Arcane Magic and Darkness Green Hatchling

Darkness cloaks the lithe form of this prowling green hatchling like the depths of a wild and untamed forest with many hours until the dawn. Shadows chase each other in a swirling and hazy maelstrom across her slender neck and down to her chest, pursuing each other in a never ending stream from some breach yet unknown to the world, summoned from darkness to flow over her hide, pooling in crevices and begging for light to be cast upon them. Emerald hues curve around her slender muzzle and over her headknobs, twisting with hunter green over her neckridges, giving life to grasping trees pushing skyward in the depths of night, fighting for dominance in this world of darkness.

Moonstone’s gleam flows along her sides and arches up into the sails of her wings, slender threads of silver following her veins like the edges of reaching branches, their shimmering edges brightened by the night sky’s benevolent light. A huntress’ wings unfurl from her body, gracefully tapered and powerful, already promising great skill in flight. Golden dapples are faint pinpoints of sunlight across her spine, scattered like so many grains of sand from the broken hourglass, trailing their tale of time lost down her long and whiplike tail until they gather at its fork in a point of gleaming brightness amidst the shadows of her hide. Powerful legs give way to saber-like talons, obsidian hewn from the living earth and sung into shape.

Her hide is subtle, twisted and knotted and blurred, a patterning that is only truly visible beneath Pern’s twin moons and the stars. The harsh light of the sun robs her of her color, turning her to ash and so many shades of grey. Her true brilliance must be seen in the twilight hours, or within the cloak of the mist or the fog where she is most at home.

Egg Name and Description

Walk the Broken Walls Egg

Greens and grays mingle in blocky sections upon this egg, each striving to gain dominance, and neither seeming to succeed. Patches of gray - some darker, some lighter - lay together, like stones built upwards in a once great structure, creeping upwards towards the narrow end of the egg, the general shape of a tower stretching above a lower wall. And yet, despite the strength of the stone, the rich greens of new vegetation seem to be gaining traction, peeking from between sections of gray, leafy shapes flowing over the walls, and threatening to tear down the tower. The variation in green hues is wide, from darker jungle green in the shadows, to a pale yellow-green, as the rays of sunlight dance downwards.

Hatching Message

Walk the Broken Walls Egg has finally crumbled, the ancient magic which held it together broken by discord. It falls apart, shards tumbling to the sands to reveal what it has held back for the ages. And at first, it seems there is only darkness within.

Impression Message

Public impression message: Arcane Magic and Darkness Green Hatchling continues her prowling, searching for the one to complete her, and the one to carry on. Then, she spots someone among the crowd and she moves forward with increasingly long strides down the line. She shies away from someone who reaches out to try and touch her, jerking her head back and lifting a paw much like a runner when startled. And then she hisses at the bold boy, snapping her teeth at him and lashing her tail in irritation before she’s passing him by to stop before her chosen, stilling save for the breath that lifts her ribs. This one. She has accepted this one.

Private impression message: A presence gathers in your mind with a soft chittering of waxwings and chickadees, birds awakening to the dawn and calling in the morning of this new bond that is already growing, strengthening, molding like granite between this mind and yours. « Welcome, Rider, » she murmurs, her voice low and smooth, whispering to you as from a great distance and yet so completely there that it seems to vibrate in your bones, your nerves tingling and singing in unison in reply. Golden warmth embraces you, pushing the shadows of the hatching sands away, and you hear the distant beat of silver-shod hooves. « Kh’nai, » she names you, the bond between her mind and yours strengthening, sung into being by magics long lost, faded echoes rising and falling in perfect harmony. « We are one. I am yours, and you are mine. I am your Lyrienth. »



“Yours is an open road filled with excitement and, yes, perils.” - Miss Bayberry

Lyrienth hatches a stubborn and headstrong green, reckless, willful and impulsive. She is wild, always seeking the next best and greatest thing, and dragging Kh’nai along for the ride. She speaks without thinking, acts on impulse and instinct, and regrets it later. She has no idea where she’s going, but she’s going there in style, putting one paw in front of the other and stubbornly forging on, letting the events of her life shape and direct her, but always wanting to be in control of her own destiny. She just isn’t sure yet how to do that.

From the beginning, she feels that she knows what is right and what is wrong, and anything that is wrong will send her into a tizzy of temper. Don’t be surprised if she runs away from lessons when something happens that she deems « not fair! », and the two of you end up with laps or chores or other not-so-nice things to do as punishment. She will want to make things Right in the world, and will sometimes so stubbornly cling to that concept that she will make things worse, instead of better. It will be very difficult for anyone to get her to change her mind once she’s made an initial decision, but not impossible.


She will question her teachers and she will push them, always skirting that line of being too damn smart for her own good. Dry humor and wit will work with some, but others will label it as “disrespectful” and there will be more punishments to be had. It’s not that she’s a /bad/ dragon, it’s just that she has such a powerful sense of justice, of what is Right and what is Wrong, and until she manages to figure out that there are shades of grey in between, she is going to have her hackles up quite often.

She sees things the way she sees them, and will not be afraid to go to the Weyrleadership after a sweep and demand that things be improved. « You need to leave these stone walls and see the people in your area. Did you know the northern roads are washed out from last season’s rainfall? How are the farmers supposed to get the tithes to your stores without a decent road to travel on? Make Varmiroth stop his useless doodling in the sand and go do some work smoothing out that road. Make it an art project if you need to, but fix the road! » Of course, some leaderships might not take kindly to this, while others may learn to rely on her reports - even if they don’t appreciate the manner in which they’re delivered.

“His daughter was headstrong, but she was also intelligent. One just had to know how to direct her energies.” - Green Rider

She is a very smart dragon, despite the stereotypes of her color, and will figure things out before her teachers want her to, or blurt out an answer without allowing her clutchmates time to work through the process on their own. In this, she is not the model student despite her intelligence. In her youth she does not know when to keep her big mouth shut. But this skill, along with many others, will build with time if Kh’nai is strong enough to teach her and guide her. She needs to be praised, encouraged and above all, challenged. She needs to learn what she is good at and be pushed to excel at those things. And the lessons on those things she struggles with need to be doled out very carefully, lest she get insulted and put up her stubborn walls, deeming the lesson unimportant or not worth her time.

She will always prefer the physical lessons to the mental, wanting to run and fly and flame far more than practicing between points or strengthening the mental link that exists so naturally between the two of them. And she will excel at those lessons, as well. Flying will come naturally to her from the first (okay, maybe the second or third) attempt, and hunting won’t be too far behind. She has a knack for it, which just might make up for her lack of tact and diplomatic skills.


“It seemed she always made the wrong choices - the kind that got her into trouble.” - Green Rider

Lyrienth is a dragon who fights for justice and honor, but at the same time she does not quite know /how/ to do it effectively in her youth. Her cries of, « That’s not fair! Crosenturath got to go first last time! » will go unheeded by the Weyrlingmaster’s dragon, ignored for the immature tantrum that they are, and Lyrienth will either seethe or will simply walk away. « We’re too good for this, Kh’nai. Come. » These supposed slights will be her downfall unless Kh’nai can help her master both her emotions and how she handles things. It’s not that she’s a whiner, she just takes things personally - especially when duty or honor are questioned. Thankfully, she does not hold on to things very long. First, her memory is that of a typical green, and second, she is intelligent enough that once her emotions cool, she can admit, « That was stupid of me. » But her ability to recognize the problems /before/ she acts will be a long and difficult skill to master. And she will need Kh’nai’s guidance quite a bit for that. (Though she’ll never admit it.)

She is fiercely protective of her clutchmates, and of her weyr. Sure, she can be one to mutter scathing remarks to Kh’nai under her breath, « Crosenturath is hoarding again…what an idiot. » But if someone from outside were to utter the same sentiment, she will be quick to correct them in a none-too-subtle way which will likely not win her many friends among visiting dragons - gold, bronze, or otherwise. If someone says something derogatory about Fort or about those she has taken to, she will hold nothing back. For her, honor and duty come first, and her duty is to Kh’nai, then Fort, and then her selected friends. « Is this best for Fort? » will be a question that she asks often, pondering the outcomes of certain decisions that she is faced with, or has heard the Weyrleadership is pondering. And, surprise, she won’t be shy in sharing her own opinion either. She might even barge in on a meeting of the leadership (physically or mentally) to offer her own ideas. That might be met with varying degrees of success, and poor Kh’nai will have to reel her back in, and teach her the appropriate ways of sharing her ideas.

She has leadership potential, but she will have to earn it and prove that she can handle it. She will need to learn to control her emotions and hold in her opinions until the appropriate times. She will need to master ‘think before you speak’ and ‘not everyone who disagrees with you is an idiot’. If she does, she could make a very good leader indeed, should she and Kh’nai with to go down that path.


by ReQuay

Another quirk of her multi-faceted personality is her interest in runners. Was Kh’nai interested in them before? Well, he’s going to be interested now, because Lyrienth is fascinated by them. Not for food, either. She loves the way they move, the way they behave, and how intelligent they are. Not as smart as /her/, of course, but they are curious animals and she could spend candlemarks just watching them play in the pens. If, of course, they get over their initial predator/prey terror. She will want Kh’nai to get one, and then she will want to join him on the rides, resting on her ledge perhaps while she links her mind tightly to his, enjoying the simple freedom of runner riding right along with him.

Flights: Lyrienth is stubborn enough to postpone her flights if she doesn’t think anyone around is worthy of the chase. She will turn off her drive with sheer force of will if she decides she simply does not /want/ to rise. But eventually, proddy will come. She is not a green who flirts, or flaunts, or pushes Kh’nai to go into sex-overdrive or start wearing silly clothes. « Why on Pern would you do that? » No, her changes will be far more subtle. And annoying.

She will become more critical, and more mouthy. Her opinions will be harder to quiet down, even when she grows and matures. Her proddy periods will be flashbacks to her impulsive youth. Because…c’mon, you can’t admit that Kh’nai didn’t have a blast trying to keep his lifemate from pissing /everyone/ off with her ideas. She will call out dragons for simple little mistakes, point out the flaws in the leadership and the way Fort is run, and then in a fit of temper she will simply run away to the skies until she exhausts herself and chooses her winner. Because /she/ will choose. She will /not/ let some random dragon ensnare her. No, she will fight tooth, claw and tail to get to the one that /she/ deems worthy, and nothing less will do.

Physicalities: Lyrienth is a slender, lithe, and powerful green. She has strength that will sometimes surprise others, both in her mind and in her body. She is built for flying, for running, for swimming, and also for sleeping in the forest and rolling around in the sand.

In her youth she will have that awkwardness that every adolescent does, but she will be quick to grow out of it. Movement comes naturally to her, and while others will be tripping over their tails or smacking their wings into things, she seems to have an innate knowledge of her body, how it works and how it can best be used. As she grows, she will develop a simple grace where no movement is wasted, very much like a prized runner bred for speed and beauty. She will flow like the mist, almost drifting from place to place, and with her will come (eventually) a casual elegance that would have most golds envious. She doesn’t flaunt this, though. She is not one to brag or parade around or show off (unless she’s challenged!) It is just how she is, and she takes no special notice of it.

She has many ways of letting Kh’nai know that she is displeased, and one of them is changing her flying. While she is usually a dream to ride, if he has irritated her he can expect downright jaring flight. Lurching takeoffs, stuttered wingbeats that make them seem like they’re about to fall from the sky, gut-wrenching dives and bone-shaking landings. « What? I thought you /wanted/ me to fly this way, » might be her sarcastic and angry retort. « Since you know everything. »

Another way she displays her displeasure in her youth is to simply grab whatever Kh’nai is working on, and running away with it. If he’s not doing what she wants, or going where she wants to go, she’ll snatch up his jacket or a book or a piece of his underwear and bolt, making him follow her until the issue has somehow been resolved. And sometimes, truth be told, she just wants to make him work for it. Just because he should.

“Green Riders are the closest to insane as I’ve ever seen.” - Green Rider



Mind name: Moonstone’s glow

The deep Fortian woods at night greet the visitor to Lyrienth’s thoughts. Even without having traveled to them or seen them, she knows beyond a doubt that this is her home, and Fort is where she belongs, and her thoughts reflect that. Her mind is dark and alive, subtle shadows and dappled moonlight streaming down from a nighttime sky. Evergreen trees reach into the sky, some clustered together while others stand alone and apart, ancient and towering, having survived countless turns.

Mist curls through the trees and over the faded paths, enticing and shifting, drawing some viewers in while repelling others. To some, the mist will seem threatening, shadows and indistinct haze making them uncomfortable and bringing up thoughts of nightmarish monsters lurking and ready to spring. While to others, the mist will seem ethereal and beautiful, creating shapes of their memories and loved ones. Smoky figures form and then vanish, like so many ghosts prowling, keeping an eye on everything while they walk the path between this world and the next. They are hazy and fleeting, more sensed than actually seen, many wearing Fortian knots, as if Lyrienth’s mind has some deeper connection to all of Fort’s history. As though she can somehow tap into the final ::between:: and draw forth spectres of the past to briefly flicker into her mindscape before they are called away again.

But, of course, that can’t actually be true.


Like the moods of the wilderness, so Lyrienth’s moods are viewed through this looking glass of trees. When she is upset, the colors of her thoughts drain away, until only shades of grey remain. Hazy and indistinct, it is like viewing her mind through a thick fog or oppressive mist, pushing down on Kh’nai’s mind and perhaps even making his own thoughts sluggish. She will brood deeply and hard, shutting out the rest of the world and retreating to this existence of grey and fog in her mind, turning things over and over again in her thoughts until she is either pulled away, or comes to some sort of resolution. It will be exhausting, this absence of color and oppressive atmosphere, and if the mood persists for too long both Lyrienth and Kh’nai might need several candlemarks of recovery time before they are able to fully function. The emotions are powerful, and can sap both of their energies - until they learn to control them.

Anger brings a white-hot heat slicing through the fog, summer rising with the stinging of millions of little bugs picking at the thoughts of whoever she is angry at. Sunlight blazes down through boughs that provide no shade and only seem to magnify the heat and the rays which blister and burn the skin and sear the thoughts. Buzzing and incessant, the millions of little bugs are a maddening backdrop to her biting words. They rise like an angry hiss, distracting and unable to be shaken until her mood cools or walls are built to block her out. And this anger, much like her upset mood, will also sap all of her energy, and Kh’nai’s, until they are able to get a foothold on control.


Her emotions in her youth are like the pull of the tide - impossible to ignore and impossible to be protected against. Together, Kh’nai and Lyrienth will have to master her emotions - he will need to learn to predict them, to head them off, to direct her attentions and energies elsewhere. He will need to learn to build walls to protect himself, so he can still function even when she has sunk into a mood which will drain the both of them if he lets it. And she will need to learn to stop herself, and become self-aware enough to recognize when she is sliding down into one of those moods, and figure out a way to pull herself out of it.

On the other side of the coin, warm summer breezes and new spring growth greet her softer moments, pleasure openly shared with her lifemate, trying to draw him into doze beneath one of her trees, resting and safe. These periods of warmth and rest will be so cozy and loving, it will be something that she only shares with Kh’nai. She is not a dragon to readily show her softer emotions, preferring to keep those bottled up (even though she’s free with her anger and irritation!). Like waking up early in the morning and realizing you get to sleep in, these times will bring relaxation to all of Kh’nai, including his physical being. Worries and cares will be pushed away, even if briefly, so the two of them can relax and regroup, safe and protected in her mind.


And other times, she will direct Kh’nai to one of those tall, ancient pines. And there, beneath the timeless branches, they will have their deepest thoughts and talks. « Tell me, Kh’nai, how do you think we can protect Fort from this new threat? » or, « Was the Weyrlingmaster right when he told me I was my own worst enemy? Am I really, Kh’nai? Tell me true, I can’t abide a lie. » It is this sacred spot in her mind that only he can reach. Others might see the tall pines from afar, but if they attempt to approach them, the trees will only drift further away. The tall pine trees, scattered across her mindscape, will hold all their secrets, a representation of the deep roots their bond has, reaching deep into their minds and deep into the history of Fort.

Sometimes her thoughts drift to the seaside, and these moods will not take her often, and Kh’nai will have a hard time figuring out what brings them on in the first place. Perhaps it is nostalgia, or perhaps it is a desire for something new, but the mist will lift and the sun’s warmth will drench golden sand beaches and beckoning waves will glitter like so many jewels.

Her mind is very strong, and her personality forceful enough that Kh’nai might find her sometimes trying to push the boundary that keeps them apart. While some riders struggle with being able to see through their dragon’s eyes, Kh’nai will have a bit of a different struggle. He will have a hard time keeping Lyrienth /out/. She will want, especially when she is young and especially when he is doing something interesting, to slip inside his skin and peer out through his eyes, and even try her hand at moving his body, if she thinks she can get away with it. Woe be to Kh’nai the first time he has sex after impression, because Lyrienth will no doubt find that interesting enough to want to try it out for herself. He will need to learn to be even more stubborn that she is, and work up mental boundaries that he can hold firm, even against her quite considerable will. Though her hide is green, she possesses the mental strength and fortitude of the most stubborn gold.


Egg: The egg and touches were based on the Middle Ages, and the idea of chivalry, and knightly rules. The egg itself was based on a castle that has fallen to the ravages of time, the walls beginning to fail, and nature reclaiming what was once a great structure. The touches were meant to be honorable and knightly, with a certain air of superiority - A Lord gone to check on the serfs on his land and their progress. - Written by X’dis

Name: Oh, the name, the name! The name gave me conniption fits, and poor Th’ero was /besieged/ with lists of random letters until we were both cross eyed. This name took DAYS to come to, and I really hope you like it. (And that it doesn’t look like science…) Remember the name I was whining about on the Fort knot? Yeah, that was yours. ;)

The origins of the name are obviously Karigan’s, but also Laurelyn the Moondreamer’s. Laurelyn keept coming up in the book, and I felt she was a good element to add to both the name and to Lyrienth’s personality. The name started off with an Elyn beginning, which was lovely, but nothing we came up which worked. Nothing was beautiful enough, or elegant enough, or smooth enough. But I knew I wanted ‘ly’ in there somewhere. Trying out different combinations, I came upon Lyra. And, wouldn’t you know it, it’s a constellation of a harp! Harp = connection to the book, and stars = night time and moonlight, which fit perfectly. Tweaking it some more (and kicking the PernMU* database - the other names I wanted were all taken by golds, ironically enough…) I came up with Lyrienth. And I really did love it, and thought it sounded great with Kh’nai. I really hope you like it. If you don’t, I have about 100 other names you could choose from. <3

Her personality is based on Karigan from the Green Rider books. When I saw your request I had to laugh, because I read the first one years and years ago, and remember telling my dad that it was a good book, but I could’ve written it better. I was a bit full of myself in middle school. ;) So I found the book again and read it once more, taking notes and finding little tidbits of awesomeness to include.

I wanted to include some elements of magic, since it plays such a large role in the story and with Karigan’s life, but since this is Pern I had to be a bit more subtle with it. Her mind is based on the forests that Karigan traveled, as well as the moonstone and the warmth that it brought to her. Little personality quirks you can probably figure out too, but I’m particularly happy with her ability to ‘possess’ Kh’nai, much as F’ryan could possess Karigan. I really hope you enjoy her as much as I /loved/ writing her. I wish I could keep her for my own. <3 -Elara

Clutch Siblings

Cloaked in Storms Gold Kouzevelth - Inri
Immune to the Passage of Time Dremkoth - D’ani
One Cannot Make the Journey Alone Brown Niumdreoth - Abigail
Always Seeking and Scampering Blue Crosentura​th - Harmony
No More Will I Wear the Shackles Green Xucieth - Eirwyn

The Aftermath of Stress Bronze Tezeveth - J’men (Jamen)
Samurai Betwixt Time Brown Zlicnith - K’vi (Kevi)
Timeless Giant Star Blue Zetath - Py’n (Pycian)
Drive by Blur Green Vetizath - Brilwen