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A remarkable tinge swathes over her small agile form, something unique to the eye at the very least. Her body carries a colour that has a distinctive yellow pigment to it, with a minimal touch of green, pear like in shade. It's not due to her being pale or sickly, since her pear hide is quite bold with its intensity. It caresses all the delicate contours of her slender design, from her narrow chest back up and over toward her trim haunches and whip like tail.

There are only a few deviations of this, produced of two thick stripes wrapping around her body. One stripe is at her mid section, looping around her tapered rib cage with a thick olive band. The other stripe can be found consuming her neck in a fern green band. Although these greens aren't as the same shade as the rest of her, they seem to naturally compliment her. Olive and fern can also be found mixed in with pear along her transparent wing sails, leafing out in flower petal patterns. Further the complimenting hues can be found along the high peaked eye ridges of her face, shading also down the bridge of her pinched muzzle. Olive can also be found at the points of all her talons, front and back alike. The tip of her tail is one other spot that varies, as it looks like the tip has been rubbed off, leaving it with a nearly white tuft.

Egg Name and Description

Big Things From Small Packaging Egg

If it is possible for a dragon's egg is be considered adorable, this one indeed has hit that mark. Pudgy and round, almost no noticeable top nor bottom are distinguished. More like a ball than an actual egg, and quite a vibrant yellow in hue. A small mark does, however, determine up from down. A red face, rectangular in shape, peers out with a gentle vibe. Smaller in size than the eggs around, though the almost blindingly bright golden blonde color help bring this ovoid to eye.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message

Big Things From Small Packaging Egg rouses itself by wobbling just a smidge. It'll hide for a bit longer, avoiding detection. Yet the wobble itself ruined the balance and topples the egg onto it's side. So much for being stealthy.

Crack Message

Big Things From Small Packaging Egg rolls about now that it's on its side. Sand starts to stick to the outer surfaces of the shell, indicating that some where along that vivid yellow, a crack lets a gooey substance leak out.

Hatch Message

Big Things From Small Packaging Egg is going to be the first to investigate the new world. There's no doubt about it. With some stealth the egg shell suddenly develops a spasm that transforms it from a simple ovid into that of a dragonet. Hey wait a second, how come their's no sound affects?


Impression Message

The noise of those around you start to dwindle to a muffled racket, as if someone had stuffed cotton swabs into your ears. It's quite near the sensation of having your ears ringing, only this time there is a soft buzzing. It continues for a prolonged period. You might wonder if you've lost your hearing at this point, until the sounds of your mother, Cida, eeriely presses into your mind, « You really should have came by more to visit. » Squeaky scratches like someone tuning in a radio fills the small pause with a bit of buzzing static as well. Then Milodann's voice enters your head, a bit of jealousy, « Do you love me? » There it cracks and breaks up again, switching to your father's words, « Of course you do. Luck has turned around for you. With me it can only be good. » A mixture of all the voices you've ever known in your entire life come together as if a crowd were speaking to you « All paths lead to now. This moment. To Me. » A childish giggle, perhaps formed of every child's laughter you've heard up until this point, « I am Maglinoth. Your protector and your dragon for all time. » A soft snicker, « Call me Mags, Ely. Let's stop being silly for now and go eat, ok? » Your hearing comes back, but now you've someone there with you. The green dragon who eagerly awaits your attention.


Sleek with prowess only a feminine dragon of her rendering can accomplish, Maglinoth is going to be known as one of the most womanly greens out there, at least when she grows up. Until then, there are many stages she has to climb through before becoming comfortable in her own skin and learning the valuable lessons which will make her beautiful inside and out.

Moments after hatching out of the shell, she'll have a decidedly sweet nature about her. It'll be youthful and vibrant. Think of her at this point as being a toddler whose just learning how to run, energized and always on the go, discovering things in life that make her laugh and giggle. Though life delivers harsh lessons to ones so young too. A sharp rock stepped on will hurt! A dragon can't breathe under water (something that will vex her to no ends)! It'll be an adventure all the same time, testing you as she will be susceptible to emotions, bringing forth tears or tantrums. Falling is one of those things which will cause her to cry (which she'll never quite grow out of). No matter if there are no scratches present, if she takes a spill; she'll put on the water works.

There's also the innocent mimicry she'll try to accomplish at this early stage. For example if someone has given their life mate extra attention to their talons, she'll want you to polish hers up too. In this, will be challenging, because she'll learn things by /others/ examples and quite likely she'll foster some habits that will be hard to break. It'll be hard for you to teach her what you want her to do, as she'll always have to look for someone else's example at first, before she does it herself.

She'll also become fond of a thing called 'dress up.' You'll find yourself making her bits and pieces of clothing, however hilarious it may seem to everyone else, she'll want you to put a scarf around her neck or put a hat on her head. She'll take a fond liking to pinks, yellows, and purples. Anything of those colours she'll likely want to have for her own! Bedding included. Still, if she cannot fit into what she wants to wear, you'll be her doll. She'll insist you put on long wispy dresses and curl your hair. Hair. You'll be talking to Sabrina a lot in the future. Maglinoth cannot fathom you leaving your hair the same way for too long. She'll insist on changes - in color, cut, or style. She'll prompt you to do it if only she cannot as she has no hair herself to experiment with. In that way, you'll be her own personal doll. In the end, you only learn to appreciate this, because you yourself would not have any excuse to wear a dress if she wasn't there to nudge it out of you.

Then as time progresses, her attitude will change with it. She'll grow from the young child into a teenager. Funny how she'll experience the same things that you go through yourself. A bit of self consciousness will come into play when the other dragons grow much larger than she. She'll start to question herself at first, but then she'll attempt to prove herself in the eyes of the taller, stronger dragons, especially her leaders. Alas, during this attempt, she might get distracted easily. She'll try to fit herself into the group by producing wise cracks and stories that could distract most of the others from what they're doing as well. The weyrlingmasters most likely will get upset at this and it'll take their dragons to scold her for her attention to slip back to them.

She'll often be day dreaming too at this stage of the game, when lectures trail on. When she's not day dreaming, she's whispering behind the teacher's back and passing notes via mind touches. She'll be prone to making as many friends as she can, as she likes to surround herself in the social chaos. Albeit, there's one dragon she just seems to have a hard time getting along with. Toith! That dragon is the opposite of her. Mags will not like her, Toith in her eyes a bully - especially when the other dragon starts tackling her frequently. This is when a quote comes into play:

"Though he be but little, he is fierce—"
- Shakespeare

Maglinoth will not stand being attacked for any reason. To her, it will seem that Toith's form of play will not be play at all, but a subtle way to pick on her for her size. She'll show how fierce she can get, but not at the harm or risk of others. There's always a boundary which she won't cross. She doesn't like to be mean or nasty; she won't even like to whack anything with a tail. Toith is her only exception. Whether she must resort to physical way to defend herself or to win battles over Toith with kindness is a journey that all must walk through together.

Until that time, she'll be concentrating on other things too. She'll still want you dressed in your best, but it won't be so much pressure on you. She'll be more interested in herself. Preening herself, making sure her wings are glistening with oil, making sure you've sprayed her with a lovely fragrance of perfume. This comes into play after a hunt. She'll want you to bathe her and oil her and redo everything until she's pretty again. Blood doesn't go well with her hide after all, it clashes badly. She'll start to test her feminine ways too and tease the boys. She'll curl her tail and sit by the beach with any that wish too, though it's likely they'll not yet be ready for her fawning.

Of course, when it is time for her to rise in a mating flight, she'll be a nervous flutter of emotions. She'll have a few suitors by then, perhaps a few that'll be close friends with her. Those that do know her should woe her with flowers. She tends to like them after all. She'll take any gifted presents with a sultry but shy giggle and some sleek movement of her body. She'll prefer to be flown by those she knows, then that way it won't be so awkward the next day. Still, some young handsome stranger now and then can excite things - especially if they're rebellious. Did we mention she has a fondness for the bad-boy? It's there. The actual flight itself won't last as long as other green flights, as she's fairly small, but she'll give those males a run for their money. She'll flirt and play with them, loop and evade them. She'll use all that an agile little beast like her can muster. Bronzes will seldom catch her do to the fast and furious hyper-drive moves she'll use.

In the aftermath of her flights, she'll have a bigger place in her hearts for the male that won her. But she also knows she can be free spirited if she chooses and can go right back into flirting, and being her giggly girly self.

One other quirk that is particular to this green is her need to curtsey (dragon-style) every time she meets another she's never met before. An eloquent gesture from a creature growing into her own elogance. She'll be sweet and polite to those she doesn't know, as she has an optimistic view of everyone else (except for the bane of her existance, Toith).

In sum, Maglinoth, Mags as she'll tell you she prefers, is a loving dragon that will stand up for what she believes in, while enjoying the finer things in life - like a good pink fluffy pillow! She's got a whole range of attitudes and moods, but will generally be chipper, witty, and compassionate. You know without even asking, that she'll risk life and limb for others - most importantly, for you.


You didn't have to impress her to know that this one's mind was full of energy. You found that out at the touching. But it's the type of hyperactive energy that will keep you on your toes. Yet, her voice has evolved since you were last present at the egg touching, transforming into something that you can understand - at least sometimes.

It seems that the foundation of how her voice sounds within your mind comes from those around you and those that she and you both know. She doesn't have her own voice per say, instead chooses to piece together her sentences while incorporating the tones and verbal pitches of others. Don't be surprised if you hear her mimicking Toith's vocal range in one sentence and the Weyrwoman's in the next. It may get her in trouble from time to time until others realize she isn't meaning to insult them with her impressions, but that's just how she communicates to the world. It's like listening to various clips of the radio when it's tuned back and forth between stations quickly, or when someone changes a television so quickly that only fragments of voices register in a jumbled and sometimes humorous arrangement.

That's why sometimes, you'll hear a buzzing bee when she pauses to search for some vocal mimicry, as it's the static in the background of her not able to find the right example. Or this happens when she fumbles for a coherent response to questions asked of her, or when she fails to come up with a witty comeback.

As for colours and or scents, she rarely uses them. If she must to express her opinion on something, she'll use something that smells of machinery or gasoline (a scent Pernese would not recongize). For colours she'll often resort again to mimicry of what other dragons use, so in that it can be a wide variety that could make you dizzy with the intensity of use.


Maglinoth was inspired by Bumblebee from the 80's cartoon series, as this clutch was themed on supporting characters in 80's cartoons. She's everything I hope you asked for in a green dragon.

Her name itself came from the Italian word for bumblebee: Maggiolino.


Clutch Siblings (PC)

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Secrets of the Defender Egg - The Hunters Forested Defense Green Shisuth Impressed to N'drei (Wyndrei)


Name Maglinoth
Dam Kessa's Gold Choth
Sire Ma'kai's Bronze Garanth
Created By Kessa. (Egg/Mind Touches by Vi'Leko)
Impressee Ely (Elyciana)
Hatched November 20th 2009
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH