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Tempestuous Guardian of Fire Green Hatchling


Vivid peppermint hues flow wildly and largely unbroken and untouched over her large, sleek frame. Though she may be tall for a green, she retains a feminine look — little about her is bulky or masculine. Slender of limb and tail, she holds herself with pride and there is undoubtedly a strong presence about her. Lambent shades of bryony green flare and fade as they sweep over her angular features and down the proud curve of her neck to pool between her shoulders and down the length of her back. Bewitching foxfire blooms against her chest in paled berylline hues, the same echoed in the vastness of her broad, tapered wings — only along the edges of those wingsails does it fade to clouded, smokey-green and so translucent it may as well be glass. The last detail to attest to her beauty are her talons — each is a perfect, wicked curve of pure beryl stone. Lovely, beautiful even, to look at but betraying to another, hidden, side to her.

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Egg Name and Description

Look Around You, Now Back to Me Egg
This egg seems familiar. Like…really familiar. That jutted slash of muddied brown, isn’t that Red Butte? And the curve of that stroke of blue, isn’t that the Nerat Bay? If you tilt your head and squint just a bit, the vivid greens, the browns, the blues seem to take the shape of a map of the very planet you’re standing on. That’s rather odd, isn’t it? Must be a coincidence, or else some cartographer came in here during their off time and painted a plain white egg to look like Pern. Now that /would/ be odd. Maybe you should ask someone about it.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Look Around You, Now Back to Me Egg isn’t like those other eggs. Look at them, now look back at it. Do you see it rocking? No. It didn’t think so.

Crack Message
Look Around You, Now Back to Me Egg still won’t play by the rules. Why should it? It’s not like any of those other eggs match up to it! Anything is possible when you’re an egg like it is. Was that whistling?

Hatch Message
Look Around You, Now Back to Me Egg doesn’t look like any of the other eggs but isn’t about to be undone! So you want it to hatch? Fine. Look over there, now back at it. BOOM! Here it is … or rather here SHE is! Not what you expected, huh?

Sands Pose #1
Tempestuous Guardian of Fire Green Hatchling ends up sprawled on the sands in the shattered mess of the egg she was trapped in — and seems perfectly content to just remain there as she recovers. As she pulls herself awkwardly to her feet, she shakes herself off and stretches her wings to test them. Snorting, she holds her head with a determined poise, while cooly observing the line of Candidates. Not the entranced she’d hoped for but she’s going to make the best of it! And she has a goal to fulfill here! Finding her balance, she steps forwards and instantly goes for a knot of girls all huddled together.

Sands Pose #2
Tempestuous Guardian of Fire Green Hatchling disapproves of each and every girl she inspects, heaving a great sigh as she lumbers past them. One gets a sharp smack to the legs with her tail, when she tries to approach her again and a snarled warning. Satisfied that she’s made her point, she returns to her original task… and this time she does sense what she was looking for all along. With a smug-sounding warble, she moves with confidence and determination. She knew all along, even if the one she’s aimed for may have no clue what is about to hit them!

Impression Message

Public Message
Tempestuous Guardian of Fire Green Hatchling pauses, transfixed and several paces in front of one group of Candidates. She lowers her head slightly as if concentrating. Is she about to charge or pounce? Difficult to say but there is an energy of sorts about her, even as she remains perfectly still. Then it happens! Her posture turns joyous, even if her cries are subdued as she surges ahead, aimed as straight as any arrow to guide her right to her intended forever-partner’s side!

Private Message
They said it would be hot on the Sands, but is that a flicker of flame by your feet!? Those embers soon spark into a thin ribbon of fire and before you can even react, you’re grounded in place as it encircles you. Oddly, it doesn’t burn, though you feel an enveloping warmth — it’s almost as though the fire itself is a living thing and one that is rapidly filling your senses. Without warning, the fire jumps to spread out before you like a mirror or window. In your peripheral vision, you may be dimly aware that the Sands are gone but you cannot look away from those flames. It’s as if you’re being drawn into it spiritually, waiting for something to happen. Vaguely there is the sense of wooden beams replacing the rock walls, of sacred spaces and temple-like constructions. « Carellos, are you listening? » A voice, strong but wholly feminine, speaks firmly and mildly scolding to you. « You and I are destined to be together! The fire never lies. C’los… yes, that is much better. I am your Kaseimarlyeth! We have much to do. » From that fire walks a green, proud and quietly fierce as she aims to settle right by your side. The flames twist again, briefly encircling you both as commanded by her will alone before vanishing. A loving smile is implied, as the green peers up at you with adoration and depthless, wordless love as the unbreakable bond is forged and sealed. « Maybe we can start with something to eat? »


"Protected by Mars, the planet of fire, Guardian of War, Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars, I’ll chastise you!"
- Sailor Mars's stock introduction

Kaseimarlyeth is a study in contradictions. Sometimes she is aloof and cold, and at other times her personality is so forceful it’s like a fire in your soul. She is one thing and that is a big personality, and you will have quite the time keeping her many moods in check.

As a newly hatched weyrling, you might be concerned about her behavior. While others are obviously in love and fawning over their lifemates (and them over their riders!), your Kaseimarlyeth sometimes won’t even look at you. Her thoughts are distant, her emotions walled off as she spends most of her time watching the others and whispering biting comments to you.


« I can’t believe how Szorvilkyth eats! Have you seen anything so disgusting before? »

Try to correct her and she’ll just snort, turning her nose up at the mess.

It will be obvious soon enough that she is far more conservative and ‘old-fashioned’ in her way of thinking. Traditional and disciplined, Kaseimarlyeth won’t be seen romping wildly about or joining in much of the mayhem that her siblings may concoct. Even when she is so young, she is already serious and disciplined, with a practical nature about her that won’t ever quite fade away.


Weyrlinghood will be challenging enough just for this reason. She will need convincing to trust the WLM staff and their dragons (doubly so if they happen to be male!) but with some time she will become a driven student. She will push herself (and you, of course!) to be the best in all things, because that’s your duty. This doesn’t mean she still won’t have the occasional stubborn temper tantrum, but they will rare until later in her life when her temperament changes.

She is opinionated and in the later months of training, it may lead to some drama amongst her clutchmates (and even some of the older Fort dragons!). Gradually, Kaseimarlyeth will shed her conservative nature and lose that filter along with it. Where she was aloof and withdrawn once, now she’ll say what she wants, WHEN she wants and damn the consequences! This change won’t sit well with Nymionth, especially and she will often run into heated arguments with naive Yasminath. She’s not a bully, but just shows tough-love when it comes to encouraging her clutchmates or anyone she feels needs it.

"Usagi, stand up! We'll always be together. Now, run!" — Rei Hino, quote from episode 45


And while Kaseimarlyeth might make fun of her clutchmates and be tough on them and spread the same behavior to those she later comes to care about, she will not tolerate anyone else mocking them! She’ll be swift and quick to chastise anyone who dares criticize them. Just as Yasminath stands for justice, so does she… even if the two of them don’t always see eye to eye.

For all that Kaseimarlyeth says, her biting remarks and heated temper are all rooted to one source: her loyalty. Even for you, she won’t spare her opinions now but it’s not out of spite or maliciousness. She loves you and she’ll learn to build trust and relationships with others too — and because of this, she only wants what’s best for you. She’ll want to see you and others succeed and flourish and while some go about it gently… well, let’s just say it’ll take Kaseimarlyeth a few Turns to master an inner balance between too cold and way, way too fiery hot!

Throughout the Turns, she’ll continue to grow and the true elegance of her character will be fleshed out further by her experiences. Having already undergone one change in her personality from a young weyrling dragon to the more outspoken version of herself, Kaseimarlyeth will never quite shed that ‘traditional’ side of herself. Eventually, her temper will cool and she’ll grow out of that awkward ‘teenager’ stage as maturity balances her (for the most part). It will take a truly, bad thing happening or a severe injustice to bring the fires of her fury to the forefront yet again.



Enshrined Kami

Rei's lifelong dream is to become the head priestess at Hikawa Shrine, and much of her life is influenced by spirituality, particularly in the manga. Meditation is given as her strong point, and she enjoys fortune-telling as a hobby.

If there is one way to describe Kaseimarlyeth’s mindscape, it could be as simple as to refer to it as a safe place. Her mind is built like a literal temple of old and unlike anything Pern ever has. Despite the alien-like landscape, rather than be unnerving, her mind always brings a sense of security and peace.

For her, her mind is a holy place (another foreign concept, really) and the housing of anything she finds needs safekeeping. Be they images of sacred objects or snippets of memories (most of those coming directly from you, C’los, as she falls prey to draconic memory) that hold deep importance. While some dragons tend to keep most at bay when it comes to sharing mental imagery, for Kaseimarlyeth… all are welcome to step foot in her ‘temple’ — so long as they’re respectful. Those she immediate mistrusts will be barred access of course but for the most part, no one will be denied to join her.


The ‘layout’ of her mind is important and has been meticulously arranged. Usually the first image given is that of a torii-style gate that lead to the stone stairs beyond. Framing this are several pink-flowering trees that are almost always in bloom. She’ll always guide you to those stairs, C’los and anyone else who ‘visits’ with her. An approach to the ‘shrine’ that is the heart of her mind is simple and yet elegant and refined. There are decorative stone lanterns along the path and should her mindscape be at night or have them lit, they offer a comforting warmth and glow. Other buildings can be seen, but their purpose is never revealed unless there is need to be there — one has the feeling of being for a sacred dance, another for administrative purposes.

Wooden plaques bare written script, the words often too far away to read unless she guides you there; most often they’re wishes and prayers. Be they your own or those of others that she’s overheard. The last structures are the most important and often where Kaseimarlyeth prefers to ‘go’. Leading to the entrance, there are statues of strange feline-dog-like creatures, resting poised as guardians on either side. It’s here, in the main hall and largest structure with its flowing, asymmetrical, gable style roofing that projects outwards on the non-gabled side to form a portico above the main entrance. Forked roof finials complete the building and within is where Kaseimarlyeth safeguards all that is precious to her.

When she is at her most reflective, fire will be prominent in her mind. Not in a destructive force, but contained and controlled. She can wield it, mentally, as a source of guidance when she is needing it — of course, you’ll always be her first choice but when you’re both feeling more than a little lost or indecisive, she’ll turn to alternatives in order to help you both move forwards.


The Ofuda, in Japanese culture, are charms, wards, or scriptures that are said to bear good luck, and are usually sold in Shinto shrines or temples.

And should she ever feel threatened by some indescribable or unknown force or even by another living being, Kaseimarlyeth isn’t against slapping down some spiritual commands! Wards, charms, scripture… whichever is chosen to describe them, she’ll use them as a first line of defense to disperse any unwanted negative energies. Sometimes, they’ll come out to bear good luck as well.

Her voice, while very much that of a young woman, can be at times forceful in a very firm or stern, commanding manner. This tends to happen the most when her temper comes into play or when she feels she needs to come off as strong and brave. Otherwise, her tone is gentler and despite the strength behind it, can be soothing and comforting. Sometimes, the sound of chimes or bells will follow her words, or the peaceful crackle of a fire. Privately, mostly to you C’los, she will share a few strings of music or another art form; it’s a secret passion of hers, the love of art in almost all its forms.



Kaseimarlyeth is almost exactly like the rest of her green ‘sisters’ from this clutch, from Czarduinath to Yasminath, so does she possess an elegant beauty to her. Feminine to the last minute curve, she is lithe and nimble, with her body being perfectly aerodynamic for flying; basically, she’s a fine specimen of a green dragon! The only thing that sets her apart from the other greens of her clutch is her size. She’s not the largest green to be recorded in Fort Weyr, but she’s close! Not that that does anything to hinder her. Size does not equal bulkiness for her and neither does it make her weirdly lanky or willowy. She’s perfectly harmonized between height, weight and build to make her unmistakably ‘female’ but in no way ‘weak’. She’ll leave dainty and delicate to Yasminath and all the other fae-like greens out there.

As cliche as it may be, it’s in her nature to be as graceful on the ground as she is in the air. She’s not going to be a green that stumbles and trips over her feet (but let’s face it, it will happen or someone will trigger that event… she’s not perfect)! In the skies, she’ll be quick and nimble, fierce and wild in her prowess as the more agile of all the colors. Never will she consider it a weakness and while sometimes you’ll have to step in to keep her from burning herself out, Kaseimarlyeth will use her skills to her advantage.


It’s a shame there is no Threadfall now, because she would have excelled at destroying it. While it’s still part of training but rarely used, Kaseimarlyeth will eerily take to flaming with ease. As if born to expertly wield flame, she’ll no doubt impress quite a few onlookers with her natural ability. Oh, sure, she won’t be perfect from the very first time she tries, but once she figures out the trick to produce flame? She’ll always seem to aim right on target. Down to the thinnest flame, her aim is flawless and she seems able to produce more flame per pound of firestone than any other dragon. Where the ‘extra’ flame comes from, no one can say!

Kaseimarlyeth certainly won’t tell…



"…Because of the lack of respectable males in her life, Rei harbors a generally low opinion of men. She considers them emotionally weak and untrustworthy and seems genuinely uninterested in romance…"


Some may wonder just why Kaseimarlyeth chose a male rider, when she seems to hold such a disinterest in ‘men’ in general. Even when she fully matures, she’ll hold a lower opinion of them and males will often find that they have to work harder (and cautiously) around her to gain her trust and friendship. She’s not cruel to them, but she doesn’t go out of her way to socialize or fawn over them. Romance is a foreign concept to a dragon to begin with, but if she could grasp it, she’d likely shun it too.

She won’t push you into finding romance, that’s for certain! Which may or may not be a source of relief for you — because you bet if you start cozying up to anyone, she’ll be highly critical and likely disapproving (but supportive in the same breath). It’ll take gentle patience from you to get her to ease up a bit, but she’ll want your happiness in the end. Even if she sighs and mutters sullenly about ‘broken hearts’ and ‘pointlessness’.

Beryl was an Earth sorceress of a lower rank who fell in love with Prince Endymion but her love went unrequited. She became obsessively jealous upon finding out his love for Princess Serenity. Beryl was later corrupted by Queen Metaria, who had detected malice in her heart.

Lack of interest or not, Kaseimarlyeth can’t ignore natural instinct. Proddiness will come for her, just as it does any female of her species. And when it does? You’ll know. Everyone will know when she’s about to reach her time, because she undergoes yet another personality change.

Her temper will come back. It’ll be a gradual thing, starting as jealousy and pettiness as she observes others courting and flirting. Sure, she’ll try her hand at it — suddenly those males don’t seem half bad after all! What could be a simple change of heart turns rather corrupted and it happens fast. If there’s one small mercy is that her proddy cycles aren’t long winded. From being irrationally jealous, she’ll become needy and vindictive. She’ll start to get snappish and shorter tempered, even with you! Her desire for all of the attention will begin to grow and become a source of obsession within her to possess it all.


And Faranth help any male who gives attention to her and then to another (and that female should probably watch out too)! She’ll be swift with her rebuttal and biting commentary. Sometimes, she’ll choose a few suitors as “hers” and should any of those stray, her temper will be a force to be reckoned with! It’s not just the males who need to avoid her — she’ll start to bully the other greens too; picking on them and trying to undermine their self-worth.

Ideally, all the females of the weyr would leave for her proddy time, and the males would do nothing but lavish her with attention. Wouldn’t that be grand? Sadly, that will never happen but a green can dream (and plot) can’t she? When her corruption proddiness reaches its peak she will finally FLY, unable to stand it any longer. She will show them ALL that SHE is the best and will demand that they prove to her who is strong enough to defeat her.

Her flights will burn like any fast moving fire. As soon as it’s begun… it’s over. With nothing to contain her, Kaseimarlyeth will push herself to her very limits before giving in. She won’t fight it in the end and merely give herself over to fate and let it decide which male will succeed.

And when she recovers, her poor, poor suitor is going to discover she is NOT the cuddling type! Kaseimarlyeth will make it clear that the male is no longer welcome, while she’ll revert back to her proper (reasonably polite) self. And if the male is the type not to get the hint? She’ll chase him off, either with her sharp tongued comments (and insults) or literally chase him away. If you want to cuddle with the rider, however, she’ll begrudgingly allow it and not force your decision in the matter.



Looks like second time will be the charm for you, C’los! This time, there’s no escape!! Welcome to weyrlinghood here in Fort and the chaos that is about to be your life from now on.

Kaseimarlyeth16.jpg Egg Inspiration: This cycle’s theme was Planets! Real, fictional or pure fantasy… and the egg your lovely lady hatched from is none other than our ‘fun’ egg of the clutch! It’s themed, you guessed it, on “Pern” but as the MU* games we all came to create and enjoy. As for the touches, well, you can blame Nyalle for that and what started as a joke turned into reality! It was just too tempting to reword the Old Spice Commercials as Pern-flavored.

Dragon Inspiration: As for Kaseimarlyeth herself, she’s based on the two characters you requested and elaborated/tweaked as we felt would mesh best! She’s definitely Rei Hino, aka Sailor Mars, from Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, with a slight nod from both the manga and anime in her personality. And, as you asked, we threw in some Queen Beryl in there to flesh out her proddy state.

Her description comes from a few plants tied to Sailor Mars specifically (not sure on the canon of that, but hey… even if it’s fan based it worked!), along with her crystal link being beryl. See what we did there? ;)

Name: As for her name… that was a touch tricky. Longer names are not a strong point for either of us, so we did our best to blend something and have it pronounceable as well as pretty to look at. Her name is a blend of Japanese for Mars (Kasei), then snippets of Rei Hino and Beryl thrown in.

Nyalle pronounces it ‘Kassie-mar-lie-eth’
Th’ero pronounces it with his weird French-Canadian twist as ‘Kah-SAY-mahr-lee-ehth’

Whichever way you prefer to pronounce it is fine! Her name, along with the rest of her, is now yours to play with however you wish.

We hope you enjoy playing her, as much as we had a blast writing for her!

Nyalle + Th’ero


Name Kaseimarlyeth
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Egg by Nyalle, Dragon by Th’ero and Nyalle
Impressee C’los (Carellos)
Hatched August 11, 2018
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH