will spend half of his free time curled up on you, muzzle in your lap, even when he's grown too big for this to be a reasonable predicament for you both to find yourselves in. He will delight at your attention and do everything in his power to please you - even becoming an unexpected dance partner to complement your musical prowess. When it comes to downtime (or more specifically, your staying true to your harper roots), Roth will be your partner in crime… when he doesn't think anyone’s looking. Roth will bob his head, move his feet, rock that smaller, bigger, MASSIVE body to any beat, but he will cease any and all movement the moment you (or anybody else) turns to watch.

…In the exact (ridiculous) pose he was in before you looked.

…Like you won't be able to tell he was moving.


It's almost like he has eyes in the back of his head, (which, let's be honest, he kind of does, because he has YOUR eyes at his disposal, doesn't he?) so you might need to employ tricky means if you want to witness those dance parties he's prone to inviting himself out to whenever you play.

[Gun drones swarm around Groot]
Watchtower Guard: Prisoner, drop the device immediately and retreat to your cell, or we will open fire!
Groot: [roars] I… AM… GROOT!
Watchtower Guard: Fire!

But your Roth is a fierce creature when he needs to be, Lu'ka. That docile, gentle, excited-by-friends-and-getting-to-sit-at-the-same-table bronze is a frightening force of nature with fight - and we don't just mean mentally. Roth will become the physical manifestation of ass-kicking retribution, laying down the law with talons that rend and teeth that snap even the thickest of bones with unerring accuracy. Part of his advantage might just be that others think him incapable of such violence, but he is a tempest of surprisingly agile fury when it comes time to fight. These moments will (thankfully) be few and far between, but we sure do have radiating sympathies (and pain) for those unlucky enough to cross him (or more specifically, you and your friends).

[Groot grows a cocoon of branches to cover his friends]
Rocket Raccoon: No, Groot! You'll die! Why are you doing this? Why?
[Groot uses a thin branch to wipe away Rocket's tears]
Groot: We are Groot.


This willingness to fight is not isolated purely to the physical, however. As Roth matures and notices more of the world outside of you and the barracks you're both confined to, you will recognize changes in him, too. He will be a loyal and reliable companion to those he (and you) deem worthy, a protector of those who you call friends and others less capable of defending themselves. He will cherish them as he cherishes you (but never more; never as much), and he will sacrifice himself - literally - if it means doing what's right.

He will be a moral compass; a constant point of innocence and light in a world full of dragons and riders whose minds are dark, twisted paths of stoic cynicism. He will stand his ground, he will stand beside you, he will love you beyond reason and condition, and he will help you to be strong. Stronger. Better. Kinder. You will both make each other more: more than you are now, more than you were before, more than you’d ever have been in a future sans him. He will help you to make those tough decisions, and see those difficult choices through; he will help you in those times of weakness that come for us all, and he will disagree without blindly following you when he must. Because he loves you. Because you will always be there for him too, and sometimes loving people means that you have to correct them when they are wrong.


We Are Groot

Drax the Destroyer: I can barely see.
Groot: [Groot releases glowing spores from his body to light up the way ahead]
Drax the Destroyer: Where did you learn to do that?
Peter Quill: I'm pretty sure the answer is: "I am Groot".
Groot: [Groot nods "yes" to Peter]

Roth's mindvoice is guttural and low, a deep rattling bass that contains a certain wildness in its depths. It is the voice of an ancient made flesh, of something far beyond our comprehension that dares - no, deigns - to gift us with its presence. It is the kind of voice that punches primal hindbrains in the spine, and were it ever used for evil, could easily strike fear into the hearts of man.

It’s a good thing, then, that Roth is a gentle giant. Rather than sending wee forest beasties fleeing for their lives, his voice tends to lure them out, tiny glowy cosmic renditions of critters of every shape and size that slink out of the shadows to cavort through his mental landscape. What landscape is that, you ask? Any, all, for the more your Roth learns about the great wide world around him, the more his mind will expand. A trip to Igen will result in a sudden influx of desert denizens; his first glimpse of space upon the Yokohama will introduce planets, stars by the millions, and bright shining suns. The first time his toe touches vast ocean waters, you’ll see that mirrored, too, in surging waters and the leap of little fishes flocking to his beck and call.

He’ll like to paint them, expressive splats of aerosol color against Xanadian weyrbarn walls for quick thoughts that come and go, more ponderous and evolved imaginations appearing as a deep mural across black Istan stone. Colors might not always hold true, but that’s the brilliance of self-expression - sometimes a hot-pink fish blasted across a field of lime-green graffiti’d writing is the best way to emphasize what you really feel, and other times, a perfect rendition of every silvery scale in glittering sunlight-through-water detail is what is needed to make your message known.

And underlying it all? Music, of course. For as much as Roth grows, he won’t ever forget just where he came from, the wild vibrato that defined the moment your two minds first met. Roth’s mind might well be the perfect home for a harper like Lu’ka - he is a walking, talking synthetic, storing vast samples of any music either of you have heard. While he’ll start out with only the hard guitar riffs and enthusiastic cymbal crashes that came with his shell, his repertoire will rapidly expand until - as you compose - he will compose with you. He will open up avenues and pathways to explore those musical possibilities that you never even imagined were possible. Wondering what that line would sound like with a violin instead of a cello? Here you go! Wanna turn that bit up to eleven? He’s on it.

It might well reach the point where he starts to use music and imagery to underline his meanings, to lend explanation where the constraints and limits of his vernacular fail him in a way that your (and his) mind can readily understand. It’s almost as good as speaking if he can show you, let you hear it for yourself… isn’t it? He certainly seems to think so.



From the moment your Roth breaks free of that shell, he will be big (well, small, but big compared to all those siblings he's hatching with), and more than just a little awkward. His limbs are long and spindly as newborn shoots, his wingspars even more breakable than they appear, and sometimes his ding-dang head is just so heavy that his whole body will droop down plant-like until finally the rest of him timbers over into sleep.

He’ll need lots of nurturing in these early days to get him up to a healthy weight, but once he’s there, by the first egg, there will be no turning back. What he lacks in agility and grace early on, he will make up for in sheer determination of will. Roth has the curiosity of the young, and the body to go with it, and those quick little paws will carry him everywhere. He fancies himself quite the speed demon, you see, and while it might be comical to watch him tearing across the bowl with a low growl (when really he’s only gone a fraction of the distance he thinks he’s gone) when he’s little, eventually he will grow into his body and then you’re doomed.

Roth prefers ground to sky, and though he’s a perfectly adequate flyer (as all dragons tend to be), while his brothers and sisters are dreaming of the wind in their wings, he’ll be learning how to maneuver on the ground. It lends him a certain quickness on his paws, an advanced knowledge of leggy locomotion that just might come in handy when the time to pick a wing dawns, and it also ensures his muscles are nice and developed for all that background dancing he’ll be doing while you rock out! It also provides him with more opportunities to put his nose where it doesn’t exactly belong (like Th'ero's butt, but he probably doesn't wanna talk about it). This might well get you into a pickle as he grows into his (frankly massive) size - little nooks and crannies he found to hide or play in when he was younger will suddenly prove much too small to house him, and you might well find him dropped to his hind-quarters in front of one, pining for his smaller days.

« I am Roth. »
“I know, buddy, but growing is natural.”
« I am ROTH. »
“No, you shouldn’t try anyways.”
« I am Roth? »
“You will definitely get stuck.”
« i am roth. :( »
“I know. It’s alright, let’s go do something else instead.”

He’s the biggest bronze currently residing in Fort, after all. Didn’t you know? Well, you will soon! You will when you have to remake his weyrling straps once a week to keep him under wraps. You will when you have to push and grease and wiggle him to get him out of last month’s hidey-hole that he definitely did try to cram himself into anyways - again. You will when you have to wash a dragon nearly double the size of his smallest clutchsister. You will when suddenly that cute, tiny, full-bodied running graduates from the innocuously heartclench-inspiring (and sometimes laughter-inducing) little pitta-patta of baby dragon paws to the oft-terrifying massive STOMP STOMP STOMPS of a full-grown adult bronze that just doesn't know his size; that shakes puddles a la Jurassic Park and suddenly makes you realize all that running isn’t so adorable because it heralds tons of dragon barreling your way, with enthusiasm. But… well, there is one advantage to all that running on the ground instead of dreaming of the clouds: Roth’ll at least know when to stop before he bowls you over! Well, you and the Weyrleader. And the Weywoman. And everybody who gets in his way. You know. After he learns that lesson once or twice. And after her learns how to command those clumsily awkward sprout-shoots we call limbs. It’s all good though, Lu'ka! What’s a few broken bones amongst friends and leadership, right? Right!


When it comes to flights, your Roth is a somewhat tranquil and gentle giant. Oh, he will chase, but he is not like most bronzes who seek every gold and green that rises to the skies. When he does show interest in a special lady, his attempts to woo her will be awkward at best, but earnest and kind. Those that do not scorn him will be met with the brightest pictures in his mind; he will share with them the wonders he has found in the world that they, perhaps, did not have enough time to examine for themselves. He will take them to where life blossoms in the form of new avians and tiny kittens. This is his world - a beautiful, private thing that he will share.

And those that don't brush him off, well. They've made a friend in your Roth, one that will last past the simple dalliances of flight. He will be capable in those sensually charged dances, agile with a stamina rivaling that of a queen's when he is truly dedicated to a chase. For all that they speak of dragons and their violence during flights, Roth will mostly keep to himself - unless, of course, another male comes for him in an attempt to rig the game in his favor. Remember what we told you before? He's a fighter insomuch as he's a lover, and he will not back down when a challenge presents itself.

He will be a doting sire to boot, so we sincerely hope that any gold you catch is someone and somewhere you like, because you'll be stuck there from the beginning of that flight until those eggs hatch on those sands. Roth will not be overbearing, per se; he will be present, he will play fetch for whatever queen is lucky enough to land him, but he will be equally content to rest on heated sands admiring his children - learning what he can from those innocuous shells, from those lifemate-hopefuls who come in congregations to touch his future progeny, and he will be protective, for all that it might sometimes seem that he's not paying attention. Hopefully those standing will have enough sense not to cause trouble, because your Roth will only tolerate it a degree. Does somebody want to come and play for his children like you played for him and his siblings? That's fine. He might even (discreetly) dance. But if there's a fight that breaks out? Well, he'll surely put an end to it - one way or the other.


« I am Roth. »


We're pretty sure that Roth just said, “Welcome to frickin’ weyrlinghood at Fort Weyr, Lu’ka!” Only he didn’t use “frickin’.” We had so much fun writing Roth for you, and we can only hope that you love him, too! So a big congratulations from all of us on ‘Co at Fort Weyr (and Roth, he thinks you're pretty awesome if we're translating all that, « I am Roth. I am ROTH. I… AM… ROTH. » correctly, and we're pretty sure we are), and welcome to the PARRRRRTAY! No parties? Little party? (Just don't tell Th'ero about the party; it's fiiiiiine.)

Egg: The egg theme this cycle was ‘Dressed to the Nines’, a pun through and through based on the number of eggs in the clutch. Nine eggs, and nine strange fashion trends to follow suit. Your egg was themed after 80’s punk rock trends, specifically things like mohawks and spiked collars/shoulders on jackets. This egg and its mind touches were written by Inri!

Dragon: And then there’s Roth himself, and I’m pretty sure that by now you’ve realized he’s themed after the one and only Groot of Marvel fame. Because Roth is young, we took much of his inspiration from the second movie, which heavily featured Baby!Groot in all of his complete and utter adorableness. (Seriously, it was gross. If you've seen it already, watch it again.)

Into this we tied all that Roth will come to be: enormous, strong, loyal, capable, intelligent, kind, and willing to stand up for what he believes in. Adult Roth draws from Adult Groot in both movie and comic form. So because your Roth's vocabulistics basically consist of, "I," and, "am," and, "Roth," — in that order — we wanted to give you a colorful and vibrant mind to play with, one that could convey those messages your Roth is trying to communicate with vivid clarity.

According to the comics, Groot is actually saying highly intelligent, eloquent things when he speaks, though the interpretation of just what it is that he is saying depends on inflection and tone of his voice. Or, to be lazy and copypasta: "Black Bolt's brother Maximus the Mad asserted that whenever Groot is saying the trademark "I am Groot!" he has actually been saying a number of things, and his varying inflections of the sentence are the equivalent of words and sentences. People who have interacted with Groot are gradually able to decipher the meaning of the inflections and can carry on full conversations with Groot as time goes on. The mature form of Groot's species is robust and heavyweight, which causes the organs of acoustic generation to become stiff and inflexible. It is this hardened nature of Groot's larynx that causes people, who are oblivious to the subtle nuances of Flora Colossi speech, to misinterpret Groot as merely repeating his name." Rocket Raccoon is one of the lucky few who can actually understand Groot, and so you are Roth's Rocket. Luckily for you both, Roth is a telepathic dragon who can project images, and this will be his primary form of communication so as not to hinder him.

His name stems from, ‘Groot’ but we didn’t do 'Grooth' because… well… WE FOUGHT THE LAW AND THE LAW WON. But we did do 'Roth', because it maintains that single-syllable awesome without sacrificing any of that hard, tree-earthy grit that 'Groot' has. His hatchling name was drawn from the Bruce Springsteen song ‘Dancing in the Dark.’ Bruce Springsteen Lyrics ended up being an overall theme utilized by the entire clutch for hatchling title names, and this song really stood out to ‘Co because GROOT and DANCING, but also because “this gun is for hire” draws on Groot’s history as a mercenary. A’ster came up with this idea and we ran with it!

He was written by 'us', which is to say Leia and Syn, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy him as much as we enjoyed putting him to paper. Please keep in mind that any and all of his inspiration is merely a suggestion. Nothing we've given you are more than ideas for you to play Roth in a way we felt you might enjoy, and you are always free to play him as YOU desire, because we made him for YOU. (And trust us, Roth likes you a LOT MORE than he likes us.)

— Syn and Leia <3


Name Roth
Dam Gold Kouzevelth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Syn and Leia
Impressee Lu'ka (Leuka)
Hatched October 22, 2017
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH