Rich colors of burnt orange cascade in thick waves down from angular elongated maw, down along her neck, across massive shoulders stretching out past her wings and down to the very tip of her spindly tail. Rich tenn color the joints of gangly limbs upon the gold's hide, additionally coloring along where wings attach to her body and giving an appearance of age as if worn from constant use. The joints of her tail, in which there are many due to the length, also dabble in shades of rich the tenn, giving it the appearance of constant motion. Gentle, soft tangerines spark at the center of her underbelly in uneven jagged lines that echo the appearance of lightning as it kisses the ground. The soft colors shoot outwards over the deep gold of her hide, stretching along the underside of her wings, dancing in wild undistinguished patterns as they mix with jagged lines of Princeton orange and rich amber hues. They dance along each wingsail as a beautiful, yet raging thunderstorm.

These wings, while appearing to be of normal width in wingspan are much longer in length. The ground is their constant companion, even when they are drawn back in rest. Cloak-like in appearance, they are topped off by the singular talon that dons each wing. Colored a bright, metallic gold they look as if they were meant to be clasps that hold her fine cloak in place upon her shoulders. While rich in color, she is certainly not rich in curves as her long figure consists of angles and sharp edges. Lovely in her own way, at times she almost appears to be twisted into herself. Long neck with a very slight bend from the angling of her head, long cloak-like wings, and even longer, visibly kinked tail that must be kept close lest it trail far behind her and, eventually, stepped upon. Her hide certainly gives the appearance of smoothness, it is not the case. Constantly rough to the touch, it is as if her hide has been starved from hydration, constantly craving the relief and replenishment that oil offers but never sated once received.


Egg Name and Description

Roads Not Required Egg
Murky swaths of gray and deep blue circle over the surface of this squat egg like a sky of turbulent storm clouds. Blobs of deep iron hues roil together in an angry mass, the colors blurred together as though moving at high speeds. Streaks of silver slice across the dreary hues in sleeting patches, while a forked tongue of brightest white traces down one side of the egg in a jagged slash of brightness. Patches of blurred forest green and dirt brown spread over the bottom of the shell like a wind-swept stand of trees, the earthy colors interspersed with patches of smooth black. As subdued and dark as the colors are, it's fairly easy to spot the one feature that sticks out like a sore thumb - twin parallel trails of flickering fire leap in an ascending spiral across the backdrop of gray, the paths blazing hotly in the wake of some invisible force before fading away into the blackness.

Hatching Message

Roads Not Required Egg has accomplished the greatest task of all! What once was a vibrating egg is no longer an egg, as the shards crumble down to the sands and reveal an egg wet hatchling. A hatchling that is certainly /not/ vibrating and unlike the egg from (seeing as an egg can only do so much) it begins to consider the sands, clutch parents before it settles on the Candidates. Inquisitive, for a brief moment before attention turns to the wings in which it has. Just for a brief moment, at least, as it wastes no time to rise out of the sand and away from the shards of egg.

Impression Message

BOOM. The crash of thunder along with a flash of lightning enters your mind first, certainly not subtle at all. Perhaps, it is meant to make you jump to prepare you for the linking of another mind to yours. That is far more subtle as your mind beings to meld with the hatchling who has beckoned your gaze to hers. A gentle shower of rain begins to fall, the sound of the droplets hitting the leaves and rocks, as well as pools of bubbling water. She is here, a gentle whisper, a gentle touch. Before sounds of serene peace break at the sound of maniacal laughter that certainly isn’t human, and far more animal than nothing. Another attempt to scare, perhaps, as one certainly would not expect /that/. « Inri. That is you, now. » There is no more explanation, for that is all you need to know. You have been changed. You should know all you need to by those words alone. « Kouzevelth. I am yours. You are mine. We share many things. » A rumble of her stomach, your own rises to meet the growl and you feel. « Like hunger. » There is no doubt what she wants, and while her voice fades into darkness, you still hear the gentle fall of rain against nature as a constant reminder of her mind that is one with yours.


As a young dragon, there are already a handful of words that can be used to describe her. Some will wane over time and others will flourish, some will be surprising and others not so much, but in those first few days you will discover many of them as you two begin to discover more of each other through your strengthening bond. She will be the epitome of responsible but mischievous when the mood strikes her and testament to her youthful and sometimes wild spirit, she will be charming but headstrong, a leader but not without her faults, and possessing a few unique quirks that lend just a bit of oddity for spice and flavor to round her off completely.

Oya is seen in aspects as the warrior-spirit of the wind, lightning, fertility, fire, and magic. She creates hurricanes and tornadoes, and guards the underworld. She is the spirit of tornadoes (which are said to be her whirling skirts as she dances), lightning, earthquakes, and any kind of destruction.

Beyond destruction, Oya is the spirit of change, transition, and the chaos that often brings it about.

Kouzevelth is no whirlwind of destruction and chaos, unlike her siblings Crosenturath and Xucieth, but neither is she any meek or submissive spirit. Oh no, she is wild to start and her habits will either leave you chuckling in mirth or tearing your hair out in frustration, which will bring some sense of apology from her should she push you a little too far. For you are everything to her, Inri and she does not actively seek to push your buttons but just as nature can be unpredictable at times, so is she. « I can’t help it. It just /feels/ natural. I know better, now. » For that reason, her headstrong and stubborn traits will be among some of the first you will be greeted with and have to learn to temper, Inri. Try to stifle them and she will only butt heads with you, struggling against the control until the correct balance is struck. For there cannot be sun without the rain, life without air and Kouzevelth is ruled as much by her emotions and instincts as nature is ruled by the seasons and the oceans by the tides.

Expect lessons to be a challenge from the start, for once Kouzevelth is bitten with inspiration or with the desire to pursue or see a challenge or idea to the end she will be near to impossible to stop and she completely expects you to be with her for the entire duration. It won’t matter if you are in the middle of a lecture or in the middle of receiving vital instructions. Suddenly the winds seem to change in her mind and you will be met with a thunderclap in your mind and a simple: « So it is done. » And then she’s off! Just like you were once impulsive Inri, so is she and so much so. Which is not truly a negative trait, but you will have to instill a sense of control in her now, while she is young and still malleable. « If you insist. They said fly, so I flew. But, I suppose there is purpose in waiting. » Which means, of course, you were right all along.

Her stubbornness will manifest in those times where Kouzevelth simply does not feel as though she (and you) should be doing /this/ but rather doing /that/. It is almost child-like, a minor rebellion where she had set notions and is struggling against the change. Don’t be surprised if you often find yourself in a battle of wills, Inri as she quite literally puts on the breaks and refuses to budge until the terms meet her satisfaction or you simply get her to see the reason in things. She is unwilling to simply roll over and does not expect the same in you either, though even in her youth she can come to expect that she /could/ be the unreasonable one and so will reluctantly subside. In time, her stubbornness will subside, molded and smoothed by maturity just as the winds and waters in nature will smooth the roughest of rocks. For that is how Kouzevelth is in her youth: unhoned, untempered and rough.

It is through her experiences with you and on her own that will help shape her into the gold she is to become. And even when young, Kouzevelth is a bit of the extrovert with her clutch siblings, though a little introverted with the rest of her kin. Again, balance will be struck in time as she ages, but be prepared for a rather sociable lifemate who has no problem in seeking out her brothers and sisters for some idle conversation or simply to linger close to observe all their traits, quirks and oddities. « Niumdreoth has a kind heart. Lyrienth is strong willed. » Be prepared to receive her input too, of course spoken simply and short. Is it reflection or comments? A snippet of her thoughts or her opinions? It will be hard to say but just another one of her quirks for you to chew over Inri in the months surrounding Weyrlinghood.

Across many North American indigenous cultures, the thunderbird carries many of the same characteristics. It is described as a large bird, capable of creating storms and thundering while it flies. Clouds are pulled together by its wingbeats, the sound of thunder made by its wings clapping.

As her clutch siblings begin to grow and develop as any young dragon will, it will be soon obvious enough that while Kouzevelth is growing as she should, filling out as she should, she will forever carry physical traits that will define her. Her wings, so long as they are in length and prone to drag if she does not remind herself to lift them tightly, her long tail and well… simply the /length/ of her will pose some fumbling in the start. For all her impulsive nature when she is young, she sometimes moves too fast, expecting the agility of her sleeker (and much smaller) sisters and brothers only to wind up tangled and sprawled, or an errantly placed foot pinching her wing or tail. « Frustrating. » And it will be, until she learns and you will be needed most then Inri, to keep her confidence solid. And then there is the issue of her hide, the appearance of it so deceivingly rough no matter how often you oil her, though she will insist « I do not itch. Perhaps another time? » It will be checked, and check again and then triply done and no fault will ever truly be found and her health never questioned but it remain another one of her many quirks.

But that won’t stop Kouzevelth from charging forwards with her life and in turn your own. Remember that once “safe bubble” that Inri felt her life had been? Well, consider it truly and fully « Gone.». She will not stand for such nonsense and will begin to challenge you and shove you right out of that past and into the present and preparing you for the future to come. As she begins to balance out her own traits, she begins to turn towards balancing yours. And you may have wondered until now… why Inri? For Kouzevelth, there is no Inyri. Inyri ceased to exist the moment she claimed you. She has high expectations of you and you have better rise to meet the challenge as she often did in her youth (which really was only months ago…). She has stolen your ‘y’ as there is a ‘y’ in lazy but not in “responsible”. Responsible has all the letters that are contained in your new name and that is perfect.

She is becoming the responsible daughter, her dedication to the Weyr growing almost as swiftly as she. It runs strong through her, deep to her very core. She is a daughter of Fort and her lineage runs deep, traceable back to such a long, long line that spans many Turns. Why should not one feel pride for their heritage? She will instill this or at least make the attempt on you, Inri. Just as she has pride in being a daughter of the Weyr, so should you, regardless of your own past or lines or roots. « This is your home now. » Her loyalty, her dedication, her love for all who reside in the Weyr could both be a trait of hers or simply her instinct but the roots seem to draw from the concept of having such rich ancestry. She will become a curious history buff, insisting you learn all there is to learn of Fort, much for yourself as it is for her. You will be a weyrwoman some day, after all!

She is said to dance ceaselessly to forget her troubles.

Although she paints the image of a charming young woman, innocent and proper, only you Inri would know the better of it. You know her well, after all and Kouzevelth will pick up again on her mischievous streak from her youth and develop it to that of a trickster. If she finds the perfect time and the perfect setup, do not be surprised if she gives you a nudge and then lays out her plan. Of course /you/ will have to carry most of it out and she will content herself to view the results through your eyes. Most will be harmless, unlike the pranks and tricks of Xucieth and meant only to liven what is otherwise « Just another day. ». Even one such as she is prone to boredom and to seek some laughter. It’s more complicated than that as well, for her trickster side comes from a need for distractions for comfort, a way to forget the troubles of the world or ease some tension or frustrations. This is why most of her trickery will simply confound or trip up their victims, meant to be humorous for all, rather than malicious.

Oshun is the river goddess … the force of harmony … which we see as beauty, feel as love, and experience as ecstasy.

As an adult grown and matured, Kouzevelth a become a force in and of herself, ruled still by her emotions and by natural instinct, moved as if by some unseen whim like the wind across the land but controlled and tempered now by her will power. She is responsible but with her mischievous streak forever lurking beneath. At times she will still be headstrong, especially in matters concerning you, Inri and your desires. Once your insecurities fed your extroverted and cheerful nature but now, « It must change.» She wants it to be genuine, as much a part of you as she is. She wants you to be brash and bold and comfortable in your sense of self. She will constantly be the push and inspiration for you to better yourself. What way to better the Weyr than to better your mind? A mind that is sharp and full of knowledge can better help those around you.

Oya is also called "the one who puts on pants to go to war" and "the one who grows a beard to go to war".

Kouzevelth expects you to grow into your duties, but she expects you to do so quickly and her expectations are high, though should you flounder or falter, rather than be stifling she will only ease back and accept that mistakes happen and encourage you onwards. She will not tolerate idleness and if you find yourself stuck, she will merely nudge you towards the sources of knowledge she feels you need in order to overcome that hurdle. Expect her to even turn towards the older dragons for their insight, among them her own dam, Zuvaleyuth and even her grand dam Zuhth and her much great, great grand dam Wiyaneth. They are the root of her history, after all and so she values their opinion as she would any nugget of information from an older dragon.

And did you think your days as an informant over? Think again. Just as Kouzevelth wishes for you to seek out all knowledge, so will she latch onto that knack of yours, your “nose” so to speak for local news and keen sense on picking up valuable information among the idle conversations within the Weyr and beyond. She views it as a strong and valuable skill, insisting on you to hone it and absorb it as a trait for herself through you. For that reason, you may find it easy to convince Kouzevelth to venture out on travel and therein you can find a degree of freedom. Diplomacy may not be your strong point, Inri but once she catches on to the idea, she will agree with it and overtime will help you develop that skill. Together you could forge a name not only for yourself but that of Fort though it may prove to be a challenge above all to remain on track.

And should you two ever be called upon to oversee justice done? Kouzevelth will be no gold to be reckoned with, for she cannot stand those who do wrong or who would shame or harm the Weyr, or the Holds or the land even that falls under it. You can expect that she will insist on being with the group sent to hunt them down, even if it is to the ends of Pern to be sure that they face the justice needed to balance affairs. Not that she would harm them, but the thrill of the hunt and chase, the trap and seeing them properly detained and brought to face the consequences … oh yes, she will be bound and determined in that goal and she expects no less from you, Inri.

When the time comes for her hide to begin to glow, the change in Kouzevelth will be obvious to you Inri but subtle to others. Only you will notice that she no longer seeks out her tricks and mischief and her nature becomes restless, building with the tension like the building of a coming storm in the air and on the winds. Suddenly she seeks to take walks along the beach or insists you come and join her to some sun warmed spot or that you find some sanctuary, like the gardens or a quiet clearing or meadow to sit and while away the hours doing something as simple reading or knitting or some other little hobby, something neglected in your otherwise in the whirlwind your life may have become.

She will talk too or seek out discussion with her potential suitors, giggling at their stupid attempts to woo her and answering for once in a clear manner, edging on prose or poetic at times and she is not beyond trying to work her charms on them in turn. Her flight, however, is entirely different than the days leading up to it. Instead, you are left with a cruel, heartless gold who sees all her suitors as little playthings and only those who can outsmart her to get the best of her shall claim her as a prize. She is the wind and she is the storm, leading them all on a wild chase that is bound to test many of the endurances of the bronzes who seek her favor. All returns to normal shortly after once she is caught, and she may favor her suitor for a short period of time until the eggs are laid.

She is an oddity in which she loves Candidates and she loves them upon the Sands, amongst her eggs. She knows that they will Hatch and Impress and welcomes all who would get to know her children. Though, should anyone disobey any rule she will be quick to reprimand and remove them /all/ from her sight until she is calm again. In fact, she will be nagging you to bring the Candidates to touch her eggs. Why? « Because. They need the best chance possible to Impress /my/ children. » And only the best will do. Just as nature weeds out the weaklings, so does Kouzevelth insist that her future offspring are exposed to as many of the strong among the class.

At the end of the day, however, Inri, you are hers and she is yours. She will love you always, even if it goes unspoken. But, like many things with Kouzevelth it is a very subtle way to constantly remind you that she is there with you and always loving you. You are her balance, her rocks, her trees, her everything. Without you, she would be nothing and instincts and natures, her traits would have no strength or soil in which to lay their roots. No matter what comes to pass, she will forever be a part of you and you of her.



Her mind is like a rainforest, rich and lush and ever mysterious and ethereal. What seems so simple is so complex, as her rainforest is far more than /just/ a rainforest. It is her canvas, her world and her mirror. Calm belies a hidden chaos and while most forests are never changing through time or one guided by the passing of seasons, hers are in constant flux. While most would use words to elaborate their thoughts, she relies heavily on color and imagery, emotions saturating what her simplicity in vocalization invokes or lacks. She relies heavily on color to emphasize her words, and while the meaning may be lost to some, you will come to learn all the subtleties and complexities behind them Inyri.

To describe the base imagery of her mind could take pages and pages to pin down, but on the whole to most who catch a glimpse of it, it is simply put as if one is to stand or perhaps sit upon a rock at the edge of a babbling creek that runs clear and pure through the forest floor. Smoothed pebbles can be seen beneath the water’s flow and the creek itself is defined by the larger rocks and rich, dark earth that makes up the soil. Twisted roots and low lying brush made of sharp pointed fronds and broad leaves surround each side and disappear behind you, enveloping you as if to beckon you into her embrace. One could feel the sense of being a spectator to a natural theatre, all sound hushed as if in anticipation. But one could almost feel trapped, as the trees extend ever upwards, branches yearning for the sky and their thick foliage all but blotting out the sky and light save for one small jagged circle that is not quite centered. And as such shall it appear to you, Inyri though for you there is so much more hidden away.

But as she speaks, the rainforest comes alive with imagery and colors, peace and calm disturbed to bring life to the hidden complexities within. They will show in the form of blossoms as her mind shifts the forests to the months of spring, or tints in the soil or upon the bark of the trees or tips of certain leaves. Reflections in the water or the subtle shift of sunlight from the pale yellow of dawn or bright summer day to the dusky orange of sunsets of autumn or the cool, serene wintery night sky. She will shift between them all or none, using nature as her canvas to describe her needs, desires or thoughts and ever changing. What could have meant, « I am pleased and content. » one day may not entirely mean the same the next. You will certainly be kept busy, trying to decipher her code over the Turns, but her confidence in you and devotion and love never wavers, ever patient to leave you to mull over what she has and has not said until you sort it out.

What could be a weakness is in fact her greatest (and a unique) trait. Her mind is as alive and rich in colors and the emotions they invoke, just as strongly as it could be with words. Each seems to hold its own meaning to Kouzevelth and often come with both positive and negative sides. When the rainforests of her mind are a vivid green, the skies a clear blue or the yellow and orange sunlight filtering through the dense leaves warm and bright she could be trying to speak of happiness and calm, of thoughtfulness or an abundance, , joy and creativity. It could be one of those or a combination or a gentle shifting between. If there should be reds to tinge the leaves, she may be in a fit of passion or inspired by yours or lending strength to a thought, sharing in anger, agitation or worry. White is for truth and purity, as subtle as a drifting cloud or the blacks of protection and the shadows of the night. There are limitless possibilities and Kouzevelth will visit many of them in her many Turns and so will you, Inyri, be alongside her.

She is not all simply colors and emotions though, playing a little into imagery as well. In times of calm and quiet, Kouzevelth’s mind is in a constant rainfall (though somehow you never feel wet or drenched by these rains), the drops pattering against leaves and rocks, into the creek and upon the rocks like a constant staccato that is both soothing and lulling as it drones on. When she chooses to bespeak others, it will be as this gentle rainfall before welcoming them into her jungle of peace. In times of anger or upset, the peace and tranquil of her mind and the forests are replaced instead by the chaos of thunderstorms. The crash of lightning is frequent and bright, almost painful as the trees and leaves are cast into negative relief and the winds howl with a fury of their own.

Anger will not be the only time the peace and quiet of the forest is disturbed. When her mischievous and trickster like quirks come into play, you must be on your toes, Inyri! For sudden hyena-like laughter or crashes of thunder or the cry of some other animal will invade your mind at the most random times. You will come to find that such random events are to be expected from Kouzevelth. Those will not be the only noises or imagery she’ll use, choosing instead from a variety of random selection that comes from the serene setting of her mind, as unpredictable as the colors she uses to express herself. She enjoys a good laugh, a good scare from her tricks and doing it when you least expect it brings much more joy that waiting for a good time to interject. « You are alert now. » She is mindful of your duties and should you be studying or in an important meeting, she will wait until you are free and hers once more.

As if to make up for her trickery and mischief, she has set aside a part of her mind for you and only you. She will allow you to “explore” or she will simply lead you on deeper into the recesses of the rainforests, showing you the places of light and the places of dark, imagery of stunning beauty or unsettling disquiet, all to match the desire, intentions and lost meaning behind the words she cannot speak and the few that she does. And always will you feel safe beneath the canopy, warm and welcomed while others are welcomed but held at a comfortable, friendly but respective distance. The privacy within is exactly that, hers and in extension yours and she will let few, if any others, ever intrude upon it. Should you ever be feeling a little down or in need of comfort, it’s to these secretive spots of her mind that she will whisk you away, enveloping you and soothing you with the peacefulness of the dense forests, the calming sounds of nature and even occasionally the passing image of some creature or another both for distraction and for comfort.

Her voice is like a soft whisper, a reflection of your own but distorted and lending her an entirely ethereal tone. Sweet, delicate and gentle are the impressions her voice gives, though she does not speak in the nature of which she sounds, for she is a direct contrast to her dam Zuvaleyuth. Her sentences are short and clipped, giving as little detail as possible and almost frustratingly passive aggressive at times. When she wants something, she does not state directly but with rather obvious remarks. « It is wet. » She would like to be somewhere dry. « Oil is satisfying at times. » Her hide itches and she would like to be oiled. « Perhaps you should consider food. » She is hungry and would like to be fed or she thinks /you/ should eat. The puzzle is not overly complicated to solve, for she simply feels that you, Inyri, should know what she needs and therefore: « There is no reason for me to ask. » Luckily for you, when the times come where she’d rather not use her voice or words a tall, she uses her imagery and color to communicate instead. She will paint you a picture using the endless surroundings of the rainforest as her medium and canvas and through those means you will always know what she wants, more or less and never be left to wander blind among the trees.


Roads Not Required Egg was based solely on the Back to the Future trilogy of movies. With a theme of time, how can there not be an egg based on a time machine made out of a Delorean? These were always my favorite movies and I jumped on the chance to represent it in an egg. The description of the egg comes from the stormy scene at the end of the first movie and the beginning of the second movie - a storm and a flying time machine. The spirals of fire represent the twin trails of fire that the Delorean always left behind when it traveled through time. The name 'Roads Not Required' comes from Doc Brown's famous quote: 'Roads? Where we're going we don't need /roads/.'

Electrically Charged, the mind voice, spun the theme out a little more. Electricity was the fuel for the Delorean - 1.21 gigawatts of it, to be exact. I decided to craft the mind within the egg in this way and I played with the visual representation of energy and power. The actual scientific and intellectual nature of the mind itself, however, was based solely on Doctor Emmett Brown (Doc) who invented the time machine. He was a scientist, though he had an awesome personality. I could almost imagine the mind voice going 'Great Scott!' All of this together made the entire egg work very well. There's even a link to science and invention in general with the link to electricity. The egg and mind touches were written by Ely.

Kouzevelth was written for you by Dtirae who took the traits that you had mentioned and expanded upon them, as well as adding a few little twists here and there. Then, Th’ero went through and contributed the part about thunder goddesses and she truly began to shine once really fleshed out. Her mindvoice is a large rainforest with sounds that aren’t generally found in the wild or a rainforest, but, that’s simply part of her quirk. There is also touches of thunder and lightning within her mindvoice to play with the touch of thunder goddesses. Along with that, the hint of water in her voice is similar to her dam’s own water-like mindscape.Her name is derived from a Czech word ‘okouzlujici’ meaning ‘charming, enchanting, glamorous, bewitching’ with the letter ‘v’ thrown in as an addition of Velokraeth’s name to give her a ‘Z’ and a ‘V’ to incorporate her clutch parent’s names in her own, which I thought would be a fun touch while also making her unique in her name.

To get an understanding of her colors, I recommend checking out this page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Shades_of_orange. I tried my best to describe the color that you had requested in her. It was a challenge, but, I certainly enjoyed it while adding some fun little quirks into her coloring as well as her overall appearance. You had requested long, and long you received! Long neck, really long wings (my favorite feature), and really long, long tail!

She, of course, is yours to play any way you see fit as the RP tips are just that: Tips! She can be played any way you see fit or changed entirely.

Clutch Siblings

Immune to the Passage of Time Dremkoth - D'ani
One Cannot Make the Journey Alone Brown Niumdreoth - Abigail
Always Seeking and Scampering Blue Crosenturath - Harmony
Arcane Magic and Darkness Green Lyrienth - Kh'nai
No More Will I Wear the Shackles Green Xucieth - Eirwyn

The Aftermath of Stress Bronze Tezeveth - J’men (Jamen)
Samurai Betwixt Time Brown Zlicnith - K’vi (Kevi)
Timeless Giant Star Blue Zetath - Py’n (Pycian)
Drive by Blur Green Vetizath - Brilwen


Name Kouzevelth
Dam Gold Zuvaleyuth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Ely, Dtirae, Th'ero
Impressee Inri (Inyri)
Hatched 23 September, 2012
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH