Dark ebony sweeps across this Brown's hide, interspersed with diverse bars and knots of a pale ginger in varying lengths and sizes. Yet there is structure within the confusion as all these markings move with the grain of his growth. From slightly rounded muzzle, down a long, curving neck, across powerful shoulders, flanks and legs towards finely crafted talons below, these striations continue on to finally accent his long tail. Both blue and green caress his torso, dark and beautiful where their trails cross, as pure as the morning's dew and rich as verdant moss. Long of body yet undeniably perfectly proportioned, his every movement is filled with a grace seen as easily in repose as in movement. Large eyes seem to always hold traces of blue, no matter his mood. Majestic wings are covered in bright green and touched with rivulets of an equally radiant blue that forms dark puddles in the dips between wingsails, accentuating all their grooves. When unfurled, the end result is a likeness of two great leaves growing upon this living trunk and completing the image of a great tree.

Egg Name and Description

Strange Shadows on the Plain Egg
Strange Shadows on the Plain Egg%R[space(7)]A bright green pasture flows over the shell of this rather lopsided Egg. Upon the smooth side which faces out of the sand is the bright blaze of a roaring fire with shadowy shapes dancing about its edges. Upon its summit stands a circle of vertical stones with a ring of horizontal rocks above. In the fire's light the strange formation seems to be dancing as well.

Hatching Message

Strange Shadows on the Plain Egg shivers suddenly at its very summit, where the strange stones seem to dance. Cracks appear between them a moment later. An explosion of shards bursts onto the sands as first a muzzle then a graceful Brown reveal themselves before he tumbles from his hideaway to the burning Sands bellow.

Impression Message

All the commotion that surrounds you suddenly ceases to be audible. The phrase 'deafening silence' was created to define this one moment…this seemingly, eternal stillness that precedes the distant sound of two voices breathing themselves to life to sing in harmony. One deep and sonorous, one gentle and melodious, they become entwined in a resonant adagio that flows into your awareness like a seductive whisper as bright tones of green and blue dance through your perception. « I am your echo, My beloved, and you are my song. You are mine, S'vitaur, and I am your Memminith. » …And the voices trail off, leaving an imprint of reverberating, colored ripples in the core of your being, as you are filled with a deep, ravenous hunger that must be satisfied at any cost.


Memminith is obsessed with recording his memories so that he can relive them after he has forgotten them. He captures the feelings of what has occurred in melodies that he pesters S'vitaur to write down and play for him on request. Images which he wishes to capture for posterity are fleshed out in S'vitaur's wood carvings, but as carvings take a long time to produce and take up more space than paper or canvas, he pushes S'vitaur to learn to sketch and paint, so these images can be recorded more quickly and can be stored more easily.

He, in fact, pushes S'vitaur to improve his sketching and painting skills constantly because he's afraid that they will run out of space to store the carvings. His fear of running out of space will cause him to harass his rider into carving these images on pretty much anything…furniture, platters, the walls of their weyr or even in miniature scale on pendants and medallions. The pendants and medallions depicting his most treasured moments will often hang from his straps as decoration so that he can peruse them at will.

And yet Memminith is truly fascinated by one aspect of memory which he is certain can be preserved to hold all the truths of his most powerful memories and that is scent. He will try to keep a flower from the clearing where you plant your first seedling together or that scent which filled the air when he won his first mating flight.

Despite the fact that he has a very good memory for a dragon, the Brown will press on for better carvings, drawings and pendants. Maybe he will suggest that they can be dipped in scented oils to accentuate the effect. Of course, memories of scents are the dearest and he will be hard pressed to share those with any other than his S'vitaur.

Memminith is a jolly extrovert who will freely speak to anyone who will willingly listen, often revealing S'vitaur's secrets in the process. He'll be the first to take part in games and celebrations and encourage his rider to do so as well. Mating Flights are a wonderful game to him and he will have a tendency to be extremely acrobatic when participating in them. Win or lose, it's the game he enjoys. He'll remain energized even if he loses, more so if he wins and that energy will be passed on to his rider.

His only true sadness comes from just one of two things: His rider's unhappiness or an event that was forgotten before it could be fully recorded. The only other thing that may cause him sadness is that he cannot read. Stories fascinate him, since he sees them as other's attempts to capture memories. Bedtime stories will be a must and so will an extensive library to keep him entertained. Memminith also has a tendency to meddle. He enjoys spreading merriment, sharing his recorded memories and seeing people happy, especially his rider, and he will do unexpected things to that end which will at times put S'vitaur in compromising positions.

Growing Up: Memminith will start out with a great joy for living and an almost constant pestering of you, S'vitaur, HIS S'tar to preserve your dearest memories as a pair and keep them near you. He will soon learn your limitations in this important task and lend you support or push you towards your next goal, the next logical step to preserving those experiences you have had together. His graze might make it seem as if he should be confident in all things, yet he will, at least at first, depend upon you to supply the clues as to what he should do, how me must act and if there is a chance that an important moment will be lost to time, he might refuse to take any action until you assure him that the memory will be saved for all your time together. For all of time.

But that refusal to take action will pass as he grows, as he learns to fly, as he learns to flame and get you both safely *between*, even if you are not yet prepared to capture the moment. Yet another problem might come as it nears the moment when he will first try his chances at winning a mating flight. This moment might be a long time coming as he can not pull confidence from your own memories or know what might happen.

Time will bring you together as it should, as the memories are protected from the 'effects of time' and you support each other and spend some moments alone in the forest. Memminith will become all that you imagine and to much more.

Why: « You need to ask, My S'tar? Do you not remember how easily our minds slipped together as we first made contact? How we blended into such perfect music? Others may have had the interest in nature, but none could equal your passion. »


Klaxon in the Night
The essence of Memminith's mind touch is always preceded by a short silence, his special way of getting the listener's attention. It then seeps into the perception like a whisper, increasing in volume until one can make out two distinct voices harmonizing in song. These two voices, one masculine and one feminine, seem to meld into one androgynous tone and are accompanied by dancing hues of bright green and bright blue. After he finishes speaking, the voices and the impressions they have communicated trail off in echoes. In a continuous conversation, the echoes tend to overlap each other, creating an effect similar to being in a vast, empty room. The song varies in complexity and tempo, depending on the emotion connected to it. Emotion affects the harmonies as well. They vary from being extremely dissonant and discordant in times of anger or excitement, to a near unison during complacent moments.


Strange Shadows on the Plain Egg is based on celtic culture and language. The nature loving mind frame of the Egg was created by my first thought as I concentrated on that culture. (Well, I did think of headhunting first, then decided against that and found the other.)

The image on the shell depicts the new year feast of Samhein which took place on the first of November and was often celebrated at Stonehenge, the megalithic circle of stones which stands near the small Southern English city of Salisbury. Stonehenge is believed to have been built in 1500 BC, making it about two thousand years younger than the earliest Scottish stone circles and three thousand years younger than the menders and dolmens in Brittany.

Memminith is derived from two words:
1- Medeine/Medeim \[Baltic (Lithuanian) mythology.] One of the daughters of the Mother Earth Goddess known as Zemyna or Laima, Medeine/Medeim, Goddess of the woods, is a manifestation of the life force in plants. Her name is derived from the word "meadis", which means "tree".

2- Sheminith \[Judeo-Christian mythology, biblical term, Old Testament.] Stemming from the Hebraic word "shmone/shmona" meaning "eight" and relating to the musical octave, this term, is assumed to indicate the lowest note sung by men's voices. It is also the name of an eight-stringed, musical instrument.

The melding of the two names reflects the combination of masculine (Sheminith) and feminine (Medeine/Medeim) aspects present in Memminith's mind voice. It also reflects S'vitaur and Memminith's two main interests, music and the forests, and hints at the rider's sexuality.

Playful, chatty, meddlesome, mischievous and musical, Memminith's personality is a mixture of three things. The first is the creative energy and momentum of music and art that speaks to all of us when we least expect it. The second is Pan, Greco-Roman God of shepherds and the personification of undisciplined procreation in nature. Pan is also associated with musical pipes and reeds, in particular, the pan flute, one of the instruments which S'vitaur plays. And finally he is also based on Peter Pan…he can fly and he'll NEVER grow up.

Um…he's a tree. A very big tree with two very big leaves.


S'vitaur and Memminith were originally intended to be an InstaRider pair that I wanted to post at Fort Weyr. Unfortunately, the rules for creating Instas changed and would have required me to start the S'vitaur off at 30 turns of age something I did not want to do. I had no choice but to app for candidacy, but large parts of Memminith were already partially written and conceptualized. I will always be grateful to SearchCo @ FOW for not only impressing me, but for also including all the work I had done on my dragon, and I'm indebted to Sala for the wonderful tweaks and quirks she added to him. They were the /perfect/ touches to round him out.

Egg Inspiration: Sala/Stonehenge
Info: S'vitaur
Name Inspiration: S'vitaur
Mind & Desc Inspiration: S'vitaur/Sala
Egg Name/Desc: Sala
Hatching Message: Sala
Hatching Name/Hatching Description: Sala
Impression Message: S'vitaur
Mind Name: Sala
Mindvoice: S'vitaur
Why: Sala
Growing up: Sala
Personality: S'vitaur/Sala

Name One With The Woods Brown Memminith
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Larzith
Created By Sala
Impressee S'vitaur (Savitaur)
Hatched July 15, 2004
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH