Forces of Destiny Gold Raaneth

Here, a spirit of restraint and diplomacy has been expressed in artful touches that somehow serve to create the illusion that this golden beauty's hide is velvety to the touch. Pale creamy golden hues comprise the base of her delicately long muzzle, deepening to dusky topaz along the eye ridges, her nares, and dusting the shadows beneath cheekbones. Darkest kohl lines compound eyes in graceful sweeps fading into a smokey line as it stretches back toward the downward tilt of her eyeridge. Those smokey hues make a reappearance in a whisper fanning down from nares to trace in a delicate line bisecting her maw. Gracefully long head knobs boast the same buttery tones as the rest of this regal beauty's face, the rounded ends adorned with kohl-hue speckling that transform into shadowy, sun-lit dapples along the sinuous length of her neck and the expanse of her shoulders. Here, those creamy golden hues darken into dusky topaz, the color stretching out to comprise the the spars of elegant wings, hug her breast bone and trail down the length of powerful fore-legs. Midway down her fore-legs Kohl resurfaces, hugging long limbs in its shadowy embrace and topped with shining onyx claws flecked with gold. At midback, dusky topaz fades back into buttery hues of her face, darkening to coppery hues over the expanse of her belly. Hints of smokey kohl mottle her spine only to darken as it sweeps down the length of her tail. Here, upon that sinuously serpentine length, the ridges are dusted with topaz, the kohl giving way to muted gold along the length of her tail-fork. Again, cream colored hind legs are wrapped in shadowy kohl, the tridactyl toes touched with claws of deepest onyx. It is her wings, though, that draw the most attention, pale translucent gold billowing out from topaz hued spars to drape along her frame with the elegance of a silken cloak. Power and grace define her, from the long lean lines of musculature to the dusky golden hues that adorn her. There is no doubt, in a glimpse, that this is a lady to be reckoned with.

Egg Name and Description

Road to Riches Egg

If there was one word to describe this egg it would be Fancy. Deep, luscious scarlet is painted in broad strokes upon a wide canvas. So rich are the hues comprising the shell that one would think, in a glimpse, that the egg was crafted out of the richest of velvets. Filigreed lattice work in gold and bronze and deepest brass twist and turn in a fanciful display, outlined in charcoal hues that inspire the mind to conjure images of the times of yore. While no larger in height then its peers, the ovoid's belly is opulent in girth, a weighty presence that whispers of the luxury of over-indulgence.

Hatching Message

Wobble: The Road to Riches is paved with scandalous surprises and it is no different for the egg of the same name. Without warning the scarlet and gold ovoid shimmies, nay, it shudders, the antics within stirring a skip and hop that has it tumbling from the hollow it had rested to only land rocking precariously on it's side. Back and forth, up and down, round and round the egg whirls in as dizzying a dance as any dervish might proudly claim as their own.

Crack: Road to Riches Egg comes to a teetering halt in its wild ride upon the sands. And, for a moment, one might think the battle had been won. But nay! Tis not so, with nary a shimmy of warning, the scarlet clad warrior lurches back up onto it's base, an ear splitting crack heralding the opening of gold filigree fissures adorning the shell. Like after images of some great cosmic battle, those fingers of gold crack leaving jagged scars along the surface of the egg.

Hatch: Without warning, Road to Riches Egg explodes in shower of scarlet and gold shells, shards and the black sands of Igen's hatching grounds erupting in a cloud of debris that makes it, for a moment, impossible to see. From within that cloud of 'smoke' and schrapnel a bellow sounds, the cry far more triumphant then one might, at first, think suitable for the moment. It is with that cry still ringing in the air that shadowy form of a dragonet emerges. She is proud, in bearing, a warrior queen stepping forth in the wake of intergalactic victory.

Impression Message

« Aren't you a little short for a dragonrider? » As the ironic, and iconic, words are uttered in your mind you find yourself standing on a towering mountaintop, the vastness of space stretching out in a nocturnal starscape above you, the pristine grace of ancient and glorious world stretching out below. There is peace here, a sense of rightness and comfort, the knowledge that, in this place, you will always be welcomed, always be safe, always be loved with a completeness that most will never realize. « I know you, Alexa, » that smooth feminine voice murmurs in your mind. « I've always known you. I am Raaneth and we will always be together. » As the words are uttered, the world around you fades, the sands of Igen returning as her cream colored head presses against your chest. She is there, she is real, and she is, and always will be, a part of you. The love and peace that accompanies her is unlike anything you have ever felt before, it is absolute, all encompassing and as enduring as time and space. « Right now, though, we need food. » And the clenching of your own stomach with a fierce and sudden hunger is more then testimony enough of that.



Physicality - While not the smallest gold ever to be hatched, neither is she the largest. Possessed of curves in all the right places, she is neither thick, nor thin, but perfectly proportion and comprised of lean muscle. Despite appearances, Raaneth is stronger then she looks and possessed of heroic levels of endurance and dexterity. She will take to flying as if born to it, and while her take-offs might not be the smoothest- rather like the Millenium Falcon she is possessed of a speed and agility in the air that most Gold dragons lack. While Raaneth is most assuredly a queen first, she will not shirk in the face of danger, but rather meet it head on and boldly, at that. Raaneth, as with the character she is based on, is strong in the Force, her mental prowess is keen and reflected in exceptionally strong telepathic ability, telekinetic prowess —reflected in her flight capabilities — and empathy. One day, she will most assuredly be a queen to be reckoned with.

Persona - On the smallish end of the Gold Dragon spectrum, Raaneth makes up for what she lacks in size with heroic levels of duty, dedication and loyalty. While you, her rider, will always come first, she takes her position seriously and will always do what is best for her people. While she is, for the most part, diplomatic to a fault, there will be those personalities that frustrate her and bring out the snark. Remarkably, for all her poise and grace, she has a temper and once sparked that flame burns hot and hard and with no small measure of colorful phrases. However, be aware that Raaneth will do her best to inspire you to step up and become more then you are. At times, her inspiration may come in subtle, genteel ways. But when the need arises and she feels it is time for action, there will be no arguing with this galactic queen.


Weyrlinghood - While Raaneth will one day grow into a creature of considerable grace she will not start out that way. Growth spurts will create an awkwardness that will eventually pass but there will be more then a few stumbles along the way. A leader at heart, she will have a tendency to rush forward at challenges, pushing both herself, and you, to try harder, practice more, and always be in the fore. And while she will grow into a calm and diplomatic force, learning to temper her more daring nature, not to mention the potential for a sharp tongue, is thing that will come with time. Raaneth will have little patience for the antics of her peers, particularly the more self-assured males. This will, no doubt to your great dismay, find the offending clutchsibling receiving the sharp edge of her tongue.

Flights - Raaneth will expect her suitors to prove themselves. They must be bold and brave and willing to go the extra distance. Still, she has a weak spot for the heroic figures, those bold enough to make their presence felt in every way, shape and form without falling into caddish mannerisms. Her expectations of the male that catches her do not end with the flight. She will expect him to be present and active and a part of the entire process. There is no half-stepping with Raaneth. As dam she will be actively engaged with her offspring, from egg to hatchling and beyond, she will be a presence in their lives and will expect the male that is lucky enough to have caught her to do the same.


Mind Name: Princess of a Mirrorbright World


Mind desc:

Raaneth's mind encompasses the vastness of an entire planet. At any given moment one may find themselves standing within the towering vastness of primordial forests, surrounded by cloud-shaped falls that seem to reach into the very vastness of space, or within the courtyard of a palace that seems to blend itself into the environment around it. Here, everything is one with nature and peace reigns supreme. Nature abounds in this far reaching landscape, stretching from snow-capped, blue green peaks to the vibrant colors of a seemingly endless rain forest. Her world is enveloped in a white-web of clouds dancing against a gold touched blue horizon.

Raaneth's voice is smooth, feminine, and most assuredly alto. punctuated with the Queen's English and very precise. It is rare that she will EVER use contractions unless well and truly upset. Even then, while her tones might become more clipped, her diction will be flawless.



Your egg and dragon have been crafted by N'sir. Please feel free to change anything that does not suit.

Egg -
Name - Road to Riches Egg
Inspiration - Puss in Boots by Adam Ant www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6zstmlOjLs

Name: Raaneth - I went through a long list of possible names and finally settled on Raaneth for Alderaan. As per your request, it is neither to masculine, nor to feminine and is -hopefully- easily pronounced!
Hatchling name - Forces of Destiny Gold Hatchling - https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Forces_of_Destiny:_The_Leia_Chronicles
Inspiration - Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan
Minddesc - Planet of Alderaan
Mindvoice - Princess Leia
Mindname - Taken from Mirrorbright, a traditional lullaby from Alderaan -

Mirrorbright, shines the moon, its glow as soft as an ember
When the moon is mirrorbright, take this time to remember
Those you have loved but are gone
Those who kept you so safe and warm
The mirrorbright moon lets you see
Those who have ceased to be
Mirrorbright shines the moon, as fires die to their embers
Those you loved are with you still
The moon will help you remember

She's yours now to play with as you wish, with the above being a guideline to follow or not as you choose! I hope that you have as much fun with her as I did creating her for you! - N'sir


Name Raaneth
Dam Zeraeth
Sire Sindrieth
Created By N'sir
Impressee Alexa
Hatched April 23, 2019
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH