Such a luscious amalgamation of curves and charm offsets her warm olive-drab hue, making this sturdy lady the perfect balance of feminine and practical. Wide eyes whirl with the light of the ‘verse beneath soot-smudged ‘ridges, her openly honest expression sweetened by honey-hued freckles that add a shimmering depth to her dun hide. An oily smear besmirches one cheek, and is rubbed along the cocoa of her neat neckridges, adding a glistening sheen to them that spreads out across her wide wings. That subtle glaze brings out the patterns of her ‘sails, florally abstract as they are - simple stampings shadowed violet or rose if the light is just right, with a hint of that pattern along her spine towards her blackened tail. Her slender shoulders are balanced out by her narrow waist and broad hips, with all four of her oil-smudged legs darkening down to boot-black paws.

Egg Name and Description

Shattered Shards Egg
Cool silver encapsulates a smooth ovoid of stunningly simple flavor. No bubble, nor bump mars this metallic sphere, the illusion of a reflective space facing the viewer. Only once rolled over from where it rests upon the sands do the imperfections manifest. Hairline cracks form a delicate spiderweb of connections outwards from where the egg sits. So real, yet they somehow do not impact the integrity of the egg. An unwary hand against that silvery facade will find sharpness where the black will lines cross.

Hatching Message

When Shattered Shards Egg finally breaks, will it unleash seven turns of bad luck upon the Sands? You’d better hope not, because that stunningly smooth shell is starting to show signs of caving in as its occupant wrestles to get free. From the delicately spiderwebbed pattern on its side, a chip of shell is pushed free - followed by another, and another, and another, each methodically shunted away until there’s enough room for a sizeable green to roll gently out, ready to take her first steps in the world.

Impression Message

Tap. Tap. Tap. Such a gentle little sound that you mightn’t notice it at first, not until it comes again, a little more insistently, but not less politely. Tap. Tap. Tap. Followed by, « Hello, H’tal. » A deliciously warm voice accompanies the most delightful sensation joining your mind, one that’s thick and fleecy as a patchwork quilt, as comfortable as hot apple pie and as sweet as strawberries. There’s subtle burr to her words, a solid edge to her feather-soft yet strong demeanour. « I think you already know I’m your Nadeyuth? I’m ravenous. Could you take me for something to eat, please? » And just like that, your world will never be the same again…



Kaylee: We're taking on passengers at Persephone?
Mal: Yeah, that's the notion. Could use a little respectability on the way to Boros. Not to mention the money.
Jayne: Pain in the ass.
Kaylee: No, it's shiny! I like to meet new people, they've all got stories…
Jayne: Captain, can you stop her from bein' cheerful, please?
Mal: I don't believe there's a power in the 'verse can stop Kaylee from bein' cheerful. Sometimes you just wanna duct-tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month.
Kaylee: [kisses Mal's cheek] I love my captain.

‘Serenity’, Firefly Season 1


There is something undeniably wholesome about Nadeyuth. Her sweet, positive, can-do attitude is complemented by a determination that she can, and will, do whatever task is set before her - and she will fiercely protect you, H’tal, until the bitter end. From the moment she saw you it was more than just your typical Impression. It was something much deeper. More profound. An inexplicably tight connection that linked your minds, your souls, your hearts - and she has a lot of heart to complement your own.

Nadeyuth is as warm as they come, with a delightfully cheerful attitude that means she’s a pleasure to be around. She brings a ray of light to dark times - and with the amount of bad things that Fort seems to be a magnet for, that’s a talent that can definitely come in handy! But there’s more to her than that, of course. Nadeyuth can see the lighter side of life, yes, but she’s also focused on doing what’s right for you, and for her Weyr. She’s as hard a worker as they come, and is not afraid of getting her dark paws dirty in whatever task she’s needed for.

Mal: Kaylee, what in the sphincter of hell are you playing at? We got the primary buffer panel coming right…
Kaylee: Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.
Mal: You told me those entry couplings would hold for another week!
Kaylee: That was six months ago, Cap'n.


Eternal optimism is her strongpoint. Nadeyuth is a dragon who can see the best in everything - even when she’s pushing you to your limits, pushing you to be better, to improve yourself, it’s all with the attitude that this can be done, and a way will be found to make sure it is done. Coupled with, and the perfect complement to that highly optimistic outlook is incredible sense of hope.

Kaylee: Have faith, Captain!
Mal: Not today.


Even when you’re dubious that there’s a good side at all, she’ll remind you that there’s a silver lining to every story, and by hook or by crook Nadeyuth will find it. She’ll work at it with dogged determination until she’s unearthed it, no matter how deeply buried or hard to find it was. There is always hope! This is something she shares with her clutchbrother, Akleteyth. Not only can they bond in being the biggest of their clutch, but they can encourage the others to find the light in the darkness whenever they need it.


Simon: [after Kaylee is shot] Can you move your feet?
Kaylee: Are you asking me to dance?

‘Serenity’, Firefly Season 1

She’s also very similar to Hallenayth and Xianeth in the sense that they’re all doers, though she’s nowhere near as energetic about it as Xianeth is. In fact, she’ll often snort at how eager her clutchsister is to jump into things unplanned, because Nadeyuth likes to have a purpose to what she’s doing, which will might even help to ground H’tal a little more into reality. This more practical way of looking at life will mean she’s a fan of the way Hallenayth does things, and they’ll likely make a fine pairing should the opportunity arise for collaboration.

Given that she’s pretty much a smart cookie, Nadeyuth may eternally be the one leading the way in this dynamic duo. That’s not to say she’s bossy or anything, nor does she purposefully take charge, but, rather like a mamma bear guiding her cub through the forest via the school of hard knocks, Nadeyuth will lead you through life, helping you to make the right decisions, and prompting you if ever things get overwhelming. She’s a patient dragon, but she does believe that practical experience is the best way of learning something.

« Theory? Nonsense, H’tal. You jump into the water and you swim your way out. Don’t waste your time reading about it! »
But what if I don’t make it out?
« I’m here to make sure nothing happens to you, of course. You’ll be fine. You can do it. »


Just because she’s occasionally hard on you in her attempts to help you improve (not that you aren’t already perfect in her eyes), doesn’t mean she’ll let anyone else ever do the same. Quite the opposite, actually, as she is especially protective of you… sometimes a little overbearingly so. At first, when she’s a weyrling, she may seem a bit clingy - simply because she worries that you mightn’t be safe where she can’t see you. You can try and persuade her that it just isn’t the case, and she’ll hesitantly believe you at first, but as soon as you do so much as gain a papercut all that hard work to show her that you can live life without her having to worry goes to pot. Eventually she’ll grow out of that level of protectiveness, but she’ll never stop looking out for you. Nadeyuth has nothing but good intentions in everything she does, but sometimes she just goes a little too far.

… such as when it comes to matters of the heart. Your heart, to be specific. She cannot bear to see you hurt in any way, and so she’s exceptionally picky about who you might have a crush on. They’ll get a full-on screening - she might even pop into their mind for a root around, which could scare them off… or is that her intention? Meanwhile you’ll get the third degree, because no-one’s good enough for her H’tal. Until someone comes along that is, and there will be someone, or even someones, who she thoroughly approves of.

Kaylee: Bye now! Have good sex!
‘Jaynestown’, Firefly Season 1

And this is where you might clash, because there are times were she’ll suggest that « Such-and-Such is such a catch, don’t you agree? », even though Such-and-Such is someone who you have no love for at all. Still, good intentions and all… she just wants to see you happy.

If there’s ever a time when you aren’t happy, whatever the reason may be, she’s there with you, her mind wrapped around you like a warm, fuzzy blanket. Nadeyuth is a firm believer in comfort food being a universal cure-all, and so whenever you’re blue, she’ll suggest you eat something delicious. Apple pie, perhaps. Ice cream. Bubblies. Cake. She’s quite fond of persuading you to eat pastries, because she herself is keen on them - but nowhere near as infatuated with them as Yschazith is. No, Nadeyuth just understands that sometimes, a little bit of sugar goes a long, long way.


In that big heart of hers, though, there’s room for everyone, and as a result Nadeyuth is incredibly loyal to Fort Weyr, to its dragons and its people. She loves them all, and she’ll go out of her way to brighten anyone’s day who might need a little warmth and kindness. And she’ll be strongly protective of those around her who either have self-doubts or are the subject of criticism - such as little Ahzavayth, and even big brother Akleteyth. They might have such questionable wings that their flight ability is dubious, but she’ll encourage them all the way!



It’s hard to dispute the fact that Nadeyuth is a beautiful dragon, even if her hide is a little darker and duller than the flashier greens around the Weyr. She’s got stunning features, though, and her confirmation is practically perfect, with such a feminine figure that the other girls may even be jealous! And yes, her hide may be that olive-drab shade, but that’s not so bad, really, is it? Nadeyuth certainly doesn’t think so. Her eternal optimism lets her see the brighter side of everything, including herself - and she thinks her colouring is understatedly unique, not to mention that it’s perfect for her.

That olive-drab green is inspired, naturally, by Kaylee’s jumpsuit. It’s just such a down to earth, honest green that it was impossible to pass up as the bulk of her colouring, because it’s so absolutely her. Honey was chosen for her freckles for two reasons: one, because they add a little bit of warmth and shine to her pretty face, and two, because it, too, is such a humble colour when it comes down to it – the delicious product of hard work and dedication. Plus, freckles add a little bit of homely innocence to her pretty face. The oily smudges she wears are, naturally, a nod towards Kaylee’s career as a mechanic, while her cocoa neckridges echo Kaylee’s hair colour, while also being somewhat comforting… who doesn’t like a mug of hot cocoa to end the day with? And then there’s her wings. They’re glorious, with such feminine patterns to offset her otherwise workmanly palette – because, at the end of the day, no matter what she is, Nadeyuth is first and foremost a lady.


Her femininity comes through in the way she moves, and the way she holds herself. Nadeyuth is exceptionally graceful, with perfect poise and a carriage that is simply a dream to behold. Imagine her as one of the Spanish Riding School’s Lippizaners - absolutely impeccable and powerful in every possible way. Every movement she makes is precise, calculated, intentional, from the twist of her long neck to the flick of her tail and the rustling of her wings. Fluid is the best way to describe her, as each movement flows elegantly into the next.


This suggests a great deal of confidence, which she has in abundance in all of her movements. While she has unusual grace and coordination on the ground, with considerably less awkwardness than most dragons have when land-bound, where Nadeyuth truly shines is up in the air. She was born to fly, and if there were ever an aerial version of rhythmic gymnastics, she would take the gold and then some. Perhaps instigating a sort of airborne dressage at the Weyr Games is in your future?

Nadeyuth is certainly capable of the acrobatics that her smaller sisters are keen on, but she’ll never be a show-off about it, and she’ll certainly never be as giddy to whip and roll you around the skies as Yschazith is with Senira. Well-calculated tricks, however, are more her thing; if the need should arise for a little showing off (and let’s face it, there’s always occasion for a little bragging, right?), then Nadeyuth will be more than happy to think it through for a moment, then execute the most perfect triple-loop-backwards-rollover-somersault ever. That hesitation may make others think she’s scared, or that she’s considering backing out - but you’ll get to see how she’s actually working out the best way to show her challengers up.

Given her size as one of the biggest greens out there, Nadeyuth has considerable stamina for her colour, as well as being a very sturdy sort of flyer. As mentioned above she’s less prone to frivolous flying, preferring to do what’s necessary and little more – not out of laziness, but as a means to conserve her strength. But whether she’s doing something as simple as a glide or as complex as tackling a thunderstorm, she does it with absolute style, and with an enduring elegance that gets her through in the most ladylike of ways.

Her physical abilities alone will lend themselves to any number of careers, after you’ve graduated, but her ability to think things through, not to mention her strength and the flexibility to manoeuvre in spots that are too small for bigger dragons, might make her the ideal dragon to tackle the most complex tasks that transport can throw up. But then again, she’d also make a great search and rescue addition for the same reasons!



While Nadeyuth is absolutely ladylike any day of the year (even if she’s absolutely covered in mud or getting drenched by the rain… don’t we all just wish we could be like that?!), when it comes to her time to rise, she’s super-feminine. Suddenly, she’s got eyes for all the boys, and her girlier desires are amplified over her more practical side - not that it’s shoved away entirely, but it might take a back seat in favour of feminine traits. « Absolutely not, H’tal, I am not digging in a mudslide to find a lost herdbeast. There are plenty of others who can help. I can conduct an aerial search without getting my paws dirty. »

That will be your number one sign that something’s up with her, when she decides she’s less inclined to jump right on in. Of course, she’ll never refuse to help out if there’s a dire need, but she’s smart enough to figure out ways to still be involved without having to do whatever it is she doesn’t like. That could even include how she eats when she’s proddy - who wants to get their claws and maw all messy with herdbeast blood and guts, when there’s someone as amazing as you to offer her nice, cleaned carcasses?

Expect to bathe and oil her a lot when her hide starts to glow, which is typically a sevenday or so before she’s due to fly. She’ll be extra flirtatious with the boys, particularly with brown dragons, but she’ll expect them to court her if they want a chance at winning her flight.

Kaylee: Goin' on a year now I ain't had nothin' twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries!


Ok, so while it won’t be a whole year (or turn, even) between her flights, Nadeyuth will, when she’s proddy, be sort of gagging for it. You might find a little of that bleeds over into you, too, since she feels it so intensely; she wants to flirt, to tempt, to entice the boys to her, and will bat her metaphorical eyelashes at any boy who’ll so much as blink her way. Don't be surprised if you start doing as much to the girls - or boys! - too.

Kaylee: Up until the punching, it was a real nice party.
‘Shindig’, Firefly Season 1

Nadeyuth won’t tolerate fighting, roughness, or any other type of uncouth behaviour when she’s proddy, and she’ll absolutely despise it when she’s actually leading the chase mid-flight, so she may even get her claws out to slash at any dragon who’s being ungentlemanly. They aren’t the ones she wants to win, and if she can help it they won’t have a chance… though that’s not to say they can’t outsmart her and pip the competition to the post.

Her flights are less acrobatic, and more a big tease. She will encourage the boys after her, goad them to push them harder, tempt them into a frenzy of desire. And then, when it’s all over and she’s been won by the most worthy suitor, she’ll happily spend a day nestling with him before returning to you and insisting that you both need to take a bath, post haste, in the warmest possible waters, ever. « Let’s go to Southern, H’tal. We’ll swim away the scent of others from our hides and have a wonderful time. » It’s all about restrengthening your personal bond when she’s done, as if she might have betrayed you in some way by becoming distracted by the other boys. You are, first and foremost, forever and ever, her number one.

Final Summary

Why did Nadeyuth choose Haristal on the Sands? For her, there was no hesitation, no question to ask - she knew you were the one before she even met you. Sure, it might have taken her a little while to find you in the midst of the Hatching chaos, but what does that matter? Nadeyuth chose you because she was drawn to your sweet demeanour, to your sort of innocent outlook on life, to your strength that matched her own. From the very start, she wanted to be your protector, your heart, that indescribable love that can’t be found anywhere else, that can’t be replicated or replaced. She saw potential in you and knew how to bring it to the fore, making you the most perfect pairing possible.


There’s an undeniable warmth to Nadeyuth’s mind, in every sense of the word - she’s warm like a fuzzy blanket on a cold night, and she’s warm in the sense that she’s practically bursting with affection for you.


When Nadeyuth talks, it’s with a sophisticated sort of burr - her sounds are rolling, rounded, poured off the tongue like warm caramel and just as delicious. Her tone is a rich contralto, with a copper sort of tang to it that’s brassy and bright, flickering in tiny pinpoint stars that shimmer and jiggle with each cheery syllable. She’s very polite, very careful with her word choice, to the point of being almost prim, but that echoes her ladylike approach to life, with everything so carefully measured out, so carefully chosen. And there’s no lack of strength in whatever she says - in her mind in general, for that matter. For a green, she has an exceptionally strong mind presence… and plenty of opinions to go with it!

Even when there are no words, though, there’s a neverending sense of comfort to be found in Nadeyuth’s mind. It has the sweetness, warmth, and delicious fragrance of a fresh-baked apple pie, with luscious filling and the crisp goldenness of perfect crust. Perhaps it might be a reminder of home, coming in on a cold day to smell that delicious home-baked scent filling every room. It’s the scent of love, and you’ll notice it grows in her most fond moments with you, overwhelming you like a fuzzy-warm patchwork quilt of golden toffee, creamy apple flesh, and demerara brown sugar.


And then there’s that deliciously summery scent of strawberries. It varies, this one, coming and going in different forms. There’s the sweet zing of a fresh strawberry crushed against your tongue whenever she’s excited or ecstatic, whenever she’s especially proud of your achievements. Did you do something she’s been pushing you to do? Then well done! Have a (mind) strawberry! Then there’s the more earthy side of it - the scent of the field and plants and hay, the experience of plucking those juicy ripe berries from their delicate little stems beneath the glorious summer sun. That scent - that sort of feeling, really - is for whenever she’s working hard at something, or whenever she’s thinking, which is something she does frequently, and intensely, too.

You’ll also notice that there’s a sort of oily sheen to the way in which she communicates. This is most prominent in the way she shares experiences through colour, as there’s a definite oil-slick rainbow to her thoughts. It’s not bright or in your face, but rather a subtle shine that radiates around her thoughts, which you might really struggle to explain to someone else. If ever she’s displeased, there’s the acrid scent of engine oil so that you know exactly how she’s feeling - her mindscape will darken, her colours and apple-pie deliciousness will fade, and she’ll be a flat, neutral silver-grey - a mirror, reflecting whatever she’s displeased with away from herself.

Luckily, though, it’s rare that she gets in such a mood, as that pie-sweet chipperness is present at practically all times.


“Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness.”
Jane Austen
… and everyone needs a bit of Nadeyuth's sunny optimism, right?


Haristal. H’tal. H’tal H’tal H’tal! Welcome to Fort! And welcome to your new life with Nadeyuth! She’s the brains to your brawn, the complexity to your simplicity, the sunshine of your life and the mechanically-minded lady who’ll think us through whatever madness befalls the Weyr next. We’re absolutely thrilled to have you here, and hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your forever with us!

Shattered Shards Egg and its mindtouches were created by H’aze. Our clutch theme was ‘Superstitions’, and this particular egg is based on the superstition that breaking a mirror will bring seven years of bad luck. The mindname, Narcissus’ Bane, is inspired by the legend of Narcissus, who stared into his reflection for so long that eventually he died because he gave up so much.

Nadeyuth was written by Thys, with input and thoughts from the rest of SearchCo. When I saw you mention Kaylee, I sort of took that idea and ran with it - but not until I’d gone back to watch a few episodes of Firefly first! So Nadeyuth is Kaylee at her heart, with all that sweet optimism and hopefulness, and with a little bit of extra padding to make her a well-rounded lady. I thought H’tal might need a strong feminine figure in his life as an inspiration and driving force, so here she is!

Her name comes from the Russian word, ‘nadeyushchiysya’, which means ‘hopeful’. Sometimes it takes forever to find the right name, but this one jumped right out and it just seemed to fit so well to what you’d asked for! It’s easy to say and type, not horrifying to look at, and a very sweet three syllables. So how do you say it? I’ve been saying it nah-DAY-ooth, but it could also be NAH-de-yooth, nah-deh-yooth, nahd-yooth, or however you prefer!

When all’s said and done, H’tal, Nadeyuth is yours to grow and develop with, and we’re all really excited to see where your adventures will take you.

Clutch Siblings

No Easy Way Out Brown Akleteyth and A'ster
Keeper of Secret Waters Green Ahzavayth and Gabriela
Energetic Empress Green Xianeth and B'yrl (Beyrl)
Working Woman Woes Green Hallenayth and Lucy
Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcaaaaaaaaaakes! Green Yschazith and Senira

Ego State of Illusion Blue Jivahath and Ig'an (Ingan)
Facebook Killed the Email Star Blue Zukerberth and M'rc
Good Fortune in Your Pocket Green Shibuth and Kouki
Playful Pastime Green Hlarasath and Cymlei


Name Nadeyuth
Dam Gold Kouzevelth
Sire Bronze Kainaesyth
Created By Thys
Impressee H'tal (Haristal)
Hatched 1 April, 2015
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH