Aerodynamically perfect, this brown dragon has a sleek sort of grace about him. Rich, burnt caramel sweeps up the sides of his face and up over his his eyeridges and slightly pointed headknobs. Beneathe this is a warm, orange tinted brown that colors the top of his head and slides down his neck to his back to cover his legs and tail. Even his wing spars are dipped in the honey like color. His massive wing sails carry a cloudy milk color, or maybe klah with too much cream in it, and soft swirls can be made out when the light is shining through them. All along his underside, extending from his chin to the tip of his tail, is a nice cream color, like cookie batter that's just been mixed with the tiniest bit of vanilla. If one looks cloesly enough, slight swirls of deep brown can just be made out. Each razor sharp talon is dipped in that same burnt caramel that flares over his face.

Egg Name and Description

Pearly Gates Egg

The finest pearl in the universe couldn't compare to this egg. It's surface is perfectly smooth and well shaped. When the light hits it there's a brilliant white luster to it, drawing in all that look at it. As you get closer to it though, you notice this egg isn't a perfect off white. Near the top there are the palest shades of blue that as you move further down the egg, seems to be covered in fluffy white clouds. In the midst of the clouds, glimpses of gold can barely be made out, standing almost outside the edge of vision.

Hatching Message

A trill can be heard from inside the Pearly Gates Egg before it shakes hard, makeing it roll again along the sands as limbs begin poking out, making it seem much like a walking egg. Then with a mighty effort, wings unfurled and neck and tail swinging, the shell is tossed off. Giving the hatchling it's first look at the world outside it's dark home.

Impression Message

An intense feeling of peace comes over you as your mind feels like it's being enveloped in a warm blue blanket. «Tyr? Are you well? I do hope so, for I am quite hungry and there is much to be done after that.» Yes, the noble dragon before you has chosen you to help him in his quest to help other people. «My name is Raphaith. I'm sure we'll get along just fine. Yes?»


Noble. Selfless. Compationate. Reverential. These are some of Raphaith's defining traits. He has a hard time finding faults within those around him that cannot be forgiven or accepted. He wants to help everyone who has a need. Be it helping them in their garden by pulling up a tree stump or finding a way to soothe a crying baby. But don't think he is a push over that people can take advantage of. He isn't stupid, and when it comes to his own personal belief system, he will not be moved. He believes he was put here to give rest to the weary and protection to the weak, he will not be swayed be selfish thoughts.

While he's young, everything will bring a sense of wonderment to him. From the rain, to a flower, to small animals and children. And he will treat all of it with a sense of awes respect at it's place in life. He'll be curious over everything you come across, and every night he'll expect you to tell him all about your day. The things that bothered you, worried you, made you happy. And in the morning he'll expect you to tell him about what you're planning for the day and if you have any concerns, even if you already told him the night before. He always wants to be talking with you, even though he knows that's impossible. You don't need to worry about him slacking off or being distracted by things he's curious about when it's time for lessons. His sense of discipline is very strong and he'll work when it's time to work, any questions he comes up with will be held off for a later time when he can wonder without worry. He's very protective of you, wanting to keep you above all people safe from everything, but he realizes that you have your free agency and can so choose to do as you like. And he'll let you make your mistakes so you can learn and grow, and then be there to comfort you afterward.

When he discovers flight for himself, he'll find that the sky was made just for him. Soaring through the clouds and performing feats of aeronautics that most browns would never dream of trying will be his niche. Learning it will come naturally and adding you to the experience will have him not wanting to land again.

As he grows, these traits will stay with him, though he won't be stopping to smell the roses quite as often. He'll honor those on his own time when you're busy and not looking. He's very much a 'people person' and will want to be near people and other dragons all the time, whether he knows them or not. If your character ever finds love and has a family, he'll cherish those you love and adopt them into the place in his heart where you reside. When you find your place in the 'work force', he'll be the one working at 200 percent. Going that extra mile to get the job done right. And with his natural careing nature and respect for people and their belongings, coupled with exceptional flying, he'd do well in any endeavor you pursue.

When it comes down to mating flights, he'll be some of the hardest competition. Stamina and agility in a dragon his size isn't very common and he'll delight in following his natural instincts and chase any lady dragon who catches his eye. Should he win a flight he'll want to stay and shower the lady in affection if she'll have him, and then he'll come right back to you and want to express his every feeling. And should he loose, he'll expect you to be there for him to mourn to.


Raphaith's mind voice is one of strength. Not overbearance, not aggresion. Strength. He knows who he is, why he's here, and nothing anyone can say will ever make him think twice about it, and that come through in his thoughts. His general way of speaking to you will be rather sturdy blue rumbles. But when you're not at you tip top best, whether physically or emotionally, his thoughts take on the touch of a warm blanket enfolding you into the saftey that is him. It takes a /great/ deal to make him angry with you, but when he is, expect your mind to become the heavens during a storm as he rips through it with mighty thunderous roars and cold, sleet like thoughts.


The theme for this clutch was Music Genres. Your Raphaith is based on gospel music. And since I don't actually know/like a whole lot of gospel music out there, he's based specifically on music from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Their music embodies everything their church beleives in, from god to service, to the world around us and loving one another. So I took things from my favorite songs and placed them in your dragon. His name is my own variation of the name Raphael, and I liked the Hebrew meaning of it best, God has Healed. This egg and dragon was brought to you by Ma'kai.


Name Raphaith
Dam Choth
Sire Garanth
Created By Ma'kai
Impressee Tyr
Hatched April 26, 1009
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH