Molten glass is poured into a mold to craft this dragon in all her polished brilliance. Like any creation, however, this one is not without flaws that add to her beauty and uniqueness. Her color is imperfect and a bit of a jumble. The colors that were poured into the mold did not blend, and instead swirled around each other as they cooled. Spring yellow drifts against pale green, lazily enjoying a warm afternoon together, while darker hues race along her sides in a more furious pace. Tiny tendrils of white swirl here and there in lazy spirals like spinner webs born aloft on the wind. Her body is well formed and of average build. She is not stocky, nor is she overly slender and lithe. Her limbs are strong, her tail built perfectly to act as a rudder while she flies. Her wings are brilliantly hued, the glass stretched thin so light shines through the swirls, reflecting green on the ground beneath her.

Egg Name and Description

Melting Brilliance Egg
A roundish ovoid, pale but flashing in the lights of the Hatching Grounds. The hue is bright enough to haunt the eyes, but not because of any splashes of color. Rather, it's the absence that is startling. Its shell is coated with a shimmering pale tone which drifts around the surface, undulations in the coloration creating the illusion of drifts. Millions upon untold millions of tiny spots form the egg. Beneath the blinding white there are tiny veins of obsidian, and near those cracks the color of white melts into a faint and pale rainbow of hues. It is ice melting on black stone - snow has fallen too early this turn and will not last.

Hatching Message

Melting Brilliance Egg shivers in its spot on the sand, patiently rocking back and forth.

Melting Brilliance Egg continues to wobble and rock, now beginning to form a single crack as the dragon within focuses its attentions on a specific spot.

Melting Brilliance Egg finally breaks open in two perfect halves, gently depositing the newly hatched dragon onto the hot sands.

Impression Message

Sugar and Spice gently reaches into your mind, her touch delicate and adoring. Soft music plays a background to her thoughts, which are leaping and jumping. Colors flash and in a moment you know her, and she knows you. « A'ryn, » she names you, « My perfect, my beloved A'ryn. I love you more than life itself. I am yours forever, I am your Malieth. »


The marbled appearance of her hide betrays a delicate nature within. Your Malieth is as sweet as they come, if a little naieve. She is an eternal child, sugar and spice and everything nice. Very prim and proper, she will not rush into anything without giving it thought first. Unlike her sister Seviadith, Malieth will not try something unless she's sure she can do it, do it well, and do it with grace and poise. Don't think that she won't try new things, though! On the contrary, she loves trying things and playing, she just needs to have assurance that she's going to do well with it before she attempts anything. She will always be volunteering second or third to try things during Weyrlinghood.

She is not shy and will not hesitate to speak her thoughts, but she has a polite reserved quality about her that speaks of a Lady Holder. Image is something that is very important to your beloved green, « We must look good, A'ryn! Straighten your shirt, please? For me? And could you shave? Your face tickles me. And your hair needs to be cut. » Though she is a little nitpicky, she is always kind and you know her comments come from the deepest love and admiration for you. She thinks the world of you, and only wants the rest of Pern to realize your true greatness.

When you are eventually able to go visit new places, she will insist on the both of you being immaculate for the trip. « We are representing Fort Weyr, we must be at our best. » She is kind and gracious, always prompting you to say the right thing and do the right thing. If you forget a Weyrwoman's name, she will be right there providing it to you. Forget to offer Fort's Duties? She'll remind you. She's the little voice in your ear to remind you of everything you need to do. Of course, this might get annoying at times. She will have trouble in situations that are more casual, finding that her comfort level is more along the proper side of things. You will need to work to assure her that it's okay to lounge about in the bowl on a summer afternoon, and it's okay to roll in the dirt after a bath. While she is outwardly proper, secretly she longs to "just be a kid" sometimes. With you she will let her guard down, letting her neck relax so it's not held at that proper arch, flop her wings out on her couch and give a big belch after a good meal. At some point other dragons might see this side of her, but they would have to be a very close friend. Ashkalith will be a likely candidate for this, as Malieth will see the more outgoing green as something she wishes she could be.

Your dragon is an introvert who wishes she was an extrovert, until she realizes that she is who she is, and that you love her no matter what. During Flights is when you'll see a completely different side of your beloved green. They say that those who repress emotions are doomed to sudden outbursts, and this is no exception. She will go from sweet to flirty, from proper to sexual. It won't last long, a day at most, but that day will have you wondering what got into her. Don't be surprised if during this time she encourages you to engage in some improper behaviors, either. After her flight she will politely thank the male who caught her, and usher him off her ledge. She is not the type to cuddle with other dragons, all her thoughts are for you. Flights are necessary, but they're a nuisance and she's glad when it's over so you two can go back to loving each other. Because of this, she might get rather jealous if you form a romantic relationship with someone. She is yours, and why would you need anyone else? Isn't she good enough for you? During these times you will have to walk a delicate balance between taking care of Malieth's emotions and your new mate's needs. Overall, your beloved green is totally in love with you. In her eyes, you can do no wrong. She will stick up for you no matter what. Even if you make a mistake, she will find some diplomatic way to blame it on someone else. She is protective and possessive, but with elegance, grace and style.


Sugar and Spice
Your Malieth's mind is the mind of a child. Her thoughts are often jumping around with bright colors when she talks to you, and in her more casual moments she'll let anything come to her thoughts without rhyme or reason. With you, she sometimes won't even use words, rather letting her thoughts sink right into your own mind. Her mental touch is gentle and soft, like a baby's grasp. In speaking to others, though, her mind and voice will be carefully schooled. She will send no excessive images or colors, all will be muted and lovely coordinated shades that she thinks will help better convey her meaning. Her voice is a soft soprano - a child's voice, sweet and melodic.


Your Malieth was created by Elara. I let her grow organically, since you said lots of personalities would work with Varryn. I started with a picture for her desc to be based on. The code won't take the link right, so page me if you want to see it. :) That gave me the idea for glass, and her personality developed from there. In this clutch we have several outgoing, impulsive dragons, and I thought a quiet, sweet and very proper green would fit well in this group, as well as fit with you the player and with Varryn. Her name is from the Hawaiian name Malia, meaning "Calm and Peaceful" It is pronounced ma-leee-eth. Her egg was based on this image: Her personality is just a guideline, so feel free to change it any way you see fit. Enjoy, and congratulations! :)


Name Polished Figurine Green Malieth
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Limerith
Created By Elara
Impressee A'ryn
Hatched 18 November 2007
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH