Golden-brown dapples of light play across the broad expanse of tanned sail. As if settled just below the sea's surface, the light can still easily reach the translucent membranes, playfully crisscrossing the sails in loose diamond patterns to the random ripples of the waves above. As agile in the invisible currents of air as in the thicker veil of water, lean defined muscles connect and support the easy flow of joints which manipulate the broad span. Beneath, the dragon himself is not quite as dramatically dappled by the light pattern through neck ridges, back and the upper portion of his tail. Darkened, sun-tanned brown hide flows with a smooth tautness over his long frame with its slim athletic build. There is a sharp angle to his jaw which leads to a rather pointed muzzle. Pearly white teeth glint, while a more calming blue-green swirl emerges in his eyes. The jewel-like orbs are protected by distinct jutting ridges dusted in a sandy-brown. Neck ridges too are sharp and distinct as they flow down the spine of his long neck. Angular arms protrude from broad chest while haunches draw his hips distinctly as muscles tense and relax beneath the drawn hide. Each of his features is sharp and distinct, even the lanky tail which trails him with its much smaller ridges ends in a distinct point. Pearl hued talons tip mud splattered fingers and arms, a bit of treasure found from rummaging upon the sea's floor. The apparent efforts also spackle his belly with smaller dots of muddy brown, though tail looks to have kept out of the way. His movements are clearly well controlled but surprisingly agile for one of his size, the tradeoff in the lack of sheer bulk that so many others carry.


At his core, Mac is a fun, courageous, free spirited dragon that has this tendency to push his limits, for better or worse. Always up for an adventure he loves to join in with you, or others in anything. He won't be the brooding, silent, aloof dragons that dot the Weyr. No he is a vibrant, energetic spirit who enjoys company and encourages you in the same. You'll find a loyal, devoted and loving partner who would do anything for you, and in that take care, for he means ANYTHING. Should you feel endangered he is likely to react in the extreme, afraid only of losing you and protective in spirit and body of his one and only. A heart full of courage, nothing will get in his way, no cost will be to high. — A few things you'll notice about him in particular is his love of water. He'll often forget that those silly straps need to be removed and just jump right into the lake waters, at times even forgetting you're still strapped in too! There is just such an eager love in the play that water allows. While that may be a mostly harmless quirk of his personality, another aspect you'll have to keep an eye on and possibly hold the line. For he doesn't hold back, to the point of recklessness he'll push himself to his limits… and sometimes beyond. He isn't good at turning down a dare, for that is a fresh challenge to be faced and he can take on anything, especially anything for you. He seeks to overcome any challenge put to him or that he thinks up, going beyond what others say he can or can't do to be free of the limitations that so many others place on him and themselves. - As a youngster, you can imagine that he'll get you into a fair share of trouble and you might imagine you'll get to know the dragonhealers a good deal too. «I was sure I could make that leap, the rocks didn't look that far apart!» and while mostly it's just the normal scrapes and bruises, he might just push himself to greater injury. Sitting out to recover is definitely not his style and will be your challenge to keep him settled while strained muscles relax, or that torn talon clots over. Patience a virtue you both have to learn, but will be better for it. — In flights he is the best of himself. Nothing will be held back as he woos green and gold in the air. Although he is large enough, he won't tend to win gold flights for the build of his body lends him agility but not as much endurance as the many bronzes. Still this will not deter him in the least from trying and giving his all to fall exhausted to the ground below when unsuccessful, or find new waves of energy in the rare instances he is fatefully twined. His agility will lend him much more opportunity with greens, able to follow their wily ways, if not exactly, close enough to keep in the competition and to have reserves of energy that blues have burnt out by the time the shining lady is to be caught.


You'll find the mind of your partner lost in watery hues. There are frequently bubbles which punctuate his speech, emphasizing whatever point he may be making. Or sometimes just for fun. They can come in any color, but most tend to be translucent with a pearly sheen. The depth of the watery hue will depend on his mood. It tends to be lighter or mid level tropical sea blues, but on occasion it may sink to near black should he be particularly upset, mad or when he is most scared for you. The tone of his mind voice is near your own spoken one. It will tend to have higher peaks and lower valleys than your own, letting him be so very close to yours without purely imitating it.

Egg Name and Description

The World Between Egg
Description The hue upon this shell is at first an overwhelmingly crystal clear ocean blue. Upon the top, golden sunlight is caught in between the soft diamond ripples of the water. Though the light may break through, the air somewhere beyond that shimmering boundary can not intrude. Instead the clear blue water grows darker as one descends along the length of the egg until reaching an odd irregularity of gray and brown rock. It is not deep enough that shadows alone rule, and clearly visible upon the rocks are hints of life in an assortment of ugly black, gray and spackled shellfish. Muscles, oysters and abalone compete for the perfect spot to remain anchored, while something delves down from above. Two elongated wavy shadows slip thru the water, clearly not in their element a few glassy bubbles of air can be found escaping back to the surface. The strange figures seem to dive directly toward the rocks, testing their own limits. A race against each other and perhaps time itself, for will these foreign visitors find a tasty treat, or become one themselves?

Hatching Message

The sunlit waters seem to shift as the World Between egg begins to move. There is no doubt to the movement, no hesitation or reluctance. It's as if the one within has decided and once decided puts all into emergence. A task that will not come easily to the sea colored egg, despite the growing movements.

The World Between egg's movements continue to increase, rocking becoming more frantic though for the longest time not even a crack appears upon the surface. Then, slowly, efforts are rewarded and dark black fissures work their way upwards from the rocky looking outcropping at the base of the shell. The lines seem rather ominous, cutting across the strange scene as if it won't be long before the end is known, one way or the other. Has time run out for the eggs occupant?

A struggle to the end, pushing the very limits and boundaries at this very first stage, the World Between egg shatters. It no longer can withstand the ever desperate kicks from within, and shadowed shards splatter like rain to the sands around it. In its wake is left a rather large and lanky brown panting from the exertion but clearly exhilarated as he tosses his head back and bugles to the Weyr.

Reckless Suntanned Diver Brown Hatchling struggles to his feet, large wings flailing and dragging a bit as he works to coordinate these newly released limbs. Sand clings to various parts of still damp body, but he dries quickly in the heat and between that and movement it trickles off. The sand is not such a good way to learn ones footing however, whoever's idea this was needs to reconsider the concept! Instinct drives him to begin forward movement, shifting footing or not. Long tail lashes behind, seeking to balance out these first most awkward of steps.

Reckless Suntanned Diver Brown Hatchling quickly figures out the assortment of limbs and now moves much more quickly, if still with its awkward moments, over the sands. The line of white robed candidates is still a bit distant, especially in comparison with the nearer remaining eggs and the wobble of the next catches his attention, causing him to plow to a stop on his haunches and rear back defensively. There is no danger he will not brave, nor will he let anything stop him from his current course. For a moment it looks as if he might attack the offending egg, but practicality wins out in the urgency of his current quest and he simply steps around with a bit of a sniff. So there!

Reckless Suntanned Diver Brown Hatchling gains confidence the more he moves and the faster and longer his strides become. The distance remaining between he and the line of candidates is quickly closed. Stopping is another matter and its good the candidates were warned ahead of time, the ones nearest stepping aside as he plows to a stop in a flailing of limbs. Well, he'll work on that. Eyes search urgently for the one he knows is here. Working his way along the back of the line now he is stared at by some, ignored by others. Limbs contained are little danger at this pace but for the urgency of his need and then he senses the one, his one there! Movements slow to a careful choreographed whisper as he sides up and settled next to his partner, leaning ever so gently into his side as eyes look up adoringly. Yes, hello!

Impression Message

A nibbling, nagging feeling seems to nuzzle the edges of your thoughts as the hatching progresses. Is that doubt which clenches your stomach or hunger? The nibbling continues, growing emboldened as if someone is trying to hold back a laugh and failing miserably. There's just so much, a drizzle of pearlescent bubbles abruptly filter through your mind, your vision. Maybe it's just the chaos of the sands, the heat, the time, the raw emotion of the hatchlings as they break free «Or maybe it's something else?» A voice so much like your own, and yet you didn't just think that, did you? Something so obvious it escapes you momentarily as the sands blur and a strong pillar of warmth and support leans into your side. Comfort, love, adoration there is complete understanding as you begin again. The moment before a lonely empty existence to which you both look back and wonder at the illusion of reality. The clear slowing whirl of your partner's eyes as the only brown of the clutch blinks but once in reply to your own look. He's known and searched and now there is only the way forward, to face each moment with strength, courage and perhaps a touch of reckless abandon that you somehow just understand but will come to really know all to well. «So Joan, any meat handy for your Macorzath? I'm starved!»

Clutch Siblings

Gold Vidyazath Impressed to Galina
Bronze Zephryth Impressed to R'oo (Edrosayen)
Green Zarawith Impressed to Sabrina
Blue Zhieth Impressed to P'rius (Pralius)
Blue Jysaiozetth Impressed to Siobhan


The theme of the eggs is: Under the Sea. Your egg is representative of a free diver seeking a harvest of shellfish, or just enjoying the natural beauty of the world for the span they can hold their breath. It's dangerous, exciting and amazing when you are not all bogged down by tanks and gauges and such worries. It's just you and the raw elements and your own physical and mental strengths. The hatchling is rather a continuation of the diver and the way the water and light play upon ones skin. His personality is from traits of the diver and your preferences which worked well together. His name stems from the Italian - Corragio (Courage) and Mare (Sea) . The Z in his name is representative of the clutch itself. I consider his name representing him of one who has a sea of courage, though I didn't get the exact Italian translation for that. He is your s now, if anything is not as you wish, please play him as you wish. I hope you do find some inspiration from what has been set but many evolve in ways we don't anticipate when playing and I hope you two have lots of fun and adventures together. - Neyuni.


Name Reckless Suntanned Diver Brown Macorzath
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Taozyuth
Created By Neyuni
Impressee J'oan (Joanethen)
Hatched August 1 2010
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH