Large, in charge, and green. Delicious, savory, smooth hues of green wrap around her like silk across a stone. She's built bulky, but her coloration is bite the back of your hand beautiful. Soft spring green leaves twist around her muzzle leaving faint vein patterns that are barely discernible. Her neckridges are soft mounds cascading down her neck, and end rather sharply.
Her wings are huge for her size, and at the moment look as though they'll make it impossible for her to walk. Despite this odd configuration, she carries herself confidently. Her wings continue the leaf pattern, but also take on a gem-like quality. It's as though facets of emeralds wink across the entire surface of her sails. Pearls roll down her tail, a treasure trove of patterns in contrast with the simple blandness of her face and neck.

Egg Name and Description

Sweet Sweet Cherubim Egg
This egg is neither big nor small - it is, however, a bit rounder than oval, perhaps even considered pudgy by most standards. Decorating its smooth hide are patterns not unlike clouds, but rather than white, they are varying degrees of pink on baby blue, with a darker mauve for the shadows and near-white for the highlights. Lest it be confused with cotton candy perfection, near the top the pink fades into a bright white color tinged with a hint of gold. Over the cloudy pink puffs are swirls and patterns that look like a pale, fat feathery wing here, or a pudgy foot or hand there - and one splotch even resembles a pair of merry blue eyes winking at the observer.

Hatching Message

Sweet Sweet Cherubim Egg finally breaks into fragments, the dust of the shell clinging to the wet hatchling who tumbles out onto the sands.

Impression Message

Insistent Satin pushes into your mind with little regard for your own mental space. Her need is great and she pushes without limit against you. « Hungry! » she cries greedily, « I need food, please, give me food, my lovely, perfect, beautiful Bella. Please, food! I am your Nyiseeth, and I demand food. Then we can get you straightened up, dear, you're a mess! » Her voice retreats slightly, but she's still there, pushing and needing. She emanates hunger, but also a powerful, overwhelming love and adoration.


Your green is both your perfect match, and your perfect opposite. She is quite the sharp business woman. She is the Weaver Master who counts her marks at the end of every day, and Faranth help the Journeyman who miscounted his take at the Gather. She is organized to a fault, and often will not let you sleep until everything in your area is perfect. Bed made, drawers closed, floor swept, books put away, projects either finished or neatly stowed for the next day's working. She's full of phrases like, « Do it now, and you won't have to worry about it tomorrow! » and « Bella, we really should get that commission done before we go for a walk, don't you think? » She will even put off her afternoon bath to give you time to finish something.

She will have a hard time drawing a line between work and play. Since there are always things to do, it will be hard for her to realize that time off is very beneficial, even though it's more frivolous. You will have to help her realize the power of play. She will scoff at her clutchmates who are goofy or play a lot, preferring to study and practice. She will not like lessons that are set up as 'games'. She would much rather be told what to do, and then go do it. « Not everything has to be fun, » she say sternly.

But, don't think that your green is a killjoy. She secretly wishes that she wasn't as stern as she was, and will open up - slowly - to show you another side of herself. She loves to play, but is almost always guilty about taking the time to do so. If you can convince her that it is okay to enjoy herself, she will be light-hearted and fun, even making a fool of herself chasing things around the bowl. She will be hard pressed to show this side to anyone else but you, but she might loosen up as you grow together. She loves large crowds, and is always pushing you to go to parties and groups, « Get in there, Bella! How will they know what a great Weaver you are if you don't show off a bit? » She will constantly be pushing you to line out your life. « We are going to graduate, and then what? Are you going to go for Senior Journeyman? How about Wingleader? Or Weyrlingmaster? What are we going to do? »

She's not easily rattled, but she has her buttons like everyone else. She wants to have everything planned out, and will not take to sudden changes well. If you had a day scheduled for sweeps, and suddenly you're transferred to shipping duty, she will be very agitated. « The roster /said/ sweeps! » she will protest, and it will take soothing words from you to get her settled again. She is also terrified of tunnel snakes, and an experience at the feeding grounds will have her with an irrational fear of blowing wherry feathers. She will love to collect tokens of her - and your - successes. If you do particularly well in a lesson, you must pick up a stone on the way home to commemorate it. Made a fantastic gather gown? Save a swatch of fabric to remember it by. Every little thing is a success, and a token must be gathered. She will lovingly tend to these tokens and make sure they are always organized just so.


Insistent Satin
Nyiseeth's voice has many layers, and will constantly change to reflect her mood. When she is pushing you her voice will be as insistent and sharp as a needlethorn. When she's being loving her voice is as sweet and smooth as satin. Confusion will bring clouds across her mindvoice and it makes it difficult to understand her - she'll mutter.


Your dragon was created and written by Elara! She was given a few quirks based on the 'greed' sin, of the seven deadly sins. She's not greedy in the traditional sense, but rather she's greedy to have trophies and to have accomplishments. Enjoy her! And of course, you can change anything about your personality that you'd like. :)


Name Craving Indulgences Green Niarleth
Dam Gold Seviadith
Sire Bronze Shidenisseth
Created By Elara
Impressee Bellanne
Hatched 30 July 2008
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH