This brown's hide is a deep, deep brown. Not the color of the earth, but a rich loamy brown that covers his sturdy body. He is a more solid dragon and not given to much leanness; his tail, however, is unusual in the way that it counterbalances, being long and lean. His muzzle is compact as well, though holds a startling visage; an amber-red starburst shape has formed on it. The rays of this starburst reach straight towards his underbelly and his back. The tips of his neck spines have been bathed in that amber color; making them look more dangerous, more eye-catching with the surprising uniqueness of the color. His belly is that same loam brown, covered in earth; however, he has several red lines running through it that reach as far as mid-way down to the tip of his tail. His talons are strained through with thin red marks, bringing the over-all representation of loam red-brown earth to a close.

Egg Name and Description

Blind Notes of Madness Egg

This evidently frazzled egg has been quietly formed into an odd oblong shape. The uniqueness of the shape itself is in the fact that it perfectly fits the hollow of sand that it has been nudged into; comfortable in it's own way, so to say. The main background color of this poor egg is a deep, dark brown, slightly graying around the edges. However, the egg is almost striking in the way that it has a collection of black blobs on a white spiral pattern that edges its' way around the egg itself.

Hatching Message

Blind Notes of Madness Egg starts wobbling round in its' given hollow. Thin lines start cracking it in all directions, no parallel given as it continues to rock around, before it finally settles back down, seemingly tired for now.

Blind Notes of Madness Egg continues to wobble around and around, moving to some kind of beat inside even as the egg starts falling off into pieces, starting to reveal the struggling occupant. There's another pause, now, as the egg seems to have gotten stuck?

Blind Notes of Madness Egg wobbles around some more, and then with a triumphant, startling crack, the egg completely breaks apart. There's a pause as the occupant shakes off the last of it's egg, then stepping forward into the light, it's revealed to be the Skirting the Edges of Sanity Brown Hatchling.

Impression Message

A trumpet of sound suddenly bursts through your mind and following behind that dramatic whisper is a series of piano melodies, bringing a sweet parallel to the trumpets as it marches to the beat. « K'oss… mine… don't worry about a thing, for I, your Meahakumeleth am here. » There's a pause as the brown gazes up at you again, adoringly. « I am here. Together, we will herd all the beasts… and be together. » The trumpet and piano fade slightly, but then he nudges your chest. « But first… feed me! »


May-uh-ha-koo-meh-leth - Meahakumeleth - Mea for short - Hawaiian for 'musical composer' or 'composer'. Mae is very much Hawaiian in terms of his personality - he is a laid-back, stable dragon, fond of a few things and tends to be highly over protective of those he calls 'his' or those he claims as yours or his own. Which, sadly enough, tends to be… everything he lays his eyes on. Typically enough, though, he'll end up surprised at anything that does end up littering your weyr, often inquiring why or what an object is, and sometimes leading to a complete disposal of an item not just a week ago he remembered wanting… badly. Secondly, as you are a Journeyman Beastcrafter, Mea will definitely pick up on this liking - upwards of often inquiring what a certain herdbeast is used for, and even uprightly land in the herding area or even the feeding pen to watch these interesting creatures. As a matter of fact, eating them may well end up causing distress - how will he ever learn more about them? But as he grows, he will realize that is what their primary use is for, and he won't have much qualms about it as before.

« Raphaith! Raphaith! Wait! We can go together! » For all of his quirks, one of the most interesting for you, Arkoss, is the fact that his closest clutchsib is Raphaith - yes, Tyrnal's dragon. Mea is positively 'green' with envy about the grace and speed that Raphaith shows in the air, for much during his training, Mea will be one of the most clumsy dragons in the air - almost as if he's drunk! However, for all of the extra training and despair that poor Mea will never leave the ground, he will indeed. At a later point than his clutchsibs, he will definitly be proving that he has as much grace as any other Pernese dragon does, and will as much prove that to anyone that still doubts him.

After his graduation, Mea will be glad to settle into any role that you as his rider pick. Whether that is back to his craft, or a search and rescue, or even coming back to become an assistant weyrling master, Mea will be there to support you. He'll be there to help guide and love you, and help you as you help him find the niche that you will perfectly fill as a brownrider and a very devoted brown.

As per flights, Mea will be a perfect gentleman as far as the female in question goes. He will be overly-gracious in allowing her space before the flight officially starts, and even to the other chasers in question. However, beware anyone getting in his space because he can and will start a fight over his own space being invaded. Once in the air, all senses and knowledge are focused on HER. No matter which color is ahead of him, his goal is totally and intensely to win her over, to help make her his. Post-flight, if Mea loses, he'll lose that unusual intensity and will return to his ledge, to sleep the loss away. However, if he wins, then Mea will be just as gracious before, up and going over actually flirting with both the rider and her dragon! He won't be overly clingy however, welcoming his free space back.


Whispering Keys and Hidden Voices

Mea's mindvoice is primarily made up of two things: whispering keys, and hidden voices.

Whispering keys is a kind of blatant and observant play on words with Beethoven being blind and trying to continue to play the piano and create his compositions. Some of the more legendary rumors and stories about him are about a group of people who come in and hear him playing; where he remarks, ironically, that it is a beautiful song, isn't it? This strikes me as a great undertone to any dragon's voice; a slight tinge of sarcasm with a bit of musical symphony thrown in as well.

The hidden voices is a reference back when Beethoven is thought to have gone insane. Because of this, I took something akin to a strident, off beat trumpet to the musical symphony of the piano in the background. Mea's mind voice is quite interesting and with the off-beat to the on-beat, it creates a series of parallels for Mea's mindvoice as well as bringing the theme of music as a whole to his voice and mind.


Be warned: This is a bit of a mix of RPtips as well as the inspiration we had for you and your dragon, Arkoss. Have fun! You are a delightful character and player and writing up Meahakumeleth to fit you was a delight and a joy, and also a test of my writing skills. I do hope you like him, and once again, he IS YOUR dragon, and therefore, play him as you see fit to develop him more fully. So! Here goes.

Why Brown?

Arkoss, you mentioned you wanted a brown because of how browns tend to be strong, solid, and dependable. It made me realize how much candidates go through during their lifetime on the Sands before their dragon hatches and they Impress - and I realized that in that, isn't that where every candidate makes their defining moment? I remember so much when I realized that Caluprith had made Isa so much of who she was - stuck much in the rut like you were, K'oss, Isa eventually came into her own now as an AWLM and as a bakercraft rider. Therefore, here is a brown, to bring you out of your egg - perhaps it's time for you to hatch and grow along on two unsteady legs(with Meahakumeleth always ready to catch you.)

Why Blind Notes of Madness? Why this specific egg?

Honestly, Arkoss, the fact that you picked this egg surprised me. Blind Notes of Madness is based of of Beethoven - yes, the hearing loss man who created some of his greatest compositions… without being able to hear them. Much in that way, now I realize that this is a great way to shape who your dragon is without really changing too much or making him unplayable. Beethoven was known for his moments of sanity - then the moments of madness. I took much of his nobility in his fights to keep his nephew with him in shaping some of his RPtips. Outside of that, I took classical music at a whole and instilled it in Meahakumeleths' veins, just to prove that a dragon as well could have their own twists of sanity… indeed. As far as the specific mind voices, 'whispering keys' is taken from the most delicate piano playing, just the softest whisper of song; in visual terms, think of nothing more than a glitter of sparkles that light across his mindvoice. Also, 'hidden voices' is a double entendre, referring to the fact that you both hear each other - at all times. Unless you use a 'hidden voice' to keep your most private secrets… private, indeed.

Lastly - Why You?

Indeed Arkoss, why you? What made you stand out specifically in the inspiration for the dragon that is Meahakumeleth? Let's go with, one, the egg choice in the questionnaire. You were one of the ones that did pick Blind Notes of Madness; however, what really made you stand out in my mind, and with pleasure, was the way how you told the hatchling something during the egg choice - and then realized that you should take your own advice. I already saw so much growth potential, and I knew that this egg would like you for life, because by tossing his fears aside; even when deaf, Beethoven always took advice - and ran with it. Luckily for you, your flying away on Meahakumeleths' wings - to grow, to learn, and to prosper.

With that, Arkoss, now K'oss, I and the SearchCo of Fort Weyr Spring 2009 would like to thank you for being a candidate and Standing on the Sands and welcome you to the ranks of the newest riders.



Your dragon was mostly created specifically by Isa for Arkoss. Ma'kai also helped with the Hatchling name and your dragon name as well as the name's pronunciation and meaning.

Name Brown Meahakumeleth
Dam Gold Choth
Sire Bronze Garanth
Created By Isa
Impressee Arkoss
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH