Large in size and stocky in build, at first glance one would be lead to believe that this brown is bound to slow and lumbering movements but that would be where he would, and does, fool most. Size for him is not a hindrance, instead a strength in and of itself, agile and swift in his own unique, yet strangely graceful manner. Shades of deep, dark russet brown make up the whole of his smooth hide, variation in subtle touches where the play of light and shadow give illusion to darker hues of brown or the faintest glimmers, almost hidden, of reddish tint under bright sunlight. His head is large and broad but proportionate to the rest of his body and though his neck is short, it too is balanced to suit him rather than hinder. Blunt muzzle fades to a darker chocolate hue and sweeps up over tapered and short head knobs, down over his ridges and extending out to cover the entirety of his large, broad wings and accentuate the spars from the sails.

Pale fallow browns, ghostly in comparison to the richer hues dominating his hide circle the heavy ridges around his eyes. It adds another illusion to him, but one bearing more truth to it as the lighter shades give his whirling eyes a keen and sharp-witted look to their whirling depths. The lighter fallow brown continues across his forehead but swiftly fades to disappear just above his heavy and powerful jowls. It reappears again along the curve of his throat and neck and down further to his deep, almost barrel set chest only to vanish beneath the sleek curve of his belly. His short, stocky limbs are not overly thick, balanced in lean muscle to lend him a clean look rather than be overbearing. Russet browns remain untouched here and the same is echoed over his sides and to his powerful, wide set haunches and ending all in near-black talons. Just like his wings, his tail is long to match them, but unlike his limbs, chocolate hues sneak in again to cover the topside along the ridges and straight down to the very tip.

Egg Name and Description

Like An Illusion Egg

Oddly shaped, this egg appears as if it were two eggs small placed over the other before forming into one odd blob. The shell of the egg appears to gleam in the light, any angle in which it is viewed, the gleam of light against the shell reflects. Like glass, it appears to reflect the image of what stands before it or, behind it. The sands in which it rests appear to be within it, settling into the curves where the two meet. Pale yellows and dull beige appear to trickle from the top of the egg, down into the base where it never seems to change in amount despite how often the grains appear to fall. An illusion of the mind, perhaps as there is no true movement at all. Or is there?

Hatching Message

Like An Illusion Egg is no more and the shell crumbles and cracks into a myriad of shards and it’s from those that it’s occupant is thrust upon the sands, almost flat on it’s stomach and left to simply blink in disorientation as it gains it’s bearings and awkwardly, but slowly, rises to it’s feet.

Impression Message

The sands begin to lighten, color bleaching out to white as your vision seems to cloud over. No amount of blinking will clear it and it seems the more you struggle, the firmer it grips at you and strengthens its hold and presence on your mind and thoughts. Gone are the sands, replaced by snow and cold and the sharp smell of pine and the richness of a forest. An unseen wind picks up, brushing past you and carrying to your ears the faint call, a yearning howl of sorts, unintelligible and yet so thick with emotion to send chills up one’s spine. Where /are/ you? « Abigail! » There it is, your name, called by someone… faint and distorted as if muffled over some vast distance. Could it just be a trick? « Abigail! » Now that voice is stronger, richer and so definitely youthful and masculine and then /he/ is approaching you, loping over the snow — no, the sands and then your vision clears, leaving you almost face to face with the upturned muzzle of the stocky russet brown hatchling coming to a hurried stop by your feet. « There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! I’m Niumdreoth and we need to go! I am so hungry and I need your help. We’re a team now, you and I. You will help me, won’t you? » Could there be any doubt? Happiness surges through then, a sense of home and family and undying loyalty sweeping you as powerful as any winter storm and followed by a gnawing, clawing hunger. « We will help each other! Come on, Abigail! »


Boris: Not a dog. Not a wolf. All he knows is what he's not. If only he could see what he is.

In the first few days of hatching from his egg, Niumdreoth will be a little uncertain, cautious almost of the world around him as if overwhelmed by all the new experiences, the sights and sounds and smells and sticking close to your side. « What is all this, Abigail? It all seems so interesting but so strange. » He is like a newborn pup on his first foray out of the protectiveness and darkness of the den. Uncertain as to what he is or who he could be, all he knows is that he is yours and you are his, the beginnings of his traits that will flourish to define him in the coming weeks and months. Aloof even with his clutch siblings, it will take a gentle encouragement and reassurance from you to draw him from his last “shell” so to speak and once the spark of confidence has caught, there is no stopping the fire that will build within him. Gradually he will become more independant, a little over the first day or so and then literally within the hours until he no longer hovers so near by to you or follows your every movement like a faithful and ever present shadow. Be prepared not to venture too far from the barracks or fields for half a sevenday. « I just prefer your company. Teach me again what those are for or why trundle bugs should not be played with? »

Once his confidence is gained, his true nature will begin to show through and you will in turn gain some of your freedom back as Niumdreoth takes on a more independent role and likely weeks earlier than some of his siblings. In fact, he may prefer to investigate alone sometimes and then return to you with his findings or mull them out for himself. He is insatiably curious and this will wane a little in the coming months but not entirely. It will only mature in a way as he grows, becoming more honed and specific rather than broad and encompassing all and everything he sees and senses. And of course, as he is your loyal friend, he will share it ALL with you. Every detail and emotion his discoveries invoke and the questions that will arise.

Wolf teaches you to know who you are and to develop strength, confidence and surety in that so that you do not have to demonstrate and prove yourself to all. - “Wolf”, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

In his lessons, he will be keen and eager, absorbing everything like a sponge. Again, he will be cautious at first, but his brave nature will boost his confidence and he will willingly face every challenge and hurdle thrown his way. « We can do this, Abigail! I know it. » And he will encourage you as well to such heights. Where you will support him, he will support you in turn as best he can and there begins the first step towards the two of you forging an inseparable team. Should you fail? Niumdreoth will be a bit crestfallen, perhaps frustrated and he may be ready to quit. « No. No, I /won’t/. I have to do this! » But something will always pull him back and he will bring you along for the ride as he tackles the challenge again. And again. His determination will know no bounds and Abigail you may find yourself having to pull him back less he hurt himself in his drive to prove his worth, to feed his satisfaction that he IS capable, despite what others might think. He may never be as graceful in the air or as agile and swift as his blue and green kin, but that won’t keep Niumdreoth from trying. « I may be just a brown, but that does not mean I cannot try some of those aerial maneuvers! I bet I could fly just as good as they can. You just wait and see, Abigail. »

But without a doubt, he is a social creature and one of his most endearing traits his his friendliness. Open and genuine, it is not forced and in fact as natural to him as breathing. At first, he will be a bit too overbearing in it, seeking to join all with a cheery greeting, « Morning! So, what are we doing today? Maybe we can go down to the lake! » Bless his heart, he means only well but some may not be all too receptive to his upfront ways and it will be left to you Abigail to sooth his disappointment when he is rebuffed or turned and sent back to sulk and brood, acting as if shunned from the pack when it’s hardly the truth of it. But he will learn and /fast/. If there is one thing Niumdreoth does well is adapt and learn. It will take only a few failed attempts before he learns the balance needed and no longer take such things to heart. « Oh well. Perhaps I will go visit Kouzevelth then and see if she is up for some company or fun. »

Wolves are the epitome of the wild spirit. Their positive characteristics are so numerous it is no wonder that Native Americans and others practically deified them. - “Wolf” - Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

As he begins to grow, Niumdreoth will begin to show more of a rugged spirit, shedding his self-doubts as he finds his “place”, certainty growing with each new experience be it good or bad. He’s not afraid to dive headlong into a task once his mind is set to it and he will seek out it’s end and will not be satisfied until it is done. No more is his confidence shaken so easily by his failures, learning the lesson to accept himself for his strengths and flaws, his “heritage” in a sense and encourages the same in Abigail. « You shouldn’t let your past hold you back. Live for the now, there is so much more to learn! You are who you are. »

They are friendly, social and highly intelligent. Their sense of family is strong and loyal, and they live by carefully defined rules and rituals. - “Wolf”, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

He is the adventurer of his social domain now, having defined his boundaries and relationships with his siblings and in a way creating a sense of family that gives him a private sense of joy and likely one he only shares to you. To others, he will be ever friendly, a reliable and loyal and perhaps he will be sought out by some for some quiet companionship or some quiet discussions, idle and yet not as he builds the trust of his peers. « I had a very nice talk with Dremkoth today. » He may not give you all the details, but don’t be surprised, Abigail, if he nudges you towards the riders of the dragons he speaks to. For as much as he seeks a familial tie, so will he wish the same for you. From your bond, he’ll know of your past and the conflict your decisions brought, having chosen a path that did not meet the expectations of others within your own family. « You are my family now and I yours. » That he will forever remind you, so deeply loyal and faithful as he is to you. He will never judge you, but that won’t mean he won’t butt heads with you occasionally. Every family has their spats, after all!

Wolves do not fight unnecessarily … and will often go out of their way to avoid it. Often a glance, a posture, a growl is all that is necessary to determine dominance. - “Wolf”, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

Niumdreoth will challenge you from time to time, Abigail and you can be certain of it! As he becomes more comfortable with himself, he’ll develop his own stubborn streak and his own opinions of the world and it’s inner workings. So do not be surprised when once he may have followed you willingly and without question in something, only to suddenly put on the breaks — literally, in some cases. « No, I don’t think this is right. Listen to me, will you? » He doesn’t seek to dominate you, but only to strike a balance between your own stubbornness and his. Just as you will learn to compromise, so will he but it will be a struggle to start. He does not wish to fight and will in fact avoid it, unless he must. Niumdreoth is one to give plenty of warning if one should be pushing his tolerance. A glance, a certain posture, a growl or a stern, flatly spoken word is often enough for him to get the picture across. Even then, he may simply chose to leave should the other not back down. « It’s not worth it. » he will often say, if questioned.

As he matures, all his insatiable curiosity as a young hatchling pays off. In his element now, he will become and flourish as an intelligent dragon, capable of out-thinking most of his kin and siblings as if a natural skill. He will be a force to be reckoned with when hunting, which he enjoys even if the end does not yield any reward. One would think he would love nature and he does, but in a detached sort of way, as if already possessing knowledge of all it’s secrets. That won’t keep him from indulging you though. « Come, Abigail. It has been awhile since we have gone beyond the Weyr. I think it is time and you need it. »

It will guard you as it teaches you — sometimes strongly, sometimes gently — but always with love. … Find a new path, take a new journey, take control of your life. … You create it and direct it. Do so with harmony and discipline and then you will know the true spirit of freedom - “Wolf”, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

Where once you were his teacher, Abigail, now Niumdreoth takes on that role. He is your guard, your friend, your companion, loyal and faithful to the very end as he was from the very start. He will be your guide, sometimes strong and more often gently, but always with his love for you as the motivation. He will teach you to read the signs, not only in nature as a good hunter should but of life as well. « See how the Weyrwoman holds herself? How the Weyrleader speaks? Now is not the time to go to them. Wait, be patient. He will calm the quickest of the two. Go to him when he is distracted and his focus is pulled away from his temper. » And so he will instruct you, Abigail, always pushing you towards different paths and goals, never quite leaving you to sit in indecision. Have an idea or a suggestion? He will tell you honestly give his opinion and then support you to see it through.

And he will teach you how to pass by danger invisibly, outwit those wishing you harm and how to defend yourself without resorting to that fiery temper. « Easy, Abigail. This is not a fight you can win, not right now. » He too has become a defender though, much as you had been in your past. Just as you could not withstand seeing the weak or defenseless being picked upon, neither can Niumdreoth tolerate the same. « Xucieth that’s enough! Leave them alone and go find something else to be your plaything. » He will stand his ground and defend them, even if they are not the best of characters. This goes for his clutchsiblings and any of his kin, extending even to other riders and weyrfolk alike, it does not matter. If he feels there is an injustice being done, he will do all he can to write the wrong. « Abigail, there is a quarrel in the bowls. It’s that bully again. Something should be done! » And that “something” will be you, of course. While he does not wish to see you set into danger, he can also understand your desire to protect and defend as it mirrors his own. He can no more deny you of that than you can deny him.

Balto: Since when do you need a pedigree to help someone?

If he cannot defend and protect, then he will be always there to help at least. Has Crosenturath caused more mayhem again? Niumdreoth will be there, either to pick up the pieces or to go straight to the blue’s side and ask « Are you alright? How /did/ this happen? ». He won’t care if his help is necessarily needed or not and should his offer be waved aside, he will merely shrug and move on.

Jenna: It's so gloomy down here.
Balto: Gloomy? You kiddin'? It's the most beautiful spot in the world. Dogs travel for years just to be right here.
Jenna: I can't see why.
Balto: That's 'cause you're looking at the bowl half empty. See, this is the polar ice caps.
[pushes a pile of broken bottles]
Jenna: Balto, those are broken bottles, and they're not half empty, they're *all* empty.
Balto: [motioning toward the grate that's overhead] The sun…
Jenna: Balto…
Balto: [continuing] … and, to the north…
Jenna: The Northern Lights! Balto, you were right. It's beautiful.
Balto: Yeah, beautiful.

As in tune as he is with nature and the inner workings of life and the world around him, so he can find beauty in the strangest of things, much like Varmiroth. Don’t be surprised again, Abigail, if he will call you over on one of your many hikes or when he returns to your ledge at the end of a day to show you some oddity he has found. It could be a stone, or glass, or some other bauble that caught his fancy, each piece having it’s own purpose or meaning. Never will they be anything less. It is one of the last few lessons he has to teach you, to truly look in order to see the potential in everything, to see the hidden nuances in people, things that are normally overlooked. « Everyone has a hidden nature, as does every living thing. » He’ll intone wisely, an outlook that is almost in tune with his sire, Velokraeth’s, knack for sensing hidden truths.

If Wolf is reversed, you are being asked to expand your limited view of the present situation. Doing this may entail a great deal of courage and a willingness to look at new ideas.
The gift of wisdom comes to you when you have walked enough pathways and found enough dead ends to truly know the forest.
To live is to grow, and growing comes through accepting all life forms as your teachers. Become Wolf, and take up the sense of adventure. You may just stop howling and learn to become the moon. - “Wolf”, Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson

In the end, Niumdreoth places you, Abigail, above all else, even himself. He will do everything within his strength to see you succeed in your dreams and goals, pushing you to expand them and then supporting you, encouraging you without fail should your courage and willingness begin to fail or flounder. It won’t be until you have walked those paths, either to success or dead ends that he will ease up. « For now you are all the wiser and stronger for it. » To him, to live is to grow and Niumdreoth will seek out adventure after the next, no matter how small or big, how important or insignificant. Forever will he by your side, unwavering and confident in WHO he is and what he is and seeks the same for you.

When it comes to flights, Niumdreoth is a bit of a flirt but awkward about it. He is not one to court with words or woo the glowing female with flowery prose. He will compliment where he sees fit, but beyond that he seems reserved and much happier simply to observe or simply be himself. Why be false? She should be drawn to him for who he is, not some mask or falsehood. Once the blooding starts though, he will turn predatory, slipping smoothly into the role of hunter as he allows his natural instincts as a male to kick in. Focused, determined, cunning and sharp of wit, he is unchanged save for his desires as they narrow down to the simple: case and capture. Green or Gold, it will not matter though he will have to build his courage up to attempt the brazen feat of daring to go amongst the bronzes for the rare chance he may snare a Gold within his talons. He has the size to do it, nearing almost Velokraeth’s size in fact and for that reason he deems himself worthy enough.

If he wins, he will be a doting and loving companion, always content to spend some time with the female he’s caught for some time afterwards. Should she chase him off however, he will leave on good terms and not fault her for it. He will not brag or be smug, simply accepting it as a natural end to things. Even if he is the loser of the flight, he will swallow his disappointment and return home to his ledge, not to sulk but to be a bit broody as he mulls over his frustration. Once his strength is restored though, he may seek to venture outside of the Weyr for a few hours, seeking distraction.

And if he should ever be one of the rare few and lucky browns to catch a gold in flight, he will be a fierce and protective clutch father, over both clutch and dam. He will stand watch while she takes to feeding or to stretch her wings, ever doting on the dam and mother to his offspring, sharing the responsibilities of caring for the clutch equally should she desire it or allow it. Regardless, he will be a proud and loyal clutch sire, should fate ever deem him to out match and out wit the bronzes.


Drumming Beat of the Forests


Niumdreoth’s mind is like the peace and calm and solitude of the northern forests locked in winter’s snow and icy grip. His is the stillness of the night, the crisp cold and yet so strangely comforting for it is home, both his and yours. And just like the forests, his mind is broad and deep, majestic and yet mysterious, wise and yet teeming with endless energy and /life/, welcoming but not with the subtle undercurrent of hidden intelligence lurking among the shadows, of a sharp wit and cunning borne of millennia and generations. A quiet wisdom lurks among those heavy branches and yet despite it all there is an undeniable youth to his mind. Forever do the skies remain in nightfall, the deepest of hours but for Niumdreoth this suits him, for the night is his as much as the forests below.


So he would appear to others, but for you, Abigail, you know of his deeper mind’s personality, those secretive and hidden places deep within the trees where little moonlight can seep through and you can so easily slip through the cracks as skillful as any huntress should be. Only you will ever be permitted into his inner most sanctuaries, all others held at the borders of the forest, exposed to the cold and snow and the broad expanse of the endless skies above. You however will be sheltered and drawn in, warmed and protected as you follow the many trails of his mind. The forests are limitless and no matter how long you explore his depths you may never, ever find an end. Perhaps you will stumble upon a snow covered clearing or a small meadow linking two edges to one, or a frozen creek breaking through but never will the trees vanish. And always he will be there, by your side and a silent companion, save when he speaks up. « Abigail, over there. Oh, no… What’s Xucieth doing now? » And the forests will seem to grow still and you will feel him focus on the situation of concern or interest until either it is resolved or his curiosity wanes. « No matter, I guess. Let’s go, Abigail! Let her chase her tail, but I’m not waiting around to see who gets burned this time! »

Although the skies of his mindscape seem locked forever in night, they are not without depth. In a vast wash of midnight blues and blacks so deep and rich, one could almost lose themselves in it and the expanse of white, glittering stars and the ghostly light cast down from the full moon always above. Such is his mind when he is calm and content, the forests below still save for the occasional gentle breeze that stirs the branches or some loose snow upon the ground.


But when his mood shifts and excitement fuels him, some spark of an idea or the thrill of a hunt or challenge, the skies of his mind come alive with color. Gone are the moon and stars, replaced instead by the electric and ethereal shades of bright greens, purples, blues, and reds of the northern lights as they dance and weave across in their ghostly ways, echoing his emotions and the tone of his voice, brighter with the intensity of them and then fading as they fall.

And you will know exactly when he grows troubled or unsettled, Abigail for your warning will be the dimming of the stars with oncoming clouds. They will blot out the light, threatening snow and muffling all in a tense and uncertain atmosphere. You too may find yourself suddenly pushed within the boundaries of the forests, as if he seeks to protect you from whatever dangers lurk within or simply because he is being stubborn and wishes for you to « Pay attention, Abigail! This is serious and I /mean/ it this time! »

Should he ever be riled to anger or great upset, his mind will become a flurry of biting winds and heavy snow, blotting out the sky and bending the tall trees under the weight of snow and ice, a fury all it’s own and swift with it’s power and strength. They will be swift like the onrush of a winter squall, swallowing everything in it’s wake and setting the winds to howl and batter the forests of his mind. You however Abigail will seem strangely sheltered from the force, cocooned by some unseen embrace but not tucked away and hidden. It will be like walking into the eye of a storm, where it rages all around you until his temper runs it’s course and like any storm ebbs away. Slowly the night skies of his mind will clear and the forest returned once more to calm.

And just like he allows you deep into his mind without hesitation, Abigail and down it’s many, many paths, Niumdreoth has one spot JUST for you. A small spot tucked away but one he will always lure you to when you need comfort or consolation, when you are hurt or upset or simply needing a quiet spot to turn to. It will be a small circular clearing, if it can even be called that, but the trees will thin enough to allow a glimpse of the night skies above. It would seem too as though little snow falls here, the dormant grasses and plant life peeking through and lending a hint of what could be should spring ever come. And it could, should he feel it would bring you some happiness or help cheer you up. The grass may suddenly turn green, the breeze warmer and scented of spring or summer, golden light now shining through the trees to mimic the sun, blossoms blooming and the sounds of birds and other soft calls and sounds of nature.


Also within this clearing of his mind, as much a part of him though created just for you are some large rocks, weathered by time and parts covered in a long dried moss, arranged in a way that one could rest on the flat top. But below is a small cave of sorts, or a den if one really looks at it. Yet it will always shift and mould, never uncomfortable and always being what it — what he — needs to be in order to be the support you, Abigail, may need. And as he supports you, he supports himself and just like the never ending circle of life within a forest, so are the two of you entwined, mind, body and soul.

His voice is youthful and yet rich and layered, belying a sense of greater wisdom and cunning hidden far beneath and well beyond his Turns. Often his tone is warm and friendly, welcoming to all he speaks to. « Afternoon, Lyrienth! How’d your sweeps go? » Even when angered or upset, his voice will never truly “yell”, simply lowering into a deeper version of itself and with firmness, adding a sense of authority behind his words that is otherwise not present.


Under it all is the ever present sound of drumming, as if a constant beat in the back of his mind, barely heard when he is calm and in times it will be a comfort to you, the steady beat not quite unlike a heartbeat but soothing all the same even when he is silent. In times of great excitement though or heightened emotion, when his focus calls too much for words, the drumming will become louder and it’s pace quickening with a near fervor to match the situation and accentuate it. If he is hunting or facing a challenge to overcome, the beat will drive him, and you, forwards, spurring both of you on to your fullest.

Should he be defending you or another, or facing a dangerous situation, the beat will both calm and inspire and stir up the strength, bravery and courage needed to succeed. Only in times of sadness, which are hopefully rare, will the drums be silent and the only sound accompanying his voice will be the silence of the night or the gentle rise and fall of the howling winds through the trees of the everlasting wintry forests of his mind, like a mournful call only the two of you are privy too.


The overall theme for this clutch of eggs was Time. Like an Illusion, the egg which Niumdreoth hatched from, is based on the actual concept of the sands of time and how time can be compared to the flowing of sand through an hourglass. Reverse it and you’re essentially reversing time. The name of the egg literally plays on the saying: time is but an illusion. Even the touches played on this concept, each focusing on the stages of life and then rebirth or even the future of the hatchling itself.


Niumdreoth himself description wise is based loosely off the colors of the real Balto, as well as the shade of ‘russet’, which is also a term usually being used to describe a wolf’s coloring. I also tried to play with what you suggested as a preference in your questionnaire, going for the two tones between russet and chocolate and keeping them subtle enough as not to detract from the lighter ‘birthmark’ or markings. That’s where the fallow brown comes in and I hope I was able to capture what you had in mind! Again, I took some of the markings from the ‘real’ Balto (namely the rings around the eyes) and then incorporated the rest that you had mentioned. I also made his build large and stocky, but proportionate and muscular to lend a sort of unique grace and swiftness to him.

His name was tough to come up with! I decided to go with a more Celtic spin and looked up a few words in gaelic. Roughly, his name comes from bits and pieces of the equally roughly translated line of ‘always brave friend’. “Bí cróga i go deo (always brave)” is where ‘dreoth’ is loosely derived, whereas muinteartha is where the ‘nuim’ part of his name comes from — muin in reverse.


Niumdreoth’s personality is a blend of Balto and Wolf-lore, as you requested in your questionnaire. I took a few key concepts from Balto himself as a character and wove him around the most prominent traits that Abigail possesses. Then I took the traits described from Celtic lore and the little paragraph you included as well. But to really flesh him out, I found a few key notes from two books I own: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews and Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson. They go on to describe in depth a lot more, but the quotes I pulled I felt tied in more to who Niumdreoth is as an individual and more importantly who he is to Abigail, as they are two of the same and yet independent.

More info on Balto:
More info on Animal Speak:
More info on Medicine Cards:

In the end, Abigail, he is yours to play with as you wish! This is merely a guide, but Niumdreoth is yours to grow and expand with as you see fit. We hope you have many fun and happy days of RP ahead!

Egg and Mind Touches were done by Dtirae, while Niumdreoth himself was written by Th’ero, with helpful tweaks from Elara

Clutch Siblings

Cloaked in Storms Gold Kouzevelth - Inri
Immune to the Passage of Time Dremkoth - D’ani
Always Seeking and Scampering Blue Crosentura​th - Harmony
Arcane Magic and Darkness Green Lyrienth - Kh’nai
No More Will I Wear the Shackles Green Xucieth - Eirwyn

The Aftermath of Stress Bronze Tezeveth - J’men (Jamen)
Samurai Betwixt Time Brown Zlicnith - K’vi (Kevi)
Timeless Giant Star Blue Zetath - Py’n (Pycian)
Drive by Blur Green Vetizath - Brilwen


Name Niumdreoth
Dam Gold Zuvaleyuth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Th’ero, with tweaks from Dtirae and Elara
Impressee Abigail
Hatched 23 September 2012
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH