A deep, almost brown shade makes the base coat of this Bronze. Copper highlights carefully trace his legs, tail and neck, giving them shape and substance. His wings are kissed by hints of all draconian colors, making them resemble great, flat rocks. His chest and stomach sport the same look. His tail is thick and powerful, and almost never moves to catch the light and show off the rich bronze which streams down to its fork and complements the veins of copper perfectly. His talons are almost gold in hue, but a deep, dark shade like nuggets which have never seen the light of day. The only element of his appearance which betrays his true Color is a final cost of bronze, a shinning finish which brings out all his tones and highlights without diluting one in favor of another.

Egg Name and Description

Windswept Wasteland Egg
No plant or animal life dots this artic desert. In the distance stands a manlike shape which seems to enlarge the longer one gazes upon the image until it finally reveals itself to be nothing but a pile of stones. A trail leads away from this bizarre creation while a string of canines pull a sled towards a shimmering patch of darkness, towards the morning sun.

Hatching Message

Windswept Wasteland Egg does not more. It seems that it might never break its shell at first, but then it can be spotted by those who have their attention upon it. The barest shiver and the shell splits the man of stone into two perfect halves, dropping to deposit a Hatchling upon the Sands who slinks off behind a nearby cluster of Eggs, his wings sagging slightly at his sides.

Impression Message

A wave of loneliness sweeps your mind as a darkness fills your mind, but then you are struck of a burst of all colors that ever were and will ever be. « I have found you, A'rtomus! » The deep love and joy in the deceptively calm thoughts would be enough to take the breath from the faint of heart. Then the colors fade, but the darkness stays in your mind as the voice continues softly, adoringly, filled with devotion. « I am not alone. You are not alone. We are together. » A pause as you feel the familiar twinge of hunger fill your very being. « But I am rather hungry, A'rtomus. May we take care of that before anything else? »


Nemmenth is bound to his Duty, but he is also loyal to you like no other ever was, shall or could possibly be. He dislikes being without you for more than a Candlemark at a time. He gets exceedingly lonely when you are not near, the only exception coming by whenever he wins a Flight, as he finds comfort in the female for as long as that can last.

He will never turn on you, and any disagreement he will feel with your choices will be kept between you both. The proper thing is for a Dragon to support his Rider in all things, and that is why Nemmenth battles between a resentment of Sala and Palouseth's almost constant bickering and the fact that they represent your WLM. He will take all situations as they come and for a better reason than a Dragon's memory. He feels that holding onto bad things in the past helps no one, and he will attempt to let you see his way of thinking if any confrontation gets worked up.

Despite his fears of ending up alone and being left alone, Nemmenth enjoys those walks with you in the fields of Pern or the flights above large expanses of forests. Together, you are never alone, and Nemmenth is never more content as when you can spend time together. But if you ever must leave his side for an extended amount of time, so long as you are bound by your Duty, he will learn to adapt, but will make himself known — dark and silent — in the back of your mind until you are together once more. He loves you, but he understands that you may not spend your life out in the open with him forevermore… He would simply find utopia in being with you every waking moment of every day and night from the time of Impression. Your Bronze Lifemate seems to want to shake of the feeling of intense loneliness which overcame him once he realized that he was within an Egg, and which is such a profound part of him that it will never completely go away. Despite his need of you, Nemmenth is more than able to assist you in any of your quests and jumps as any chance to come to your aid, be it a reminder by his very presence that you ride Bronze and should be accorded the proper respect, or in psychologically as you work your way through the various demands made on you and never making demands of his own.

Growning Up: Leaves his shell the perfect model of proper speech and behavior, even if he lacks the physical grace at first. He is bound to you in mind and spirit, not wishing to leave your side for a moment during the first month after his Hatching. As he is urged to learn flight, he will confess his deep longing to have you with him in the sky. *Betweening* will be undertaken with the utmost attention and seriousness. In fact, you might find that Nemmenth is a little too serious for your tastes. Chasing females is his Duty if you are willing to let him follow, but his first priority is your happiness and if you dislike the female's Rider he will refuse to fly after her, bringing that great strength of mind to control simple matters of the body, of need, of want.

At your Graduation, he will be constantly apologizing to you for the almost constant flashes of bright colors in your mind. All the hard work you have done will have finally paid off. Just as he knew it would. And by that time his physical grace would have appeared and his gift to remain unnoticed would have evolved. Smaller than the bigger Browns, your Lifemate does not radiate that self-importance which comes from most of his Color. He might never exude such an air…with one exception. If he ever Sired a Cutch, he just might be filled with that dose of pride. Yet, as always, that quick apology will follow. « I am sorry, A'rtomus. It is not proper to at in such a way. »

Why: A darkness overcomes your inner eye for a moment, revealing itself to be your loving Nemmenth's mind as those thoughts, that question comes into your mind once more. « You came when no one else did, A'rtomus. Others came, but none stayed, and no one understood. There were no others I remember. But none who matched me like you. » His thoughts flash with a deep rainbow of colors, revealing the depths of his emotions. « Do you not enjoy my company? Did you wish another found you? » He sounds worried at that, but soon calms. « Forgive me, it is not right to worry you with such thoughts. I chose you, A'rtomus. We can support each other and serve others like we never could alone. You complete me, and I you. We complete each other and we shall know no other so completely. » The colors fade and the dark presence withdraws to the back of your mind, waiting for that moment when you will be in need of him once more.


Faint Whispers of Loneliness
Calm and collected is Nemmenths mind. Even when in a fit of rage (which he will soon control as it is improper for a Bronze to act in such a manner) his mind will not loose its calm. At most, a coldness will fill his words and thoughts until his usual good mood returns. The touch of his mind is gentle and respectful to you at all times, and is filled with dark tones unless a joyful emotions fills his being, which reflects a rainbow of colors within his mind.


The Egg's description was based off of the Inuit Culture and Language and the beginning of Nemmenth's personality comes from what first crossed my mind when thinking of the people who make up that culture. His name is, as requested, a mixing of Mnementh's name and his description is based of off the "Dragon at Uffinton":

This is the name of a very famous earth mound upon which rests the White Horse, a hill figure in the chalk downs of Berkshire, England. It is a massive 365 feet in length, and there are numerous theories as to its origins. There is no doubt that it is ancient, but many speculate as to whether it is prehistoric or Cletic. The stylized hill figure has not absolutely been identified as a horse, and many believe that it is the dragon itself. However, a dragon was supposed to have terrorized the area in ancient times. A local rhyme attributes that slaying of the dragon to "King George," while the local church is dedicated to Saint George, who slew the dragon of Beirut. If, as is conjectured, the hill figure is indeed a dragon, argues Hugh Massing ham (1926), then the mound associated with it would actually indicate the burial of a great Celtic chief, or Pendragon.

Giants, Monsters & Dragons . An Encyclopedia of Folklore Legend, and Myth . Carol Rose . p.105


Name Blood of the Ancients Bronze Nemmenth
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Larzith
Created By Sala
Impressee A'rtomus (Adartomus)
Hatched July 15, 2004
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH