Sturdy and solid, this young bronze dragon is molded from infinity itself. In perfect proportion, time twists across his tapered muzzle, shimmering, dark shades glistening with ancient life. Speckles of all dragon hues are sprinkled across his muzzle, the beginnings of life found right here upon the hide of this dragon. Dripping down his headknobs and along his throat the hues begin to lighten with a new dawn, bronzed shades vibrant, golden rays of the first sunrise streaking down to his limbs. Paler shades grace his belly, the silt of the first seas rising along his ribs towards his spine, darkening through the turns before the color reaches his wings.

Strong, bold wing spars stretch the sails which capture the sky during a brassy evening. The rich colors spin and twirl, chaos defined in a single moment, captured and held for all to behold and gaze upon in awe. The beginning, the present, the future is held within this dragon's wings. Powerful hindquarters carry the deepest shade of bronze, sliding down to the fork of his tail where the color suddenly lightens to a deep golden hue, like a pinprick of light from infinity's cloak.

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Name Raeyth
Dam Gold Ararinth
Sire Bronze Temocheth
Created By Elara
Impressee X'y (Bixby)
Hatched March 31, 2005
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH