Blushing to a hue similar to an aged rose, mahogany sifted with deepest crimson glazes the hide of a stout dragon, large limbed, large bodied, large headed - in size, he could almost be mistaken for a bronze. Coppery red wisks his sides and paws, forming spars that hold sails of the palest chestnut between. Neckridges hued and shaped like a half moon in the sky dance down neck and tail, as pale yellow as the multi-sized frecks glimmering across his cheeks, dappling the tops of his paws, and dotting the end of his long, winding tail. As if stars stolen from the sky above, they appear to twinkle in changing light - they lead towards his body, before ceasing where pale blotches the same taint as his wings leave wispy entrails of clouds on angled joints and limbs. Softer still, the tinge touches the lids of his eyes, which constantly pull downward to hide his eyes in what could be called a dreamy escape. A giant, he may be, but with night sky colorings and a constant smile to persist even through the deepest of sleep, he truly is no more fearsome than a child's teddy bear.

Egg Name and Description

Peace After the Storm Egg
The storm has broken, and washed the world clean. This egg is an articulating grey, shafts of sunlight sprinkling through in tiny rays. Droplets of refreshing spring rain sprinkle along the shell, which almost seems cooler to the touch than its fellows.

Hatching Message

Peace After the Storm Egg isn't moving.. Despite having cracked, it seems to not care, continuing to idle as long as possible. Unforunate, having been shifted into a position at an angle, the egg topples over onto the crack, forcing the rest of the shell's integrity to be compromised, leaving it in two pieces, and Slothful Moonlight Gazer Brown Hatchling splayed out on the Sands.

Impression Message

A Wide Blue Yonder stretches over the horizon of your mind, a sky so perfectly blue and serene, it couldn't be stolen from anywhere but a dream.. Or, could it? The clouds begin to bump along, easing themselves closer and closer, trapping your thoughts in this serene little world in a hazy flood of sunlight and a fresh, crisp breeze. « Say, you there. » The slang voice pops from no where, echoing lightly across the skyscape. « Yer bein' awfully quiet, J'ed. What's the deal with that, huh? » It pauses once again, only to emit a yawn twice as loud as the previous voice. « Oooooyyyyy, that was tiresome. Thought I'd never get outta that place. Ya got food? Tell me ya got food. This won't be a happy Misoganth 'less I get somethin' in mah belly, and take a long, LOOONG nap. » A light, but hearty laugh peeks in amongst the sky, swirling the clouds off to the side. « Surprised? Don't be. We're best pals, you'n I. And don'tchoo furget that. »


Physically, as dictated in his description, Misoganth is massive. Like many from his clutch, he is endowed with large wings - he, though, is coupled with just being big in general. Due to inactivity and lack of exercise, his limbs will always be troublesome and achy when he does move about, forcing him to move a bit like a swaying tree.. Sort of like the elephants from Jungle Book, if I recall. When it comes to drills, he'll be a right pain in the rear, and will likely mess up formations both on the ground or in the air because he isn't near quick or agile enough. It's not that he's fat… It's that his muscles will not be as in-tune from day one as Tchuunziketeth's or Nyiseeth's.

Misoganth is inherently optimistic - he will share this trait with Choth, as both of them will always look at the bright side of things. Very little drama will screw with his mind - in fact, he will have a sense of humor about things that will probably make everyone about him feel more at ease. He'll heap himself with silly sarcasm — occasionally, he'll get rather sarcastic at his Wingleader or with you for asking him to do things he doesn't want to do, but it's never said out of malice or disgust. He may do it to try to get out of things, but he doesn't speak many ill words to others.

"C'mon, Misoganth! We've gotta go to drill practice!"
« So what, I can make the whole class envious with my beautiful agility and grace? No, no, wait — definitely /your/ beautiful agility and grace. You'll make all the girls seep with envy! »

He'll find ways to poke fun at you as often as he can, should you complain about /him/ being large or lazy. Because, in truth, he is laziest sucker ever to be born into Pern. For the most part, all he'll do is sleep. When he isn't, he'll take to the ledge and sky-gaze, watching the clouds go by for no real intellectual purpose other than it satisfying his need to do absolutely nothing. The real challenge is getting him to leave his weyr.. for anything. Eating, socializing, wing practice, even just betweening to somewhere else to visit family will cause a debate of sarcasm until, after luring him with a bribe, he'll consent, and put in the least amount of energy to get the job done.

When he does take to socializing, he's a complete sweetheart. He isn't flirty in the least bit, but a friendly soul, dishing out mild compliments and encouragement when there's a need for it. Misoganth isn't a chatter-box, but will make easy conversation when he's bored… Until he either falls asleep on his associate, or gets distracted by a rather odd formation of clouds, and walks off without a words notice. (Well, sways loudly off. He isn't exactly very sneaky.)

While he won't give a shardin' hoot if anyone should pick on him and his lazy bum, « It's how I am, 'n I think I'm pretty lickin' awesome, thanks! » he'll get incredibly grouchy should anyone mock you for your size, speech, or profession. That's his job, and no one elses. He isn't terribly protective, as he believes you're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself, but he isn't very fond of anyone that pokes their nose into your business. /He/ will though, quite often, teasing you for going to work at the smithy, and even try to convince you every morning to stay home and forget about 'all that jazz'.

Some days, Misoganth really may make your life miserable, but he does feel that, with both of you being somewhat 'giants', that you're meant to be together, and will stress it as often as you question his lazy antics. He cares deeply for you, and while he may not care much about everything YOU care about in your life — the girl, the workplace, drills and etc — he'll have a respect for them, and do his best not to completely displease you. From start to finish, he will always adore you, as his best mate, his pal, his amigo.

As with everything that takes energy, flights are regarded as annoying and absolutely useless. « If she wants someone so bad, why does she make us all work our tail off until we don't got anythin' left to schmooze her with afterwards? Load of hooey, if you ask me. » On a day he's completely and utterly bored, he may try, but he'll be at the back of the pack, minding his own business, watching the clouds, instead of being captivated by the green or gold beauty. He'll definitely chase greens more often than golds, since their flights are shorter - the bigger the green, too, as they aren't quite as fast.

If, Faranth forbid, he actually wins, he'll abduct the poor lass and keep her in his weyr, cuddling tightly and sleeping for possibly days afterwards. He likely won't win many, so he'll get rather excited when he does, and possibly a bit clingy to said green (or gold, should it happen). He won't dote romantically, but think of her as a pal, and cling to both you and her as his 'best buds' until he's old and gray.


A Wide Blue Yonder
In tone, Misoganth's voice is about medium pitch, and especially when he's being sarcastic, it'll jump all over the place in sound. It's a bit higher than his physical size would suggest, with a bit of a drawl and, dare I say, with a bit of the annoying lilt that Napolean Dynamite has in his movie, when he's being /drastically/ sarcastic. He does most everything for a humorous effect, except for when he's sleepy. He does sound rather tired most of the time, however, and actually yawns quite often in his speech, for no reason other than to express it.

His imagery isn't very vivid or original. In reality, sometimes he just copies what he sees, and picks out various bits and throws it in with his words. It could be anything, as long as it's not too complex, and makes sense to him. If he's talking about you leaving to go to the smithy, he'll throw in a memory of you dropping a hammer on your toe. But, realistically, 90 of what he throws out there is sky-scape, since that's what he's looking at most of the time. From a brilliant sunset, to floating clouds on a display of blue, to rumbling storm clouds when he's annoyed or sleepy. It varies on his mood, but is always accompanied by a soft wind, and the fresh smell of a storm just past.


The clutch theme was 'Heavenly Things', which could range from things that are innocent, to things that depicted the heavens above. 'Peace After the Storm Egg' was based on what the name implies, and was desced by Elara.

The hatching theme was '7 Deadly Sins', of which Misoganth was Sloth. He was an original creation, and is not exactly based on any particular character - however, I did use the lyrics from the song 'Lazy' by Deep Purple as a bit of inspiration for him. (Not a very complicated song, but gets the point across nonetheless!)

It was important to choose a name befitting a large, lazy beast, so after much searching (and Tarish brushing up on her Greek pronunciation skillz), the translation for 'sleeping giant' (Koimismenos gigantas) was picked apart, and the name Misoganth was born! (I pronounced it 'Mih ZOH Gonth', but that's just me.) He's your very, very own sleeping giant, and we hope that you enjoy him, but play him how you wish! Misoganth was written by Tarish.


Name Slothful Moonlight Gazer Brown Misoganth
Dam Gold Seviadith
Sire Bronze Shidenisseth
Created By Tarish
Impressee J'ed (Jedrek)
Hatched 30 July 2008
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH