The rich, loamy darkness of fertile earth after a thirst quenching storm is the hallmark of this stocky, sturdy brown dragon. Muscular even just out of the shell, his hide ripples with his strength, colors shifting with his movement and the play of light across his dark brown hide. Bands of lighter hues cross his muzzle and eyeridges like paint, subtle but present especially when close. Umber hues swirl over his neck and neckridges, dropping down to pool into darkness between his wings. Sails are massive, wide and strong, darkness gleaming with flecks of copper within, almost in the pattern of the stars.
His tail is shorter than normal and a bit stumpy, but its strength will no doubt be of assistance as he grows. Talons are dark brown and nearly black, tipped with grey on the underside curve. His paws, as well, are tinted grey. Not from a lack of health, but just his natural coloration. Hints of dark green are also faintly visible across the swirling pattern of his hide, subtle in their gentle undulations along curved muscles.

Egg Name and Description


Watered Down Tea Egg
The egg before you seems rather simple at first, and many could perhaps overlook it at first glance thinking it was just something left upon the sands. Its shell is a faint tea color as if someone had been using the same tea bag over and over. There is a splatter of color across one side though, like black paint dripped around the egg itself. One side has small lines that curl and slide across the round side of the egg with some of the lines curling upon themselves. Across one side there are small dots that make up a slight pattern that is very similar looking to a small bird in flight, if you squint. Its size seems normal, leaving one unable to tell whom lies within waiting to be free from its home.

Hatching Message

Watered Down Tea Egg breaks open, shards spilling onto the sands and spilling a brown dragonet unceremoniously into the world. *drop*

Impression Message

Calm Camellia Sinensis envelops you, wrapping you in its warm embrace. You are standing in the forests, in your favorite place in the woods surrounding Fort. The sun is warm, the breeze cool. You are surrounded by flowers and their scent, the smell of the earth, of things growing. In the distance there is a faint rustling noise, but it’s all swept aside as a presence joins you here. In your mind’s eye you see a beast, shimmering in the shadows, surrounded by a faint blue glow. Dots like the stars form his frame, gleaming points of light, as he stares at you. « Rynn. » He names you, his voice low and timeless. « My beloved Rynn. I have found you. We are meant to be together, you and I, for all of eternity. » The beast shimmers, moving forward into the light, one paw in front of the other. He looks like a wingless dragon, as he gives his body a shake. « Rynn. I am Mazzolyth. I am yours and together we will explore the world, from end to end. » There is a pause and then a pang of hunger, and his voice when it speaks again is softer and far younger. « But first could we eat? »



Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation. - Nia Peeples

There is change coming. A transformation of the spirit. From the moment Mazzolyth touches your mind and your soul, you are forever different. Yet, at the same time, it’s not so much a complete change as a shift. It was in you all along, and Mazzolyth fits in perfectly, filling in the gaps you never knew you had. He takes the strengths you have and heightens them, supports them and lifts them higher, and he takes your weaknesses and helps you build them up, or figure out ways around those troubles so they no longer bother you. He is a protector, a guide, a steadying presence in your life, Rynn.

The instant he Impressed you on the sands, there was a death and a rebirth. In one instant, the girl you were before, Therynn, ceased to exist. She was gone, dying, and another took her place. Rynn. Mazzolyth did that for you. He pulled you out of your old shell and has given you this new path in life, like a butterfly from the cocoon. Did you ever imagine you could become all of this? Did you ever dream that you could have such a perfect match? A dragon to lift you and encourage, to guide you as you guide him? A perfect hunting partner forever, strong and stable? Forever.

You will never be alone.

Mazzolyth is a dragon of the earth. A dragon of stability and security. He is steady and he is reliable. He is a place of comfort and of introspection, a place of healing and of shared solitude.

“Most animals show themselves sparingly. The grizzly bear is six to eight hundred pounds of smugness. It has no need to hide.” - Craig Childs

In his youth, he will be rather exuberant and playful. He will want to explore /everything/. And I mean /everything/. He will climb onto other’s cots, get into their things, try to climb the bowl walls or get into the lower caverns. He will want to be everywhere, see everything, taste everything, learn about everything. You’ll have a tough time corralling your energetic, curious, lovable brown.

At the same time, he will be very sensitive to criticism and others’ feelings towards him. So if he gets scolded for chewing on someone’s riding jacket, he’ll be immediately contrite and become withdrawn, apologetic and trying to make it right. He will learn quickly which dragons and people enjoy his playful antics, and which ones are serious and need to be respected and left alone. You will need to help him remember that too.

« Look! Varmiroth’s straps! I’ll bet they are delicious! »
« Mazzolyth, you remember how irritated Kimmila got last time you chewed on those straps. »
« Oh. Do I? Okay. I won’t, then. »

In this way, you both will learn how to deal with those sometimes awkward social situations. It’ll be a necessary skill, especially if he ever destroys something of importance to another person. It might be difficult, but you’ll both learn and in the end you’ll find ways to make things right.

His curiosity will be an asset in lessons, as he will want to be out there and be FIRST to try things. While this might be rude to his clutchmates at first, butting to the front of the line, in time you will teach him to be patient and to take turns. You’ll teach him that sometimes it’s best to let someone else go first, just because it’s polite. It’ll be a hard lesson for him, but he’ll get it, just give him time and enough repetition and he’ll get there. At least he will want to do his lessons, not one to be late or drag his feet to the training grounds.

His appetite for learning will be insatiable, and that will continue even after he’s grown and graduated. He’ll be particularly fond of books, even though he can’t read. Computer terminals just aren’t for him, he will love /books/. Their feel and their smell, and don’t be surprised if he bugs you to read aloud to him a /lot/. The subject won’t even matter. History of Boll? Awesome. Notes on diseases in onion farming? Fantastic. He just loves to learn, and he’ll probably find a few favorite books or subjects that he’ll pester you to read to him over and over again, until they’re well worn tomes and you probably have them all memorized.

The spirit of the bear is a strong source of support in times of difficulty.

He will also want to learn about you, Rynn. What makes /you/ tick? What is it about the forests that draws you? What are you searching for? What do you hunt for, beyond the obvious? These are things he will want to know, and things the both of you will discover together. He will be in your thoughts and in your soul, and you will not be able to hide anything from him. Some of your thoughts he will just accept and not question, but others he might pry a bit.

« Why do you feel so alone right now, Rynn? I am here for you. »

He will know when it’s time to pull you away from the weyr and into the wilds. Or, before you’re allowed to leave, he’ll try to find a quiet spot where the two of you can sit. He won’t even require that you talk to him. Sometimes, it’s just the comfort of sitting in silence with someone who understands that is what is most needed. And he will know, intuitively, what you need in that regard. He’ll know when you need quiet and when he needs to gently nudge you to speak to him, and when he’ll need to nudge you to speak to others. « Go talk to Tovihasuth’s. He understands. Or Varmiroth’s. »

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ― John Muir

Mazzolyth will love the woods as much as you do. He will enjoy walking through them as a baby and will love flying over them even more, as he grows. For candlemarks the two of you could take to wing and soar, just being together in the peace and silence that only the forest can bring. At the same time, if the mood strikes or if prey is visible, he’ll be quick to swoop in and try to capture it or flush it out for you to do the honors.

He will love plants and all things growing, and even though he won’t let anyone /else/ see it, he won’t mind if you decorate his straps with flowers and things of the forest. As long as it’s all gone by the time you go home, because he just /knows/ some of the other dragons would tease him about it.

In the woods his mind is calm and serene. Nothing can bother him there. It is his comfortable spot, just as it is yours, and when things get too overwhelming or difficult, he will want to retreat outside the bowl walls. Those walls represent safety to him, but also captivity in a way. Perhaps that’s why he wants to explore so much as a hatchling. He wants to have freedom, and before he can fly, walking will be the only way he can get it. Once he can fly, he will want to fly all the time. Be prepared to beg and bribe the WLM staff to take him up and out, and then you as well when you are cleared to ride him. There won’t be a day that goes by that doesn’t see you both outside of the weyr, at least for some stretch of time.

With this desire will also come a desire for adventures. Quests, even. Goals that he will set for you both to achieve, be it something simple:

« I feel like apples. »

Or something more complex:

« Let us find that white wherry today, Rynn, and finally hunt it down. »

These quests and adventures will always keep things interesting. Don’t ask where he got his ideas from either. Most of the time he won’t answer, or will respond with a mental shrug and a gentle tickle of warm summer breezes.

These quests could also be mental. He might set a task for you to achieve in your dreams, or a longer term task.

« Rynn. Beloved. You need to get out and meet people. You can not hang around the edges forever. People need to know you and see your gifts. »

So some quests could be accomplished in a day, and others might take a lifetime. But regardless of the time they take to complete, you will face them together.

We see more bear-dressing in the cult following of Artemis. She is a Greek huntress, and her maiden devotees would don bear dressings as a symbol of hunting prowess and power.


He will be very protective of you. Not just your heart, but your physical person as well. Because of this, he will not like it when you go hunting at first. He will see the danger there, and it will take you some effort to convince him that you are skilled and everything will be fine. It’ll be a challenge for him to grow out of and overcome, to become your hunting partner instead of someone who is just nervous for your well-being. You’ll have to show him your skill with your weapons, you’ll have to talk to him about your methods, and convince him that it is as safe as you can make it.

If you ever get hurt during hunting, you will see another side to your lifemate. His entire demeanor will shift and become very angry. Enraged, almost, and then he will settle with a cold, calm confidence. A confidence that will almost be frightening. With this, he will stalk and kill whatever it was that harmed you. Feline, wherry, even a tunnelsnake, he will be relentless in his pursuit of the beast and its death will be swift and without remorse. He will not tolerate any harm coming to you.

If a person harms you, that’s a different story. As a dragon he would never cause harm to a human being, but he is very capable of getting in their face and reminding them of how huge he is. He’s also not above grabbing them and keeping them trapped in his talons until help arrives, But he will never hurt and certainly never kill a human

When he realizes that hunting is a part of who you are - that it feeds your soul, that you would be so lost without it - he will relent and allow it. And, in time, he will come to enjoy it as well. The hunter’s instinct is in him too, you just have to awaken it and share with him the joys of the hunt and the freedom that it brings.


Much like Ha’ze’s bronze, Mazzolyth gets a bit lethargic in the winter. He doesn’t exactly hibernate, but his energy levels decrease quite a bit. He is slower to move, slower to think, and harder to rouse. Come spring he reawakens, and it is in summer that he truly comes alive. When the forests are flush with game and life, he will be impossible to keep in the weyr. He will always want to be /out/, searching, flying, hunting, swimming, walking. Winter is a time to rest, and summer is a time to DO.

In this, Mazzolyth and Kainaesyth are similar. Both brown and bronze are linked to Fort’s seasons, to their ebb and flow, and they will both behave accordingly. Each in their own unique way of course, but it is something that is similar between the two of them. Perhaps it’s Kayeth’s link to autumn and the seasons coming through in her offspring.


Mazzolyth will be interested in flights, just like most males are, but he won’t have to chase in /all/ of them. He’ll have an average appetite for mating flights, gold or green, and sometimes he’ll chase and sometimes he won’t. When he does chase though, he will put his all into it. He will go /all/ out, using his strength, his skill, his cunning to try and win his prize, and he won’t be above using his bulk to push his way to the front if he needs to.

Beyond his own desire to procreate, he will want you to have children as well. Just the idea of you having children, offspring which he can watch learn and grow, will appeal to him greatly. At first he won’t understand why you can’t just go off and mate with any man just to have a child, but as time passes he’ll begin to understand and he will respect your wishes on it, and want you to find that one special person to make a commitment to. He won’t be jealous either…as long as he likes the guy. Or the girl. But if you choose to be with a female, he’ll push even harder for you to get pregnant somehow!


When we encounter a bear in our dream world, everything is suddenly out in the open. Literally, the spirit is reawakened. The key is to be at one with the Earth. Bear's gift is her protection, for her power is fearless. Bear guides us to face obstacles, to meet the darkest depths of our psyche, and to see that we can be the light that overcomes all fear. Bear is a very powerful totem that empowers the seeker to act with wisdom and love.

When night time comes, you will get to see another side to Mazzolyth. Despite being asleep, his mind will be wide awake and rarely will he truly be silent in his thoughts. If you are awake while he sleeps, you could watch his dreams and perhaps even alter them a little bit. But the real dreams come when you are sleeping and he is awake. Then, he will slip into your dreams and he will guide you. Perhaps he will lead you on a hunt to find your self confidence, chasing down that prey so you awaken refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to tackle whatever problem had been troubling you in your sleep.

Or maybe it’ll be a dream of exploration. Of trying new things. Perhaps he will place you in a gather party, dressed immaculately in beautiful fabrics that fit you /just/ right. And you will need to navigate through it, with his guidance. Call it practice for real life, and he will help you through them so you can build confidence in those situations. Ludid dreaming at its finest, because he is creating the world which you experience in your dreams.

He’ll enjoy seeing you dressed up and enjoy seeing you be the best you can be in any situation. If you’re at a Gather he will want you to turn heads and he will want you to get that attention. It will be a thrill for him to hear other dragons commenting on how their riders think you look and you behave. He will want them to compliment you because /he/ knows how wonderful you truly are, and anyone else who can also see that will have his gratitude.

If you’re hunting, he’ll want you comfortable. Dresses are for Gathers, and hunting clothes are different. He’ll learn that pretty quickly as a weyrling, though perhaps the first time you go hunting he might insist on a dress, because he wants you to look nice and feel confident. He’ll learn though.

When you invoke the power of the bear totem, reflect on the qualities of inner strength, fearlessness, and confidence in yourself and how you can project them in your world.

He will want you comfortable and confident in any situation. Whenever you finds herself in a place or social situation where you aren’t comfortable, he will be there in the back of your mind, whispering encouragement. « Relax, Rynn. Deep breath. I know you’re feeling overwhelmed. Why don’t you find someone you know that you can go talk to, instead of standing by the drink table talking to everyone? »

Sometimes he might even seek out the help of others, and often times you won’t know that he’s doing it. « Mine needs to know how to dance, » he will ask a trusted older dragon. « Can yours help her? »

Or if you’re caught in an awkward social situation, it won’t be unusual for him to call on a dragon friend’s rider to go in and ‘rescue’ you, giving you an excuse to say goodbye to the over-bearing, chatty Holder from Boll who won’t stop talking about all the new fashion styles. Though eventually you might catch on that whenever you’re uncomfortable, another rider steps in to help out. Coincidence? No, it’s just Mazzolyth looking out for you.

He will be the perfect wingman and ultimate backup for you, in all situations. Once he knows how to handle them that is. Like any young dragon, he has a lot of growing up to do, and the two of you together will have to figure out how to handle those social situations. He will help you with your confidence, and likewise you will have to help him with his own interactions with the other dragons in his clutch and in the weyr. Together, the two of you will begin to realize the importance of friendship and having close companions that you trust and can go to when you need help. He might have to push you a bit out of your comfort zone to achieve that as well.

And when it gets to be too much, there’s always the forest to retreat to.

When it is his turn to hunt, he will be horribly awkward and not very good at it at all. He’s just too bulky to be nimble enough to catch lighter, swifter prey. Sure, he might stumble on one and squish it by accident, but he just isn’t quick enough to catch them. It might be a point of frustration to him, and you will have to soothe and reassure him that everyone learns at different rates. Especially when he sees how quickly his smaller clutchmates catch on and are able to hunt for themselves much earlier than he is able to.

You will have to teach him how to hunt. You will have to train him, do all the exercises and drills diligently so he learns how to master his size and not be so awkward with it. His random growth spurts won’t help things either but eventually he will get the hang of it. It will just take a lot of time.

Once he masters it though, he will be pretty good. His main skills lie in the flushing out of prey, but in the feeding grounds he’ll be able to kill his meals without too much trouble once he’s fully grown and you’ve taught him how. He will, when he’s not embarrassed over his failures, quite enjoy the thrill of the hunt, especially because you love it so much. He will pick up on your joy and take it into himself, and learn to love hunting.

Plus, when you’re hunting together in the forest, that is time he has to spend just with you, and he will love that time you get to spend together.



Your brown is stocky and heavy, definitely large for his color. This will be a point of pride for him but it will also cause difficulties. He won’t be able to /get/ to you in the thicker parts of the forest. He won’t be able to walk between the trees as he grows, and he won’t be able to reach you should you get yourself into trouble in a narrow place. At the same time, his strength and size will be an asset. He will be able to take down large game without much problem at all, and his strength will have countless uses in the wilds.



Calm Camellia Sinensis

Mazzolyth’s mind is rich and vast, ranging from the caverns beneath the earth to the stars themselves. Most of the time, though, his mind is settled comfortably in the forests around Fort, and where you are most comfortable. That one interesting tree you found? That’s there. So is that rock formation, and so are the weyr’s walls rising in the distance.

Here, in the forest of evergreens, things are calm. The smells are familiar to you, and if you had any doubt that Mazzolyth was your dragon, a few moments spent in the depths of his mind will ease all of that. What you love about the forest, about the freedom of the wilderness, it’s all here, in his mind.


When he is feeling insecure or particularly shy, his thoughts will retreat to a wet, stone-walled cave sunk deep into the earth. If you dare, there are rooms and tunnels aplenty to explore down here, each with a specific theme or anxiety. Much like a dream-sequence where the hero must face a physical manifestation of his fears, such are these cavern rooms. Some of them will even hold your fears, and don’t be surprised if he takes you to visit them at some point, likely during dreaming.

For him, his fears revolve around losing you and losing your place in Fort. Home is very important to him, and that cavern will be vast and empty. The sort of emptiness that isn’t comforting. The sort that is frightening and longs to be filled with something. The emptiness that is consuming, silence and blackness that traps you inside your own head. Sometimes he will get trapped there, and you will have to go in and save him from his nightmares.

Above ground, in the forests, things are happier and calmer. The evergreen trees rise majestically into the sky, the scents on the breeze are of growth, warmth and summer time. Though his mind might shift with the seasons, primarily his thoughts are in the glorious warmth and bounty of summer. Here, you can explore roads and trails, abandoned holds, ancient times which rise out of the woods to greet you whenever he thinks you need something to explore.

“Bear. It’s always been you. It will always be you. I love you, and that’s why it will always be enough.” ― T.J. Klune


For you, though, his beloved Rynn, he has a special place. An old cabin, deep in the woods. Built of stone, it’s sturdy and warm, surrounded by trees with a garden out front, where all color of camellia flowers grow. Their scent is gentle as you approach, and when you step inside you will discover the interior is empty. But that is the beauty of this place, this area of his mind that is /only/ yours. You get to do with it as you will. Decorate it with your thoughts. It’ll be an exercise for the both of you, for you to imagine and make clear what you want, and for him to understand it, create it, and then remember that it is here. It’ll take some trial and error and some gettng used to, but as the turns pass this cabin of yours will become exactly what you want it to be.

When he is in high spirits or is feeling particularly thoughtful and deep, he will take you to the stars. Above the atmosphere, into the very stars themselves. His thoughts will seem to drift for an eternity in the empty blackness, cloaked only with light and warmth from the stars. Sitting on a moon or an asteroid, gazing out into the universe, he will ponder life’s greatest questions and the two of you will have some truly fascinating and deep conversations.

Up here, among the constellations, you and Mazzolyth will find true solitude and peace, regardless of what is happening in your waking lives. Your Mazzolyth is a smart, smart dragon, intelligent and deep, with a keen awareness to the world and how all things fit together within it.


For you, Rynn, we thought long and hard about an overriding theme for the brown personality ideas you gave us. Then, it came through, clear as day. Bear! Bear is a powerful animal, both in the physical realm and the spirit realm for many Native tribes. He embodies wisdom, healing, the powers of solitude, transformation, and many other qualities that fit perfectly into what you wanted for Rynn. We wanted to incorporate a bit of the stars as well, and Ursa Major, “The Great Bear”, fit perfectly. Plus, there’s an MLP reference! :)

For his name we took the suggestions you gave us, and melded it with the name Alioth, which is the brightest star in the Ursa Major constellation. In this way, Mazzolyth is a dragon of both the earth and the stars. Of reality and of the dream world.

He was primarily written by Nyalle, with tweaks by Th’ero.


Clutch Siblings

No Harm No Fowl Gold Rhenesath and Thys (Amethyst)
Hidden Wellspring of Strength Bronze Tovihasuth and Br’enn (Brennan)
Wandering Storyteller Bronze Kainaesyth and Ha’ze (Hazelon)
Dreams of a Digital Frontier Bronze Bronze Zeruth and S'ai (Sairon)
Transformation of the Spirit Brown Mazzolyth and Rynn (Therynn)
Challenge the Storms Blue Blue Ciesoveth and Sk’ler (Skyler)
Of Life's Greatest Things Blue Blue Jaicoureth and C'rus (Cyrus)
Rising Winter’s Dawn Green Livanyth and R’yal (Ravyal)

At a Steady Pace Green Amidaeth and Annah (Ciannah)


Name Transformation of the Spirit Brown Mazzolyth
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Nyalle and Th'ero
Impressee Rynn (Therynn)
Hatched 8 June, 2014
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH