(A temporary addition until I can properly draw her. <3)

She is a big, bold green dragon. She has an acid-wash highlighted head and a very long neck and two arms and two wings and two legs and a - that’s right - very long tail. They're all attached to the solid bulk of a bracken-green body, she’s not a six-limbed flying existential void or anything. At least, not the last time anyone checked. That would be so cool though, right? But alas, she is emphatically corporeal: no swamp-gas’d spirit of ennui here. Just a big'n wide, long'n tall, superlative green dragon.


Egg Name and Description

Firelight Egg
Black, blacker, blackest… this egg is striking both in simplicity and contrast. Most of the smooth shell is a depthless shade of pure black, except for where it’s not. Stark, clear-cut lines carve into that darkness, lit from beneath with hues of yellow and orange like the flickering of flame. Shapes take form, some dulled as though just cut from the surface to allow minimal light through, while others provide clear glimpses within. All come together in a creative illusion of… something. Is that an eye, perhaps? Or a grinning mouth of some fantastical beast?

Hatching Message

Firelight Egg bounce-jolts once more, rolls, and explodes. Just like that. The crackling embers break apart into a thousand pieces, releasing a pale-headed and lengthy green from within its depths. She pulls herself to her feet gracefully for a hatchling, surveying the sands almost ethereally, taking things in and determining where in this pit she stands before moving further.

Impression Message

The sands, once bright, darken over like a solar eclipse: where there had been light there is suddenly, emphatically, the lack thereof. But within a second that darkness isn't so much replaced as it is filled — thousands of tiny twinkling lights blinking into existence, and it is easy to see now that they are strung up in countless trees, growing out of … is that a swamp? The ground is still hard to see, even if your feet are beginning to feel a bit damp. « I think I don't like 'Sygni,' » a voice breaks through the silence that suddenly feels so heavy, just as it is gone, « But I like you. My Syn, my ring-wearer, my warden, the one who sees the warrior amongst the small ones thought of as only bait. » She waits, but it is clear to you, somehow, that she expects no other answer than no — she assumes your agreement, as the swamplands become brighter, you can see the purple sunrise, you can hear the chirp of crickets. « You will be Syn, and I will be Morizanth. Magnificent. Now. » The lights flicker off. « I'm hungry, you're going to feed me, and that is that. »



"Manon looked toward the star-flecked horizon, leaning her face into a warm spring breeze, grateful for the steady, solid companion lounging behind her. A strange feeling, that gratitude for his existence." — Heir of Fire

Despite all the animosity between you — and you may not have gotten there yet, but believe us, there will be animosity — the first thing you should really know about Morizanth is that you're the only one she actually likes. She values her partnership with Syn beyond all else. The only one she can trust, the only one she really lets in, and definitely the only one she loves. It's funny … she doesn't know how to love, and doesn't really think she likes to love, but she loves Syn anyway. It's a strange, funny feeling that she sometimes will find herself commenting on.

But not in the early days of your bond, she hasn't quite gotten to know you yet and has to keep her walls up a little bit. You have to think she's better than she thinks she is, after all. And speaking of that … so does everyone else.

Everyone else will think that Morizanth perpetually thinks she is all that; that she is so self-assured there's no possibility she thinks she's the center of every universe, not just yours. The truth is, she questions her own actions often, not fully confident in her abilities and using the overconfidence that just drips from everything she says to shield herself. She's very determined, but also questions her actions.

Well … most of them.

You'll wish she questioned her suggestions to simply obliterate someone who makes either of you unhappy from existence. You'll wish she felt that a quick death wasn't a quick remedy for a number of problems.

« Did that boy upset you? Syn, you obviously do not need him. We are better than that. I am not allowed to just incinerate humans but I could easily drop him down a ditch. Where he would clatter on the stones, and — »

"Morizanth, STOP."

Er, and as you may have noticed, she also has this way of describing things that gets a little too in-depth, especially considering the kinds of things she likes to describe.

Leliana: Do you have any tales of the wilds?
Morrigan: None of the sort you like. No princesses in tall towers or knights throwing themselves at whole armies.
Leliana: That's not all I like!

Morrigan: Do you want tales of the Chasind Wilders who dwell in the marsh? Do you want to hear of the slow deaths they inflict on their enemies? Perhaps a tale of the poisonous creatures of the Wilds that lay their eggs on your skin so that their young may eat you alive when hatched? Or a tale of my mother's marsh cuisine? That, in my opinion, is the most terrifying of all my tales.

Leliana: Uh … no. I don't want to hear about those things …

Nobody seems to like her gruesome tales, though some of the kinder dragons can be willing to put up with it because they like her. And she thinks it is natural that they like her, even if she doesn't have as much ego as she puts on. Especially since Syn will have all the ego in the world for her, and brag about her — right?

Generally, though, she doesn't care what they think, because Morizanth is a harsh and loveless dragon; a ruthless wicked witch of the wilds who prefers darkness and being in relative solitude. She has no patience for anyone or anything most of the time, and that includes you when you are doing anything she disapproves of. With elegant but snappy words she will calmly insult your actions until you change your mind … or until you learn to tune her out and continue on your path.

Her ruthlessness extends to all things. Morizanth will wish she was a Threadfighting dragon as soon as she learns what Thread was; to have a purpose that is just to destroy things, how incredible! You and Pern and all of dragonkind may be pleased at its loss, but Morizanth will be a little bit sad whenever reminded of it. She may be the kind of dragon who genuinely enjoys Threadfall drilling, despite the utter lack of a need. Is there anyone who wants to throw dyed ropes for her to flame? There must be.

Do you have a strong work ethic, Syn?

You're going to have to, to some extent, because Morizanth doesn't, most of the time. It isn't that she isn't capable. It isn't that she isn't smart. It's that if she thinks something is stupid, she's not going to do it, and she thinks a lot of things are stupid.


Like, see, Morizanth kind of hates Lord Holders. Just a little. Most Blooded people, in fact, earn some significant side-eye, but the Holders' Conclave gets even more shade from Morizath than the Weyr Council does. At least she can respect the queens, even if she's not so sure about their riders, but these Lords? They don't even have dragons. What do they know? So Haast is probably not the right wing choice for you — because she will forever resent having to do anything involving the transport bidding of Holders.

It isn't that Morizanth thinks she's smart — she actually is smart, especially for a green but also just for a dragon — but she's not big on letting others pry her into revealing her intelligence. Don't quiz her. That's something she'll chafe against during weyrlinghood — why does she have to be tested on things? Don't they trust she can just do them?

Alistair: All right. I've come up with one, a question that you can't answer.

Morrigan: Are you talking to me?

Alistair: That's right. You think you're so smart? I've got an academic question that I bet you won't be able to answer.

Morrigan: Oh, I doubt that.

Alistair: So tell me, then — what was the name of Andraste's husband?

Morrigan: This is a religious question, not an academic one.

These will be chafing points if you actually want to stay at the Weyr, Syn. Perhaps Morizanth mightbe suited better to the independent dragon's life, but she also has an idea of what it would look like that is most likely … not your interest.

« You will make fireworks for a living, and we will deign to deliver them, but most of the time we will live in a dark forest with a clearing for me to land in, and a space to test your wares, and never see anyone else and have to put up with any of their relentless foolishness. »

You can persuade her to work with you, Syn. You just have to understand it really is work. Morizanth doesn't like being told what to do (she allows herself the deference to gold dragons simply because, well, unlike Lord Holders she believes they did earn their place at the top due to having longer memories and stronger psychic holds. Which doesn't mean they're better than greens, of course, and a gold with an inflated ego will still be on the receiving end of caustic remarks in response to it) and will go against it because she doesn't like being told what to do and nothing else.
She believes quite simply that the world should revolve around her just enough. That she should get what she wants, and she does things and involves herself in things specifically because she is motivated to make situations better … for herself. Not really a dragon to lift a talon for any other's aid. Just hers … and yours.


5jkL1OW.jpg tumblr_o3qdr5e0V81u3i8aho2_1280.jpg

"There were few sounds she enjoyed more than the groans of dying men, but the wind was one of them." — Heir of Fire

Morizanth loves to fly.

She prefers, of all things, to remain in the air as often as possible, and if she's not in the air she'd at least prefer to be high up. Morizanth will want to be first in the sky of her clutch, and chafe at restrictions that stop her from flying until the Weyrlingmasters consider her ready.

« Syn. Syn, firelizards can fly days after hatching if not earlier. That means I must be able to fly too. Why are we not flying? »

It doesn’t matter how logical your explanation, the only thing that will get her to subside into sullen complaint rather than attempts to physically defy the weyrlingmasters’ instructions is the threat of not being able to fly for even longer if she does. Expect an uptick in mischief during this time, whether solo or collaborative — the time between ground drills and first flights is going to be a time of intense, sullen boredom for her, and well. A bored Morizanth is never a good thing.

She is a big dragon, but with that bulk does not come awkwardness — even on the ground, Morizanth is a sight to behold. There is something almost sinuous, in the way that she uses all that length, a rolling quality to her gait that comes close to sensuous. It is very rarely deliberate, though as she ages she will know how and when to use it to best effect. Morizanth is very, ah, goal oriented, and that extends to physical movement, as well. When she wants her presence to be known, it is unquestioningly present … but for a big, kick-ass green with acid-washed swamp-gas highlights, she can also move with an astonishing degree of stealth.

(While Morizanth is not a particularly feline-inspired dragon, there is a little similarity there between her and a very large housecat. Sometimes out of nowhere they’ll appear right next to your head in the dark and scare you half to death when they meow hello from two inches away. Other times, you’d swear they’ve gained twenty pounds just to be able to put all of it on one paw, as they progress across your body one deliberate step at a time. When there’s a clear space just — right over — come on, right there. That’s Morizanth.)

For all her physical size, there is still something a little bit ethereal about her, something of an eldritch quality. While she is very definitely unequivocally corporeal — sometimes, she makes you wonder. Sure, you can reach out and touch her, trace the way the brighter greens ghost over the darker, hear the solid thud of her heartbeat under your hands. It’s when you catch her at a glance, on an angle, out of your peripheral vision — are those swamp-gas swirls really stable, or are they trying to spell out some long-forgotten sigil in the air around her? Are the bracken-shadows of her base coat shifting with the wind? Surely — but as soon as you look at her dead-on, as soon as you finally get it in you to check … everything is as it has always been.

Weird, though. Definitely a little bit unsettling.

She is inordinately fond of making an entrance, descending deliberately down from above, be it landing or climbing.



Morizanth was already an ethereal dragon, but when she is proddy she is somehow even more beautiful. Much like Manon's beauty struck Dorian Havilliard, Morizanth's loveliness when she glows will only intensify. It is as if she has an aura around her that glows even more than she does, extending a foot or two from her hide, shimmering in the air. Is that real? Is it a catch of the light? Is it her using a dragon's psionic communication to influence everyone who looks at her? Who knows. We don't know, and you probably won't know either, Syn. She isn't telling anyone.


When she is proddy she undergoes a great shift in personality — instead of being somewhat distantly superior, snappy and sharp, ruthless green of terror, she is … almost bubbly. Normally males making suggestive comments to her gets responses of disdain and boredom, but when she glows she is all about that. She flirts enthusiastically, and makes low-voiced sultry comments to males who get close to her. The ones who banter back the most are the ones she insists will have the best chance of catching her, because there is absolutely no way that the males are in control. No, she is the one who chooses the winners of her flights, she and she alone.

(If there is a dragon who chooses not to chase her — like, say, Akleteyth, who is inclined to make comments about projectile vomiting when she attempts to flirtatiously toy with him — well, she will try to convince you and others that she could have mindwarped him into chasing but she deemed him unworthy, anyway.)

She's also possessive. If given the opportunity, she will let the same male keep catching her (if you hate his rider, Morizanth might be a little apologetic about it, but if he's the best one for her he's the best one for her) as long as he's available, and attempt to grow ever closer, spending a lot of time in his mind. Even when she reverts to her original personality, this male will be special to her.

That is, until he chases another dragon.

Even if it's a bronze unable to resist the lure of a gold, that won't matter to Morizanth. She is jealous, possessive, and if you chose her and then took another? You are dead to her. She will not speak to you again, will not let you catch her again, will not even let you chase her again (somehow, she believes she can control this too). There may be ways that Syn can influence this, possibly calming Morizanth into forgiving a specific dragon, but it seems as if being slighted in mating flights is something this dragon's memory never forgets.

During her flights, the lines between Syn and Morizanth are near-completely obliterated. There is no you anymore, Syn, you are merely an extension of her … and her entire proddy period is slowly leading up to this. If, a day before she rises, you are entirely uncertain where she ends and you begin, that is to be expected. You'll find yourself acting more like her (more like her normal personality than her proddy one, as if it is your job to continue how she normally behaves … but for the day of the flight itself, when you will both be as flirty and sultry as possible) and frequently unable to tell whose thoughts are whose, even seeing from each others' eyes.

We hope you don't get motion sick.


In many ways, Morizanth's mindvoice is perfectly described as a quagmire by both definitions:

quagmire, n.
1. a soft boggy area of land that gives way underfoot
2. an awkward, complex, or hazardous situation.

For anyone except Syn it is undoubtedly the first and second. What other dragons see is dark, dank, and swampy, with odd musty smells and light that flickers on and off inconsistently. And if anyone hazards a mis-step, they will fall through the hole in the bog and become a swamp-sogged mess. It takes a lot to get Morizanth to turn the lights on.


Her wilds are hers to see — and yours, as most of her dark forest is a space she shares only with you. When it's between you, there are thousands of twinkling little star-lights among the leaves in the trees, and skies of deep blues or purples or pinks … there's something always sort of cool about it in color, the sky, but it does have any, not merely unrelenting darkness.

It could easily be considered frightening, and to most others it is most certainly uninviting, carrying a strong aura of 'go away.' But not to her Syn, her partner. Even if it is still a forest.

As for her speech itself, Morizanth's choices of words are always precise — and cutthroat — and witty — and as rude as she can get away with unless she is speaking to someone she respects, which is a short list it's hard to gain a spot on. She loves long words; 'magnificent' being a favorite. She loves expletives, and often shoots off fireworks in her mind when emitting those sorts of words. And you will never, ever be able to get her to say 'it is.' Always 'tis, even — or perhaps especially — at the beginning of a sentence. In general, contractions aren't something she bothers with.

It may surprise some at times, with the way she crafts words, that she isn't descended from Kouzevelth; she certainly has a similar mindscape to her, and a similar form of phrasing to Kouzevelth's dam Zuvaleyuth. But in other ways it's very easy to see Kayeth in her, in her secret spaces for you and you alone … not that you may ever end up discussing it with Nyalle long enough to find out. Due to these similarities, though, she may be especially fond of Kouzevelth's mental interaction and be willing to find comfort in Kayeth as mother, as family, as an understanding party.

Morizath’s voice is — eerily similar to that of one of her clutch-sisters, Kyramith. They’re both on the lower end of feminine, with similar inflections and — honestly. Other than tone, it’s sometimes REALLY DIFFICULT to tell which one of them is talking. It won’t be that big of a thing once they’re grown, but those first few weeks in the barracks, full of baby dragon mental incontinence? Those are going to be REAL interesting. Morizanth’s tone is sardonic as shit, even when she’s saying the most heartfelt, sincere thing she has ever felt and decided to bring to Syn’s attention. It still has that little twist, that little bit of bone-deep security in her inherent superiority — not just to whomever she’s speaking to, but to everyone in existence. Possibly even existence itself.

She’ll be the one who coaxes Kyramith into committing mischief with their vocal similarities, and she’s the one who can almost pull it off; Jet’s girl can occasionally pull off the superior, but not really the smug. Morizanth can alllmooost keep up the charade of the Kyramith’s flatter aspect, but not for long — either she ends up too delighted by her own cleverness and ruins it that way, or she gets too smug about so-and-so falling for it, and that little twist-curl of superiority winds its way back in.

In conclusion: her mindscape is kind of dark, scary and uninviting. Except when, instead, it's calm and peaceful and twinkle-lit. Unlike Diqth, it has a scent, but it smells a little bit like mud and dead things sometimes.

We hope that's okay.


Egg Inspiration:
Pumpkinferno is a local festival where I live and while I’ve never been personally (terrible, I know), I’ve heard it’s quite the sight. The pictures are certainly striking! Wanting to do an egg based on a jack ‘o lantern and pumpkin carving, but with a twist, I figured this creative festival was just the thing!



Dragon Inspiration:
Her name is actually a blend of 'Manon' and 'Morrigan,' constructed out of breaking the names down into their meanings and rebuilding them. Morrigan was, as it should be, deliciously unhelpful, but from Morrigan we got to Morgan, which comes from Welsh words meaning sea circle (‘mor’ and ‘cant’). It also has witchy connotations, thanks to Arthurian legend. Manon is a French diminutive for Marie, in turn a variant of Mary. There is a lot of debate as to the meaning of the name, but my two favorites for our purposes here were “sea of bitterness” and “beloved.” Poking through variant spellings/the name in different languages got us to Mariazinha, a Portuguese variant of the name. It was very nearly Morzinhath, but that still didn’t fit quite right — a little more deliberation and some polling got us to Morizanth. (With the same rhythm and inflection as Morrigan, after all.)

The desc. Oh, the desc. This desc … started out with Inri's notes on how to make Manon into a dragon, and was compounded by A'ster's witty comment on the Fort knot about six-limbed void dragon descs — and you liked it so much we decided to give it to you. Just as it is. Just like that — well, with a little bit of improvement. Of course, if you decide you actually hate it, A'ster is willing to write you another one, but we hope you enjoy it as much as you seemed to.

Morizanth's personality is a whip-around of all of the beauty that is both Morrigan the Witch of the Wilds, and Manon Blackbeak (referred to as 'wrong kind of witch' in Heir of Fire, which Inri wishes she could have reread in order to work on the dragon, but had to reflect on a past reading instead) blended together. They blend into something beautiful, we think. There are a few bits and bats and nods to Angrboda, Hagia of the Iron-wood (and another kind of swamp witch!) reflecting your (and Inri's) enjoyment of Norse mythos. Some of her relationship to you we imagine to be like Abraxos' with Manon, except … in reverse. Think you'll be wingleaders someday? She might.

Her flights section is almost completely Morrigan (as seen in a romance with the Warden, which happened in Inri's favorite Origins playthrough!), with a couple of Manon references tossed in and out.


Name Morizanth
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Inri and A’ster, egg by Th'ero
Impressee Syn (Sygni)
Hatched December 2, 2016
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH