Rising Winter’s Dawn Green

Frosted green glass worn smooth by time’s gentle hand sculpts itself into this dragon’s form. No sharp angles for this lady, this princess of a green. Everything is smooth and rounded, except for the wickedly sharp points of her pale green talons. Shadows seem to play beneath the surface of her hide, promising a depth to her mind that mirrors itself in her keen, attentive gaze. Her body is rounded, a bit short and a bit stocky for her color, a compact little bundle of power. Color darkens along the curve of her neck and her limbs, tendrils of seamless color gradiating from darkness to light and almost changing depending on which angle you look at her.
Her wings though, oh, her wings, are glorious. Long, narrow and tapered, with translucent pale emerald sails, her wings are perfectly symmetrical to each other, a testament to swift flight and pure speed. She could turn on a mark with those wings, and her compact body only makes them seem to stretch out all the more. Her muzzle is likewise elongated, as is her tail, colors deepening to a rich jade at its fork. Her limbs are small, narrow, and seem almost like they couldn’t hold her up. Her proportions are just a bit odd, but everything works to the advantage of flight.

Egg Name and Description


Wrapped in Tranquility Egg

Nestled safely in the warm sands this egg has a calming aura of safety around it. Wispy brown branches gently cradle the hardening shell to protect the fragile creature within. Flowers bloom within the secure branches with hints of darker greens, blues and reds teasing the mind's eyes to make it hard to see the full image imprinted upon the mottled shell. Lighter, more cheerful bursts of colors take over one complete side as a combustion of colors assault your eyes. Within the the trees one can almost see a tiny blur of a creature zipping within the safety of the branches, teasing you and daring you to find it.

Hatching Message

Wrapped in Tranquility Egg finally breaks open, the fragments of shell falling away to reveal the egg-wet hatchling within, curled up in a tight little ball.

Impression Message

Rising Tempest Contained brushes up against your mind and slowly you feel the heat of the sands vanish, replaced by a cool breeze. Were your feet hot? They aren’t any longer. Looking down, you find yourself standing on an expanse of freshly fallen snow, surrounded by trees that shimmer in the morning dawn. Ice crystals sway, casting rainbows of color everywhere. A presence forms in your mind, the young hatchling reaching out her thoughts to yours. Her thoughts are warm and loving despite the chill around, and you no longer feel cold. You are loved. Adored. There is relief when she speaks, her voice soft and childlike and sweet. « R’yal, I found you. I was so afraid I wasn’t going to find you but then I did. » The presence wraps around you firmly, like a warm and enveloping hug from a loved on. Oh, the love. It’s staggering and limitless, and you never thought you could feel such a thing. « R’yal. I need you and you need me. Together we will be great. I am yours. I am your Livanyth and we’re never going to leave each other ever. » The vision shimmers, falling away as the warmth of the sands returns, as well as a gnawing hunger. « What is that amazing smell? »


Elegant, powerful, caring, reserved, regal, warm, protective, kind-hearted, remorseful, mysterious, intelligent, playful - Words from the Disney Wiki that describe Elsa.


Such is your Livanyth. The moment her thoughts enter yours on the hot hatching sands, you know you will never be the same. Your little green is prim and proper, yet playful. Curious yet hesitant. Extremely intelligent and powerful and yet afraid of her power at the same time. She will need you, R’yal, to support her and guide her because she can not do this alone. It will be your guidance for her - and hers for you - that will help the both of you grow into confident adults with a good grasp on the world around you.

In her youth she will be exuberant and eager to get out and try new things. She will love to learn and love to try things out, and as long as she’s successful in those efforts, everything will be fine. And she will be successful for the most part in everything she does..at least at the start of Weyrlinghood. She is wickedly intelligent and the first lessons will be a breeze. Mindlinks? Communication? No problem! She was born for this stuff.


But as time passes, she will begin to struggle, as all young dragons do. No one is perfect, and Livanyth doesn’t /like/ not being perfect. Each failure will have her retreating a little bit more into herself, and each time it will be more difficult for you to draw her out and get her to try again. The spark of joy in learning is still there, but it’s slowly being smothered by her fear of being laughed at or ridiculed.

« What if I fail? They’ll laugh at me! »
“No they won’t. Look, Ciesoveth just stumbled and fell. It’s fine, try it!”
« No. »

She can be extremely stubborn too, and you’ll have to figure out what methods work best for getting her to overcome and to move forward despite her fears, and not let them control her.

She will be prone to moments of fear and panic. When she fails at something, or when someone laughs at her attempts, or when she accidentally causes harm to another, she will scramble back and run, and try to hide. When she’s young she’ll try and wedge herself into nooks and crannies, and she might even get herself stuck. It’ll be up to you to find her and calm her down, to soothe her and figure out a way to confront her about her fears without getting her even more worked up into a frenzy.


Then, at one point in her Weyrlinghood, things will change. The exact cause is not yet known, but at some point something will upset her and cause her to lash out. With the sudden, startling strength of her thoughts, she will extend her reach to all the dragons and many of the riders in Fort, giving them all a jolt of icy cold, making them feel her emotions. While it’s not unusual for Weyrling dragons to emote to the weyr in times of stress, the sheer power of her thoughts - and that she is a green - will be shocking. Once she realizes what has happened, she will shut down and lock herself away. Even from you. In her mind, icy walls will rise, jagged and black around her thoughts, keeping everyone except those in power at bay. Even her friends will be met with that cold resistance while she hides in her shame.

“Don't touch me! I don't want to hurt you.” - Elsa

You, R’yal, will have to work very hard to release her from the icy prison she’s wrapped herself up in. No doubt the queens will try to assist as well, as she can’t ignore direct orders from them, especially not Kayeth, but it will be up to you and you alone to get her to come out of that shell.

After that incident, things will be difficult for a long time. When she does try things, and she fails, she retreats deep into herself and will require quite a bit of coaxing and encouragement from you to put herself out there again. As she grows, she will become more hesitant to put herself out there, and she will always need your encouragement to try new things. She will become dependant on it, and without your support, she will not do something that is asked of her.

« But what if I fail? What if I hurt someone? » she whispers softly to you, her thoughts edged with subtle patterns of frost against black glass.

Over time though, she will relax again, and the two of you will support each other and grow into a confident, open and outgoing pair. It will just be a process you’ll have to work through together, and eventually she will return to the confident, compassionate and loving green you know her to be.


She is a princess, as all greens are, and she plays the part extremely well. She is prim and dainty, always wanting to act and to appear proper. As such, she will require extensive care from you, her beloved rider, even if she can be shy in asking for it.

« R’yal? » Her touch is soft, almost tentative. « I know you’re busy but if you wouldn’t mind, there’s a spot on my back that I can feel, and I can’t reach, and it needs to be taken care of so I look good for those visitors from Xanadu that are flying in today. It wouldn’t be good for Fort if I were to appear disheveled. »

Everything must always be in its place, and that includes you, R’yal. You must also be always looking and feeling your best, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Even if you’re just running to the Living Caverns to get a cup of klah…

« You’re going out dressed like that? But what if you see someone important! »

It all comes from love though, and she’ll bend to allow you to be happy.

“Do you have to go?” - Elsa

She will not like being away from you until she grows older. In her youth she will want to be by your side /constantly/. Good luck taking baths. At least she’s tiny, so she will be able to go with you a lot of places for a long time.

« Where are you going, R’yal? Why can’t I come with you? What if you need me? What if I need you? It’s not that far, can you carry me if I get tired? But I love you so much, please take me with you, I might get scared. »

You’ll either give in to her desires and have a little green dragon going with you /everywhere/, or you’ll leave her behind and face her hurt and her anger when you are gone and when you return. Hopefully you take her with you because if you don’t she’ll make her feelings known to /everyone/. She is not good at hiding them at first, in her youth, unable to control her powerful emotions and mind. Best keep her placated until she learns some control, otherwise the entire weyr will know everything.

As she grows, she will also be suspicious of you having close relationships with other people. That doesn’t mean it won’t be possible, especially as she grows older and more confident, but as a young dragon she will want to have all of your attention on her, to help soothe her fears and insecurities. She truly can not do this without you.

If she feels like you’re stretching yourself too thin, spending too much time with someone else and neglecting her, you’ll start to feel her chill and know you need to return to your first love - Livanyth. That’s not to say that a relationship with another person can’t work in the future. It will just be difficult, and you’ll have to balance a lot to keep both of them happy, Livanyth and the human object of your affections. It will help if your partner understands Livanyth, and will respect her wishes, because you can bet if your partner tries to tell you you need to pull back from your green, Livanyth will want to cut them out of your life forever.

« How dare she suggest you spend less time with me! »

She’s a bit possessive, especially in her youth, but as you both grow her boundaries will also expand. Just don’t ever think it’s going to be easy. She /needs/ you, and she’s so terribly afraid of losing you.


Even though she will not often stand up for herself, if you or any of her friends are threatened or being harassed, you can bet Livanyth will speak up. She may be tiny but she is powerful and she can be a bundle of fury when her friends are threatened. She is extremely protective of the ones she cares about, and won’t hesitate to jump into a situation and let the words fly. Her thoughts, too, will lash out, shards of ice cold into their mind to protect the ones she loves.

« I don’t care if he stumbled a little bit, » she says, her mind reaching out with icy approaching tendrils, sharp points getting closer with every passing moment, radiating that chill, « you do not make fun of him for his mistakes! »

The other dragons will usually back down, either because they’re so stunned such a timid and quiet green could be so forceful, or because they’ve been stung by her mind in the past and have no desire to repeat the experience.

With you, though, she is always gentle. Even when she’s pushing you to do something or hiding from you, she will never intentionally harm you. For you her thoughts are softer and sweeter. A simple cooling breeze or the beauty of freshly fallen snow, when the world is new and all sounds are muffled, and you will also feel the warmth of her love beneath all that ice and snow. This is especially true if your thoughts ever wander back to the camping trip, and what happened to you and your fellow Candidates at the hands of Ustrr.

« Who is that man? » she will question if his image rises into your mind’s eye. « He has an evil look about him. He caused you harm? »

If you start to relive that night in your waking moments or your dreams, she will be there instantly. She will wrap her tail around the man who grabbed you, she will pull him back before he even has a chance to touch your skin. The aches in your arm will ease, and you will be /safe/. She will lift you out and away from that memory, and take you to somewhere warm and loving where she will try to distract you with imagery and stories until the memory fades and you are no longer afraid.

And if she has a chance to hunt for Ustrr, you can bet she will take it. She has a touch of revenge to her, and she will want to see the man pay for what he did for you. And, maybe more importantly, to prevent him from doing the same to anyone else she loves and cares for.


She loves that you are a Weaver. She has a certain interest in fabric and design, and though her talents as a dragon are somewhat limited (she can’t remember last season’s designs for example so she’ll continually reinvent ones that she’s already done) she will love to help you if you choose to continue that Craft after graduation.

If you can find a gather large enough, with wide enough isles, she’ll want to come shopping with you to pick out fabrics. If not, she’ll be there in your thoughts, feeling and seeing things through you.

« Go back to that other one, R’yal. That’s so silky and soft, the blue shimmers just perfectly and you can see through it. Wouldn’t that make a lovely long train for a gather dress? It’s delightful, you must find a woman to wear it. »

She can help as well by being a living sketchpad, using her skills in visualization to help you imagine what an outfit would look like. Beads there, sparkle here, drop the hem just a tad…it’s like a virtual design environment where the two of you can tweak and play to your heart’s content. But then you’d better write it down because she won’t remember things for more than a day.


When she’s older:

When she grows she will begin to develop strong leadership skills. She will get ideas and want to be in charge of *something*, even if it’s something small. Perhaps there will be leadership in your future. Wingsecond, or even Wingleader. It might take a long time but she is confident in you and your skills, and in her own skills as you grow together.

Failures will continue to be setbacks, but as the two of you grow together and as you learn to handle her and she learns to trust you her retreats into herself will happen less frequently, and they won’t last nearly as long as they did in her youth. She’ll begin to get some of her playfulness back as well, her eagerness to learn and to meet people and to do things. It could be a long time coming though and something you will always have to look out for.

As she becomes more confident in herself she might also get a bit bossy. She is a green who strives for perfection and once she and you are perfect (in her mind) she’ll want to extend that to others as well. Her confidence in her adulthood is a double edged sword, because now she’ll start to nitpick others. It’ll be a balance you’ll have to teach her time and again, between being supportive and encouraging and being downright bossy and nitpicky.


Before she can fly, Livanyth will be rather awkward. Her limbs are just so tiny, she’ll tend to adopt an odd sort of wobble/hop gait, which she’ll be terribly self-conscious of. Don’t be surprised if she won’t want to walk at all when others are watching.

« I am different, R’yal! They will laugh at me and it’s not right! »

You’ll have to encourage her and soothe her, and hopefully her clutchmates won’t tease her about it. Hopefully they’re supportive, otherwise she might flat out refuse to move at all. It won’t be a huge deal while you can still carry her around, but after that? Good luck.

The Dragonhealers won’t have much to offer either. She’s just built differently than the other dragons, and there’s nothing they can do about it.


You will have to help her get over her fears of being laughed at for the way she is. And once she is able to fly… Oh, man. Hang on for the ride of your life!

Livanyth is tiny, and the way she is built makes her born for flying. Her small size and the shape and size of her wings will mean that once she finally takes to the skies she will be unstoppable. Awe-inspiring. Astonishing. Fort wins the Games in agility every turn for forever. It will take her a bit of practice (practice she will /happily/ do), and you will have to be careful that she doesn’t hurt herself by pushing her tiny body too far, too fast, without building up the strength she needs. She might pull some muscles in her pure /eagerness/ to get into the sky and to show what she can do.

« Finally, something I am GOOD at! Let’s show them, R’yal. Let me truly fly and be free! »

Hope you have a strong stomach, because when you’re cleared to ride her she is going to zip around the bowl like nothing anyone has ever seen before. Make sure your straps are on tight, too, and you should probably make some modifications to them so you can stay in your seat. She doesn’t fly like most dragons, up and forward. No, she seems able to fly in all directions and change directions at the drop of a hat. Vertical, left, right…the nimbleness of her wings allows her to do more than most of her fellow dragons. She can almost manage to fly backwards, even, and she can hover for an eternity.

She is especially good at finding and managing air currents. It comes naturally to her, and it’s a skill that she needs. Being so small, she can’t fly against the wind very well at all. She’ll need to learn to get the wind to work /for/ her, because she can’t work against it. She’ll find and ride air currents with ease, letting them do the work while she gets all the benefits without tiring herself out.

Flying will take a lot out of her, and your tiny green will eat a /lot/ for her size. She also won’t want to walk anywhere once she’s cleared for flight. Even a short trip across the bowl will find her flying. She’ll hover over you while you walk, or she’ll fly ahead and stop and wait for you to catch up before taking off again. Walking is for suckers.

She also has the skill of hovering. All dragons can hover, but Livanyth can hover for/ever/. Whenever anyone needs something carried that’s fragile, or they need a dragon to hold something exactly in place, Livanyth will be the one they turn to. She is so nimble, she can hover in a single space for candlemarks, letting her wings and the wind do the work until the job is done.


When it comes to mating flights she’ll be a prize that is difficult to win. Being so nimble and small she will be extremely hard to catch, and it’ll be rare that a brown will even get close. The smaller blues have the best chance of winning her flights that are direct contests.

Sometimes though, she will fly and fly and fly until she’s exhausted herself, and it’ll be the dragon with the most endurance who manages to catch her as she tumbles from the sky. For these flights, the larger dragons will be favored. But you never know what sort of mood she’ll be in until she takes to the sky and you’ll know if she’s going to exhaust herself or if she’s going to be coy and choose her winner based on his flying prowess.

When she chooses a winner she’s nimble enough to literally pick him and fly into him even if he’s in the midst of the pack. It’s dangerous, to be sure, and there might be some bumps and bruises along the way when she uses that daredevil method of selection. Still, exhausting herself and simply dropping out of the sky isn’t that safe either.



Rising Tempest Contained

Her thoughts are the swirl of ice against the blackness of night. The chill of cold between tall mountain peaks. The freshness of a blanket of snow across a new land, and the warmth of a hearth fire when the day’s work is done.

Her mindscape is almost Fort’s mountains, but it’s not quite. Things are not exact, and that tells you this land in her mind is another place altogether. There are valleys and hills, mountains and land by the warmth of the sea. Depending on her mood, you and others will see different aspects of her.


Always, though, there is a faint chill to the air. Sometimes it’s invigorating and sometimes it’s biting, depending on how she feels and what she is trying to get across. She also doesn’t use words all the time. While some of her clutchmates will chat forever, Livanyth is more quiet and thoughtful. She will use images a lot to convey meaning and add depth to otherwise simple statements, building those pictures with extending fractals of color. Like ice crystals growing across dark glass, her imagery will bloom from a center point outward, and then grow in three dimensions from there. It is beautiful to watch, literally, her thoughts unfold and create themselves as she works methodically to get everything perfect down to the last detail.

Beneath that chill though, for you especially, there is always a warmth of love. Sometimes it’s a glowing ember and other times a bonfire, but it will never, ever go out. Not even in her darkest moments will her love for you completely vanish. There may be times when you’ll need to find that spark, buried deep within her mind, and coax it back to a stronger flame, but it will never vanish from her. The spark is you, and as long as you are with her she has her heart, her love, her reason to exist.

It is a constant balance in her thoughts between the warmth of her love and the chill of her thoughts. At times, happy times, she might begin to thaw, but it doesn’t take much for the chill to return. And the chill isn’t necessarily a bad thing (unless she’s angry and lashing out). It’s a part of her, same as the fire is. Both sides of the same coin.

For this reason, she will be excellent with visualizations, it will just take her a little bit longer than most dragons to bring those images to mind. Don’t mistake her slowness for stupidity though, she is just very methodical and a craftsman in picture. They must be perfect.

When she is in a playful mood her thoughts will be down by the sea, among the docks and the boats. Bright flags wave, people are off on grand adventures, and she plays along the shore and in the waves, her thoughts dancing with the sea spray. Sounds also play a large role in her mindscape. The wash of waves onto the shore, the soft hiss of snowflakes, the pounding of hail against glass - they’re all present as well.

When she is scared though, she will take a swift trip up to one of the highest peaks in her mindscape, where there is a dark castle of glass, ice and stone. Here is where she will go to protect herself, in a constantly changing prison of her own creation. It is built not only to keep others - including you - out, but to keep herself in as well.

“Conceal, don't feel.” - Elsa


The walls here are dark, opaque ice, sharp edges and a high ceiling giving space for her emotions to run wild without others being able to see. Snow will swirl, and your tiny princess will rage in this prison, beating herself up for whatever mistakes she has caused. It will be up to you to force open the doors, break down the walls, and save her from herself.

There are many other places in her mindscape as well. Tranquil forests shimmering with ice crystals, warm cabins and caves perfect for resting, castles with vast corridors and rooms for endless exploration. All will be open to you, R’yal, to explore as you will. For everyone else, they will get a more crafted image of her mind. They will not be able to see the whole of it, nor will they have the freedom to wander that you do. She is focused on perfection and on her image, and on how others perceive her, so her mind is guarded against them. It’s like cleaning the house before guests come over so they won’t see how you actually live. Only the best mindscapes are presented to others.




Those were the first words typed into the Google doc where Livanyth was created. Since we thought it was hilarious, we’ve included it here as well.

R’yal! We loved your theme idea of Elsa and thought it fit perfectly with your character. We loved how it was more of a like-dynamic instead of an opposite one, as there’s a lot of room for growth for both characters this way.

Our egg theme was songbirds, and Livanyth’s egg was themed around the ruby-throated hummingbird. It fit perfectly with this theme and we were thrilled to include elements of hummingbird’s flight into how Livanyth flies and moves through the air.

Her name is a combination of several Norwegian words, as the original story that Frozen was based on, was set around Norway. Liv is a girl’s name meaning “protection”, dagny means “day” and “new”, and signy/signe means “victory”.

Of course, Livanyth is yours to play as you see fit. You don’t have to follow everything in this inspiration. Her character arc mirrors that of Elsa’s in the film, but if you want to play her a different way then by all means do so! We were a little apprehensive of ‘power playing’ her youth, but it seemed to fit so well that we did it with the knowledge that you didn’t have to play it that way if you didn’t want to. It’s totally up to you and she is yours!

Her egg and mind touches were written by Anique. Livanyth was written by Nyalle and Anique, with additional tweaks and ideas by Th’ero.


Clutch Siblings

No Harm No Fowl Gold Rhenesath and Thys (Amethyst)
Hidden Wellspring of Strength Bronze Tovihasuth and Br’enn (Brennan)
Wandering Storyteller Bronze Kainaesyth and Ha’ze (Hazelon)
Dreams of a Digital Frontier Bronze Bronze Zeruth and S'ai (Sairon)
Transformation of the Spirit Brown Mazzolyth and Rynn (Therynn)
Challenge the Storms Blue Blue Ciesoveth and Sk’ler (Skyler)
Of Life's Greatest Things Blue Blue Jaicoureth and C'rus (Cyrus)
Rising Winter’s Dawn Green Livanyth and R’yal (Ravyal)

At a Steady Pace Green Amidaeth and Annah (Ciannah)


Name Green Livanyth
Dam Kayeth
Sire Velokraeth
Created By Nyalle, Anique, Th'ero
Impressee R'yal (Ravyal)
Hatched 8 June, 2014
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH