Prince of Earth Bronze Hatchling
Bathed in a deep, rich, metallic sheen of the brightest polished bronze, the effect is stunning and as though he was pulled right from the heart of molten metal. Long of limb and tall of stature for a bronze, his build is that of regalness and warrior both, without being too bulky or willowy. He is finely crafted, flashy in the sense of the way he is balanced and not wholly from the color of his hide alone. Wrought hues of carnelian grace his tapered muzzle, drifting upwards over fine, angular features and gradually dull to cupreous tints along the arc and curve of his headknobs. Carnelian flares back to life again along his neck and throat, only to disappear along the curve of his broad chest. It is here that brighter bronze becomes folded with honeyed calcite, lending a patinated touch to his hide as it cloaks his form like well-tailored armor. Covering the rest of his lean body and the length of his powerful limbs, they are faintly traced with an overlay of danburite — barely visible, unless in the full light of sun or moon. As with any molten metal, it tempers as it cools and the same effect occurs. His ridges bear the start of it, though it stretches out over the expanse of his back and wings, the large, powerful sails tempering to copper and brass edges. Even his talons bare this night-kissed mark but it does little to marr the overall brightness of his hide, for there is little that could dim the power within him.
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Egg Name and Description

Spice is Life Egg
Brown. That's the uniform color of this egg, though it shades from the lightest of dust to darkest chestnut across its surface. Near the top is a ragged circle of darker hues that seem to make up a mountain range in umber, while the rest lies in dunes, ever-changing to the whisper of winds that seem to move over the surface. Sometimes, out of the corner of your eye, it may seem as if a trail worms it's way along, pushing the sandy color upwards before disappearing again, a mere ripple spied briefly.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Spice is Life Egg shimmers, the sandy colors across its shell seeming to bulge and move, as though something beneath the surface was pushing outwards, but not yet breaking through. Just wait.

Crack Message
Spice is Life Egg finally cracks, the creature inside pushing outward with enough force to break through the egg’s shell. A flash of bright color is seen, and then vanishes.

Hatch Message
Spice is Life Egg finally shatters into a million pieces, practically exploding outwards in a shower of miniscule shards. From the remnants spills a flash of pure metallic hide of a bronze hatchling.

Sands Pose #1
Prince of Earth Bronze Hatchling rises to all fours and stands poised, neck arched and wings spread. His head turns as he scans the Sands around him, peering intently. Crooning softly, he begins to take his first steps forward, shaking egg goo from his talons as he goes. His every step is delicately placed, purposeful in his movements. Shaking out his wings, he shows off their colors and their expanse, rumbling proudly. His gaze is taken by the Candidates, scanning the line of them as he moves forward with determination.

Sands Pose #2
Prince of Earth Bronze Hatchling pauses, scanning the line once more. His gaze is intent, and focused, and he is completely in control of himself. This is not a hatchling that will randomly stumble into his lifemate. No, he is going to look and seek and choose the one that is right for him. The one he seeks and the one he knows is here. He just has to find him! He moves forward again with purpose, wings half unfurled against his body as they begin to dry, shimmering with sand and his natural coloration in the available light. He peers at each male as he passes, studying and then finding, one after the other, each one wanting. He snorts in frustration, prowling onward.

Impression Message

Public Message:
Prince of Earth Bronze Hatchling finally finds the one he seeks! He stops at the feet of one Candidate, peering up into his face. The hatchling’s eyes shift color instantly, matching his chosen’s pale blue hues. With a low rumble that turns to an adoring croon, the bronze makes his choice and drops his head down, nuzzling his chosen’s chest.

Private Message
In all the chaos, the Sands begin to fade. Who is turning out the lights!? You’re not passing out, are you? Try not to panic. Deep breaths… Isn’t that breeze refreshing? Wait. That can’t quite be right either but when you focus again (or open your eyes, if you had closed them), the sands have been replaced by time worn stone. A path is laid out before you, with rose bushes left to grow wild frame either side. A few have begun to crawl up the massive, towering columns that rise into a clear blue sky and are crowned by stone-carved archways. It’s quiet here, almost serenely eerie in the absence of sound — it could even be dreamlike! But it’s no dream. The emotions that suddenly flood you and touch you to the core of your soul are very real. As real as the bronze approaching you, head held high and confident. A voice, distinctly masculine but not rough in pitch, speaks. « Don’t lose sight now, F’inn! You’re so close and I’ve finally found you! I’m Nymionth and we'll be together, always, from now on. » Gradually, the imagery fades and you’re brought back to the present but he remains, head pressed against your chest and tangible and real. So is the hunger that clenches at your stomach… he is hungry, but he figures you’re keen enough to pick up on that yourself.


"Master, you must believe in your own power. The fact that you were reborn shows you must take the path to become King … Don't forget… You must be strong, great, and irreplaceable…" — the Four Warriors to Mamoru, manga act 17

On the whole, Nymionth is close to the epitome of a perfect bronze to be hatched in Fort Weyr. His innate commitment to tradition and duty are perfect for the more old fashioned structure that remains even in a more ‘modern’ day atmosphere. He will prove to be steady and dependable, with the absolute best in mind for all, in whatever position he takes on in later Turns. That doesn’t mean he isn’t without his flaws, as no one is perfect. Nymionth gives off the image of stability, but at times he can be inwardly struggling against parts of himself that are never entirely out of conflict.

Weyrlinghood will prove to be difficult at times, despite Nymionth taking to the rigid lesson structure with ease. His willpower to stick to things until they are done will serve him well here, as will his budding value systems. He’ll be a favourite among the Weyrlingmaster staff without even meaning to be and a few of his clutch siblings will instantly be drawn and look up to him — Yasminath and Kaseimarlyeth, especially. Almost immediately, you’ll notice that he lives, for the most part, in the present. His world is one of facts and needs and is always keeping an eye to be certain that everything is running smoothly and systematically. It’s the basis of his core of beliefs and even so young, it’s unshakable in him.

Because of this, he can often be an unintentional killjoy when it comes to ‘playing’ with his clutch siblings. They’ll be galavanting about and engaging in games, while he’ll take a much more serious approach.

« Szorvilkyth, that is not in the rules of the game! You should begin again. » He’ll mildly scold, slightly exasperated because it won’t be the first time he has to remind them, and everyone, of the ‘terms’. He’s as honourable as Yasminath in some cases, unable to tolerate too much rough behaviour or uncouth comments.

It’s the same with you too, F’inn. Should you try and shirk your duties or lessons, even dare to sleep in a little longer or not give your absolute best effort, Nymionth will be there to remind you of your purpose — or rather your shared purpose now. Whether you like it or not!


« F’inn. You are better than this! WE are better than this! They look up to us, we need to set an example. »

All the while, he holds within himself some seeds of self-doubt. Is he really better than that? Could he be pushing himself (and you) so hard because he feels the need to compensate for his internal questioning of his adequacy? These are very intense thoughts for a dragon so young, but they’ve always been a part of him. It’s as though he’s attempting to outrun a past he doesn’t know he has and isn’t so confident in what the future holds. Weyrlinghood is going to see a lot of polar shift and pull, with you caught in the mix of it as he works it out.

So don’t be surprised if, late at night, he whispers mentally to you.

« Am I doing the right thing, F’inn? » His hide is so flashy, so bronze and already many are hinting at him being a natural leader and that will undoubtedly overwhelm him. It doesn’t just stop there, either. He can even agonize over conversations he had earlier on in the day, questioning every little piece if it nags at him.

« Did I say the right thing? Did she understand me? She seemed upset. I didn’t mean to upset her but why couldn’t see what she was doing was wrong? »

You are the only one who can soothe these moments within him, whether or not you both see eye to eye over the matter. Eventually he will regain his confidence, reassured once more in his purpose and the path set before him. Of course, with a dragon’s short memory, these moments never last long and should he be particularly stuck on one scenario without resolution, so long as you don’t remind him, the memories will fade.

He is extremely observant and quick to pick up on the rhythms of the Weyr. If someone misses their assigned sweeps or they’re not where they usually are, he will instantly grow concerned.

« Where is the drudge with the dark hair? She’s always sweeping the steps at this time. Go, F’inn and find out if she is okay. »

It is revealed in the Dream arc that Mamoru's body is synchronized with Earth. If the Earth was under attack, he would feel pain, and so would Helios.

And you’ll learn quick enough that it’s never just as simple as gathering information. If there is anything he (or, let’s be honest, you) can do, he’ll push you to do it. The two you must at least try to help! His empathy for others is unparalleled and, at times, might even seep over to you through your bond. If he knows someone else is hurting or sad, he will feel that right along with them if he’s aware and in proximity. You might wake up in the middle of the night with a deep sadness, but nothing rational about it — and that’s when you find out that Nymionth heard that another rider had loss a family member. It’s like emotional telephone, with you getting the brunt of it. The worst times will be when you’re both in the early months of training and still working on solidifying your bond. Working on your mental ‘walls’ will be crucial! In time, and as you both grow older together, you’ll be able to instinctively deflect the worst of it.

Nymionth makes friends very easily and seemingly without even trying. Since he’s so concerned with others feelings, he makes a great listener and possesses a greater mature approach than most young dragons. With his tendency to err on the side of wanting to “fix” things and offering support, many will seek him out. He doesn’t mind, but as he matures and develops his own set of beliefs and systems, some conflicts are bound to rise. His motives are simple, as are his desires: he wants to help and he wants to protect. He’s well meaning in these inherent traits, along with his dedication and being loyal to a fault.

Failing does not settle well with him. Be it weyrling lessons or personal missions, Wing assignments or any task set before him, he strives to be the heroic example in every case. When things don’t exactly pan out as he’d envisioned, it can throw him off. He won’t let that daunt him though, as Nymionth proves he will stick to something until it is DONE and done properly. He’ll be well respected for this perseverance and for his drive in doing the right thing. In this he is also flawed and may require you to remind him not to be too rigid or become absorbed in the details.

Pliny the Elder mentions Endymion as the first human to observe the movements of the moon, which (according to Pliny) accounts for Endymion's love.

Another quirk he has is one he shares with one of his clutch siblings. Just like Yasminath, Nymionth is drawn to the night hours — or more specifically, when Belier and Timor are out and full. He will sit for candlemarks on the rim or some appropriate, secluded ledge, and simply stare upwards at them while his thoughts drift. They calm him and inspire him. Some of his greatest ideas will come to him after a night watching the moons.

It will be Turns of experience that forge Nymionth into the bronze he’ll become. As he grows, so will his confidence. He may yet eventually grow to become the leader that so perplexed him when he was younger, accepting the position with dignity. But always, at his core, he’ll be a steady, honourable and tradition oriented soul. He’ll be firm in his well-developed value systems, often times strictly adhering to them. Tempered by and conflicted by his honouring of traditions and laws, his clear set standards and belief will sometimes land in him trouble when his patience and understanding becomes strained by those who cannot comprehend the world as he does — you included.

Yet despite the hurdles you may both face, you will face them all together. And that, in the end, is the key.



Ruins of Elysion
The space within Nymionth’s mind is vast, seeming to expand beyond the reach of your own consciousness when you enter his thoughts. It’s not unlike living in a dream-land, where time holds no meaning and no power. All that open space and even the greenery is refreshing after the confines of the Weyr or even your own personal space. His mind is filled with a variety of familiar and unfamiliar plants that are constantly growing, blooming, dying back and growing again. Their scent lingers when the air is still (which is often) and drifts when a ocean-scented breeze wafts by.


You and anyone else that is welcomed to his mindscape always start on the same path — an approach to what looks to be the ruins of a former kingdom. Most of the structures are intact, merely worn by time and a little sad from the emptiness of any other life aside from nature itself. They hold a timeless power in the polished marble stone of stacked columns and soaring archways.

In the centre, his centre, the pathway becomes branched by two streams of water, as it leads on to a large (and empty) courtyard. Ringed by the same stream, multiple paths branch off from each side of the square shaped space. Columns rise high on both sides and all crowned by further simplistic architecture — beautiful in their own, eerie way. Beyond this place, the structures remain much of the same but the paths are now bordered by roses — red ones, in particular. Ivy has begun to creep up along some of the stone. In the distance, partially shrouded by mists, is a palace-like construct and long since lost to time and memory.

Here, you and others will sit and have your deepest conversations with Nymionth. There is a sense of safety here, despite the emptiness and nothing but the breeze itself and the soft rustling of leaves and the wind over stone to dispel the quiet.

When he is upset, Nymionth’s mind shifts. The location is still the same, but rain will pour down and lightning flashes and thunder shakes the foundations of stone. Craters appear, as if attacked from above and the greenery will fade and corrupt to obsidian like stone. The once serene kingdom will return only when he calms again and allows it.


The health and color of the roses will give you some indication as to his moods. Red, of course, are his defaults. Red is for anything from neutral calm and happiness and his everyday choice. If his mood changes and stays that way long enough, the roses will change with it. Consider it a mental barometer, to gauge when Nymionth is anything but ‘fine’ (despite his claims). Depending on the emotions he’s trying to quell, the roses and the plant life will always, always, give him away. If he suffers, the kingdom of his mind suffers (and vice versa). As you continue your lives together, you’ll likely discover some interesting colors popping up and have to work out their meanings for yourself. Where did that yellow rose come from? And why is there just one? Maybe that cluster of white roses is in memory of a loss — no matter what, it’ll be up to you to decipher the message.

His voice his masculine but not too deep. He can be as soft spoken as some of his clutch siblings or as firm and authoritative as any bronze should be. Just as taking charge seems natural to him as being a protector and guardian, so does he hold an innate ability to pick the right tone of voice. It’s rare to hear him speak out of anger or in heightened emotion but it does happen… and likely more often in private with you than in public display.




Just above average in size for a bronze, he’s lean in proportion but not to the point of being willowy or skinny. There’s no gangly note to his appearance and even if he leans towards a lanky look, there is so much strength behind his aura that he still commands a regal stature.

He carries himself proudly, with natural poise and pride and often without even realizing he’s doing it. It’s not an air that he puts on, it’s just… HIM. His presence is enough to get a few heads turning, as if naturally drawn to his proximity. If there were an actual ‘prince’ of dragons, as there are queens, he’d be the perfect candidate.

Nymionth is the picture of royalty and warrior, all wrapped into one package. He doesn’t need to flaunt his power, everyone can just sense it quietly in him. Just as his own empathy allows him to be in tuned with others! It’s an ability that is rare in a bronze, but he possesses it in spades — but leave it to him not to breathe a word about it or even brag. It’s just another piece of him that he comes to accept.

If there is one thing to point out about him, it would be that his wings are exceptionally long and broad. It is hard to spot, however, because they balance out with the rest of his body and the overall build of it — lying comfortably against his back and sides, they’re cape-like but not so brazenly obvious to be ‘off’.


"We mustn't keep meeting like this. Communication between the people of the Moon and the Earth is forbidden. It is the way of the gods. We mustn't fall in love… But it's already too late." ~Endymion to Serenity, manga act 9

Nymionth is like any bronze and that he is very interested in flights… but not for the most obvious of reasons. He will chase a lot, green and gold and he will put effort into each flight he has the chance at, but unlike his sire, Velokraeth, he’s more of a ‘referee’ than an actual potential suitor. He wants to make sure everyone plays far and that the female isn’t being harassed. Protecting her from the more violent or pushy chasers will be forefront in his mind and he’ll develop an unintended reputation of being a bronze to watch out for. Why? Because he’s not below resorting to little mid-air collisions to send some of the rougher males or bullies spiralling away. This is not to be confused with outright violence (which he also won’t tolerate), as he’ll avoid that at all costs and use it only as a last resort.

He is quite nimble in the air for his size and will quickly learn how to use this to his utmost advantage. Even though he never sets off to actually ‘win’ the flight, he may end up snaring a fair share of greens all the same. They’ll certainly be drawn to his magnetism, even if he’s polite (and a little aloof) in courting them. While dragons can’t truly understand the concept of love, he still develops a few preferences — one green in particular being Yasminath herself. For her flights, he will actually try to win and be overjoyed if he does. If he loses? Well, just as with any loss, he’ll be disappointed but take comfort knowing that the potential suitor was at least honourable in some way (he chased off the lesser males, after all). On the flip side, he cannot stand Kaseimarlyeth in her proddy state, even if she comes after him in an attempt to curry favour. Chasing her will be an odd twist of conflict, as he may be reversing his role and trying to protect others from the green rather than the other way around! Otherwise, he’s very much the chivalrous hero and utterly predictable in his behaviours when it comes to flights.

Should he ever win a gold, Nymionth will be almost insufferable in his role as clutch sire. Take all his traits and magnify them times five (or more)! He will be protector and guardian, a doting ‘mate’ to the gold for the time it takes for their clutch to hatch and insatiably proud all together over what they’ve accomplished.


Welcome Phineas, to Weyrlinghood in Fort Weyr! Did you think you’d escape? Not quite! Nymionth has bigger plans for you~

Egg Inspiration: The theme for the eggs this cycle were Planets, real or fictional. Spice is Life Egg was based off of Dune, written by Kassala. The Dune books were some of my favorite when I was in high school, and the planet itself always stuck with me. When the theme was decided, I knew which one I wanted to do! :)

Dragon Inspiration: You provided some very good fodder to work with, with Protector and Guardian traits, that both Nyalle and I did our best to weave into the overall theme of Tuxedo Mask/Prince Endymion from the Sailor Moon series. So he’s a little bit of all that you asked for, blended in with a few little tweaks here and there to further flesh him out.

His description was tough, but we did our best to follow what you had requested! There’s a bit of Endymion in there, mixed with the Golden Crystal and a few bronze-ish gemstones to reflect that. As for the influence behind his mind, we used reference from Elysion, also from the Sailor Moon series, as a base. Couldn’t forget those roses, either!

Name: We tossed a few ideas around and scrapped just about every one of them. No matter what we did, we kept coming back to Endymion as a source and decided to mince that name a few ways… and thus, Nymionth was born!

He’s yours now to play as you wish, with the above being a guideline to follow or not as you choose! We hope that you have as much fun with him as we did creating and writing him for you!

Th’ero and Nyalle <3


Name Nymionth
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Egg by Kassala, Dragon by Th’ero and Nyalle
Impressee F’inn (Phineas)
Hatched August 11, 2018
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH