Dusty, aged bronze shimmers across the hide of this sturdy dragon. Strength is present, even just after hatching, in his limbs and the curve of his neck. Dusty brown flecked with gold curves around his rounded muzzle, the gold dusting highlighting his neckridges and headnobs. The dust continues over the tops of each neckridge, glimmering in the sunlight, while beneath that shimmer is a brown and bronze coloration, faint bands of colors ranging from bright bronze to black, and occasionally swirling together in muted mingling. The lines are not distinct, each edge smudged and flowing along the natural build of his sturdy frame.

His wings are long and broad, perfect for gliding and lengthy flight, their sails shimmering with faint greenish hues that almost look like tendrils of growing things, a tarnished bronze in contrast to the black and gold veins that decorate his spars. His talons are black with gold tendrils running through them, tapering to a pure white point, and those colors also make up his tail, muted but textured with an aged depth. His coloring is not new. It is ancient, it is weathered by sand and sun, though parts of him still retain his metallic gleam that gives no question to his color.

Egg Name and Description


Neutral is all the Rage! Egg
Color? Who needs color? Not this egg. On the larger side, the base curves out in a wide arc and up to a rounded tip. That’s not its greatest attribute though! Its smooth shell is a uniform shade of pale tawny brown… or it would be, if it wasn’t mottled from bottom to top. Richer hues of brown gather at the wide base and gradually splatter and span out over the sides of the egg, leaving barely any part of it untouched. Nothing is uniform or the same, the pattern seeming to have no rhyme or reason. However, it does a splendid job of making neutral browns look quite fetching!

Hatching Message

Neutral is all the Rage! Egg finally shatters, egg shards falling away like confetti onto the hatching grounds and spilling its damp occupant out into the world.

Impression Message

Song of Winter’s Passing begins in silence. Darkness and silence, lifting you away from the hatching grounds. It lasts but an instant, and then the song begins. A calling, light, flute-like tune, happy and smooth. You find yourself in the depths of a canyon, its sandstone walls rising high around you. There is heat here, but it’s a different sort of heat than what you just left on the grounds. It feels different. A four legged, slender creature steps forward and bends to drink from the stream, and then flees. You feel a presence enveloping you, loving and warm, soaking into your very being. « Ha’ze. » The vision shimmers with the heat, and then steadies. You can identify the dragon now, find him in your thoughts, this bronze creature who has chosen you as his Forever. The canyon comes to life, rain pouring down and plants growing, springing up from the very stone in a blaze of color and scent. Spring. Spring has come to the canyon and it is your presence that has brought it. The dragon is delighted. « Ha’ze! You are here, finally! I have been waiting for you. Waiting for you an eternity. We are together now. I am your Kainaesyth. Come, Ha’ze, we have much to do and many stories to learn. And the first one starts with ‘there was once a dragon who was very hungry…’ »


Are you strong enough to hold yourself with pride but shed the ego or avoid it? Can you stand tall, no matter what life brings to you and are you brave enough to step into that natural confidence to move ahead in life? Not necessarily to lead, but to renew oneself and find your own role in life. Brave enough to hope, to focus, to love life and potentially others and so much more? The presence holds to your memories, letting them play out slowly in your mind’s eye. Do not be ashamed of who you are…


The moment Kainaesyth’s thoughts meld with yours, you know your life will never be the same. Not only is he bronze - and brings with him everything that his color does - but his mind has a depth and a vastness to it that’s almost staggering to contemplate. You will know, from the moment of impression, that you will spend your entire life trying to get to know this creature and still not have him figured out by the end of your journey.

In his mind in those first few candlemarks you will sense his desire to please, his love for you, his insatiable curiosity. You will see flickers of the desert and feel the rain on your skin even though you are safe and dry in the barracks. You will feel heat on the soles of your feet and the tops of your head, and you will taste hints of rich earth. You will feel expanded, full, growing, and it might frighten you but Kainaesyth will always be there, even when he’s sleeping, in your thoughts. A comforting presence, even if you’re not quite sure why it’s comforting. The love he has for you might be a bit overwhelming as well, to know that another creature loves you as much as he does. To know that something else needs you and relies on you for his very existence. To know that if something were to happen to you, he would cease to exist. It will be finding a balance between the fear and the love, finding the balance that’s needed for survival. But that’s something you have experience with, Ha’ze.

It’s a lot to take in, but Kainaesyth will be there with you, helping you figure it out. He’s figuring it out at the same time, too. While he has no doubts he chose correctly in impressing to you, there’s far more to a person than can be seen during that first glimpse on the Sands. The two of you will need to take time to get to know each other, your intricacies and your ins and outs. One thing that will confuse him right away is your need to sometimes be alone. He won’t immediately understand that need for solitude, especially when there are so many new and interesting people and dragons to meet and get to know! He’ll definitely be the more social of the two of you, when he first hatches. He might even pester you a bit, until he knows better. « Come on, Ha’ze! They’re all out there playing, why are we stuck in here? Why can’t you just come with me? Fine. I’ll go by myself. » He’s an independent dragon from the start, though in his early months he’ll only be gone briefly before he’s running back to you to tell you everything that just happened, because he doesn’t want you to feel left out.

In his youth, Kainaesyth will be excited and exuberant. He will be high energy and curious, forever wanting to explore what’s over there, and over there, and over there! As he grows his energies will temper and he will learn (with your help) to direct them to specific pursuits. Though he’ll never lose that energy, he’ll be better able to control it. In lessons his attentions and desires will vary. Sometimes he’ll want to be /first/ to do something, wanting to put himself out there and test himself. Other times he’ll be more reserved and thoughtful, wanting to watch the others before he tries it for himself. Mostly though, he does not want to make you uncomfortable or make you look like a fool. So if you hang back, he’ll take his cue from you and hang back as well.

“You can't just wipe away your history.” ― T.J. Klune

There is something else that will begin to happen during those first few days with him. As you both get to know each other, he will no doubt begin to see your memories and begin to pick out pieces of Lairs and your time in the camps. If you react with negativity and pain he will retreat from those thoughts, but he will never let them go completely. It might not be for a few months or even for a few turns, but he will want to know what happened and how you reacted to it. It’s such a part of you, he will need to know, to experience, and perhaps even to walk with you through those painful memories and help you overcome them and put them into the past forever.

He will want to know why Laris was the way he was. How that sort of thing would happen, and if it could happen again. He’ll want to help you sort through your emotions and he will want to know the stories - all of them. He will want you to relive it, so he can see and so he can know what you need to heal and overcome that pain, and to move on from it. It’s a part of you and he wants to know - to love and cherish - all of you. He wants you to use that experience to grow from it. Not to shrink from it and not to hide, but to embrace it and use it to move past. To renew yourself and let those experiences shape who you are today - and to not be ashamed of it. He wants to help you see the good in that situation. Not that there was much positive from it, but you did learn strength, you learned survival, you learned how to take care of yourself and those are qualities you should be proud of. Kainaesyth will want to help you see that.

He will also see Ustrr in your mind’s eye, and he will want to help you conquer that as well. The guilt you feel about that man, about your fellow Candidates being injured during that fateful night…he will want to know about it. Why did you leave camp? Why did they come with you? What happened? He won’t judge though. No, he will want to know so he can soothe you. So he can agree. So he can tell you it wasn’t your fault. You were not leading them away from camp so they could be injured. You just wanted to be free and there’s nothing wrong with that. Kainaesyth, of all dragons, will understand the desire for freedom. He will try to help ease your guilt about it, if it continues to linger.

« It wasn’t your fault, Ha’ze. You did not know what you were leading them to. Do not blame yourself for the injuries that others caused. They are the ones who need to face justice. »

Justice. It’s a powerful concept for a dragon and one Kainaesyth tries to understand. He will want Ustrr found and captured, and he will help you on your quest to seek him. Your dragon will not be thrilled with any desires you might harbor to kill Ustrr, but he will understand. He will not want you getting hurt in the process though. You are his primary concern. Your physical and mental health and strength.

He wants you to be brave and confident, and secure in yourself. Not the the point of being an egotistical jerk, but being able to stand up for yourself and not be ashamed.

« This is who you are, Ha’ze. Do not shrink from it. Embrace it. It is not wrong. Everything you have done is important because it has shaped who you are today. »

And he loves you. He will want you to listen to your intuition as well. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. This might get you into some trouble when you just don’t /want/ to do something but Kainaesyth thinks it’s your intuition telling you to avoid it. In time though, he’ll figure out the difference between ‘don’t want to’ and ‘I’ve got a bad feeling about this’.

Kainaesyth is a wanderer and a traveler, but the beauty of *between* is that he can travel and still have a home. The moods will sometimes strike him, usually in the lull of the afternoon, and his thoughts will reach out to yours with a gentle touch.

« Come, Ha’ze, it is time we taste the skies and see more of Pern. »

He will long to be out and to be away. Long to feel unfamiliar wind beneath his wings, and smell the scents of a new place. He will desire meeting new people and new dragons, and to just see something /different/. It doesn’t even matter where you go. And with his dragon’s memory, you could visit the same place twice in a turn and he wouldn’t really remember. There might be an inkling of « We have been here before » but as far as true memories? They are recreated with every visit.

A Happy Kokopelli Spring Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmva8-kzgp4

The first thing he’ll do when you arrive in a new place is sing. Sort of. He’s a dragon, and dragon vocalizations aren’t all that varied or pretty, but Kainaesyth will certainly try. Emerging from between or flying down to a new place, his voice will extend in a particular melody, rising and falling in low, rumbled trills to announce your arrival to this new place. People might even learn to recognize it and be able to identify his arrival long before they can actually see him. It is a call of his, meant to draw people out to come and see him - and you - after your journey.

He will want to share news and share the stories of home and of this place, and if you are visiting an area without dragons, be prepared for him to nudge you to talk. « Sit with them. Around the fire. Tell them of the latest clutch and ask how their crops fare. Ask what the children have been up to. Get me stories, Ha’ze! »

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
― Philip Pullman

Stories. They will be a common theme for your bronze. He will love them. While some dragons gather bits of shiny stones or glass or trophies from kills, Kainaesyth will gather stories, cradling them in his mind like precious gems. And poor you will have to try and remember them all as well. His memory is as to be expected, though he does have a talent for remembering stories. Still, they will all eventually fade. There might be a few which he treasures above all, that he will ask you to tell him over and over again throughout your life together, so he never forgets them. He will also tell them to others, passing them down in the oral traditions of ancient Earth, so the stories will never truly be lost.


Kainaesyth is an exceptional storyteller in his own right, and while his stories will be very simple as a hatching, « There once was a dragon and he flew and it was amazing! The end! Did you like my story? » they will gradually grow and expand, until he is one of the finest storytellers in Fort. His tales will usually begin with « Long ago… » and will usually have some sort of message associated with them. But not always. Sometimes he will tell a story simply for the joy of telling it, and the enjoyment of those listening.

He’ll tell stories to anyone who will listen, be it other dragons stretched out on the rim soaking up the sun, or just to you in an evening when you can’t quite settle your thoughts. He will gently draw you into his story to distract and reassure you with his low, rumbling voice, his imagery and his emotions. And, as time grows, if you allow yourself to, he will let you live those stories, walking through his mindscape as if it were your reality. But it would take a lot of trust on both of your parts for that to happen, and you would need to fully open yourself up to him and give him full control.

Another reason he enjoys traveling is his desire to help others. « I have the strength and the wings, why shouldn’t I travel and help those who have neither? » It doesn’t matter if you want to go or not. Your dragon is confident enough once he’s grown to go without you. Not terribly far from the weyr of course, but he could spend a day helping in a cothold while you stayed at the Weyr. Of course he’d be thrilled if you joined him, but he will understand your need for solitude.

After the trip is done, if you have joined him, he will gently touch your thoughts again. « Ha’ze, » he will whisper, bringing to mind the tall spires of Fort weyr. The lush forests and the feeling of home. « It is time to return. » Sometimes these moods will take you away from the Weyr for candlemarks, other times you might be gone traveling for a month or more. But in the end, Kainaesyth will always draw you home to Fort, to where Kainaesyth was hatched on those warm sands, under the care of Kayeth and Velokraeth.

The warmth of the first spring day,
I hear your gentle music play.
A gift you bring to all who hear,
the poetic beat of your lyre.
© by Rebecca Wiles

He is tied to Fort’s seasons, to the passing of time in the Weyr and her forests. Many people and dragons have a favorite season, and for Kainaesyth it is spring without question. Spring in Fort, when the snow melts and the rivers run, when the weather warms and things begin to bloom.


When Fort is in the grip of winter he seems to lull and almost hibernate, being difficult to rouse and hard to engage in lengthy conversations or long excursions. His hide will fade, and sometimes might even seem as if he is ill. Even if you go to the Southern Continent during Fort’s winter, he will still be lethargic and grayed with winter’s chill. But when spring begins to warm the land, he will come alive like the plants that are growing and the trees that are bringing back their leaves. He will bloom and he will expand, his thoughts warming along with his body, his hide taking on another gleam in contrast to the gloom of his winter hide. He will be reborn in spring, with a slowly growing energy that he will want to put to use.

This energy continues through the summer, steady and strong in the heat and in the rain. When Fort’s monsoons strike, he will love sitting on the ledge with you, watching the storm come and then watching it pass, soaking up the dampness. He is not a dragon who minds being out in the weather. Rather, he relishes it. Rain, snow, mud, he loves it all. He will constantly be dirty, so be prepared to give him a lot of baths - which he will also love, closing his eyes and humming happily as you scrub the dirt from his hide.

With the coming of autumn he will be thrilled by the changing colors of the forests, wanting to take you - and anyone else who wishes to come along - go to see the leaves on the trees. He would love to sit in a clearing with you and some of your friends, admiring the shifting of the seasons and the subtle bite to the air. This is when his energy will begin to fade though. He will sleep longer and longer nights, and be harder to rouse in the morning. That’s not to say he’s utterly useless in the winter, it’s just more difficult for him to rouse himself to get things done. Even goldflights in winter will be difficult for him, and he will likely never win any flights that are in those colder months.

And then spring comes again…

One of which is that he [Kokopelli] traveled from village to village bringing the changing of winter to spring; melting the snow and bringing about rain for a successful harvest.


Some people go through spring cleaning phases, but your dragon will want to plant. He will want to farm. To go to the holds and cotholds and help everyone he can dig out from the cold of winter. He’ll even go without you if you do not feel like socializing or helping. He won’t care. Nothing will keep him in the weyr when the weather begins to warm. He will be out, and free, stretching his wings and shaking off winter’s chill. He would be a big asset to Kimmila’s cothold wing, at least in spring time, helping farmers revitalize their fields. His talons and his love of the earth (and mud!) will make him an ideal helper in planting, especially when it comes to irrigation ditches and leveling fields. Nothing is beneath him. He is a bronze of Fort and he will happily dig a ditch, singing the whole while. He’ll move logs, dig out trees, build fences, even carry holders aloft to give them another view of their land. He will do it all, and then he will move on to the next hold. And the next. And the next. In time, if you let him (and honestly, if you don’t he’ll just go on his own and do it anyway) he will be well known and loved by the smaller holds as he always is ready to lend a hand.

He is a generous dragon, and not just with his time. He’ll be generous with your marks and your belongings too. This might be a point of contention between the two of you.

« Why did you give my riding jacket away? »
« The boy was cold, Ha’ze, and he didn’t have a coat. »
« Yeah, but now /I/ don’t have a coat. »
« You will get another one. This was his only chance. »

Those sorts of things might happen pretty often. You might come home one day to discover he’s given all the blankets off your bed to a mother feline he found outside of the stables. Or he’s given a greenrider permission to go into your weyr and take some of your marks because she needed to buy food for her ill mother in Crom. Or all of your furniture is gone.

He is a giving dragon and it will probably be a sore point between the two of you. Time will tell who gives the most - if you will become more giving or if he will realize there is a time and a place for generosity. It will likely be the source of some ofyour strongest arguments as you both seek to understand each other. Plus, for you, it’s understandable that once you have /your/ place and /your/ things - finally - you won’t want to give them up so easily. He, who has never gone without, might not understand that at first. It will take time for the both of you to reach an understanding.

He also loves pears.


He will have his pensive moods, just like anyone. He will get overwhelmed, or irritated, or impatient, or sometimes he’ll just want to spend some time alone with his own thoughts. These moods are easily identified by you, because you will feel the shift in his mindscape. Physically though, there is another clue. When he becomes introspective and thoughtful, his limbs will tuck in and his back will arch, curving into a smooth arc, giving him a hunchbacked appearance. It will fade as he calms, until he’s back to his normal position. The hunching is something that will happen early on in his youth, and is something that will continue throughout his life. Some chew their nails, others dig, others fidget, but your Kainaesyth will curl in on himself and arch his back like a feline. It is a clear signal that his mind is elsewhere, and he does not wish to be disturbed by others. Only you could possibly soothe him, if you manage to work your way into his thoughts enough to figure out what is truly bothering him. Or maybe nothing is bothering him and he just wants to be left alone, to have some quiet time to think and be within his own mind.

« Kainaesyth? Are you alright? »

His thoughts envelop you gently, the heat shimmering off the tall canyon walls, beating down to sear the scraggly desert grasses that cling to life beside the slow flowing river. « I am thinking. » A buck (despite there being no deer on Pern) walks slowly to the water’s edge and takes a drink. Lifting its head, large eyes seek you before it turns and vanishes into the shimmering heat haze.

Kainaesyth is a powerful long distance flyer. Not half as nimble as his smaller siblings, his strength and the width of his wings make him perfect for long distances and gliding. He has an uncanny ability to find thermals and breezes, even in airspaces he’s never visited before. Finding them will be a huge help in his endurance, and the winds almost seem to bend to his will, he is so skilled at using them to his advantage.

Because of his size and his bulk, he will also be able to fly in weather that will send many other dragons scurrying for cover. Perhaps there’s a bit of daredevil in him too, because he loves to fly after storms. Rain, snow, sleet, even thunder and lightning won’t frighten him. In his youth it might be seen as cocky, but as he grows it will become apparent that he just has a /sense/ about the weather. He can tell when things are safe - or not - and he responds accordingly even when everyone else is running for the weyr. Perhaps in time others will trust his weather sense, but if not, the two of you are bound to have some amazing flights during and after storms, when no one else dares to take to the skies except for the two of you.

Soaring high above the clouds, above the storms you will see incredible vistas in the sky, flickers of lightning beneath you, and you will be on the top of the world - quite literally - safe on your lifemate’s broad and sturdy wi


Kainaesyth is a dragon of life and of living, and because of that he will have an interest in flights. While he probably won’t chase greens all that often (they can not produce offspring, so what is the point?) he will chase golds with regularity, being driven not just by a desire to mate, but a desire to have the resulting offspring. He will want children, and many of them. Call it a natural extension of his fertile thoughts that he wants that fertility for himself and for you. Oh yes, he will want you to have children as well, Ha’ze. Healthy, strong children that he can rest with and that he can watch grow. He wants /life/ for you and for him, and life is a cycle of death and rebirth. He wants lots of births, so get out there and do it, Ha’ze! He won’t even be picky with whom, though there might be some awkward situations if he takes a liking to a woman you might not necessarily feel like mating with.

If he ever does sire a clutch, he will be the most dutiful, doting clutchfater there is. He will be constantly on the Sands, by his queen’s side, and tending to their eggs with his gentle care. There will be no doubt in his pride and dedication to their clutch. After they hatch, he will forget they are his, of course, but he will treat all weyrling dragons with respect and curiosity. Despite whatever your wishes might be, Kainaesyth will want to spend time with the Weyrlings. Perhaps not in any official capacity (he knows you probably would not enjoy being a part of the WLM team), but unofficially he will revel in talking with them, listening to their stories and telling his own. He loves their youth and their imagination, and he will plant seeds in their minds and watch them grow. He will give them mental tests, creative challenges, and let their minds grow and expand as they take on those challenges and seek to master them. Puzzles, scenarios, even just envisioning practice - he will do it all with them if the WLM staff allows, and he will love it.

In this, some of his trickster nature will come through as well. Perhaps it develops on its own or maybe he picks it up from a clutchmate. Yes, your Kainaesyth might be wise beyond his turns but he also has quite the mischievous streak. Nothing harsh and certainly nothing harmful, but he will enjoy the occasional trick, prank or teasing gesture to those he feel needs it. Is Nyalle a bit uptight? He’ll try to convince Kayeth to take her for a daredevil flight among the spires. Does Th’ero need a break? Have someone mistakenly deliver his swords to his office instead of his weyr. His tricks will usually be minor and never intended to harm. No, not even the incident with the tree stump, the wherry and the cask of wine. That wasn’t /supposed/ to cause harm.

His intentions are pure, wanting nothing more than to bring laughter and joy to others. It won’t always work out that way of course, but he will learn as he grows how to effectively trick people without causing harm.

Minddesc: Song of Winter’s Passing


The scent of rain across the dry desert. The shimmering of water running across bare stone, millennia in the making. The distant vistas and clear, endless blue sky. The heat during the day and the chill at night, and the forests reaching up to mountain peaks, and vanishing down deep, endless canyons. This is Kainaesyth’s mind, and it is vast. His thoughts are easy to get lost in. Very easy, if one is not careful and if you are bold enough to let go enough and explore him. It might be turns before you’re comfortable enough to let go of your physical body and become one with your dragon’s thoughts, but if you ever do you might find yourself hiking down perilous trails into deep, forgotten canyons to explore what ancient people have left behind. Or perhaps there are still some people down there, figments of Kainaesyth’s imagination and his deep connection with the earth. You might even talk to them and they might tell you stories of the origins of this world, her people and how everything is connected.

Or you might hike to the top of cold mountain peaks, clinging to pale barked trees as you stand on a precipice and look out across volcanic terrain, breathing in the stinging chill of the icy mountain air, watching birds circle high above out of your reach.


Walk lower, past the canyon and past the mountains, and his mind will slope down, down, down, until it gets to a heated cauldron of desert. Here the heat bakes the earth into glass, and the mountains are harsh and filled with hot stones, cliffs and sharp edges. Here water is precious and savored, and the plants are strong. All of the locations of his mind have one thing in common - survival. Much like you, Ha’ze. Kainaesyth’s mind is focused on life. On living, on doing what needs to be done to survive. If a wherry is taken down by a beast, there is no sadness for the wherry, for the beast may live, and all the scavengers will feast upon her carcass as well. She is honored, not mourned, for she has given of herself so that others might survive.

kaicanyon.jpgThe mindscape he shares with others varies based on his mood. At times, the towering cliffs of an ancient canyon, a rich and life-sustaining river running down the bottom. Animals skitter along in the underbrush when they are startled from their basking. The sun’s heat bakes everything with waves, bouncing off the walls and breezes are unheard of. Other times, the rain pelts down on an evergreen forest, with antlered and horned creatures bounding away to find their shelter. Sometimes, it is simply a farm, with plants growing. And other times it is a cavern, deep and secure, a place to go and hide. What he shares with others is very similar with what he shares with you, though there will always be subtle differences and things that he keeps for you and you alone. When you walk through his mind it will be quiet and peaceful. When others do, it will be teeming with life. Perhaps in the future he will offer you more things to look at, but your dragon is intuitive enough to know that you prefer the solitude, and he will provide that in his mind unless you are seeking distraction.

A place he will often offer for you and you alone is a cavern in the depths of his canyon. A safe place, where you can go when the world outside gets to be too much. The sandstone and limestone walls, etched with carvings from ancient people, the ripples of heat through the canyon, the soft sounds of animals down by the river, all of these things he has crafted for you. Though it may be disconcerting at first, letting yourself go, letting your body go while your mind seeks this refuge, it will be a safe and soothing place for you. The cave is a blank canvas for you to decorate as you wish, with your own thoughts. It will be a shared space for the two of you. You want crafting tools? They can be there. You want to boat down the river? There is a canoe. It will be a space the two of you build and create together, and likely one that Kainaesyth will never share with anyone else but you. It is your spot, and yours alone.

His forest will be a place of fertility, and should you ever get anyone pregnant, that will be where he will take you when your thoughts begin to think of your son or daughter. The forest and the farm beyond are a place of growth and of life, fertile and easy. In the canyon life is harsher, but perhaps more savored for the difficulty. Each element of his mind provides you with something to appreciate and to explore, and there is an abundance of life, even in the harshest desert. Things can still thrive in the desert, if cared for properly.


Kainaesyth’s voice is low and timeless. It is a distant rumble of monsoon thunder, a breath of that first kiss of rain to the desert floor. It is deep and slow, patient, with his words flowing one into the next in that particular cadence of truly great storytellers. It flows, his words always chosen ever so carefully and crafted to perfection.

Sometimes his voice is soft and gentle, barely a whisper of the wind through the evergreen trees, and other times it is booming thunder and pounding drums, rising pressure in the skull of whoever he is speaking to and hurting the ears from the inside out.

He has power, and a lot of his power comes through in his voice. It is not a voice to be messed with or spoken down to. It is, just by the qualities it possesses, a voice to be listened to. Sometimes he will begin to sing as well, a combination of melody and spoken word that rises and falls, flowing endlessly in soothing melodies, much like Native American flute music. It is soothing, and no doubt Ha’ze will sometimes have trouble staying awake when Kainaesyth gets into one of those tones of voice. Perhaps that is the point.


Your bronze Kainaesyth is based off the southwestern figure of Kokopelli, just like you asked! We focused mostly on the Hopi version, drawing a lot on Arizona (yay!) mythology, geography and lore to craft his mindscape and his personality. Kokopelli is such a commercialized figure it was a lot of fun to dig deeper and find his true meaning, mythology and lore, and then translate that into a dragon of Pern.

His name comes from several things. The first part is from Kaibab, a rock layer in the Grand Canyon. You’d mentioned rocks as a possible theme since Ha’ze is so stubborn, and I have always loved the names of the rock layers. Kaibab was the name of my geology teacher’s dog in college, and I always loved it. My husband’s and my first dog was named Supai, and now we’ve got Cambrian, so I’m all about geology themed names. We also included a few Hopi words. Qatsi means life, and kuyna means sing. Taking letters from both of those words, along with some tweaking to give you the vowels and ae you requested, and we came up with Kainaesyth! We pronounce it Kai - nae - eee - syth.

He was primarily written by Nyalle, with help from Th’ero.

His egg, mind name and touch poses were written by Th’ero, based on the northern cardinal. Our egg theme this cycle was songbirds. Eggs were based on the birds’ eggs, and the mind touches were based on their spirit guide/totem animal information, as well as their natural behaviors and patterns.

We really hope you love him as much as we enjoyed building him for you! We are so happy you chose to came to Fort and we can’t wait to see how Ha’ze develops with Kainaesyth! He is now yours to play however you want, so feel free to make any changes to him that you want to. :)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlruifYODL8 - Silly Youtube video


Clutch Siblings

No Harm No Fowl Gold Rhenesath and Thys (Amethyst)
Hidden Wellspring of Strength Bronze Tovihasuth and Br’enn (Brennan)
Wandering Storyteller Bronze Kainaesyth and Ha’ze (Hazelon)
Dreams of a Digital Frontier Bronze Bronze Zeruth and S'ai (Sairon)
Transformation of the Spirit Brown Mazzolyth and Rynn (Therynn)
Challenge the Storms Blue Blue Ciesoveth and Sk’ler (Skyler)
Of Life's Greatest Things Blue Blue Jaicoureth and C'rus (Cyrus)
Rising Winter’s Dawn Green Livanyth and R’yal (Ravyal)

At a Steady Pace Green Amidaeth and Annah (Ciannah)


Name Wandering Storyteller Bronze Kainaesyth
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Nyalle and Th’ero
Impressee Ha’ze (Hazelon)
Hatched 8 June, 2014
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH