A hulking mass of carved, aged sandstone, this brown is as far removed from lithe and sleek as one of his kind could possibly get. Reddish brown coats most of his rough looking hide, where it only fades to dusky taupe over his blunted muzzle. It sweeps up over his wide spaced and heavy features, down over squared, thick jowls and to his throat and beyond to the curve of his underside. Umber and slate overlay like plates of heavy armor, giving further illusion that he is a creature of raw power. The beginning of this armor starts by capping his already huge, broad head and blunted head knobs above, then leading on to his short, thick neck and down over his back and over each limb. Brutish in looks and just downright ugly in others, he’s barrel chested to the point that he is heavy-set in the front but balanced and supported by stocky, muscled forelimbs, and powerful strong haunches. His wings are as wide and broad as he is but suited for a beast his size, even with a tail that is shorter and thicker than it ought to be but not to the point of imbalance. In essence, he is a winged armored tank, a brown of formidable strength and stamina and just about unstoppable.

Egg Name and Description


Stretched and strained over an eerie agitation of blazing greens and ghostly shadows are vivid threads of improbable light. Maybe not so much light, though, as a pearlescent absence of the sickly palette beneath, bright against its darkness. The pale filaments swarm together, coiling into a tangle of knots, before crawling their way across the surface of the egg, twisting into the next swarm with a glow of spectral affliction threatening to taint that perfect white.

Hatching Message

AGHGETITOFF Egg explodes in shattered shell and a thunderous cracking sound from one last good KICK from the occupant. In its wake is the bulkiest, stockiest looking brown yet to Hatch and certainly no pretty sight either. Not that he cares, as he begins to figure out how to get his short, thick legs under him.

Impression Message

There you were, minding your own damn business in the chaos of the Hatching when … *WHAM* … something hits you hard, taking you right in your side or, worse, straight on. You may stagger, you may fall, but regardless it will be unpleasant — at least for the first few seconds. Dry heat washes over you, mistaken maybe for the heat of the Sands as you struggle to breathe again, only… the Sands don’t laugh, do they? This sand is different, alien and yet so familiar as it engulfs you, searing into you as that voice laughs on. « I'rily! » He barks in delight; it’s certainly a male’s voice that assaults you now, rough toned and gritty, all gruffness and low throated growl. « About time! Had to mow down a few weaker whelps along the way, but you and I? Oh, we’re going to have FUN! » The stockiest and most compact, brutish looking brown hatchling is looming by you now, teeth bared in what passes as a wry and expectant grin. « Kralkth! Call me that. And let's get something to EAT! I’m starving! »



Urdnott Wrex: Sometimes crazy is the best way to go.

If there’s one thing that will be obvious about Kralkth from the moment of Impression? Is that he loves a good thrill, just as you do.

The second thing you’ll learn and learn FAST about Kralkth?

Is that danger holds no warning for him, as a hatchling. He’s just like you, in that respect too and if something proves to be a worthwhile challenge, no matter how risky? He’s ALL over it! There’s not an ounce of hesitation in his blood and he won’t expect YOU to hesitate either.

With that said?

Weyrlinghood is going to be Hell.





So brace yourself, kiss normal life good by and grip this thing by the… well, you get the idea. Whereas most of his clutch siblings will be the curious sort, it’s not so much the same with Kralkth. Sure, he’s curious but it’s more out of a restlessness. He’s not a dragon that does ‘idly sitting by’ very well. There’s always something to do and sitting on his huge ass isn’t one of them. While he’ll take to the more practical lessons and drills, lectures are his bane. It will be sweet relief if he’s asleep for these. If he isn’t? Expect him to grow rapidly bored and start to complain to you and if you DARE to ignore him or brush him off? Well, if he doesn’t accept it, then expect trouble and lots of it.

Commander Shepard: Let's not start a fight.
Urdnott Wrex: Why not?

There are few rules he’ll obey and the first months of training will have him being a right and royal pain in the ass; for you and just about everyone around him. It’s going to take A LOT of work from you to gain his respect (oh, don’t worry, it’s there somewhere) and he will test you at any given moment. Lessons and drills that once held his interest will suddenly become dull and routine. He’ll want to do HIS THING… and the clash begins.
Another thing he shares with you? Is that he doesn’t consider mortality an issue. This will be a problem that will last forever and not about to temper anytime soon. There may be many, many, infirmary visits in the future… for both of you, whether from training or drills or just something the two of you have managed to do.

Urdnot Wrex: Hell of a showdown back there on Sur'Kesh. Just like the old days, right down to me pulling your ass out of the fire.
Commander Shepard - Female: I was the one with bullets flying at me!
Urdnot Wrex: And I gave you the moral support to dodge them.

Kralkth doesn’t tolerate nonsense either, from anyone. Not his clutch siblings, not from dragons twice his age and experience, not those of rank and certainly not from you. For all his apparent love for thrills and danger, there is often a REASON behind his method. He just doesn’t go into it for the hell of it (well, okay… maybe he did when he was young and FOOLISH). He fights for what he believes in, even if it’s against everyone’s opinion, including your own. He’s not shy about personal space either, he will get right in your face (or others) to get his point across. Your temper is nothing, if not fuel, for his actions.

There’s one quirk of his that will end in many bruises for you in those early months and that is his love for headbutting. As a baby, this isn’t so much a problem but he’ll grow rapidly and when he realizes he can pretty much knock you over by flicking his tail or nudging you with a finger instead? He’ll opt for that. He doesn’t want to necessarily brain you after all or squash you (but it’d serve you right), but sometimes when words just won’t DO to get his point across? He’ll resort to some sort of physical gesture.

He WILL headbutt other dragons though, at least until the all wise up (read: their riders know him and warn them) and avoid it. That still doesn’t stop him from shoulder bumping, smacking, nudging or just general rough play with his kind. There’s nothing “gentle” with Kralkth.

As he matures, Kralkth will be practical to your tendency towards being swept up by emotions, but just as stubborn as you can be. He can detach himself and just spell it all out bluntly:

« You’re being stupid… Let’s do this and then go the hell HOME. »

He’s no gentleman, your brown. He cusses, a LOT and he’s blunt and direct on top of all of that. Which will end with many ruffled feathers and hurt feelings but he honestly could care less. If others don’t want to hear it? Then that’s just too bad. It’s his opinion, his thoughts! Take it or leave it and very, very rarely will he ever make the exception. The only exception? Will be you.

Grunt: I don’t remember anything after I ate the lamp.

Kralkth also eats just about everything and very rarely suffers the consequences for it. Another living hell and nightmare to suffer through, be prepared to finance a lot of destruction on his part. Sometimes he’ll eat things on a dare because one of his siblings in weyrlinghood claimed he couldn’t (or shouldn’t) and other times he just HAS NO ANSWER.

» Why did you eat the drapes!? «
« They looked furry and I was tired and hungry. I GOT CONFUSED. »
» … «
« They were damn ugly anyways. »

If there’s one thing Kralkth does love to eat, that is at least relatively normal? Will be fish. Of course, finding enough fish is the problem! Be wary to ever bring him to a coastal Hold or oceanside Weyr where there are docks and fishing vessels because…. Well. Maybe you’ll learn just how expensive an entire cargo hold of fish is in the near future?

… and the repairs to the boat…

… and the repairs to the docks…

Get the picture?

From weyrlinghood to adulthood, he’ll forever hold a blase, nonchalant kind of view of injury and death. Sure, his wingmate bit it when they hit a cliff in a storm, but:

« They were stupid. Life goes on. »

And that is that. He’ll mourn them, of course, in his own way but he doesn’t linger on that grief and he doesn’t truly expect you to either.

He can be callous, so very, very callous, but that’s just how he is and don’t ever expect him to soften up. You’ll know, though, that deep down somewhere he cares about you; he just won’t ever show that mushy gushy stuff. NOPE. He just expects you to trust him, understand and GO.

C-Sec officer: Wrex, do you want us to arrest you?
Urdnott Wrex: I want you to try.

Kralkth is as tough of mind as he is of body and he’ll have a tendency to be selfish, unsympathetic and blunt. You’ll have to keep a tight control on him, even outside of Weyrlinghood and good luck with that! The tighter the hold, the more he fights and the more YELLING happens and … uh … you’ll figure it out eventually! Maybe?

He respects strength and self-reliance and would not be surprised or offended by treachery. For that reason he’ll accept some of the games his siblings may enjoy or a good bit of rough housing but if he ever overhears anything negative on his behavior? Eh! It just rolls off of him… for the most part.

There’s a terrible, powerful territorial instinct in him. Living in the barracks will be AWFUL as he tries to overtake ALL the cots; or routinely decides he no longer wants his and favors someone else’s and will promptly oust them with hardly a blink of his eye and completely deaf to their protests. When it comes time to move into your own weyr? Be prepared to move AGAIN if he happens to visit another ledge and deem that one acceptable to his tastes. Expect him to try to claim MORE than one ledge and weyr too, though for once draconic memory will be your savior here and so long as you don’t remind him, he’ll forget about his ‘conquests’ and be happy with what he has.

Urdnot Wrex: [while fighting on the Normandy]: Ha ha ha ha! I always wanted to do this!
Commander Shepard - Male: You always wanted to have a firefight on the CiC of my ship?
Urdnot Wrex: And it isn't even my *birthday*!

Kralkth loves the thrill and glory of a messy, up close and personal battle and will go lengths for it; but since dragons don’t fight dragons (thanfully), it’ll show through in his hunting; most of his choice of prey, however, will get nothing but a disgusted snort.

« Pathetic. »

None will ever really appease him, except for felines. THOSE may get a minimal grudging acceptance as a worthy opponent if he should ever have the pleasure. « At least they bite back! » Too bad there is no Thread; Kralkth would have been a stellar fighter… and probably wind up dead in his prime.

He will always emphasize quality over quantity and if there’s ever Wingsecond or Wingleader (or Faranth help us all… Weyrsecond) in your future? He will enjoy putting others through various rites and rituals who fall under his command. Woe to everyone, should this ever come to be! Kralkth will INSIST that each new Wingrider pair are run through a gruelling gamut of challenging (read: dangerous) tasks to prove their worth. ONLY the best will ever be a part of his Clan Wing!

Grunt: Ha! See, now we’re having fun. Me remembering good deaths, and you with your… funny human thing you’re doing.

Kralkth will definitely pose a challenge to you, from the moment he knocked you down on those Sands and likely will until the very date fate finally catches up and you both kick the bucket (probably in spectacular and glorious fashion).

He may not show it and some days you may doubt it (for a half second) but Kralkth wouldn’t want it any other way. Out of all the Candidates who touched his egg, he knew from the very start that it was YOU that he wanted. Only YOU had the true grit and stubbornness and similarities to withstand the powerhouse that he is. Together you two can aspire to GREAT things, even if you acquire many cuts and bumps and broken bones along the way.

In the Turns to come, you’ll gain his respect too. You always had his trust but he’ll start to balance out with you and while he is still very much himself you will have a slightly easier time in getting him to do as you ask.

They will be stories to tell of course, to attest to your greatness and strength so that someday, people will look upon you both in awe.



With a sire as ugly as Velokraeth, it’s only a matter of time before his… “beauty” is passed along to his offspring. As it has surfaced in Crosenturath in the past and in Akleteyth most recently, Kralkth’s has taken almost ALL off his bronze sire’s counterparts and made it *work*.

Velokraeth is stunted for a bronze and twisted, but Kralkth is a BEAST (King!) among browns. Stocky, broad and oversized head, short neck, and thick bodied, he is a literal tank made of hide and flesh and bone. And the best (or worse) part of it? He’s very much aware of his strength, very much aware of his power and he loves it.

So what if he’s not sleekly handsome? Kralkth don’t care! He’ll get what he wants by brute force if he has to.

He’s a powerful force of stamina with plenty of sheer determination fueling it (read: stubbornness) and while no one could exactly call him a thing of beauty, well… they may learn to keep their opinions to themselves.

With wings that are as broad and compact as he is, even his slightly shorter-than-average tail all balances into the neat hulking, monstrosity of a package, that is named Kralkth. He appears cumbersome and ungainly on the ground, but shows surprising agility in the sky for one his size. Certainly something to come in handy with the shenanigans he’ll pull throughout his lifetime and may be the only edge that will barely keep you both from biting it on several occasions.

Urdnot Wrex: Well, you look good. Ah, the benefits of a redundant nervous system!
Commander Shepard: Yeah, humans don't have that.
Urdnot Wrex: Oh. It must have been painful, then.

Kralkth is resilient too which may be another saving factor; his hide at least can withstand a little more rough and tumble than others and there will be times he SHOULD have been seriously hurt but will come out with only minor scrapes and bruising. That doesn't mean he can’t be stopped though, because he CAN. It just takes a lot more to take this brown down and even then he’s liable to still be giving the good fight to keep going!


Urdnot Wrex: Our females don't lack for spirit. For males, a good show of force usually sorts things out. But women like to talk about it… then, think about it…
Urdnot Wrex: then talk about it some more… no offence.
Commander Shepard - Female: Believe it or not, we sometimes have good ideas, Wrex. You should try listening.
Urdnot Wrex: Yeah, but our women have so many of them… so sometimes I pretend to listen, and… well, let's just say Krogan females have tempers too.

Ahh, females.

Kralkth has no idea what flirting or courting is; or rather he does know what it is and promptly rejects it. He’s terrible at it for starters and he really doesn’t “get” females aside from the obvious: mating and, in the case of golds, baby making.

Greens are for fun, Golds are for continuing his bloodline and offspring galore.

[[span style="color:grey"]]Urdnot Wrex: Bah! Not those pyjak shit-slingers. No, it's the… it's the females, Shepard. Now that they're fertile again… Ugh, I haven't slept in… I don't know how long.
Bartender: Can I get you two anything?
Urdnot Wrex: Two more drinks, and another bag of ice.

That’s it, that’s all. Like his sire, he’ll chase just about everything glowing… to the point that you may have to talk him OUT of chasing every pretty piece of tail (good luck). At some point, you may get a lecture even for allowing Kralkth to exhaust himself; because clearly it’s your fault and not his. Don’t worry though, as he matures? He’ll slow down — a little. A few less greens but it’ll be the golds he really begins to focus on.

During flights, he goes into a near blood rage by the time the female is ready to rise, which makes the flights that much more dangerous (at least for him) than they should be. He’s going to be notoriously difficult to incapacitate or to even given into the usual signs of exhaustion that other males will heed; almost unresponsive to pain, logic and self-control are pretty much gone and out the window in the heat of the chase.

And if the flight happens to be particularly violent or rough? Kralkth may end up limping home with more than a few scratches and likely a smug satisfaction about it. Losing flights won’t be as huge a deal; there’s plenty of greens from him to work out that lust and if he fails with one (or a dozen), he’ll eventually succeed and that’s that.

Golds, however? Oh boy. Capturing a gold will make him INSUFFERABLE. He’ll strut about like an over-glorified peacock, crowing about his prowess and ability to outfly every bronze who chased her and snare one of the few fertile females right out from their claws. His clutches will be great ones, after all! FORMIDABLE. He will not be a doting clutch sire either but fiercely protective… from afar. The same will go for any offspring he sires; he knows they’re there, he knows they’re his but unless they really stand out? He won’t be bragging… until they do something awesome!

« HA! THAT ONE’S MINE! Didja see that, I'rily? »



Kralkth’s mindscape is as brutish as he is physically; there are no lush forests or starry skies or beautiful alien landscapes that may be present in his siblings. Oh no.

No, his mind is a vast and barren wasteland of twisted and tumbled ruins of some civilization that has long since fallen to some catastrophe and to the ravages of time. Most of the time, it’s a land washed in bleak greys and neutral tones, depressing and sombre and utterly worn down. His mind is harsh and unforgiving; a brutal land where only the strong survive to the otherwise inhospitable terrains with choking ash, salt flats and alkaline seas.

Deserts span for miles, sand and grit blowing across the blasted land. Skies remain ever shrouded in clouds, bleak and unforgiving and even when there is sunlight, it is weak and eerily filtered; the light cast is sickening at times, unsettling in others. Heat will often accompany his thoughts, along with those winds as they flow through the twisted and shattered remains of structures unlike anything found on Pern. Vast cities, likely glorious in their day, now reduced to nothing and yet oddly cherished. This is Kralkth’s HEAVEN, even if others would mutter it’s nothing more than rubble and while most are greeted with nothing but the vast empty landscapes or the outer views of the ruined cities, for YOU he’ll allow to enter those very ruins.


The heart of his… hearts? In his mind. Down into the lower recesses where he reigns as leader and tolerates your presence there too and the very, rare select few. In this private world, the ruins are almost comforting, lending some semblance of home though it’s still the same bleak, washed out colors and neutral hues that dominate.

Kralkth’s voice is no meek thing either and perfectly matches his outward physique. His voice is rough around the edges, gravelly and gruff, sometimes growled. He doesn’t even have to yell to get his point across (not that that stops him) and sometimes just raising it to an unnerving firmness that will get even the most stubborn of dragons to give pause and hesitate before challenging him further.



Welcome and Congratulations I'rily! :D We look forwards to having you with us for this Weyrlinghood and cannot wait to see what sort of chaos you and Kralkth will create!


Our theme for the eggs this cycle was a real simple one: Hallowe’en. The clutching happened to fall around that holiday and we just ran with it. Kralkth’s AGHGETITOFF Egg was themed on those spider web decorations and spider webs in general. Not a pleasant thing to be snared in a real one or have one brush up against your skin but an oh-so familiar classic (fake) decoration for your house. The egg itself was desc’ed by H’tal.

… and let me just say? When I read you were looking for a pure Krogan dragon, I laughed out loud and lept at the chance to write him for you! As a huge fan of the Mass Effect trilogy (and having a ME dragon myself in Zekath as a nod to Garrus), I hope I did him justice by translating as much Krogan possible into a dragon for I'rily. I sort of ran with Krogan’s ( http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Krogan ) as a whole, though I was channeling mostly Wrex with a smattering of Grunt, as well as the notes you pitched in your Qnaire. Most were just too epically awesome NOT to use and so I ran with it, as well as a few other little nuggets of inspiration. You’ve got me (Th’ero) to blame for the bulk of his personality!

Oh, we struggled a bit on the name too! Did we ever! Here, I thought it’d be an easy thing but was I ever proven wrong! Leave it to Nyalle though to see what I couldn’t and thus, Kralkth’s name! I was really set on giving you a shorter name. Something moody and distinctly Krogran-esque but not hit you upside the head with it being obvious! His name comes from a rough blending of two Krogan words: Aralakh (Eye of Wrath) and Krantt (warrior’s most trusted ally).
Because that’s just what Kralkth is, isn’t he? You’re forever and most trusted ally for the rest of your life… however long or short that may be.

His mind name changed a bit from the original Creepy Crawling Curse to Cursed Desert Wastelands to better fit the idea I had for his actual mind scape. And, as you might have guessed, the imagery I used for the “base” of his mind is nothing more than the Krogan homeworld of Tuchanka ( http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Tuchanka ). Wouldn’t have been fitting to give him anything else! If he has the mind, his body has to fit too and I did my best to make Kralkth as every bit Krogan in a physical sense too without stretching things too far.
We hope you love him and enjoy him; I had a great kick in writing him but In the end, Kralkth is yours to play as you see fit as he’s now yours!
Congratulations again! :D


Name Kralkth
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Egg by H’tal, Dragon by Th’ero with Nyalle tweaks
Impressee I’rily (Ibreily)
Hatched December 2, 2016
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH