A spell for the ages weaves its way over the hide of this grimalkin dragon, accentuating shades of auburn so dark as to look almost black across the litheness of his figure. Although he may be swarthy enough to blend into the night, a keen eye will pick up myriad subtle nuances that paint him an umbrageous palette of bistred beauty. His sculpted face is gaunt yet not without charm, sharp eyeridges overshadowing his wide, whirling eyes and leading down to his pointed muzzle. Pumpkin freckles dapple the soft hide around his nostrils, muddling with cocoa to pale his lips, making his protruding fore-teeth all the more obvious. They curl over his lower lip, an obvious overbite that adds comical character to his angular countenance. A touch of gold curls around his sloping, slender headknobs, their tips faded to honey-pale blonde. The same pattern colours each of his neckridges, their very tips flaxen-faded as they crest the proud curve of his gold filigreed neck, the underside of which is dappled with the faintest hints of russet that continue through to colour his belly, and even the inside of his slender legs. Those russet dapples fade towards the midnight shade of his stealthy paws, imbued within the very strength and power that drives nimble movement and silent stalking. His never-still tail is a study in darkness, twitch-twitching with feline sinuosity - the upper side is auburn, the lower russet-dappled, with both melding into one obfuscous tip. To carry him into the night, his wings are wide - an expansive, impressive stretch of billowy sails and sturdy spars. Adumbral titian fades into a rosier shade towards the tips of his wing membranes, the trailing edges lined in satiny violet.

Egg Name and Description


Amok! Amok Amok Amok Egg
Red. Black. Yellow so light as to be almost golden. Three shades, coexisting in knotted swirls across the apex of this rotund egg. A flash of green beside the red, a whisper of crimson alongside the black, pink and purple partnered with the yellow provide the only highlights on this shell before it slips into a broodingly dark brown. Like leather, only more sinister, the brown is criss-crossed with ragged lines that are marked with what could be mistaken for stitches holding pieces of the shell together, if it wasn't impossible to have such things on an egg. And if that weren't creepy enough, there's one spot that's… well. Eggs can't have an eye, can they? So it can't be that. Surely not. No, no, no. It's just a splodge that looks like it's watching you. Watching it. Watching you. You'd best look away. Do it now.

Hatching Message

Amok! Amok Amok Amok Egg has waited long enough. It's been patient. It's been bumped into. It's had enough. The leather-brown of its shell is full of fracture lines, and one final push, one last effort from its occupant, forces it to shatter. Some shards fall to the Sands, some stick to the newly-hatched brown that lies there, panting slightly, returning a greeting croon from Kayeth with a mewling little warble. Hello, mother.

Impression Message

Scritchy-scratchy. Scritchy-scratchy. It's almost like there's an itch inside your brain, Xhanfyr - are you going to reach up and scratch it? Scritchy-scratchy. Scritchy-scratchy. SCRITCHY-SCRATCHY. And just as it verges on unbearable, it stops - soothed by golden balm and the ticklish scent of ancient books and leather. It's dusty and nose-tickling enough that it makes you sneeze. « Bless you. » The voice is lyrical, over the top in its enunciation. And from just those two syllables, you know you've found everything you've ever wanted. This is your escape. Your way out. Your freedom from your father. Your reward for putting up with sisterly bullying. Your pathway to discovery. He is your ticket to everything, forever more. « Aren't you glad I chose you, X'fyr? » Every last tiny space of your mind floods with gold, dust, and the glorious scent of age-old tomes and the magic within them. He's put a spell on you, and now you're his. Kamysth's. You know his name without him even telling you. « You are mine. I am yours. » His hunger is your hunger, and you must sate it now.--



Kamysth's personality is drawn from traits of several characters from Hocus Pocus: Thackery, Winifred, and Max predominantly, with plenty of Sarah and Dani, even a smidgen of cat and a sprinkling of just-for-fun, to keep things interesting. It means he's a dragon with many different sides to him, just as you asked for - and he can range from sweet and childlike to determined and even slightly sadistic, depending on his mood. You'll have your hands full at times, X'fyr, but for the most part? You've got a bond for life that's going to take you places. Many, many places.


As a youngster, Kamysth is wide-eyed and curious about the world around him. While he's not quite as determined as Foryth is to sneak off and explore on his own, he will be adamant that you take him to see everything he can reach by foot, even if it's just a previously unexplored corner of the bowl where there's nothing especially exciting to see.

In his earliest months he'll be insistent that you join him everywhere he goes, no matter what you're doing… and if you refuse, expect to be mentally assaulted with a screaming blast of childlike ire. « BUT I WANT TO GO NOW. » And he'll keep it up, that screeching in your mind, until you cave and go with him. Or until one of the weyrlingmasters caves and tells you to just go - because what Kamysth may or may not realise is that he's actually projecting that awful sound to every dragon in the immediate vicinity.

Am'ry: "For Faranth's flying fanny's sake, Mr Bendy, get your arse out of class and take him where he wants to go."


It'll be his trick of choice to get his way when he's a littl'un, and one that will only start to fade away once he begins to gain his independence, around about 6 months or so. That's not to say he won't deploy such a successful tactic in later life, however… He'll always be a bit of a diva. A demanding, sometimes exasperating, always overly-dramatic and over-acting dramatic diva.

It may take him until halfway through his first turn to realise that he's actually brave enough to explore on his own, but once he does realise it you'll be off the hook when it comes to his explorative forays, X'fyr. The bravery he shows is easily applied to any situation he may find himself in - has he managed to get himself stuck in a tunnel when venturing into places he shouldn't be? He won't panic - he'll wait for help. Is the rescue he's helping Thunderbird with going horribly wrong and everyone else is in a tizzy trying to turn it around? Not to worry - Kamysth remains cool and calm under pressure, which means he's going to be great at thinking things through. He's a problem-solver for sure, and a dragon like that is going to be great in any of Fort's wings, whether you want to pursue administrative work, search and rescue, or transport.

You'll find that he's sort of a champion for those he cares about. Kamysth forms strong bonds with a select few. The bond between him and you, for example, is incredibly deep, and it will cause you problems on more occasion than one. When you first Impress, X'fyr, it's going to be very hard for you to discern when you end and he begins, and vice versa. You will be so closely linked that you'll probably even end up going to the bathroom at the same time… which may cause some issues, given that you're not going to be doing that in the same place and Kamysth will insist that you're with him when he does his business, otherwise he's going to screech the place down. You'll want to eat at the same time, his itches will be your itches, he'll strongly feel whatever you feel - and after he widely projects the fact that you've been staring longingly during weyrling lessons at a certain bluerider's tush with vastly inappropriate thoughts running through your head, you'll have to try and learn to either control what you're thinking, or get used to being embarrassed. He may be your best buddy, X'fyr, but Kamysth is absolutely awful at keeping certain things -generally the most embarrassing, cringe-worthy things - to himself.

"Kam! That's not something to share!"


He's also strongly bonded with his siblings. All seven of them! They may not always get along - he'll sometimes butt heads with them, especially with Kralkth - but Kamysth feels obligated to be there for them when he's not being there for you. He's the one who'll stick up for Lhunath when Foryth is pranking him. He'll buddy up to Kyramith even when she's being as cold as ice towards him. The sense of family isn't exactly something that's strong amongst dragonkind, but for some reason Kamysth got a double-dosing. You'll find that he's also strongly committed to his wingmates when you finally settle into a career path.

One thing that irks him, however, is… well, idiocy. Let's face it - not every dragon was hatched smart. Kamysth is lucky in that he's a pretty clever, even cunning dragon at times - he's competent and has his head screwed on right, and that makes it all the more exacerbating for him when other dragons, or even their riders, demonstrate any degree of dumbness.

« What was Shyzuth thinking, trying to take off without her cargo strapped down? »
"They were in a rush, she was probably trying to save time…"
« Why are we cursed with such stupid dragons? »

Not that he's immune to derpiness - Kamysth himself has his own blonde moments. He'll suddenly forget what he's doing mid-task, for example. And his memory is short, even for a dragon - he might not even remember what you did that morning, let alone the day before. But it's fine because he has you to help him through his own foibles. Oh, and when it's him who's being the dumbass? That's excusable.



Kamysth is not a huge dragon. He's not the smallest brown by any means, but compared to Kralkth? He's tiny. In fact, there's not going to much difference between him and Foryth as they're growing up - but he will eventually overtake his blue brother in the growth stakes to become a solid medium-sized brown dragon. The fact that he's so svelte will make it seem like he's a little smaller than he is, simply because he doesn't have the bulk that so many of his brown brothers carry. When it comes down to it though, he's very pleasingly proportioned, though his legs and tail may be seen by some as seemingly a tad too long for his body.


The main inspiration for Kamysth's physical appearance is Thackery Binx as a cat. He's very feline-esque in the way he looks, and his swarthy hide is all inspired by the fact that Thackery is a black cat - besides, every Halloween needs a black cat, doesn't it? Of course he couldn't be pure black though, so I added a hearty dose of Winifred to him to make him a gorgeous shade of super-dark auburn. His face is very much inspired by Winifred too; angular and sharp, and of course with those crazy buckteeth that the main witch herself has. There's a hint of Sarah in him, too, with the gold on his headknobs and neckridges representing her blonde hair, and when writing his wings I was thinking about how her cape billows when she's flying. That's where the rosiness and violet come into play on his trailing edges, a nod to the colours of her outfit.

From the moment he figures out how to use his limbs, Kamysth has a sense of cat-like grace to everything he does. He's incredibly steady on his feet, and moves with a steathly surety that, more often than not, allows him to sneak up on people - how he manages to be so silent when there's so much of him (even though he's a middling-sized brown!) is a mystery, but somehow he makes it work! Even when he lands, he's so soft on his paws that it's possibly the gentlest landing of all Fort's dragons - which could make him an excellent dragon for transporting particularly delicate cargo.


Luckily for the folks of the Weyr though, he's not much of the kind for being sneaky intentionally - otherwise the poor Healers may find themselves dealing with a dearth of folks scared witless by your Kamysth! He just happens to freak folks out when they don't hear him coming, especially when he's a little hatchling! And he can't help it now, can he?


Kamysth's feline grace extends into his flying, too. He is a competent flier, even from the earliest days; in fact, you might find that he's one of the first in your weyrling group to want to test his wings out. You'll have to hold him back when exercises start because he'll want to be up there faster than is actual safe for him - and even then, with his independent spirit, he might just try to sneak out and try to fly anyway. Expect wingsprains when he's younger, X'fyr, which will ultimately lead to him being one of the last to fly due to recovering from injuries… and it's going to be a constant source of frustration for him as he heals because he just desperately wants to be up there in the sky.

Once he's cleared for take-off and has mastered the art of flying, though, it's going to be hard to keep him down. He's one of the more acrobatic dragons in the air, not afraid to try and pull off a daring death-drop or a complicated triple twist. Whether you're aboard or not, he enjoys flight for the sheer fact of what it is - complete and utter freedom to do anything, with only gravity's easily defeated force to hold him down. Hopefully by the time you get to fly together you'll have developed your air-legs, X'fyr… otherwise we recommend you don't eat immediately before mounting up. Cleaning puke off dragonhide and straps is gross, after all!



Flights are going to be an ongoing mystery to Kamysth. Think of your brown as having the mindset of an eternal virgin - of course he knows what they are, he knows how they work, he knows what he's supposed to do… but for Faranth's sake, he just can't seem to get it right. Exactly how it's such a disappointment every time he rises in chase is a mystery, because even when he does luck out and manages to catch the girl, be she green or a more unlikely gold, he'll forget exactly how it happened by the time the next dragon rises.


It's not that he doesn't try. Actually, he tries pretty hard, copying tactics he sees the other males employ. Is Foryth sniffing out Kyramith as being the most likely green to rise next? Great! Kamysth will leap on the courtship train. He gets what courtship is - it's just something he's not actually been able to refine yet. He even understands flirting, and he'll try really hard at it, but, like poor Max when he tries to slip his number to Allison so smoothly in class… it'll backfire. It's just wrong. Wrong time, wrong place, wrong approach. He'll get turned down and it might break his heart for a moment… then he'll bounce right back with another attempt to win his would-be paramour over. Does she want an ovine? Does she like rocks? Does she want someone to scratch that hard-to-reach spot behind her headknobs? He'll bombard her with questions until she's had enough - sure, he's trying to be helpful to gain her affections, but he's just too heavy-handed with the attempts. Sort of like a hapless teenager. Too much, too fast.

Perhaps luckily for you both, Kamysth is not the type to chase frequently, unlike his clutch-brothers Kralkth and Foryth. It could be that his general ineptitude puts him off trying too often, or that his general nature means he's just more interested in other things - but thankfully, you won't have to deal with his disappointment too often, because it's a horrible feeling that will wash over every inch of you, sinking right down into your very core.

On the other hand though, on the rare occasion when he wins? X'fyr, you're in for the best sex of your life.



Kamysth has a mindvoice that can be as dark as the night, as bright as Halloween, and as full and glowing as the full moon. It varies massively depending on his mood, and he's not afraid to pull out the grand mental gestures when it comes to expressing himself! Ever-present throughout it all, though, is the scent of old books and a dustiness that comes from turns of disuse. There'll always be a niggling little scratchy feeling in the back of your mind too - sometimes it's stronger, sometimes it's softer, but it's sort of like branches against a window pane. When it's at its strongest, along with the dustiness, it may actually make you sneeze.


In general, your everyday Kamysth-mind is going to be still and calm, like a moonlit night night over a wooded forest. There's the soft susurration of cool fall breeze rustling leaves, which glimmer gold and bronze, some tinted silver from the reflection of the moon above. They add sparkle and light to his thoughts, bringing them to life in a gently quivering palette of metallics. His voice will sound somewhat like those leaves beneath the lunar glow; it's silvery-light, softly raspy, and overall quite pleasant.


When he's especially happy, you'll find that cool and calm completely gone from Kamysth's mind. Instead, it's as if he's eaten a whole buttload of candy because he is hyper AND EVERYTHING IS SUDDENLY IN ALL-CAPS. There's chaos to wade through when he's excited or worked up for otherwise happy reasons, an explosion of candy-wrapper colours and costume fabrics and so much sweet. Imagine stuffing your mouth with chocolate and Tootsie Rolls and popping candy and lollipops and whatever else you can shove in there - and that is what happy/excited Kamysth's mind is like. A mish-mash of textures and flavours and far too much sugar - and yet somehow it goes well together because how bad can that much sweetness taste? He'll speak a mile a minute when he's like this too, so you'll either have to get him to slow down, or you'll need to speed up your processing speed to keep up with him!


And then there's the darkness that was mentioned earlier. The polar opposite of his giddy-sugary-happy side, Kamysth's darker thoughts come with an inky night in which the moon barely shines and the stars are the tiniest pinpricks, hardly capable of throwing light. It's cold in this mindscape, chilled with a stiff wintery breeze that gusts through your mind to freeze your skin, possibly even right down to your bones. You can certainly feel it there in your very core whenever he's angry or upset, as he isn't afraid to project his displeasure onto you.

Whatever your Kamysth is feeling, you will feel just as strongly. The super-strong bond you share can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on the situation… you'd just better hope you can find some way to control it at some point!


Xhanfyr, X'fyr, we are so very thrilled to have had the opportunity to give you Kamysth! We'd like to welcome the two of you to Weyrlinghood, and we absolutely cannot wait to watch the pair of you grow together.

You've probably guessed this cycle's egg theme by now: Halloween! They were clutched around that time, and so that's what we ran with! Amok! Amok Amok Amok Egg was, as you rightly guessed, based on the movie Hocus Pocus, a personal favourite of mine - so when you said you wanted that egg, how could I possibly resist? The egg is specifically based on the Sanderson Sisters and Winifred's Book, with the mind touches you experienced (written by myself and Inri!) following suit, inspiration-wise.

And Kamysth was cut from the same cloth as his egg - he is a Hocus Pocus dragon, through and through. In creating him I drew inspiration from Thackery Binx, Dani, Winifed, Max, and a smidgen of Sarah - and then I threw in a little feline and a helping of odds and ends to make him something that I hope you'll find to be truly special.

As far as his name goes, you asked for something short and pronounceable - Kamysth, which we're pronouncing as KAH-missth, hopefully hits the spot for you like it did for us. Where did it come from? There's a chant used by the Sanderson Sisters when they turn poor Thackery Binx into an immortal cat at the beginning of the movie: "Itch-it-a-cop-it-a-mel-a-ka-mys-ti-ca". You can watch the scene here [https://youtu.be/C9aZO6EwbTg]! It's a little bit of nonsense that sticks in my head whenever I think of the film, and so to me, it represents 'Hocus Pocus', while also coming together as quite a beautiful little name for your brown boy.

On behalf of all of Co, I really hope you enjoy your new lifemate. I had a blast writing him, and can't wait to see how you develop these guidelines into something that is truly your own!

Congratulations, X'fyr. We're so glad to have you here. :)


Name Kamysth
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Thys
Impressee X'fyr (Xhanfyr)
Hatched December 4, 2016
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH