Fine veins of lapis criss cross the hide of this small, lightly built dragon. Either end of the delicate blue is tipped in a lighter pastel blue, marred only by the darker periwinkle hues of the branching lattice that weaves around his hide. Traveling down his neck the pigmentation darkens such that the fine pattern etched into his hide is no longer visible. Accentuating the lean muscles of his form are shadows of a glimmery dark royal purple with an oil-slick sheen of green atop them. His wingsails are a lightly brushed blue tinged green by the close proximity of ichor-carrying arteries and veins to the thin skin through which light so readily shines through. The branching pattern continues even on his talons which are a marbled ivory. Though lightly built, there is a sturdy appearance to the blue in the form of dull, rounded headknobs, thick bones in his wings, and a rounded tail.

Egg Name and Description

Etched Glass Egg
From a distance the gazer would notice a few subtle patches of pastels, predominately blues and pinks, that are splotched across the surface of this medium sized egg. It is only up close that the soft leathery surface of the egg becomes remarkable, revealing light etchings of pale grey that not only delineate the lightly colored patches, but demonstrate additional patterns. This pale grey sometimes fades out entirely, giving away to the crisp white expanse of egg shell, but where it can be seen there is the suggestion of geometric lines lacing across its surface.

Hatching Message

Without any warning at all, Etched Glass Egg quivers momentarily before shifting slightly to the left.

Shifting more and more to the left, Etched Glass Egg pauses in movement before there's a resounding THUNK from within, and then small cracklines begin to appear across its surface.

Shaking from within, the cracks along the surface of the Etched Glass Egg spread and deepen before a small segment is lifted up from the egg's surface. A paw sticks out, then another, and before long the rest of the egg is ripped to pieces and a hatchling sprawls out onto the sands.

Impression Message

Tendrils of brightly dancing sparks bounds into your mind with vibrant colors and energy. « Rhos! » he cries, delight lingering long in your mind after that first syllable is gone, « Hello! I'm Osteyoth, and I love you beyond all things. Let's have some fun, okay? But first can we eat? I'm…this thing in me is empty. »


Osteyoth embodies the spirit of the coyote, or trickster. However, his actions tend towards the indirect and he relies on smooth talking to provoke others and make things happen. Indeed, he's big at finding the metaphorical big red button and pushing it… repeatedly. Mostly this is in just good fun and to see what will happen, and he almost never does so with a malicious intent. When around other dragons who are similar mischief makers, his personality will feed off that and this has the potential to escalate things. Occasionally, Osteyoth fixates on something or gets stuck in a bit of a loop that you'll need to startle him out of. Bathing in the lake? He'll get stuck blowing bubbles until you insist that he's done. However, there is a more serious side to Osteyoth. He is fiercly loyal to you, and protective if it should come to that, though he'll also encourage you to not take things too personally if you're feeling a bit down. But when there's a time for serious committment and hard work, he'll be there and focused. After it is done though, he'll expect a bit of downtime and relaxation - life shouldn't be taken too seriously, there needs to be some balance! This is how Osteyoth views his relationship with you in some ways: balance. You're his other half and complete him, just as he completes you. Thus he feels it's practically his duty to help you become a better person by offering his advice and encouraging you to branch out, try new things, and better yourself. Remember, like all dragons and living beings Osteyoth is a dynamic and growing individual who will change as he goes through life and all the many experiences you two will go through. Also, he is primarily yours and for your enjoyment. Have fun with Osteyoth!


Tendrils of brightly dancing sparks
Osteyoth's mind voice presents ever shifting colors, depending on whims and mood. In general he tends towards bright and light colors, being as he's predisposed towards light and cheery moods which he would like to share with his fellow dragons. There's a general aftertaste of smoke, much like the residual trails that follow fireworks after the colors have died out.


Osteyoth is a name that was completely made up to be simple, easy to pronounce, and unique. The egg description was based off this image of a snowflake: Dragon and egg created by Navi for Rhoslyn.


Name Bouncing Baby Blue Osteyoth
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Limerith
Created By Navi
Impressee Rhos (Rhoslyn)
Hatched 18 November 2007
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH