A vast verdant field blankets this green's hide, wrapping her from nose to tailtip in the rich colors of the plains in spring. Sprigs of yellow green bud upon a blunt convex muzzle and thick, arched browridges but darken quickly into a deep forest green that spreads lusciously over a wedge-shaped forehead and long, delicate, upright headknobs. Waves of clover and alfalfa vie for space along the graceful length of her neck only to expand their growth over the muscular width of her powerful chest, finally joining the tumultuous carpet of young barley shoots that eddy and ripple over torso, haunches and tail. From the foothills of her broad shoulders, sage green wingsails sprout from russet tinged ailerons and spread like twin trees over her spineridges, a hunter green dorsal stripe of perfect mountain peaks so dark in color, they almost cross into the blue range. Upon the highest pinnacle, the first neckridge where head meets neck, a single kiss of yellow gold glimmers like the setting sun, a gift from a loving sky, while talons of earthy coal keep her rooted to the land.

Egg Name and Description

Caught In Repose Egg
Seemingly stainless, dazzling white is what greets the eye, as if an invisible hand scrubbed this egg clean before allowing it to be laid. But wait, it seems the mysterious neat-freak missed a spot or two. Low on the shell, spaced unevenly and almost buried in the warm sand are four round edged, cylindrical blots of sooty black. Faint, pencil thin lines of ocher brown trace a form from the darker stains, smudging into a shadow here and there until one can make out long, spindly legs. Two blotches and a faint slash of ebony near its apex become the upright ears and closed eyelid of a sleeping creature, one too young to keep from dozing in the heat. More clearly visible ribbons of chestnut mar its opposite side, painting a bushy strip of mane, thin dorsal stripe and bottle-brush tail on this brilliant ivory canvas. Further down, again practically hidden from view by its bed of sand are two more markings. One, a single thread curling and twirling to form a decidedly geometric knot-like pattern, the other what looks to be a human hand print, both eerily depicted in the crimson hue of drying blood.

Hatching Message

The creature inside the Caught in Repose egg gives an experimental nudge from within, making the ovoid rock in its bed of sand. It /is/ nice and warm in here. Maybe it will wait a bit longer, catch a few more winks. It's still early.

The Caught in Repose egg gives a violent heave that tilts its sharp side high into the warm air. It senses the time is near. And it must be ready for its entrance! Several sharp thumps later, radial cracks appear, marring the shell's face. Ah, much better. Just another minute. Entrances take time.

Caught in Repose grows very /very/ still. An odd move considering that it seemed just about ready to…*CRRRRRAAAPOP* Out from the spider web of cracks at the ovoid's tip shoots an egg-wet muzzle and the glimmer of a red tinged eye. It's show time folks! And a shove, and a shake, and a bump-bump-bump! Out of the darkness and into the light, Sunkawakan Gosheven Green Hatchling emerges. Here I am! This is me! The young one halts, eyeing the gathered as she stands in an almost majestic pose. My public. I should mingle. Careful first steps become a graceful passage as she moves towards the candidates.

Impression Message

*BOOOOOOM* The sound of a massive curtain falling upon a stage echoes through your mind and all the sights and sounds of the sands crash to black. Steady rhythmic beating at your temple. Clopping hooves? Pounding drums? Clicking heels? It's hard to tell with the acoustic ringing that makes the sound bounce through your skull. « Yes, this set up is very nice. Perfect. » A moment later your senses fill with a deep burgundy shimmer and just a touch of navy blue. « But where are my manners? Let me introduce myself. I am Omisimth and you, Zerander, are mine. My co-star, my rider, the one who followed my path and led me upon it all at once. Together we will travel. We were made for each other. » The voice pauses with a ripple of violet tinged concern. « You need a name change though. Something new that sparkles. Something snappy. Z'ander? Hmmm, how about Z'rander? Or Z'ran? They all have a nice ring. Why not pick the one you like best while you feed me? I am STARVING!!! » A heartbeat later everything is just as it was except now there's a feeling of ravenous hunger in the pit of your stomach and three names tumbling upon a ribbon of red in your mind.


From the instant she bonds with you on the sands, Omisimth will probably floor you with her sheer love of life, buoyant personality and natural charisma. Even just hatched she can charm the pants off of almost anyone and shell do so for no other reason than to please you, her rider. If running around in dizzying circles while chasing her tail can get you (and anyone else in her vicinity, but most importantly you) to belly laugh, shell do it and warble a tune to boot. The caveat however, and there is one, is that she wont know when to settle down and get serious, so you may find yourself called to task for what others see as clownish behavior. Instruction as to when and where such acts are acceptable, and not, might be prudent, but her enthusiasm will never really waver. Even if severely scolded, her tendency will be to hang her head for all of 30 seconds, then give you a wink and a mischievous mental smile. « It /was/ a pretty good trick though. »

As she grows, you may notice Omisimth is not like other females and not only because of her above average size for a green. Shell never be what anyone would call girlish. Femininity is too limiting, too much of a hampering roll. She's a soldier of fortune! She's a pirate with a heart of gold! She's an adventurer out to find new lands and conquer them! 'Act like a lady,' is nothing more than that, an -act-, usually involving a big poofy dress, foppish curtseys and high-pitched screeching laughter, not actual behavior. Faranth forbid! « Where's the fun in life if you don't get your claws dirty? » she might respond with a snort as she runs off to play with the blues, browns and bronzes.

With a heart as big as her body, Omisimth may pit herself against anything that might possibly be perceived as a challenge, including her lessons with you. No matter how well she manages a task, there's a force of will inside of her that pushes this green to do better and try harder. It will be most apparent whenever flight is mentioned. Her soul longs for the ultimate freedom open sky promises and once there, getting her to come down could be a challenge. It may be necessary to harness her indomitable spirit a little to keep 'yearling' muscles from over-exertion and to get her back on the ground when every bone in her body demands that she push herself to extremes in the air. But don't think for a second she's risking life and limb thoughtlessly. There is method to her seeming madness. Her ultimate joy will be in finally taking you along with her…for a ride you'll never forget. With no gravity to bind you, only a leather harness and the boundaries she's tested and found within herself to protect you, every flight has the potential to become an exercise in gee-force and free-fall tolerance. Again, that mental harness you developed will be useful to keep her from making your Weyrling Master ground you for life.

Now an adult, Omisimth has likely balanced herself in an intriguing fashion. On-stage, in whatever duties the two of you perform together, she's vivacious, outgoing, ready and willing to be the star of the show or play a strong supporting role to you. This may draw a certain perception from others, namely that your dragon is a bit daft or bubble-headed. But if one should not judge a book by its cover, one should never- judge an actor by the act. She's a creature with two natures. A consummate actress who keeps her private life private, sharing her depth only with you and maybe a few others close to you.

Early on, you might have noticed that Omisimth's happy-go-lucky exterior neatly masks a very sharp mind with a dry wit and some pretty interesting opinions that may or may not always concur with your own. Flexing her mental muscles are just as satisfying to her as flexing her physical ones, and you may have found yourself arguing long into the night about almost any topic, be it your last weyrling lesson or some old belief of yours that she drags out, dusts off and plops in your mental lap. These 'discussions' will not come to an end just because she's mature. She is one who will always seek to expand her horizons and yours. Constant growth and constant discovery are her spice of life. She won't hesitate to dig deep into your brain, tap on a thought and say « Now here's something interesting. Why do you think that? »

Tourism could have been invented for the wandering gypsy that resides in Omisimth's heart. Remember all those mental images she seemed to be hoarding when you touched her shell? Those wavering pictures are one of the few things that, despite her limited recall, she's manage to cling to. Just as she longed to fly in her youth, she will hunger to visit those places and replace her faded metal snapshots with something sharper and clearer, but don't think her desire will end once the end of her list is reached. She is a born explorer and she'll urge you seek out new life and new civilizationsto boldly go where no one has gone before! *cue the Star Trek theme* Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but she will not rest until she has seen all of Pern with her own eyes. Maps of the planet and its lands may be an irresistible draw for this reason. Don't be surprised if she begs you to tack one up near her couch so you can record the places she's been to with push pins or colored marks. On the same vein, she may also wish to take something physical from a location, a souvenir to trigger her memory later. It's doubtful any two items will be the same, but what each trinket may be, and if she gathers one at all, is up to her (and her player's) mood.

Omisimth's mating flights could quite possibly be one of the most uplifting as well as harrowing experiences you can have while not strapped to her neck. Normally a steady, unshakable personality, coming into season will make her react like a performer at five minutes to curtain call, jumpy, nervous and skittish. The longer she glows, the more edgy she'll become until shes practically clinging to your side when you're present and mentally asking where you are with every heartbeat when you're out of sight. Anger or frustration will only make her more frightened and worse, she'll become apologetic to the point of intolerability! Despite mounting tensions, if you manage to be patient and supportive, her trust in you should keep her somewhat more level headed during these periods. The exquisite release of rising will bring with it the return of her untamable spirit. She is a one dragon stampede, flying free and urging her 'herd' to run with her, and once airborne, she will lead her chasers through maneuvers that would have combat-trained jet fighters reaching for sick bags. It is at this time more than any other that you can truly bear witness to how much 'risk' she takes, which isn't much at all. She's as safe as any rollercoaster ever made, safer if only because there is a conscious mind in control of the mechanics of her body. And when it's all over, her mate chosen and joined with, you may feel more at ease letting her tumble you through the skies every so often.

Since Omisimth has two natures, she also has two mindtouches. There's the vivid reds, oranges and yellows with that razzmatazz, let-me-entertain-you sparkle that she shows the world, her rich, melodic voice confident, proud and exuberant. Then there's the burgundies, violets and navies of her quiet side, same voice, same tones but in more intimate style, without all the flash. This is her backstage mind, reserved specifically for you and those she chooses to share it with.


Crimson Cavalry of Adventure
Despite its slumbering outer surface, the critter caught in this egg is ready for fun and frolic. Boundless energy greets every toucher and its focus is on new places and different faces. This one (to paraphrase Star Trek) seeks to boldly go where it has not gone before and will use other minds to expand its mental map. This young soul is not without a calmer side, however. If there is fear or apprehension felt in its first mindtouch, it will draw forward and soothe the other mind, caring for it with surprisingly gentle affection before going back to its usual free-spirited self.


Omisimth's personality both in the egg and out are based on various cultural interpretations of the Spirit Horse.

Equines appear in almost every mythology. Greeks and Romans revered the mighty, winged Pegasus in legend, and thought horses in general to be a gift from Neptune to man. Scandinavians worshipped the eight-legged horse of the Norse god, Odin, as a thunderous precursor to storms. Hindus held dear the eight great mares of Surya, who pulled the sun gods chariot through the heavens. From the animals near deification in early mounted cultures to Christian biblical passages touting their strength and beauty, even modern-day Neo-Pagans hold equines in high regard.

The Spirit Horse generally draws those with a power of spirit that is sometimes difficult to control. The animal is also a symbol of loyalty and devotion, of unquestioning love and faith in his master. Personalities drawn to the Spirit Horse love to travel, and have more than a touch of gypsy in their souls. The horse is also a warrior spirit - a brave fighter who brings riders through to safety, both physical and metaphysical. Some believe them to be natural clairvoyants, able to perceive humans with special powers, particularly in the realm of mental health.

In many shamanic traditions, the equine is seen as a powerful healer in its own right and use intense rhythmic drumming to call on the animals strength. Mongolian shamans ride Omisi Murin, their name for Spirit Horse - and incidentally the name from which Omisimth (pronounced OH-miss-simth) is derived - into the Lower World on healing journeys or direct him to carry power and healing to wherever it is needed.

Other abilities derived from various incarnations of Spirit Horse include power, stamina, endurance, faithfulness, freedom to run free, control of the environment, awareness of power achieved with true cooperation, interspecies communication, expanding one's own potential abilities, friendship and cooperation, travel, astral travel, travelers guardian, forewarner of possible danger and guide to overcoming obstacles.

Omisimth's egg description, "Caught in Repose," is nothing more or less than the image of a sleeping, all white foal. Symbolic of purity and wisdom, many belief-systems embrace white as a sacred hue. The two blood red markings on its haunches are meant to highlight both the Native American (handprint - signifies bravery or a horse who has taken an enemy's life, also known as the 'mark of the warrior') and Celtic (unending knot - Some theorize it signifies the never-ending travel of the soul from plane to plane) cultures from which I drew most of her early egg personality.

Creation Notes: When I set out to write Omisimth, I saw her Spirit Horse personality as that of a trained Lippizaner Stallion, executing Haute Ecole dressage and airs above the ground before an adoring audience. This was a spirited powerhouse of muscle moving in perfect rhythm and control, not only for the love of the rider but for the gasps and cheers of observers. The most well-known of these horses loved performing so much that they rarely did as well without cheers and applause to urge them on to greater feats. But something about this vision teased another connection within me, albeit an odd one - you've been warned. Cheers and applause also pushed a more human figure to greater feats, and her name was Gypsy Rose Lee. Yes, the famous burlesque artist. Please put aside the sexual aspect and lock down any lewd or lascivious notions her name insinuates before you read on.

Done? Thanks! ;)
An intelligent, quiet tomboy at heart, the teasing, bubbly, come-play-with-me bombshell she presented to the public was nothing like her true nature and she took great pains to keep the one from conflicting with or consuming the other. With both of these concepts in mind, the shape of your dragon became what is described below. Ultimately she is yours to enjoy and NONE of what Ive written is set in stone. She is yours to develop as you see fit. What qualities evolve and how they manifest is up to you. May she inspire you in RP as much as she inspired me during her creation. - A'rtomus (who should -never- have watched "Gypsy" in the first place. XD)


Name Sunkawakan Gosheven Green Omisimth
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Raeyth
Created By A'rtomus
Impressee Z'ander (Zerander)
Hatched 15 October 2005
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH