All the impurities found within the natural stone of jade have been purged from the hide of this dragon leaving behind a simple and unmarred pale creamy green. Such an even tone washes over the hide of the average sized dragon, yet cannot hide the harshness of her lean and rangy body. There is a hint of ribs along her side, while the rest of her bones provide a skeletal frame of angles and hard edges. Softening this appearance, but only slightly, are her headknobs and muzzle, which are well rounded as though tumbled through a riverbed for ages, out of place on her otherwise harsh body. Her wings are perhaps overly large on her narrow frame, though it could be an illusion caused by the gauntness of her form. While she measures up along most other greens, she simply appears to be a bit smaller due to her lack of bulkiness. Nearly blending in with her pale hide are a pair of ivory marbled talons. It is only from a distance that one can see a slight variation in her coloration. Beginning at her worn muzzle there is a bit more cream to the green of her supple hide, though as one's gaze travels down her neck it becomes apparant that her body contains more green pigment than the rest of her, a tribute which fades only slightly towards the tip of her tail.

Egg Name and Description

Early Morning Gem Egg
Very light pastel green engulfs the surface of this small leathery egg. Here and there are dabs of darker lines stroked across the shell. These darker lines are etched in a deeper, yet still muted, green hue with just a tinge of rose at the very utmost edge. The lines give the vaguest suggestion of an abstract depiction of a newly budding flower, an optical bias that is most obvious from a fair distance. Indeed, even the light splotches along the apex of the egg are suggestive of morning dew upon such a bud.

Hatching Message

With a violent wobble and shake, Early Morning Gem Egg breaks apart in a veritable explosion of shards.

Impression Message

A cool and gentle breeze rises as cool silken sheets wrap about you, providing a relief from the hot and dry sands. In the few moments it takes you to figure out that there is no actual change, and it's merely imagined, something weighty and foreign is suddenly there in a flurry of sensations, of which the most prominent ones are elation and triumph, though there is the lingering pain of a deeply insatiable hunger that needs slaking. « Mine, » is spoken in gentle feminine tones, accompanied by a flourish of cool and a burst of love. « I am Niarleth, and I am so glad to have found /you/. »


Niarleth is a kaleidescope of personalities and emotions, such that it would be impossible to fully describe and characterize here. However, there are a few traits and underlying motives behind her actions that best explain the complicated creature that is Niarleth.

Of the many things that she is, Niarleth is primarily a trickster. She enjoys manipulating others to her whims, or even just to see how things unfold if she behaves a certain way or does a certain thing. Meddling about with others, whether it be by stealing from Nyiseeth's food, knocking over a bucket of oil, or disobeying orders to follow her own interest at the moment, is merely her way of learning about the world around her. This whole 'actions and consequences' concept fascinates her, and even if she's learned the consequences for her action once, that doesn't mean she won't repeat it a few times to see if the result is always the same. There is no such thing as subtlety about her actions, either, she's quite deliberate and this may even make her appear a bit mean-spirited towards others, especially if she's singled out one of her clutchmates for her own amusement. And oh, she thrives on chaos, and will do her best to nudge things along to create the best pandemonium in any given situation.

Her moods can be wildly variable. At one moment she may interact calmly and friendly with her clutchmates, at the next she may suddenly become angered at some perceived slight and turn biting (in the verbal sense, not literal!) and harsh. Of course, her controlled, smooth, and gentle mind voice doesn't help others in judging how best to approach her either. However, above all she is stubborn. Luckily her memory is as short as other dragon's, else she might end up with a long-lasting grudge against every dragon in the Weyr for something or other. And while she cannot disobey a direct order from a higher up, she is however stubborn and will resist as long as possible. If forced into doing something she'd much rather not, she'll exploit every possible loophole regardless of how far-fetched it may be.

Niarleth is particularly attracted towards food, and this may cause you some trouble initially as she tends to overeat. However, no matter how much she eats she will always be a gaunt and rangy creature, all the more acrobatic for it though. All that energy must be expended in her slightly extravagant, and often showy, flight patterns. She will always have a particular fascination for herdbeasts, and even runners if allowed within proximity to them, especially when it comes to terrorizing them. In fact, she may actually /waste/ herdbeasts, killing one to sample from it before deeming it 'unfit' and leaving a mostly uneaten carcass for another one. Yes, she is fickle, though this isn't a consistent behavior of hers. She also enjoys indulgences — especially long baths and extra oil even though it may be dripping from her. The point is that it is /hers/ and no one else should have it.

But towards you? Well, you are her dear heart, and she could never display any bit of temper or mean-spiritedness towards you! She treasures you and wishes for nothing more than your happiness and returned love. This desire, combined with her trickster nature, may result in her meddling in affairs and truly mucking things up for you in some cases. But her intentions /were/ good, and can you really be mad at your dear sweet Niarleth for long? Like you, she is stubborn, and won't always back down and instantly obey you, instead opting to reason with you and look for weaknesses in the orders. It's really just in her nature to not accept orders at face value even from you when she is feeling contrary.

When it comes time for her to rise in flight there will never be any consistency in her behavior. She may be hissy and utterly contrary one time, and all sweet flirtiness the next. But unlike her usual personality, this dramatic shift in any direction will be lasting until she rises and is caught. In addition to feeling the usual strangeness of dragon hormone-driven thoughts, you may also feel other strange sensations such as a heat that just doesn't dissipate (but no, don't streak or run about in a sundress please!), or you'll be unbearably cold no matter how much you have on. And then other times you may feel nothing at all, not even a single thought of dragon spawned lust.

Of course, on the rare occasion Niarleth may be sweet, well-behaved, and obedient. But this is just a ruse to keep everyone guessing and throw them off. It's so fun to mess around with others, isn't it? And also, Niarleth is yours to play as you ultimately see fit, though I hope these RP tips may have given you some ideas at least.


Delicate silken caresses
Niarleth's mind voice consists of soft touches and gentle dulcimer tones, with a penchant for subtlety in variation. Perhaps it is this calm and gentle facade that lures others into a sense of false trust and security. When frustrated this ruse becomes harder to maintain and there will be a definite edge to her voice and impatience, the subtlety being exchanged for more definite shapes and ideas. And when truly angered, her mind is anything but gentle and peaceful seeming, instead transforming into a veritable sandstorm of harshness and sharp edges, complete with vivid colors to get her point across.


Our egg theme was 'heavenly things' and the Early Morning Gem Egg is based on a dew kissed rose bud. The description is based on a green rose bush that was at my childhood home. None of the online pictures do it much justice (and most are heavily doctored), but it seemed to be such a rare and gorgeous variety of flower that it was most deserving for use in the egg theme. The hatchling thing was 7 Deadly Sins, of which Niarleth has the sin of gluttony. However, as you can see this isn't limited to just food. Niarleth is derived from Nyarlathotep, the crawling chaos of Cthulhu mythos, and her personality is loosely based around this figure as well. Egg and dragon by Navi.


Name Insatiable Gaunt Beauty of a Green Niarleth
Dam Gold Seviadith
Sire Bronze Shidenisseth
Created By Navi
Impressee Rhalin
Hatched 30 July 2008
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH