No Harm No Fowl Gold Rhenesath


Homely and humble could be words to describe her, but they are not what defines her. What makes her stand out is not the fact that she shines but from the decisive lack of it. Oh, it is still there of course because she is a gold and there is no changing that, but her hide tends to vary more towards an antiqued and dusty brown-gold which gives her a very understated and earthy look. She is a curvy and broad young gold, big-boned and while no slender waif, she still moves with grace and strength and lady-like flare. Her hide is not all brown-gold, with shades of lighter gold, almost cream-like, dusting her rounded cheeks and eyeridges and trickling down over the curve of her throat before fading away to nothing down the length of her neck. This lighter gold appears along her chest and down along her belly, accentuating her curvaceous build without drawing too much attention to it as it continues on along the underside of her slightly-thicker tail. Her wings, large and broad and a little shorter than they ought to be, they will still allow her to fly without struggle and when extended, only the undersides hold the lighter gold hues while brown-golds shade the top, mottled here and there with faint speckling of darker antiqued gold.

Egg Name and Description

Beauty in Simple Patterns Egg
A creamy base coat curves, soft and smooth around this small egg. Perfectly shaped and petite, the egg is layered with splotches and splatters in all shades of brown. Looking like a wide brush was fleetingly kissed against the shell, each spot or speckle is unique and unlike any others that caress the egg’s surface.

Hatching Message

Beauty in Simple Patterns Egg has been relatively content to rest, sitting patiently on the sands with only a few attention-grabbing wiggles. No show-stealing here; its siblings have been center stage. But that time is now over, as the egg vibrates first slowly and then builds, crescendoing into an explosive burst that tosses shell every which-way and pours a gooey but curvaceous baby dragon into the world.

Impression Message

The heat of the sands has been around you all this time, yes, but now the temperatures twist and change, vanishing and intensifying — suddenly you find yourself freezing, and then slowly brought to warmth. Flames tickle at your feet; you're standing in a hearth-fire, not on sands. They may be burning but they're no threat to you — nothing is, anymore. « Amethyst. Thys. » Whatever your name, her voice is a comfort, a bastion of safety between you and everything. She has appointed herself your protector. « You haven't been eating enough, dear! We've got to sort that out. You're starving. No, wait, that might be me — /we're/ starving, anyway. I'm Rhenesath. Come now, there's eating to be done! »


One aspect of Brighid is of poetess and muse, goddess of inspiration, learning, poetry, divination, witchcraft, occult knowledge. A second aspect of Brighid was as goddess of smithcraft, carrying a famous cauldron for this purpose. The third aspect of Brighid was that of healer, goddess of healing and medicine. These three aspects were united through the symbol of fire. In various places she was also know as the goddess of fertility, the hearth, all feminine arts and crafts…


Rhenesath, at her heart, is a feminine dragon. Were she a human, she would be described as womanly; between her curvy figure and the sorts of things she concerns herself with, you certainly couldn't think of her as girlish. She is, however, not a human but a dragon — and you are a human and not a dragon, something she will continuously forget as a weyrling.

« Thys, you need to be sure to oil yourself as well. »

"No, Rhenesath. I'm not growing and I don't have hide."

As she ages, she will remember that you are not a dragon and don't need to be concerned with the same sort of self-care as the care you issue to her or the care she issues to herself — not that that will ever stop her from fussing over you. Rhenesath isn't just anyone's mother hen, she is most especially yours: her primary concern, so long as she doesn't have her own eggs on the sands, is always going to be her Amethyst.

Weyrling Rhenesath will bring you one more concern: her noise. The goddess Brigid invented the keen, a combination of whining and mournful song. All dragons keen when they loose one of their own, but Rhenesath has her own sort of lower-key keen, a vibrating mournful series of tones that come from low in her throat, not to be confused with the keen of mourning a death. As a baby, she will mourn not getting her way or when she doesn't understand something or when she's exceptionally tired, and it will likely get on the nerves of everyone else in the weyrling barracks. The Rhenesath version of keen isn't ever something she's going to stop doing entirely, but as she grows — tempered by your repeated scolding, because if you do not tell her not to, she will keep on doing it — it will be limited to the most important things she has to be sad about, and she will try to keep it to her own weyr.

Her initial reason for looking at you, for considering you as her lifemate, was a simple one: you're a Smith. Rhenesath, even before she shelled, had a fascination for smithing, and the forge of her mindscape has happily and eagerly combined with your knack for jewelry. She may find herself disappointed that you aren't working with molting metal as often as she'd like to smell it or be near its warmth, but pliers and wire and precious gems still delight her. You will not get to abandon your craft, Thys; Rhenesath will never let you. Certainly your duties as a weyrwoman must come first, of course, of course, but there's no reason you can't also become a Journeyman, is there?

And you are going to make that matching dragon-rider jewelry that Kimmila so wisely suggested for you and she once you’re done with Kouzevelth’s, right?

(Though be sure you do not overwork yourself, because Rhenesath will be the first to complain. You mustn't forget to eat three meals a day, and six is even better! Be sure at least two of them are warm! Get at least eight hours of sleep, be sure to spend some time with your friends, don't focus on work to the exception of your health, dear. Should you ever falter from the path of perfect self-care, she will express her distaste and do her best to stop whatever behavior she thinks is negative — even if it's something that you think is perfectly rational.)

She will do her best to inspire you, to try to thrill you with her sing-song ideas for pieces going in the back of your mind. Rhenesath is incredibly thoughtful; where you may have thought you were curious in your travels around Pern before, making a trip along with Rhenesath makes it much more intense. She wants to know everything about everyone and everywhere. She will consult older dragons who have already been places, trying to find out who knows most about what place. While she is born to attach to a knowing mind, she was not hatched knowing things on her own, and so with your mind an open book to her, you are her first source of learning.

That is where Rhenesath's curiosity might seem to shift into the 'nosy busybody' aspect of her mother hen personality. She will be shocked if you ever put a barrier between you, and complain vociferously; your mind should be wide open, all information hers for the taking, after all! What if she were to forget something? You're the one with the solid memory; that's part of your job in this partnership, and you can't close anything away from her! Just in case, you see. It's not actually that she wants to pry into every bit of your personal life, just … okay. All right. So maybe she does.

It'll be obvious to you, because Rhenesath can't lie. Just as she was in the egg, she is an embodiment of truth. She hates it when others lie to her, and any attempt she makes at telling a tall tale … is going to fall flat. Her discomfort with untruth will make her tales very obviously false; it's not necessarily that the idea itself is unbelievable, but Rhenesath's tone will always and forever give it away.

"Rhenesath, M'icha said it was you who knocked over that oil barrel when I wasn't looking —"

« No! No … certainly not … of course it wasn't … I would never … it was an accident. »

She’ll give up on hiding an indiscretion until she forgets entirely how terrible she is at it. And don’t let her tell the next generations of weyrlings stories, because she will do just as horribly a job at storytelling as she will at lying — it’ll be clear as a summer sky that she is either making it up as she goes along or knows that whatever event she’s talking about never happened. Storytelling is just not for her — not for her to engage in, anyway. She does so love to listen to stories, and will do her best to keep you both in Kainaesyth’s company whenever she’s feeling indulgent of that desire.

Just don’t tell her that the bronze’s stories are made up, because when it’s anyone but her telling the tale, Rhenesath thinks it’s all truth. Even you can get away with telling her things that aren’t true and having her utterly believe them, because she feels she has no reason to pry into your mind when you’re obviously telling her about something.

Sarcasm is not ever going to sit well with her; she’ll assume that’s meant as stated, too.

Listening to her clutchbrother’s stories is an exception to Rhenesath’s general social rule: that males are not really worth it. She’ll tolerate them, and she doesn’t have a problem with their existence, but she won’t go out of her way to befriend the masculine. Not dragons, not humans, not anywhere in between. Want a male feline? She’ll suggest a female kitten to you instead. She is a very friendly dragon who likes the company of other female dragons, though — Rhenesath will often be found sharing a physical space with whatever greens and golds are willing to coexist. With the girls, she likes to gab. There’s actually a ditty from a musical that perfectly suits Rhenesath’s socializations between her gossipy nature and her chickenlike one, and it goes like this:

Pick a little, talk a little
Pick a little, talk a little
Cheep cheep cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more!

If you’re not familiar with The Music Man, it’s a song you might want to look up on Youtube, simply because Rhenesath will also actually talk at that speed. If dragons didn’t speak psychically, her friends might have some trouble following the pace at which she provides her information, and it’s something that you as her lifemate are going to have to grow into. As a hatchling, she may be a little hard to keep pace with.

« Thys! Did you see that? » And Rhenesath is off like a shot, dumping mental image after mental image before you can even manage to discern just WHAT it is she is trying to show you. Before you’ve gotten a chance to filter through, she’s bombarding you with MORE, and a series of sounds, and then, only then, « So what did you think? » offered at a speed so eager it’s impossible to tell her to wait.

“Very nice.”

« And how about all THIS? »

It’ll take her a while to realize you’re not actually able to take in everything she’s showing you, and that she actually moves on too quickly.

Did we mention that Rhenesath can’t stand to be alone? She truly can’t, not even for five minutes. Never being truly alone is one of the advantages of being a dragon, as she’s always got you, but — she will want to always have you physically there as much as possible. She’s far too big to cuddle up in bed with you, but if you want to sleep against her foreleg sometime, that’s fine by her. It isn’t just you, of course — she wants the company of any and all other (especially female) dragons she can get, and only when around at least two other dragons will she be completely accepting of you going somewhere that she cannot go. You will certainly be the last weyrling to be able to leave your young dragon; while the others have been eating long, leisurely breakfasts in the Living Caverns for days, yours will have to be delivered. Because Rhenesath will start making that sound whenever you try to leave, and no one wants to sit through it.

She wants to be useful to the Weyr, but her definition of useful is firmly within the sphere of her personality. She wouldn’t dream of using her stature as a gold to unduly influence anyone, or try to order other dragons around. She’d rather just … meddle. Is someone having trouble finding love? Rhenesath is all over helping, whether it’s pushing you to matchmake humans or if she’s got to make completely sure that that blue is able to catch that green next time, no matter who she has to bribe to make it happen.

And she’ll nag any and all other dragons about their health and wellness. Has everyone been eating? Are they comfortable, warm enough? It’s something she’ll do to anyone she runs into, that constant picking and checking and just-making-sure-ing, until the other golds of the weyr are convincing her that she doesn’t need to check in like that quite so often. She’s even worse with you — at no point are you going to escape her making sure you’ve had enough to eat. That you’re hydrated. That you’ve gotten enough sleep. That you’re having fun.

Oh, and she’ll be your fashion consultant, too …

« You should really wear that pink shirt, with the red hat, and — oh, definitely get that skirt! » Rhenesath suggests the purchase of the most hideous item at the gather, in addition to items of clothing that look good on you independently, but really do not match.

… with terrible taste.

But let her down gently, as she doesn’t know her fashion sense is atrocious. She just wants to HELP, and be involved with every decision of your entire life, from who you take as a weyrmate to which pillow you put your head down on. Mother knows best, after all, even if she isn’t your mother. Or a mother. Someday she’ll be a mother, and then she will know even better. Someday she’ll learn more about colors, and when it’s not clothing — where she still has some issue understanding trends and styles and shape — but rather jewelry, her suggestions for what goes with what may in fact be helpful rather than a hindrance.

For a gold, Rhenesath’s memory isn’t very good. Pernese lore will tell you, and dragonhealers will tell you, that golds have the longest span of draconic memories. This is probably accurate in a general sense, but Rhenesath is the exception to that rule. There are certainly some things she remembers, things that endure longer than the average, but those are the sorts of things one goes over daily. She remembers who important people are, and who every single dragon in the Weyr is, but she probably can’t remember what she was doing two hours ago. She may struggle with remembering the task you just asked her to do if something came up to distract her. She is very, very wise in her way, so some part of her mental capacity just has to take a hit. And it’s that memory. You might say she’s a bit of a birdbrain.

The good thing is that she knows that. She’s well aware that her memory isn’t what other dragons’ is, and certainly cannot anywhere compare to yours. So she’ll ask for reminders. She’ll even ask you to make little notes for her to consult later, as if maybe there’s something she will need to recall that won’t concern you.

« Thys. /Thys/, I really need you to make a note about the herdbeast population right now. No, I’m not going to explain why, I just — it needs to be done, okay? »

Whether or not she ever gives you more to work with than ‘please write down these four words,’ it’s a good idea to indulge her; more often than not, she is going to forget she asked you to make a note. The prompts on the note and the existence of the note itself may or may not ever actually remind her of what she was trying to remember in the first place.


Like the chickadee, Rhenesath is not large for her kind. For a dragon, yes; for a gold, no. Where others are long and sinuous, and in the case of Kouzevelth even outrageously lengthy with just about no body fat to speak of, Rhenesath is compact. A brilliant, bright mind in a tight package. Her curves only get curvier as she ages, and there’s a little bit of a hop to her walk. When she lifts off in flight, she takes a few steps first, a running start, if the space is available; she is then a little wobbly to begin with more often than not, but as soon as she’s taken to the skies it is easy to see that Rhenesath wears her zaftig form well.


She’s no trick flyer, choosing instead to simply ride the winds as they take her. Simply enjoying the air is a hobby of hers, and she thinks of it more as floating than flying. Though clearly dragons can’t float, and she’s got to put some wing into it, she’s letting the thermals guide where she’s going when it’s flight for fun.

She will grow slowly at first, and eat a lot — most likely more than her siblings — and not seem to be making much of a step up in size, until one day you’ll wake up and it’s like she’s become three sizes larger. And her hide’s gotten a bit darker. It even, somehow, looks fluffy.


You might think that when proddiness dawns on Rhenesath, she would drop her tendency to only flock toward females and spend more of her time with the males of the species. There you would be wrong. Instead, Rhenesath’s gossipy nature just gets worse, and she wants to spend all her time with the girls.

Watching the boys, of course.

« Just look at the way Zeruth walks, » she’ll coo, to her friends and to you, and you’ll wonder why it is she’s taking to chittering away at Livanyth about the way Zeruth looks when she has never actually commented on his walk before. Because it won’t be obvious, at first, that she’s proddy. It’ll seem like she’s just entered some male dragon watching phase. Everything else about her is going to be perfectly normal when it starts, not even any hint of a glow.

And that male-commentary will go on. And on. For days. Up to a full week, before you’ll even start to see a hint of shine to her hide. That won’t go on for very long, just a day or two, before Rhenesath comes into the next stage of her very predictable proddy pattern: she always rises at dawn. Just as the day breaks, Rhenesath’s flightlust and bloodlust fully solidifies, and you’d better hope that the other goldriders have already cleared out because she doesn’t take too long at the pens. She rises quickly, and challenging her is a test of endurance — those males who are able to fly long and straight, rather than up and down or in trick circles, or doing any sort of stunt are likely to be the ones who catch her attention. Rhenesath doesn’t like risk taking; that’s just unsafe, and her fussy-over-everyone nature doesn’t fade when she’s proddy. If anything, it’s more critical.

Males who fight? They’re completely out. It’d take a major fluke for any of them to catch her after that behavior. She is gentle in her flights, not lashing out or hissing, but rather being as encouraging as possible while keeping to the traditional gold hard-to-get. She’s not the overly clingy sort toward her champion suitor, however; Rhenesath may or may not ever be inclined toward taking a repeat mate, and as for sands-watching?

That’s just about entirely her job. She fusses over her eggs like she fusses over you, but multiplied by a hundred. Each one is turned every few hours, they’re all checked over and carefully resettled, and not a one ever even may consider getting cold. When she needs to go eat, or needs to sleep, she’ll sooner ask one of the other golds to step in — as another strong motherly influence — than the clutchsire, though he is welcome to also have a presence. Her concern is for her babies, and it’s mothers who should be with them, if you ask Rhenesath. If the sire’s lifemate is someone you yourself are not fond of, he will also be kept off her sands, regardless of his dragon’s presence.

Egg touchings aren’t something she absolutely adores, but she isn’t fully against their existence; she tolerates the candidates as they make their way about her sands. And then she readjusts and recalibrates everything as soon as they move, down to erasing footprints with her tail as they are left. The eggs might not like that interruption, after all, and the disorganization on the sands isn’t something she’s a fan of.

During hatchings? She fusses. Oh does she ever fuss. Over you, over her offspring, over the candidates. Every new Impression is a celebration. A loud celebration, be it mental or verbal. Watching her hatchlings find their lifemates is the most important thing EVER in Rhenesath’s ENTIRE LIFE. For about the next hour, at which point she may well forget that any of it happened in any great detail.



Rhenesath’s mental space is, beyond all other things, warm. (Usually, anyway, but we’ll get to that.) Warm is its default space; warm, comforting, and envelopingly safe. Those flames that first tickled at your toes at the moment of Impression are ever-present, either at the forefront or in the background, dependent on mood. Like dam Kayeth and sister Kouzevelth both, her mindvoice brings with it a physical space — but unlike Kayeth’s island and Kouzevelth’s rainforest, Rhenesath has rolling hills and rocky, grassy mountains.

She keeps a forge hidden away in her mind as well, and so with the sounds of crackling fires may also sometimes come the sound of hammer against metal, the smell of molten ore replacing the scent of fresh grasses. It may be that that comes out in moments of intensity, of emotion — and she may just feel like stoking the forge-fire. It’s no specific indication of mood so much as an indication of whatever Rhenesath fancies at the time.

Dancing flames and fertile mountainsides are fine enough, and that is what other dragons are most often welcomed into. For her lifemate, though, there’s more to it: up on the mountainside she keeps a mental cabin, and that is where you belong. Thatch-roofed and made of stone, it is a haven for only you and she, and none other — though perhaps if you were to take a weyrmate, they might be welcome. Maybe. With some serious, and slow, consideration. There’s a well outside, full of many-colored waters, and in peaceful moments between the two of you, you'll even be able to hear the water rippling in the breeze.


Drop a stone in; make a wish. Rhenesath will do her best to see that all your wishes come true.

Inside, the hearthfire is always burning. It smells as if something is cooking; it’s whatever your heart desires, or it’s raw wherry because Rhenesath is focusing too hard on her own dietary wants. Usually, there’s some sort of compromise, as it is a mental haven for you both — just one that, were it real, she wouldn’t comfortably fit inside.

When her mood darkens, however, Rhenesath's mindscape shifts. The spring is replaced by harsh winters, piles of snow across the mountains, winds kicking up an icy chill. Your cabin is hidden by the snow, though provided she's not cross with you there'll still be a way in; any other dragon to bother her will be met with chill and terse words. Very much the opposite of her welcoming hearthfires, of her naturally social and fretting nature.


Her spoken voice itself is smooth like honey, low and warm. And there's quite a lot of it, because Rhenesath is a talker. She talks to talk, she's always got something to say. While many dragons are formal in their worded speech, avoiding the use of contractions, Rhenesath finds human ways of shortening words fasincating. Why an 'I will not' where an 'I won't' will do? Again, though, in her rare moments of anger, or in disappointment, this will change — the easiest way of knowing if Rhenesath takes issue with whomever she is speaking to is when the contractions disappear and the sentences become fuller-worded but all over shorter; no shortenings, no friendly chatting, only quick and to-the-point responses.



Welcome to Fort Weyrlinghood, Amethyst! With your Weyr-inspired jewelry and your dead bodies, how could we pass up the opportunity to give you your maternal chicken dragon?

Your egg and mind touches were created by Nyalle, based off of the chickadee egg and its associated totem.

Rhenesath herself was mostly written by Inri, with idea help and descing by Th'ero; she is based off a combination of the goddess Brigid and the chickadee her egg was based upon, along with the 'mother hen' imagery you provided us. Her name comes from the sounds you liked, especially the ‘Rh’ at the beginning, combined with Gaelic ‘cneasai’ for ‘healer’ as a descriptor of Brigid.

We give you this dragon with love and delight, and hope that you enjoy her! But remember that this is only a suggested guideline; she is your dragon and you may disregard any and all of what is written here if any of it doesn’t make you happy.


Clutch Siblings

Hidden Wellspring of Strength Bronze Tovihasuth and Br'enn (Brennan)
Wandering Storyteller Bronze Kainaesyth and Ha'ze (Hazelon)
Dreams of a Digital Frontier Bronze Zeruth and S'ai (Sairon)
Transformation of the Spirit Brown Mazzolyth and Rynn (Therynn)
Of Life's Greatest Things Blue Jaicoureth and C'rus (Cyrus)
Challenge the Storms Blue Ciesoveth and Sk'ler (Skyler)
Rising Winter's Dawn Green Livanyth and R'yal (Ravyal)

At a Steady Pace Green Amidaeth and Annah (Ciannah)


Name Rhenesath
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Inri, Th'ero, Nyalle
Impressee Amethyst
Hatched 8 June, 2014
Fort Weyr

Flight and Clutch Record


Gorgeous artwork a superb surprise from the incredibly talented Syn!!!

Rhenesath's flight record can be found here, and her detailed clutch record here.

Flight Log Sire PC/NPC Age Eggs
Rhenesath's First Flight Loxiath NPC 2.1 turns 5
Rhenesath's Second Flight Kainaesyth NPC 3.1 turns 7
Rhenesath's Third Flight Mokusoth NPC 5.0 turns 6
Rhenesath's Fourth Flight Rinxyth PC 7.4 turns 8
Rhenesath's Fifth Flight Vorlath NPC 8.9 turns 8
Rhenesath's Sixth Flight Akleteyth NPC 10.12 turns ?