Glistening midnight blue lies beneath little diamond shapes. White diamonds reside on his underbelly, black along his sides, and a deep violet colour to either side of his ridges that run from the underside of his head knobs all the way to the spaded tip of his tail. The most prominent of these resides between eye ridges and head knobs, white to contrast with the darkness of his face. Within, there are smaller black diamonds. A broad, flat face is his, with head knobs set back in such a way that they seem nearly parallel to his skull. Pulling his lips upwards is a permanently set, truly manic grin, giving him the look of mischief . A little large for him at this moment, his wings are coated in blotches of every translucent shade of blue, deep violets and even some dark greens, as if they had been made of stained glass. The point of each spar is a different shade of green, lending a nearly iridescent quality.

Egg Name and Description

Handtools and Hunting Points Egg
Scraps of leather show beneath rounded stones of various sizes, horn and bone tools are scattered across the shell, with the occasional round handled antler striker tossed around. Intermingled with all this softness, all this roundness are flakes of flint, chips of chert and oblongs of obsidian.

Hatching Message

Tink. Tink. Chips of eggshell continue to fall away from Handtools and Hunting Points Egg, the tool-coated surface showing now that it was all just a faade. Tink. What was being created on the inside of the egg is finished now. And now it wants out, it needs to be out. Tink. Tink-tink. Now! With a sudden explosion of shard-like spray, out it spills. Tumbling, tumbling, tumbling - yeah! Freedom! The little, roiling mass of midnight comes to a stop, half coated in sand. Big, whirling eyes come to find a focus on white dancing things. Ooo! Now wheres my Puddin?

Impression Message

Excited green swirling eyes stare into your own, and with a sudden rush, like a bomb going off inside your head, he is yours and you are his. «Theres my Puddin! My Resy-Puddin! Come on and give your Miruth some sugar, Ms. R» There's even the lingering scents of cotton candy and gun powder invading your nostrils.


Round river stones, antler tools, flakes of discarded flint, chips of forgotten chert. Obsidian. Sharpness and roundness, points and blunts. The sound of breaking glass, the high pitched tink of stone on stone….

Hatchling/Early Weyrling
Prankster, madman, and stargazer. Do random searches on Google a couple of times a day and youll get an idea of the crazy things hes thinking to ask you. The world is a mystery, and he has to learn every little nuance.

Only theres no seeming order to the way he wants to do it. One day hell want to learn why dragons, firelizards, wherries and avians fly, then next hell forget all about it and decide that tides are the most interesting thing. The only constant thing is his love for staring at the patterns of twinkling stars in the night sky.

But most of all, Miruth is the perfect sidekick for every little mischievous thought in Resys head. To the point that hed egg her on, encourage her sillier thoughts to take shape. After all, its fun to imagine what it would be like to turn the all the drinking water in the Weyr orange, but its a lot more fun to just go and do it. Most of his learning is to figure out the better ways to go and act out the crazy things his lifemate thinks up.

Resy already has the courage to be different, but there will be those dark moments when she questions herself. Miruth will always there to buck her up. Hell give her courage, maybe not to become more socially adjusted, because sometimes its better to be off to the side snickering at the others reactions to the flag of hats theyve created rather than being the centre of attention. The courage hell give her will be to become more physical with her thoughts, to not live in the utterly cerebral sense anymore.

Why: Because your are my one and only Resy-Puddin'! Everyone else couldn't possibly love me like you do, Ms. R. And why? Because you're the best one of all for me to try to figure out, there's a lot more to you than they see, just like there's more to me than they can comprehend.


Bones and Blades
Stars wink in and out of focus, like thoughts passing in the night. Along with some of them comes the concussion and scent of an explosion, with others, its cotton candy. Sometimes its hotdogs and peppermints. Each thought has a different sort of scent, each as chaotic as the thoughts themselves. His internal voice is ever so bubbly with most thoughts, a little nasal. He tends to over pronounce ts. When hes pouting, its very discernable in his voice, he sounds like a little kids, lips poked out, arms crossed and everything. Theres a tendency to gush when youre involved, or talked about. Youll always be his Puddin.



Name White and Black Diamonds Midnight Blue Miruth
Dam Gold Ararinth
Sire Bronze Temocheth
Created By Y'ric
Impressee Resy (Ceresy)
Hatched March 31, 2005
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH