Show the World Our Desire Brown Hatchling

Dark bistre-like hues hold dominion over his small but no less formidable frame, for he is built to be as powerful and stealthy as they come for his kind and while not the most handsome, he makes up for it by far in the hidden qualities of his strength and stamina. Softened and rounded eyeridges and stubby headknobs lend an unusual contrast to his blunt nose and broad, wide and thick jowled head and stand out even more to the eye from the faint patch of rusty and cinnamon brown that marks the left side. His neck is short and thick, leading into a deep, well muscled chest and lean, long body. Thick, muscular and stocky flanks give him an almost unbalanced look with his lean and toned forelimbs, but the proportions work and his lumbering gait is unaffected, if not lending to the illusion that he is prowling when in motion. Long of tail, broad and wide of wing, those complete him and are neither too much or too little given his size and frame of build. Russet browns dust his smoothed neckridges, breaking some of the monotony of the rest of his dark brown hide and when he spreads his wings, the sails both from the top and underside boast a hint of copper and saffron, ghostly pale and often viewed only in the strongest of light, shimmering like the distant stars in a deep night sky.

Egg Name and Description

All Become Flawless Egg
Dark and sombre could be the best words to describe this egg, its shell cloaked in it with only slight variations in the murky depths to give some illusion of shapes and ghostly forms. Silhouettes cast in stark outlines of deep blues, greys and whites as if lit from behind or from the sides by some unseen source of light that washes out all the finer details. Enough can be seen to make out what looks like the curved edge of a debris littered stage and the true eye catching part is not the stage itself but the two figures poised in challenge at either end. Looming up against the dark expanse of the rounded side of the egg is a twisted monstrosity of a creature, born of living flame, vivid and sinister reds and oranges almost eye blindingly bright. Grotesque faces, sharp teeth and claws, it seems forever shifting under the light, a trick of the eye and mind but unsettling all the same. It has begun to pool over the edge of the steel blue stage, extending outwards in a loose semi-circle as if ready to snare its prey. For below it, so infinitely small against its size is a lone, white clad figure, its head held high and arms held out stiffly at its side in a pose of defiant challenge, unafraid as it takes its final stand against its foe.

Hatching Message

All Become Flawless Egg begins to crumble under the pressure of it’s rhythmic movements, the shell splitting lengthwise to sever the sinister looking red from the small figure standing before it. Then the pieces shatter, falling away as a dark and wet, bulky and awkward hatchling tumbles from it. The brown attempts to land on his feet, but gangly and not at all coordinated, he winds up sprawling into the sand on his side with a grunt and then low creel of frustration.

Impression Message

The sands are chaos, an overwhelming blend of sight, sound, emotion and heat. Just as it seems too much, a dark blur blocks it all and suddenly the right side of your face is ablaze with heat and a sharp, searing pain. The world lurches under you and vaguely are you aware that you’ve fallen, half pinned under the bulk of something. Your head rings, a familiar echoing tone that suddenly branches away on its own and though still in darkness, now the heat and pain are gone and a breeze sweeps over and around you in a familiar touch and caress. It knows you. It knew you all along and you came! The presence now begins to seep its way into your mind and your very soul. « Polana? Polana! Did I hurt you? » The voice calls, young, masculine and tinged with relief, guilt and apology and followed swiftly by such a fierce outpouring of love, trust and above all devotion that one may almost drown in it. He does his best to comfort you, pulling you to the sanctuary and protection he offers within every fibre of his being. « It is time that you and I brave the unknown and make our stand in the world! Now you will receive your new name, dear heart and receive mine in return. From now on, you are my Lana and I am your Rauskazeth! » Hunger sweeps in, clutching and grabbing tight, followed by a gentle prod to your side by a brown and blunted muzzle. « Let’s hunt us our first meal together, for I am famished! Let me help you as you will help me. I am awfully sorry about knocking you down! Forgive me? »


"Then he reminded himself this was Cloudtail, Firestar's kin and former apprentice, well known for his barbed tongue and ready scorn. His impudent talk didn't stop him from being a loyal warrior to his Clan."
—Brambleclaw's thoughts after Cloudtail's disrespectful comment Midnight, page 9

From the moment Rauskazeth hatched and the chaos of the Hatching has subsided, it will be apparent that he will be a handful for poor Lana to cope with. Filled with youthful innocence in the first few days, he will be calm enough as he is overwhelmed and kept entertained with discovering the world he has been born into. Just like any new hatchling, he will be curious and explorative, sometimes getting into mischief if not paid close attention to and that will often remain over the course of his life but it will take a far, deep backseat to the other traits that surface in him as Lana will soon discover, much to her enjoyment or utter despair.

Within the first few sevendays, Rauskazeth will prove himself to be a very determined, impatient, iron-willed and hot-headed brown. He will consistently challenge Lana at every turn, selfish in his motives and often resorting to dishonesty if it means getting his way. This shows that he has a very sharp and clever mind and his loud-mouthed and opinionated views often hold some ground… if they weren’t spoken so hotly. « Why should they be allowed to go to the oil first? We worked the hardest and even aided in setting up the barrels, it’s ours by right! I insist that we go now, Lana! »

If there is one thing though that defines Rauskazeth in his early life is that he is utterly averse to the thought of harming others without any motive or benefit. No matter how his temper flares or how determined he is, he will never cause harm, least of all to the one he cherishes most: Lana. Were Lana to dig in her heels, stubbornly hold her ground, then Rauskazeth will relent and the same happens vice versa: if he feels that Lana is going too far, that her words are causing harm, then he will step in with a startling display of calm and reason. « Lana, no. Maybe this isn’t right. I still think we’re right but I will not see us bully our sister. If she wants the oil, she can have it. We’ll go bathe instead… you need it. You smell. »

In "Cloudtail Speaks: Tempted by the Kittypet Life", Cloudtail tells about he broke the warrior code by taking kittypet food from Twolegs and ended up getting captured. He says that he didn't understand some parts of the warrior code and so he decided to only follow the rules that he thought made sense.

Cloudkit: "I don't care! I'm going to be the best warrior in the Clan. I'll fight any cat who says I'm not. I'll be brave enough to kill outlaws like old Brokentail."

As Rauskazeth begins to grow into his first months and Weyrlinghood truly begins, some of his previous behaviors will begin to temper themselves. They are still present however and he will continuously test Lana’s will and determination, especially when he begins to chafe at the rules and codes. « I do not understand why we cannot fly now, Lana! We do these infuriating wing exercises to endless boredom and I KNOW I am ready but they tell us no! It’s frustrating! » So he will complain in confidence, often boasting that he can do it all and so can Lana! And it will be up to Lana to keep him in line. She knows what comes of pushing the rules and, worst of all, breaking them. That lesson will have to come from her, for Rauskazeth to understand fully, even if she herself isn’t so certain. « I see. It’s done so we do not injure ourselves and make it so we never fly. I… can understand this. I am still going to be the best! But we will wait. We will show them, Lana, won’t we? »

Prince Zuko: But I don't feel any shame at all! I'm as proud as ever!
Uncle Iroh: Prince Zuko, pride is not the opposite of shame, but it's source. True humility is the only antidote to shame.
Prince Zuko: Well, my life has nothing but humbling lately…

So he will humble himself and his pride, perhaps not before a few minor fumbles are made and he learns the bitter taste of shame. « So apparently Velokraeth IS rather sensitive about his physical looks. Honestly, I was just asking him if his twisted short legs make it hard for him to take off or land! How was I to know he’d get so prickly about it? »« Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t have called him a stunted oddity either… Did they really have to put you on extra mucking duty though? » He will learn and some of the heat from his sharp tongue will lessen, his temper held more often in check as his goals shift and he begins to slowly mature. New drives will fuel his clever mind and Rauskazeth will prove that he is, indeed, a very hard worker and can truly apply himself to anything the Weyrlingmasters throw at them.

"A medicine cat has no time for doubt. Put your energy into today and stop worrying about the past. You have a duty to your Clan. "
—Yellowfang to Cinderpelt Rising Storm, page 53

His desire to prove himself will often push Lana and most worrisome is himself past his limits. Rauskazeth wants nothing more than to impress his superiors, perhaps seeking to make up for his troubles as a fresh new hatchling. No more time for doubts or worry about the past. They’ve a duty to perform and accept so: « Stop dithering Lana and lets get on with it! We’re due in the training fields for drill formation! » After all, he wants only the best for Lana but mostly for himself in the beginning, showing once again his selfishness, though that in turn tempers himself as he realizes that it is not all him but those around him that will make him fulfill his true potential. So rather than keep his clutchsiblings at bay, he will begin to seek out their opinions, humbling himself in order not to upset them. « We have to be a team, Lana. »

Aang: Maybe your firebending comes from rage. And you just don't have enough anger to fuel it like you used to.
Prince Zuko: … Look, even if you're right, I don't want to rely on hate and anger anymore. There has to be another way.

Rauskazeth will come to value friendship as he reaches maturity, learning that his strength not only comes from himself (and Lana, of course!) but from those he keeps around him. He will begin to seek out those bonds, be it nothing but casual acquaintance between fellow weyrlings or other adult dragons or those he deems as ‘friends’, be they his own or those of Lana. Gone are the days of his brashness, temper and harsh tongue, showing instead a compassion and mercy that even extends to those who could be considered enemies. His loyalty to Lana has never been questionable, but he will also begin to extend that loyalty beyond, to others and to the Weyr as a whole.

"… And I realized there were parts of the warrior code I might not understand but they were there for a reason. Seeing my Clanmates listen to my story so eagerly, made me want to be a warrior, like Fireheart, who really was a hero. More than anything, I wanted to be a loyal ThunderClan warrior."
—Cloudtail Secrets of the Clans, page 119

Where he once chafed against the restrictions and rules set by tradition, he now begins to embrace them. « I may not agree entirely, but I see the wisdom behind why it is done as it is done, Lana. » Just as she shares the desire to be looked up to and respected, so does Rauskazeth and that will become a driving force behind him and he will want to encourage the same in Lana.

Bluefur: "What about me? I have ambition."
Sunstar: "Only to serve your Clan. That is why I choose you. You have suffered much and lost much, and yet you still serve your Clanmates, putting their needs before yours, willing to sacrifice all for the sake of your Clan."
Bluefur: "My Clan is all I have now. I will give every breath in my body to serve it."
—Sunstar telling Bluefur why he chose her to be deputy Bluestar's Prophecy, page 496

Prince Zuko: It doesn't matter who I am. But I know who you are. You're not soldiers. You're bullies. Freeloaders. Abusing your power, mostly over women and kids. You don't want Lee in your army. You're sick cowards messing with a family whose already lost one son to the war.

Ambition will be another driving force behind Rauskazeth in his maturity. Now that he’s discovered the value and worth in friendship, soon will he learn the importance of a greater whole: clan, family and kin. When he discovers this, he will grip to it fiercely and immediately try to coax the same in Lana. He will strive to be the best he can be, strive to push Lana to grow and also show her true talents so that they can best serve the Weyr that Rauskazeth is now beginning to show a strong loyalty and protectiveness for. « This is our home, Lana. The Weyr and all the inhabitants, from drudge to Weyrleaders are our family. We are one and without each other, we fail. Don’t you see that? »

Rauskazeth will have zero tolerance for those he finds are bullies or abusive of their powers, especially if it is directed to the young, women or the weak. While he may have once been brash, hot-tempered and harsh with his words to all, he’s learned that nothing good comes of such behaviors. If he feels that someone is being wronged, he will step in and if he cannot do so personally, he will send Lana to do it. By now he trusts that she has learned to mirror his lessons in temperance and control and it’s time that she prove herself. It is in his nature and part of his compassionate side, a trait he shares with Sharuth though not to such extremes as his bronze brother and something Lana may find more of a headache at times. « They’re bullies, those weyrbrats, Lana! They should be lectured of their wrongdoings. We do not need them picking on those that cannot defend themselves! … So what if that is ‘just the way of things?’ It’s wrong! »

Fireheart: "I never thought he would care for a cat as much as that."
Cinderpelt: "You didn't notice? He's been padding after Brightpaw- Lostface- for a season now. He really loves her, you know."
—Cinderpelt speaking to Fireheart after Brightheart first receives her injuries A Dangerous Path, page 227

Maturity, of course, also means that the time for Rauskazeth to join in mating flights will soon come. He is no lusty male, however and in fact, seems often baffled by females and the whole concept of flirting or woo’ing a green or gold to his favor. If a green or gold were to show him affection, he would almost become awkward and fumbling around her, uncertain of her motives. After all, he has Lana and what more could he ask for? Yet once a glowing hide catches his attention, all of it sinks and clicks in and natural instinct takes over. Be it green or gold, he shows no preference then and may not even heed Lana’s choice in the matter when it comes down to the bottom line.

He will be a passionate and fierce chaser, using his cleverness to often outwit rather than outpower his competition to gain victory. It won’t always work and Rauskazeth may find himself losing more often than winning, but he will take the loss with minimal resentment. « There is always another time, another one to chase. I’ll learn from this and next time… next time I will not fail! » If he should win, he will be nothing if doting on the female, gentle and kind, if not loving until the effects of the flight wear off or if the female chases him off from her ledge. Should he ever be victorious in snaring himself a Gold, his pride in such a task will be evident (and no doubt grating). He will honorably stay by the gold’s side, less she push him away and he will guard his eggs with the pride any sire would have for his offspring.

"I used to think this scar marked me - the mark of the banished prince, cursed to chase the Avatar forever. But lately, I've realized I'm free to determine my own destiny, even if I'll never be free of my mark."
— Zuko to Katara.

Rauskazeth started as a near mirror reflection to what Lana once was herself, but as he grew he retained a few of those traits but tempered them into strengths rather than flaws and seeks to extend the same to her in turn. He is still stubborn, but he is confident and wise, kind and empathetic, strict at times (especially with Lana) but has learned that good humor and in good tastes can go a long way. He will try to guide Lana, either on his own or alongside him as even he learns a few valuable lessons along the way. « This is a journey you need to take. » is something he will often tell Lana, before gently encouraging her forwards to determine her own path. « Be honest and let your past go, Lana! »

Zuko: … But when you do, please don't choose revenge. Let your anger out and then let it go. Forgive him.

Zuko: You were right about what Katara needed. Violence wasn't the answer.
Aang: It never is.

He knows of Lana’s past and how it affected her. How could he not? There is no judgement from Rauskazeth, but he does not want to see her continue down that path, one that he almost followed but because of her early determinant from it, he was able to mature into the brown that he is now. He may not remember it all, but he can glean enough from her memories to know that he owes her the same and for that reason he will guide her. Show her what she can be, beyond her harsh tongue and dishonesty and her hidebound tendencies. Rauskazeth saw so much of himself in her, but saw her true potential as well and for that reason his love for her knows no bounds. He has discovered his destiny now and with so many Turns awaiting them, he will eagerly stand by Lana’s side and support her no matter what her choice may be. If she choses to simply stay as a Wingrider, or even takes on the honorable task of Dragonhealer or even Wingsecond or Wingleader in the Turns to come, Rauskazeth will forever be at her side and lending her his unwavering guidance and love.


In the middle, there is a steep-sided clearing and in the center is a large rock called the Great Rock, which is noted to have jagged edges. The Clan leaders use it to look down on the Clans and share their news during Gatherings. They are also referred to as the Great Oaks.

Rauskazeth’s mind is vast and endless, a wild and untamed wilderness with no boundaries. Rolling fields and meadows, brooks and streams, forests of every tree imaginable and distant mountains all take route to form the base of his thoughts. There is an air of time and age there, mystery and a link to the more primal forms of nature and her unpredictable forms. That only scratches the surface and those he does not quite trust are always held at bay from the true heart of his mindscape. For in the middle of all the verdant green meadows of grass, gently waving in a light summery breeze are four tall and ancient looking oak trees where the clearing steeply drops. They form a ring, an almost protective barrier that few may ever pass and may do so either by Rauskazeth’s invitation or by outwitting him. It’s to these oak trees that he will draw those whom he wishes to speak to in confidence and those that pass the oaks will find themselves facing the jagged edges of a great and large rock, the stone as old as the very forests and ground around it. This sacred place is a neutral ground, shared only with a select few or by necessity and always his dearheart, his Lana, is free to roam it whenever she wishes and often when he feels the need to discuss important matters he will draw her there, in the comfort and privacy beneath the canopy of oak leaves high above.


With his mindscape so vast, he will always allow Lana to explore as she wishes and in times of quiet reflection or idle chatter, it will be as calm as strolling through those meadows with no path set and the sky above will forever be cast in the inky blue and black of night. A full moon will always hang, lending it’s bright and ethereal light below and with it an array of stars unlike any seen from Pern. At times the sky will lighten, either in a false dusk or dawn and usually heralded by his mood. Dawn speaks of excitement and intrigue, curiosity and similar emotions, while dusk signifies brooding anger or frustration, negative emotions that sometimes see the very edge of the horizon stained a dimming orangish red before the night sinks in again and he returns to his balanced calm.

The Moonpool is a small pool, situated at the bottom of a stone hollow, a certain distance from the Clan territories. On one side, there is a steep cliff with water flowing out from a cleft, feeding the pool. There is an underground stream leading out of the pool, which flows into the lake and marks the border between ThunderClan andWindClan. A narrow path dimpled with ancient pawprints leads down to a flat stone "beach" next to the pool. For sharing tongues with StarClan, the medicine cats lap up a few drops of water or they touch their noses to the water. New Clan leaders also go there to receive their nine lives.


Rauskazeth keeps a few secrets to his mindscape as well, private locations he retreats to when needed and held deep and far away. Only Lana may ever see them and join him there, either on her own will or she will be brought there (willing or unwilling) if he feels the need. One location is a small pool at the bottom of a stone hollow, fed by water flowing out from the cleft of a steep cliff. With the beach too narrow to sit upon, there is a flat stone next to the pool and it is here that he will hold his most deepest and personal conversations, often with only Lana and a very, very rare select few who have so earned his trust as to be guided there. For this is close to his heart, almost as much as the four oaks.


He has other places tucked away, carefully nurtured and hidden and only revealed when he feels it necessary. If Lana is ever overly upset or perhaps overreacting, he will pull her there and comfort her or try to speak reason to her and the same goes if the roles are reversed and Lana is the calm mind of reason and he is the one controlled by his emotions. Always will the moon be present, often reflected into the pool, along with the stars that brighten, twinkle and fade in and out in the sky high above. This is as much of his safe place as it is Lana’s and it is there that they may share many bonding conversations, further strengthening the link shared between them. For here there are no shields, no masks and both are open and vulnerable but his love and trust for her are as deep and unfathomable as the clear waters of the pool and lakes, of the forests surrounding it and the endless stretch of meadowland and mountains beyond.

Rauskazeth’s voice will change as he grows, starting as a youthful and brash toned when he is fresh from the egg and for most of his younger months. In times of calm, it’s a gentle and pleasant voice, but when emotions rule it can become harsh and heated. As he grows and his personality tempers itself, it will deepen to a melodious tone, rich and mellowing, always shifting but pleasant and though often soft spoken there is an underlying sense of power to his voice, slumbering until he needs it to emphasize his moods. Along with his words will be the encompassment of a summer breeze and all the scents associated with it, with the dark, deep and mustier smells of the forest floor, to the lighter scents of leave, flower and grass and the crisp, refreshing smell of water, rain and dew. When particularly angered, there will be the distant smell of smoke, a hint of fire and acrid spice to warn of the temper brewing and the sharp tang of burned ozone such as smelled in the wake of lightning will often be a signal of warning if he feels he needs to swiftly grab one’s attention.



Welcome Polana, to Weyrlinghood here at Fort Weyr and congratulations again! Having seen how much Polana has change from when she first surfaced in Fort Weyr, we look forwards to seeing how she and Rauskazeth grow together in the coming months as a weyrlings! Just try not to burn the Weyr down or get yourselves grounded too much, please? ;)

Egg and Dragon were written by Th’ero, with helpful tweaks from Elara and Dtirae. The theme for the eggs this clutch were Sci-Fi and Magical Objects and Tools. Rauskazeth’s egg was themed off of Rock ‘n Rule (, an obscure Canadian animated film that blends rock and roll music with Sci-Fi and Magic. The movie is based around the villain, an aging rock-star named Mok, seeking out the ‘one voice’ required to summon a demon from an alternate dimension for his sinister purposes. He uses technology to decode the necessary music and then using a computerized ring, finds the key he needs in the voice of one of the main characters: Angel. What Mok didn’t account for was for her friends, led by Omar, to come to her rescue but encounter much opposition along the way. In the end, it required a duet sung by Omar and Angel to send the demon back and put an end to Mok once and for all.

The egg’s name is actually a rewording from the lyrics of the Invocation Song:

(What was) Tetra (Lawless eve) [or maybe "Flawlessly"]
Active Matrix (Tireless) (all) Become


As for the description itself and the mind Touches, they were based on the final scene from Rock ‘n Rule and the final song (Send Love Through), where Angel is rescued by Omar, but she has to face the demon she summoned up. Some of the wording, in fact, is taken from those lyrics, including Rauskazeth’s mind and hatchling name! ‘One Voice, One Song’ is from the last line Mok says before disappearing through the portal, which is the warning he received when first translating the ancient text. Spoiler Alert, but you can see the whole final scene here:


Oh, what’s in a name! Rauskazeth’s name comes from a blending of a few words: Sippe (Clan in German) and Raubkatze (Predatory Cat in German). I chose these two names because of the theme that Rauskazeth is based on overall for his personality, taking on the importance of Clan in the Warrior series. As for what Rauskazeth physical look is based on, he’s a blend between two things: his actual build and body shape he’s loosely themed off the prehistoric predatory cat known as the false sabre tooth Metailurus Major: while his color comes from a dark brown and reddish cat’s eye marble that I found and then modified. His markings follow that, but he also has a patch over his eye just like Zuko does in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


Which brings us to what makes Rauskazeth tick! Unfortunately I’m not overly familiar with the Warrior’s series (though they remind me much of a stand alone book called Tailchaser’s Song by Tad Williams!), but I did my best to incorporate a little of Cloudtail, Yellowfang and Bluestar into his persona from as much as I could glean from the Wiki sites and the quotes offered there. To fill in the gaps though, I sprinkled in a healthy dose of Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Why Zuko? Because I felt that his growth throughout the series best mirrored Polana and they both seemed to share similar traits, both bad and good that would round out Rauskazeth into the perfect match for Polana.


We hope you enjoy your time here at Fort Weyr through weyrlinghood and onward as a rider! Everything written above is meant only to be a guide, as Rauskazeth is yours to play as you wish!

Fort SCo


Name Rauskazeth
Dam Gold Kouzevelth
Sire Bronze Dremkoth
Created By Th'ero
Impressee Lana (Polana)
Hatched July 26, 2013
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH