Petite and femininely delicate though this green most certainly is, the compactness of her frame only seems to be a stealthy cover for her true strength. What appear to be sumptuous curves and lithe angles from afar are actually layers of lean muscle and sinew hiding in one tiny yet powerful package. Deep pools of moss green trace their way along either side of her slender muzzle and flow up over the gentle arches of her eyeridges, the tones spreading evenly to form a thin mask that only adds to her mystique. Twin tendrils of shadow trail back over her head and run in a faint parallel double stripe down the expanse of her back, the rich shades of verdance cutting easily through the mellower grassy tones of her body. Silvered green creeps along the underside of her neck and down her narrowly-built chest, the pale tones leeching away any lingering brightness along the smooth planes of her belly. Even her elegant paws and the length of her whip-thin tail show signs of bleaching, the green color having bled away to near-white in some places. It's her wings that carry the most striking pattern, though, as the delicate membranes are covered in an intricate latticework of soft leafy greens. Even her hidden strength and the bold attitude evident in her posture does not detract from her overall beauty.


Sugar and spice and everything nice - that's what little girls, princesses and cute things are made of. Salt, vinegar and a dash of acid likely went into the mix when creating the brash attitude of Ronareoth, though, despite the fact she looks as sweet as sweet can be. Full of a heaping helping of spunk and a generous portion of attitude, she tends to be a lot more trouble than she looks. Some might say this is due to the fact she was born without an adequate filter between her inner thoughts and her outer mind - she speaks what she wants, when she wants and how she wants and she's not afraid to tell people what she thinks. Her words are true, uncensored and straight to the heart of the matter. They can often seem sarcastic and brutally honest as she barrels head first into any topic that's put forth seemingly without a care in the world. They're her thoughts and others should take them as they are even if they're hard to swallow. She doesn't believe in censoring herself in any way.

« That has to be the most hideous person I have ever seen. And I am truthfully not afraid to say it - they need to know it, after all. »

None of this is done with an actual intent to hurt or harm, however, as much as it might seem that way. Bold as a warrior, Ronareoth often rushes into a conversation, leaps to conclusions and reacts with a blunt comment before she even stops to think about the consequences. Just like on a battle field - it's attack first, ask questions later. She can be a champion at arguing and will be determined to win, despite the fact she may have completely misunderstood the conversation due to her rapid assumptions and conclusion-jumping. Oddly enough, she's quick to apologize for her tart words and the argument once she realizes she's wrong - the trouble is convincing Her Stubbornness to see the error of her ways in the first place.

« How was /I/ supposed to know they didn't actually mean that? »

She may not give a damn about what she says at the time the thoughts escape her brain, though Ronareoth can often feel abashed at the affect some of her more sarcastic comments can have on others. She never seems to grasp that her boldly truthful statements may hurt the feelings of others and, should she realize this has happened, she'll be quick to apologize and smooth things over with reassurances. Despite her tough and bold exterior, Ronareoth actually has a heart to match the sweetness of her appearance (as much as she tries to hide it). Not that this will last long in the end. Dragon memory being as it is, Ronareoth will forget that sharp unfiltered words equals hurt feelings and will be back to her old spunky self in no time flat.

« Why don't they understand that I didn't mean to hurt their feelings, Melze? I hate it when others are upset. »

Thankfully there's a sense of humor to take away the direct bluntness or honesty of some of Ronareoth's comments. She can find odd things amusing, however, and sometimes others may not even completely understand /what/ it its she finds funny. Often there'll be a vaguely serious conversation going on and Ronareoth'll burst into loud mental laughter at something. This is probably due to her tendency to jump ahead or over think things - she ends up at conclusions before others have even logically gotten there. It's unfortunate a lot of the parts she finds amusing do happen to be blunt observations of people or other dragons. She runs into trouble when trying to explain /why/ it's funny and, in true Ronareoth fashion, gets either abashed at hurting someone's feelings or frustrated at the lack of understanding. It's not long before she sinks back into her comfortable niche of brash sarcasm - a little comforting and reassuring explainations from you, Melze, will be enough to settle her unease or irritation.

« Oh come /on/. You'd have to be a half-dead fish to not find that funny! »

Much of Ronareoth's "act before thinking" habit will show when she tries new things, though. She dives in head first before even bothering to learn what the proper way to do something is, as she's perfectly convinced that whatever comes naturally to /her/ is the correct way. She'll even go to lengths to defend her way of doing things, as tenacity happens to be one of her glorious personality traits. This might prove a problem during Weyrlinghood when proper flying techniques are required of her and she insists on doing the wing flare drills completely backwards. Thankfully she'll listen to you, Melze, when you give her a proper expllaination of how something must be done. Then it's as though the old way never existed! The problem is always in the convincing, as Ronareoth tends to cling to ideas she sees as her own unique inventions like a leech - they're her original property and if someone is trying to change them, they're trying to change /her/ and she takes personal offense to that. You, Melze, have a distinct advantage - she respects your ideas even more than her own.

« I'll walk with my rear end wiggling if I want to, thank you very much! It's the /proper/ way to do it! »

One thing Ronareoth doesn't like people mentioning, however, is her small size or her delicate features. Small and cute? Those words do not apply to her. She takes great pains to appear bolder and tougher than most greens - she likes to stand out sharply in contrast to others of her color. She often acts unafraid of things even though she may secretly confide to you, Melze, that certain things make her wary or even scared. Even so, she'd march right up and stare down a bronze or a gold without batting an eyelid. She'd go nose-to-nose with something everyone else was afraid of - she likes to show that nothing can phase her. Ronareoth takes great pains in keeping her self image up - she wants to appear strong and self-confident in the face of anything that might be thrown at her. She may claim loudly that she doesn't care what people think of her or that she doesn't need to fit to other's expectations, though deep down inside she /does/ care deeply. You may find her exaggerating when she retells things later on, trying her best to maximize her deeds to make herself seem stronger or braver. If she's called out on her minor adjustments? She just laughs it off, evades and parries with a sharp rebuttal.

« Of /course/ it was 150 feet long. You think I would /lie/ about something like that? »

Still, she finds happiness in pushing herself to her /actual/ limits whether it be adventuring, flying or swimming - she wants to prove to herself and to others that she can do anything and do it well. For this reason she is the first to jump at the chance to try new things - even if her impulsive eagerness often results in her missing the point of some things and doing them completely wrong. She doesn't care - she just wants to participate in anything new and fun for a chance to show off her prowess. She'll be the first to volunteer and will be silently grumbly if someone else beats her to first shot at something. The quote "anything you can do, I can do better" applies to Ronareoth. She can be focused and determined like any good warrior when she wants to be. If she's going to do something, she's going to do it well and she's going to do it herw ay all the way. If someone flies high, she wants to fly higher - it's all in her inner warrior-like nature.

It'll be almost the same when it comes time for her to learn how to hunt. No matter that she's small - she'll want the biggest herdbeast out there. Tiny as she is, she'll fiercely defeat the strongest beast in the herd and consume the whole thing, too. She'll have an unusually high metabolism from the very start and it can be surprising just how much meat she can put away in that miniscule maw of hers - her appetite won't slacken off much even as an adult. And Ronareoth won't stop there, either - she'll want to sample some of what /you/ eat Melze. She'll have to be the first to try cookies, cakes, cooked meat and greens - just so she can say that she /did/ it and the others didn't. In front of others she'll make a show of finding it merely interesting, though secretly she'll be begging you for more to fill that ever empty belly of hers. You'll probably be feeding Ronareoth more throughout Weyrlinghood than many of her larger siblings. And while most greens will abstain from blooding when rising to mate, she'll be almost as frenzied as a gold when it comes to that particular pasttime. She'll want blood and guts when mating time strikes and you may actually have to nudge her mentally to get on with flying before she gets too weighed down with gore.

« Can't I have a few more of those crumbly cookie things you got for me before? They certainly hit the spot! »

Rash in thinking, quick to act, bold, brazen, sarcastic - this is your Ronareoth and she is not your typical girly green. And she's darn content with that fact, too, and pleased to throw it in everyone's face as she pleases. Rough and tough on the outside and a bit soft-hearted on the inside, she's a bit of fire in a small package and no one is going to argue with her on that point. Even though she has all the attitude she needs, she still would be nowhere with out you, Melze. She relise on you to temper her rash decisions, to reassure her when she is unsure and to be as strong-willed as she is herself when she needs someone to back her impulsive choices. With Ronareoth at your side, it's likely nothing is out of your reach - her tenacity and brazen boldness could bolster anyone to action.


Promising Prowess

Bright and colorful usually mixes with rough and brash just as easily as oil and water. Ronareoth, however, has managed this impossibility as easily as she manages most everything else Shadows and darkness remain the backdrop of her mind, the feeling of warm and velvety blackness that shifts and flows in color and shade as her thoughts stir. It's the facets of light that make her mind stand out, though. Jewel-like colors ripple, sparkle and flash across the background of darkness, the hues ranging from ruby to sapphire to emerald and beyond. Not only do the shades change with Ronareoth's mood, but the brightness and even the /feel/ of things can alter. If she's in a harsh or angry mood, the colors may be grainy and rough like uncut diamonds with an unusually blunt edge to her sarcastic tones. When happy or full of laughter everything looks flawless, bright and smooth with an even amused lilt that colors every brash word. Shades of ruby filter across the velvet darkness of her mind in times of anger, sapphire in times of calm, transparent diamond in times of happiness and a whole myriad rainbow of other gemstone shades that'll flicker in succession as her emotions change. And change they do often - just as with her usual split second decisions, she may decide in a snap decision to send a shower of topaz or amber to mingle with opalescent pearls. Sometimes it won't make any sense, but that's just the way Ronareoth likes to be - impulsive and different. You may find yourself watching a kaleidoscope of color, a rainbow of gems or merely a flicker of a single hue depending on her mood or who she's speaking with.

It can be dizzying and elating, though, as the quality of the color shifts - Ronareoth can choose to lay down only a slight hint of green emerald to her thoughts that barely tints the dark backdrop or her mind might blaze as brightly as a fire with the ruby red of anger. The colors may shift like gems underneath water to indicate tranquility or flash as though being pierced by the sun if she really wants to be annoying. It's only in moments where she's thinking quite deeply or she doesn't want to be disturbed that every trace of color withdraws from her mind - all that's left is a smooth expanse of velvet-like blackness that ripples and flows.

Any imagery that she chooses to use tends to be brief and fleeting - like a flash or a reflection on the surface of a faceted gem. She doesn't have the patience to conjure up detailed imagery for the benefit of conversation - colors and lights can flash and flicker in ten different ways in the time it takes to even decide on an image. In Ronareoth's fast-paced brain? That's too long to even consider. She prefers things that conform to rapid thought and images just don't cut it. Sounds and smells are given a little more leeway, as it can be useful to use to accentuate a point. Often she favors the sound of wind if she has to use it - roaring and defiant in anger or smooth and gentle in calmness. Even so, Ronareoth's mind still remains as fast-paced, impulsive and truthfully blunt as the rest of her. Somehow she was born with the talent to mold rainbow jewel tones into her rough, abrasive attitude and make it work just as well as if her mind were full of acid.

Egg Name and Description

Potential Under Pressure Egg


Timing is key. When the cavern is smothered by shadow, this egg is naught but a smoky ovoid. It appears just as average as any of the others on the sand. In the light, however, darkness-hidden depths are revealed. Ridges ripple up the sides of this egg in no apparent rhyme or reason to the lengths and widths. Only those who are close enough to actually feel the jagged-looking shell can tell that the texture is not as severe as it appears. The illusion is created through the abnormal joints of the smooth and glassy sections with rough striated sections. With light, the egg is revealed to have a near translucent color that glitters like a gem. Capturing whatever light reaches it, the shell shimmers luminously, magnifying the light it reaches and sparkling it back out here and there where there's smoother section of shell. Certainly not polished perfection, but it has plenty of potential - maybe the heat and being shifted on the sands will be enough to buff this baby to brilliance.

Hatching Message

A slight shiver runs over the Potential Under Pressure Egg, blurring the rough striations into an illusion of smoothness. Tiny granules of sand skitter away from the movement, causing more of the strange smoky color to be unearthed around the base of the shell. There's one final wobbly tremble and it falls still, settling back to bide its time a little longer.

Violent tremors suddenly wrack the Potential Under Pressure Egg and it starts to rock and pitch spasmotically. Flecks of shell begin to flake away as minute cracks trace their way across the smoky opalescent surface. One side bulges and then subsides, as though some great force were being exerted from within. The egg gives another furious twitch before quieting, seemingly satisfied for now.

Shivers roll over the Potential Under Pressure Egg once more. It vibrates and shakes and trembles, the whole thing looking like it were about to explode from within from the furious blows of the occupant. It doesn't take long before the egg gives one last twitch and all but disintigrates into a heap of shards, finally revealing the treasure within. Sitting amongst the wreckage is a rather tiny green hatchling that looks a bit too small and sweet to have caused such mayhem.

Looks Can Be Deceiving Green Hatchling is quick to wobble to her feet and give her wings a fluttering shake, dislodging bits of egg shell and goo. She lets out a snort that's far from ladylike and flicks her tail at the wreckage that once was her egg in a sign of distaste. A split second decision later has her trotting boldly forward towards the line of candidates. No time to delay and no need to, either - she gets right down to the business of searching with her head held high. Each person is inspected with varying results - some get dismissed right away, others sniffed briefly and still more are only glanced at with an apparent expression of disgust.

Looks Can Be Deceiving Green Hatchling is starting to get impatient with the apparent lack of quality in these white-robed things called candidates. Very subpar! She pauses only briefly to whuffle at a rather portly boy and ends up snorting right in his face, obviously not happy with what she smelled. Onwards she goes, her steps getting more rapid and her searching getting less thorough. Her stance remains almost like that of a hunting predator - low and silent with swift movements. Obviously she hasn't found her quarry just yet.

Looks Can Be Deceiving Green Hatchling skids to a stop and gives a slightly impatient flick of her wings. She shifts uneasily from foot to foot, her whirling gaze scanning the candidates as she tries in vain to find whatever it is she's looking for. She stands perfectly still for a few seconds as though listening intently. Then, with a sudden split second decision, she starts forward at a cantering pace. Sand flies from under her feet as she heads straight towards her goal. She wobbles a bit as she stops abruptly in front of a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, her entire body loosening with relief at finally finding someone worthy.

Impression Message

Darkness suddenly flows through your mind, enwrapping your thoughts in a warm and velvety sheet of black. The sound around you muffles and the heat of the Sands seems less intense as your consciousness begins to drift amongst the soft warmth. « Melze? » A question interrupts the solitude of before and suddenly there is a flash of jewel-bright colors - emerald, ruby, diamond, topaz and sapphire all flickering and sparkling against the black backdrop. It dazzles you and fills you with a foreign warmth and love, the colors shifting and ranging into different shades and spectrums. Just when you think your mind may burst with the torrent of color, the light is drawn back until only a mere dappling of palest sapphire tints the darkness and a soft voice speaks with casual bluntness, « /Finally/. Why did you have to be way over there? I had to go through all those unattractive, unappealing, sweaty and twitchy ones before I even got to you. » There's exasperation there, but the fondness and extreme relief in finding you in it dulls the slight rebuke. You only have a split second to contemplate this before the mind is flickering off to a new thought with a faint sparkle of translucent diamond and another wash of great affection, « Melze, Melze, Melze. I am so glad I found you. I would have hated to have to settle for one of the twitchier, shorter ones. Or even that rather round pudgy one on the end. Not good! » The jewel tones flash and brighten slightly, flowing into your mind with a wave of warmth and love that just seems to fit with the sarcastic lilt the voice affects with bold and brazen attitude, « Naturally I am Ronareoth. But you should have known that already, right? Of course you did. » Sapphire, emerald and diamond wax and wane, the colors sinking into your mind with a sense of finality. Somewhere amongst the comforting feeling of love and affection comes something new - a feeling of extreme hunger. Like a flash the jewel tones are back, reflecting a bright dappling of ruby, « I think food would be a good idea right now, don't you? Lots and lots and LOTS of food. » With a rush the colors fade into blackness and the noise of the Sands returns - now there's only the lingering feeling of connection to the tiny green hatchling before you.

Clutch Siblings

Bronze Oszarioth Impressed to Sh'koi (Shakoi)
Brown Cikitsakath Impressed to Yhri (Jayashri)
Brown Iqsath Impressed to Polsie
Brown Mneoraeth Impressed to X'dis (Xandis)
Green Sohnyuoth Impressed to Miki


The theme for this clutch was cliches/tropes - these are the well-known and over-used scenarios or ideas that have appeared over and over again in movies, books and other forms of entertainment. Needless to say there are quite a few to choose from!

Potential Under Pressure Egg - This egg was a combination of "diamond in the rough" and "the Chosen One" leaning more heavily towards the former. Though perhaps a little obvious to do it after a rough diamond, I thought it made for a pretty cool looking egg. Initially when this came to mind, I thought of Aladdin as the most obvious example, but as I explored it on the internet, I found many references to characters who were in futuristic or space-settings (like the crew of Firefly, several Star Wars characters, etc., and not least of all many of the characters from Battlestar Galactica, which is one of my favorite shows). This space-theme is where the mind-touches came from. In all the settings, the diamond in the rough was one generally unnoticeable until the more polished qualities came to light, and was always one picked from a crowd of many who were simply not as special as the diamond. A common thread to most diamonds in the rough is that they have to be recognized by an outside force, often doubting themselves until they see their special qualities pointed out by someone on the outside - a classic example being the Ugly Duckling. All of these things made the Promising Prowess mindtouch a fun one to write. - R'oo

Ronareoth - In the same vein as the egg, your dragon maintains the "Diamond in the Rough" qualities. Though now that she's out of the shell it's kind of backwards - she's shiny on the outside and sort of rough on the inside. I decided to ump on your mention of Brian Jacques and drew solely from his Redwall series as an inspiration - a fitting tribute to him since he sadly passed away a month or two ago. I always adored his books and had a whole lot of fun crafting your dragon from the characters within the world of Redwall. Ronareoth is mostly based on Marial, the sassy and spunky fighter of a mouse from Mariel of Redwall. Some aspects, like a bit of her description and fighter's spirit for blood and guts, comes from the female badgers seen in the series. Her insatiable appetite and bottomless stomach certainly comes from the hares and she could definitely rival them in scoffing some fabulous tuck, wot wot. Her name comes from the name "Rhona" which means "rough island" and also "Rheomys" which is the scientific name for a family of water mice. I tried to draw from the "diamond" theme with her mind voice and stick to the feel that the mind touches gave. In the end the mind ended up being based off of diamonds and other gemstones - pretty at times but with the ability to convey different emotions. Here's hoping you enjoy playing Ronareoth as much as I enjoyed making her! -Ely


Name Looks Can Be Deceiving Green Ronareoth
Dam Gold Vidyazath
Sire Bronze Otieneth
Created By Egg: R'oo | Dragon: Ely
Impressee Melze
Hatched April 8 2011
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH