From afar, this dragon seems to be as dark as night, charcoal brown gently wrapping itself around him and deepening as it moves down his hide, concentrating at the tip of his tail. Spatterings of burgundy cling to his legs, as if the petals engrained on his shell had been seared onto the brown's body. Whisps of dark umber spread across his chest, originating from a cloud of color just above his heart and moving to the underside of his belly before crawling up through the inside of his wings. A streak of dark mahogany runs up this dragon's spine and up strongly pointed headknobs just before spilling down onto defined eyeridges. The color leaks to just past his large, whirling, eyes that seem almost almond in shape. Abruptly, the woody color gives way to a mask of shadowy bistre almost the same hue as black onyx. It sweeps across his lower jaw smoothly, save for streaks of pale taupe. Flecked with silver, the streams move down to their origin at the tip of his muzzle, which is dipped in the shining color. Beneath the subdued tones is a frame that seems small and delicate. Upon closer inspection however, one finds muscles that are lean and strong yet not so noticeable as to give away his hidden strength. The illusion extends to the rest of the brown's features, from slim legs to slender paws with their sharp obisidan claws all the way to his sharply defined and angular head. When the sun sets however, delicacy turns to something that seems almost sinister, metallic flakes accentuating the angles of his head with ghostly flashes while his body seems to almost disappear into the night.


Just as Maehwazeyeth's appearance can be either beautiful or menacing, his personality seems to come from opposite ends of the spectrum as well. A natural born mood-maker, he is always there to step in with some joke, even at his own expense, should there be trouble on the horizon. Underneath that carefree countenance however, is a noble heart burning with passion, a heart filled with emotions that one should hope will never be turned on them.

“YOU! Why are you so late?”
“I’m here, aren’t I? What’re you upset about?”
~Hong Gil Dong to his bandits

"Aiiiiiish, everytime I want to play hero there's some annoying person that comes to disrupt me and ruin my hero image!"
~Yong (Iljimae)

Image image image. This will be Maehwazeyeth's main concern, or what he claims to be his main concern at least. Cool dragons don't pay attention to lessons, and your lifemate certainly won't….except for the lecture on mating flights perhaps. Instead, he’ll lounge beside you, perhaps a single ear perked and one eye open to make it seem like he cares a little bit. Outside of lessons he’ll be a bit of a show off, flaring his wings for any passerbys to appreciate and showing off his perfectly proportioned body with a self assured strut.

«Of course I meant to fall! I'm Maehwazeyeth! I'm not that kind of dragon.»

So what if he hasn't paid attention to what’s being taught? He'll be the first to try anything new, boasting about the easiness of the task before failing. Despite looking like a fool in many of these cases, he'll attempt to brush it off with nonchalance and retain his 'handsome image'.
But that clumsiness will not last long. As he grows older a natural grace and skillfulness will be acquired. What he lacks in size, Maehwazeyeth makes up for in speed and agility. Flight is where his specialty lies however, his movement both beautiful and deadly when it comes to hunting. This side is something he will try to hide, however; he does have an image to protect after all

"I can't pretend not to see, can't pretend not to hear. I can't live like that. I'll find him, the one that killed my father and my sister and then give him back all the pains that I have endured."

While your Maehwazeyeth is good-natured, there is a darker side to him. Faranth forbid he see someone being bullied or mistreated. At first it may seem as if he doesn’t care, and should the issue be something small he will wait to take action, forming a careful plan for revenge and waiting until night falls to exact his wrath. No matter the rank or species of the offender, there will be no leniency. And while Maehwazeyeth may forget other things, those that have angered him will forever be scorned.

«You cannot live in the middle ground anymore, I will drag you to the forefront of battle.»

Night is the time of Maehwazeyeth’s reign. He will be most active then, prowling unhidden amongst the darkness, quietly watching over the Weyr and it’s people. From the smallest flit to the largest herdbeast, everything will be watched under his careful eye. Unfortunately, he will not go on these rounds alone. If you lose sleep, so be it, but Maehwazeyeth WILL have you accompany him. He won’t allow you to stay in the background. When there are conflicts he will urge you to step up for yourself as well as others. No, you cannot hide. Not even behind amnesia. Not a day will go by where he doesn’t try to make you recall those memories long forgotten, however painful they will be. But he will be there. Together. And together you will grow stronger.

« The way your hide shines is beautiful…..except for that one spot there. There’s some dirt left.»

Maehwazeyeth is certainly a ladies man. Whether it be a green or a gold that goes up, he will be there to chase, a trait passed down from his sire Velokraeth. He has his own, peculiar way of flirting, mixing compliments with tiny barbs that may bite the dragon’s ego. If she isn’t proddy and about to leap into the air, Maehwazeyeth will most likely ignore her, unless he’s feeling rather bored. Courting is for his entertainment, to see how the ladies react to his words, not for love, because throughout his life there will only be one real love: you. This also means that he isn’t the type to wallow in self-pity should he lose a fight, easily brushing off the loss and refocusing on what he deems as important.

“If you come to me, I will never let you leave.”
~Hong Gil Dong

Loyalty is engrained into every inch of his body. He will be strongly protective over his clutchsibs, ready to aid should anything happen. Dragons other than his family and a handful of close friends (and their lifemates) will be almost ignored however. They are not important to him. But amongst them all, there is no light that shines brighter than yours in his mind and heart. You are Maehwazeyeth’s and Maehwazeyeth’s alone. Should you take up a lover it may be a turn, perhaps even more before he will accept them. Even then, you will be ‘given away’ begrudgingly. This possessiveness leaks over into his interactions with others. He will be bright and friendly, readily and easily conversing with other dragons while interacting with their lifemates. But his mind is for you and for you alone. Nothing short of a life threatening emergency to either of you will make him bespeak another human. Knowing his mind is not their place.

If the day that Maehwazeyeth catches a gold ever comes, he will seem like a rather frivolous father on the surface. During the day he will be nowhere to be found unless there is a touching to be had. But deep down he does in fact have a reserved spot for the eggs. He will wait until darkness falls, coming in silently to quietly watch over the eggs. When the candidates begin moving onto the Sands he will watch them closely while trying to hide it. Should something go wrong or not sit well with him however, all nonchalance will be thrown out the window in favor of snapping at the problem causer. Once the eggs hatch, Maehwazeyeth will once again watch over them from the shadows. The loyalty given to you, his clutchsibs, and his friends will extend to the hatchlings. While he may never show affection for them outright, he will watch over them forever.


Rain of Light

A peaceful lake stretches out across this landscape, red petals scattered across the surface of the water. Their sweet scent fills the air, carried by a playful wind which rustles through the plum trees bordering the edge of the expanse. The bright rays of the sun play across the body of water, each petal and droplet of moisture reflecting bright light and scattering it in every direction. This peaceful state is the norm, but when excited the streams of light turn into tiny orbs, bouncing across the surface and sailing through the air while the wind picks up allowing the petals to swirl together with the globes. Anger brings a complete snuffing out of light. Darkness descending on the scene, while the lake suddenly becomes a froth of waves and violence. The scent of flowers disappears as the petals are dragged to the depths of the lake and harsh gusts sweep through the trees, destructive and fearsome. His voice is just as expressive as the landscape itself. The devastation of the landscape is reflected in his voice when upset, his tone colder than ice and sharper than a knife. On a daily basis however, Maehwazeyeth possesses a bright, boyish pitch that always seems to be tinged with amusement and laughter, as if he were constantly reveling in lie and all its glory. Yet another layer lies beneath that surface, one made of pure cheekiness as well as of a self-assurance that is not lost in even the most dire of situations.

Egg Name and Description

Soul in Bloom Egg

This mid-sized egg seems quite normal with few irregularities in shape. Its wide base is dipped in the purest of blood-reds that, when viewed from a closer distance, is found to be a sea of tiny raised bumps, each bump marring the surface with its oblong shape, all amassing to create a bed of flower petals. Streams of jet black interrupt the peace however, rising up from the petals and branching as they climbs. Webs of thick, silver veins crawl across each branch, ever river bursting into a mass of delicate red flowers. Tiny splotches of red litter the rest of the surface, almost as if a wind were carrying the flowers on a journey, a few falling to join their comrades, the others sweeping across the surface in thick flurries. Between the reds, glimpses of dark blue shapes present themselves, flat topped trapezoids whose sides sweep down before curling up. Each rests on a square of pure white, their forms coming together elegantly to form a simple building. Dozens of these structures are spaced seemingly at random, but come together in a village of sorts. Yet there is a blur of colors that stands out among the rest. Discarding the blues and whites, reddish-purple stains soar up majestically, supporting an emerald green trapezoid much like the blue ones only far larger. Tendrils of orange gracefully curl themselves around the building, crawling across the surface in an almost possessive manner. One half of the structure is charred black under the attention of the flames, but the other seems to thrive, its colors shining bright as the orange glow of flames bathe the air.

Hatching Message

Soul in Bloom seems to stretch upwards, as if waking from a deep slumber. But no, there is no rush. It stills once more. There is still time.

Soul in Bloom gives a shudder, tiny petals of red falling in a shower upon the sand as small cracks begin to crawl up the dark streaks on its surface.

Pieces of Soul in Bloom’s surface begin to fall off gently, a small muzzle appearing from the blankets it had been wrapped in. Its emergence is both beautiful and graceful….until it tries to strike a pose and instead ends up stumbling forward a few steps, just barely avoiding a tumble.

Scamp by Day Vigilante by Night Brown Hatchling stares around with wide eyes, surveying the white things in front of him. What /are/ those? Well whoever they are, they should learn to appreciate. Flaring his wings, the hatchling begins to strut forward, suddenly tripping over his own tail and sending sand flying into the air as he lands face down. Quickly his brown head pops up, looking around at the spectators. No one saw that.

Scamp by Day Vigilante by Night Brown Hatchling brings himself to his feet, quickly flipping his head back and extending his tail for all to see. Once he’s deemed that his form has been appreciated enough, he begins to move towards the line with purpose once again. Ugh, that’s one ridiculous. And that one just isn’t cute enough. OH! He skids to a stop in front of a small group of candidates, staring at one in particular with expectation. For a few minutes he simply sits there, blue eyes whirling in expectation. WAIT. He suddenly snaps up straight, brown head swinging back and forth in confusion before quietly beginning to slink away in embarrassment. Uh….Wrong person. Sorry about that! Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Scamp by Day Vigilante by Night Brown Hatchling has been embarrassing himself all over the place, but you couldn’t tell by looking at him. All confidence and amused whuffling, he begins making his way through the white robed things once more. Why are none of you unique? Look at all that white white white…..Wait, who’s that? With bouncing leaps the hatchling makes it’s way over towards a small group before tilting his head in confusion as he looks down at a pair of feet. Are you dancing? He lifts first one fore leg and then the other, his pace quickening a bit for a few seconds. And now you’re hiding? That’s easy too! A wing moves up and the brown ducks his head behind it, peeking up after a few moments. Almond shaped eyes suddenly make contact with those of the ‘dancer’ girl with scars running up her arms.

Impression Message

The cries and din upon the sands fall away, uncomfortable heat suddenly fading as a cool darkness washes over you. For what seems like ages you stand there, the emptiness somehow both comfortable and relaxing. Finally, something begins to appear in the distance, a tiny speck of light that flickers at irregular intervals. Slowly, it approaches, as if having just woken from a deep sleep. The abstract form grows as it moves towards you, its tendrils finally reaching out towards you and hugging to your body with loving enthusiasm. «At last I’ve found you! Why did you make me wander around like that? It hurt my image.» The light flashes orange, as if admonishing you, but instead, it only manages to look rather pretty, like a blinking star in the night sky. «I’m Fort’s newest cutie, Maehwazeyeth, and you are Jelly!….I mean, Jaye. You are my Jaye. That was just a joke really.» Hints of bashful red creep into the presence, quickly fading away as the light slowly begins to let go of your form and expand into the darkness. Before long, they begin melding together, finally hovering in the air before you with no definite shape, continuously moving. «Did you know that there is only one ‘I love you’ in the world? You are my ‘I love you’.» The word are accompanied by a surge of encouragement and affection before distraction arrives and you are receiving a demand. «As my ‘I love you’, you have a duty to feed me. C’mon my ‘I love you’, hurry up!» Words melt into the darkness and slowly the noise about you returns while you find yourself back on the sands. Pressed against your forehead is a large brown head, his dancing blue eyes looking into yours with both happiness….and hunger. He is your Maehwazeyeth, now and forever.


Welcome to Fort, I promise you’ll come to love the snow! The theme for this clutch was ‘adventures’. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Asian dramas so I immediately thought of the characters Iljimae and Hong Gil Dong, both of whom I love. There’s no need to go watch them, but I do recommend them if you’re ever bored. These two are similar to Robin Hood. Both would steal from the nobles and give the wealth to the poor. But while Hong Gil Dong worked during the day, Iljimae hid his identity and worked during the night.

Iljimae means “A single stalk of plum”. He used this name because he would always leave a painting of a branch with blood red plum blossoms in place of anything he stole (His real name is Yong). These plum blossoms were part of the inspiration for your dragon’s egg. The other half of the inspiration came from the Korean village of Namsangol-Hankok. The village is a replica of what Korea’s capital may have looked like in historical times. Here’s a picture for your viewing pleasure!

Speaking of Korea’s capital city….its name is Seoul and I used to make a sort of play on words when naming the egg! Oh, and one more thing. The mindtouches are similar to his personality, but the last one is my favorite. It’s based off of a rather inspirational scene in the last episode of the Hong Gil Dong drama. Here’s a link. I think you’ll enjoy it!

Oh! And another thing I forgot. The 'I love you' bit from his Impression message also has a cute youtube clip from Hong Gil Dong to go with it!

Your dragon’s personality is a mixture between Hong Gil Dong and Iljimae. Both are very similar in that aspect. The one thing you did ask for was a dragon that would chase any proddy, whether she be green or gold. This fit with Hong Gil Dong’s personality pretty perfectly. Before he met the woman he loved he would chase after plenty of woman, using a flirty-insulting way to get to them and that what I used for your dragon.

Appearance wise I tried to make exotic as you asked. I also based him off of Iljimae: cutie by day and scary by night (pictures below). The only other part for which I specifically based off an image was his muzzle. The ‘mask’ he wears is based of off the mask in Iljimae’s ‘night-work’ outfit.
Cutie Yong:
Cool Iljimae:

And finally, his name. I based his name off of the word Maehwa which means plum blossom in Korean. The name is a bit long but I tried to make it exotic as per your request, and it’s shortenable so hopefully you think it sounds as cool as I think it does. Here’s a little thing on its pronunciation: May-hwah-zeh-yehth. The first ‘h’ isn’t silent

This is the first dragon I’ve made and I really do hope you like him >_<. The amount of freedom you gave me to work with made writing him very fun. What I wrote are really all just tips and suggestions. Maehwazeyeth is yours. Hope you enjoy him and once again, welcome to Fort!

<3 Miki

Clutch Siblings

Specter of a Queen Gold Zuvaleyuth - Dtirae
King of Kings Brown Njordeth - A'lin
Sharp-Witted Warrior and Strategist Blue Jheth - K'hys

Fighting With the Legends of Yore Brozne Davarnesonth - P'on
These Fortians are Crzy Blue Obelizkth - As’trix
Make Way for the Runway Green Aravith - C’or
Make-Believe Zeppelin Pilot Green Elliveth - C’arl


Name Maehwazeyeth
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Miki
Impressee Jaye
Hatched November 18, 2011
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH