Medium of size, shades of the purest azure form the majority of the color of his smooth hide, accentuating the lithe and powerful build of his well-proportioned body, though it’s by far not the most striking of his features, but eye-catching all the same. Sky blues wrap themselves over each of his long, powerful forearms, while his muscular hindquarters bare only a darker shade of the azure hues that remain untouched over the curve of his sleek sides. Azure is broken again by another ring of sky blue around the base of his neck, one end slipping down across his low, narrow chest and disappearing below the curve of his underside. Cerulean encases his wide-set head and blunted muzzle and up along his short rounded head knobs before ending abruptly just past the angled curve of his jaw and cheek bones, leaving the rest of his short, slender neck and ridges in a pristine and untouched shade of pure blue. Paled cobalt accentuate his whirling eyes, symmetrical in pattern and clean-cut lines broken by the more dominant cerulean below while the eye ridges above are a striking power blue in hue. That same hue, almost white against the rest of his coloring, pools along his lower jaw, coming up in sharp angled lines over the sides of his face, meeting the same abrupt end along with the cerulean. Cobalt returns in a narrow triangle that extends down his forehead, the point resting just above the start of his muzzle while the rest sweeps back over the top of his head. All this forms the most handsome of his features, each accentuating one detail over the other, painting the image of strength and cunning in each carefully placed line. As a final touch, his broad wings, perfectly proportioned for one his size and build, seem on whole a uniform azure until they spread open, revealing sails borne of hues of ice and snow in an ever shifting pattern under the play of light.

Egg Name and Description

Hidden Within the Aurora
Blues as dark as the deepest of night sky stain the tapered tip of this elongated, medium sized egg’s shell, peppered with pinpoints of white like a vast array of stars. One circular splotch of white, large and bright, much like a moon, hangs to one side and seems to lend some ethereal highlights to the rest of the smooth shell’s unique coloration. The peacefulness of the night sky is broken by the eruption of color across it, ghostly tendrils of electric blue and greens, brightest at where they cross paths and along the base of the weaving, broken line that flickers across, around and out of sight. Below it, a horizon of whites rises up, sharp and jagged, reflecting pale blue and grey like the frigid peaks of ice and snow in some barren mountainous artic world. Hints of the same electric blues and greens join the icy whites, giving more illusion to the play of light reflecting off of snow in the deep of night. Down below and almost hidden, a darker splotch can be seen, so tiny in comparison. It takes on a near human silhouette, of some small child-like form in heavy winter gear, glancing upwards in awe and apprehension to the play and dance of light above where the blues and greens reach a near blinding hue, as they almost seem to touch the icy path ahead. And if one looks carefully, following the same path that that child-like silhouette points to, one may see the hint of something more among the chaos and ethereal wisps of blue and green. The way one finger of pale light curves and how another tendril bends, one could almost say it looks like the details of buildings, of a city nestled and hidden away and not meant to be seen, a gateway to a parallel world not meant to be opened, but be careful not to blink for just as one may seem to grasp it, the details melt away and one can be left to only be staring at nothing more then a pretty dance of lights in a cold, unforgiving artic night’s sky.

Hatching Message

Hidden Within the Aurora springs to life in a flurry of movements, rocking and trembling violently as pieces of its shell begin to chip away. It takes a few more good jolts before it crumbles away and the blue that comes tumbling out onto the sands lands in a sprawl of limbs, panting a little from his efforts before he’s gathering himself up, wings still slightly extended as he strikes a bit of a pose. Yep, he totally meant to do that!

Impression Message

Slowly does the chaos of the sands leave you, the noise gradually fading away as if being tuned out and replaced with silence instead and following the silence is the absence of heat. It’s like being wrapped in a protective bubble and it’s not long before a presence joins yours, sidling up like some long lost and so familiar friend, though the bond goes so much deeper. « So there you are! » Comes a voice, youthful in tone and pitch and obviously belonging to the blue hatchling that has come to stand by your feet, whirling eyes fixated on you while his head tilts in an almost impatient manner. « Nice try, Kairhys, but you can’t fool me! Think you’re so clever, dressing up in… whatever it is you’re wearing to fool me? I /know/ you! You can’t hide and now you’re /mine/. Not theirs. Just you and me! » His presence seems to intensify then, solidifying the bond and with a disorientating move, shifts your mental thoughts from sand to snow and ice. « What kind of name is Kairhys, anyways? Mine’s Jheth. So yours should be… K’ai? No. No, that’s not it. K’hys? K’hys. KEESE. KISS. HA! » Suddenly your head is filled with a sharp burst of laughter. « Perfect! Come on, /K’hys/. About time I got us something to eat. » Us? Doesn’t he mean you? Just like that, sands and noise come back in a abrupt snap, jolting you back to reality as the blue begins to move away, head held high and smugly. « I know, I know, you can take care of yourself… WAIT! Oh never mind, thought I saw something… » He’ll stop abruptly then, one wing extending to block your path before he moves on. And onward will the commentary continue as well as he leads you with him to the sidelines for food, hunger clear and sharp in your mind.


There is much more to Jheth then meets the eye and despite his handsome and strong, warrior-like features, he’s one of the most laid back, fun loving and kind hearted blue, always outgoing, always joking and a touch eccentric. He likes to keep smiles not only on your face, K’hys, but his friends as well by using his wit and sarcastic humor.

“I'm just a guy with a boomerang. I didn’t ask for all this flying and magic!"
~ Sokka, Avatar: The Last Airbender

There is nothing “simple” about Jheth at all and much of his behavior mirrors much of K’hys own qualities and at times he’ll seem to almost feed off of your own blunt and sarcastic nature and turn it all into some witty joke to ease the hum-drum of a slow day. Don’t expect flattery or pretty comments from Jheth, oh no – he’ll give you none of that.
Deep down, you know you have his undying respect, love and loyalty but some days the comments he fires your way will be best met with a simple shake of the head. It’s an odd way to show he cares, but he wouldn’t be Jheth without it!

“What is that thing?”
“This is Appa, my flying bison.”
“Right. And this is Katara, my flying sister.”
~ Sokka to Anng, Avatar: The Last Airbender

As a young dragon and newly hatched, his personality will be skeptical at first of new things, a touch close minded to new ideas that clash to his already set perceived notions on how the world works. His sarcastic wit will be in full swing even at this point and many of your casual observations to his questions may be met with a blunt remark in turn. And all it boils down to is Jheth being protective of you, uncertain as he is in this world.

“Are you saying I’m a liar?”
“I’m saying you’re an optimist. Same thing, basically.”
~ Sokka to Katara, Avatar: The Last Airbender

It’s through K’hys’ laid back attitude and trait of enjoying life as it comes that will eventually break Jheth’s skepticism and his natural born curiosity will take over, though he still will have some reservations towards some ideas or situations, especially if they deviate from logical and science towards the illogical and unscientific.

“I’m the plan guy! And you’re the cut stuff up with waterbending guys!”
~ Sokka, Avatar: The Last Airbender

And within the first few weeks of training, Jheth will show just exactly how intelligent and sharp-witted he can be. His obvious cleverness will sometimes lead to him acting very silly, if not outright foolish in his eagerness to prove himself. He’s good at creating ridiculous plans that are nearly impossible to carry out and his sarcastic and absurd behavior can, at times, carry over into important decisions. When he does begin to form a plan, he has the lovely habit of over-explaining it, much to yours, his clutch-siblings or anyone close enough that he considers a friend’s possible annoyance. And while his rash behavior and his pride may lead to trouble or embarrassment, Jheth is versatile enough to know that when he’s gone too far or been humiliated, that a heartfelt apology is in order.

If there were one good thing to arise from all of this, it would be Jheth’s display of various unorthodox procedures that will flare up during training. These displays will show an obvious creativity, versatility and intelligence that won’t be entirely unnoticed by the Weyrlingmasters and may often save both your hides from the worst of trouble in the end. Jheth can be serious when you need him to be or when he feels he needs to be, so it will be left to you K’hys, to gently remind him and just as you support him, he’ll support you – in his own way, of course. Are you nervous about a particular lesson? Don’t worry!

« Of course you are! We’ll be taking our Between tests! Toughest challenge yet! Just don’t screw up, or we’re both done for. »

From the very beginning, Jheth will be clearly very loyal to his friends and clutch-siblings and in extension to your family as well, K’hys, even if he doesn’t always clearly show it. He knows of your sister and the fierceness in which you protect her, so does he in kind. He is one who not only protects himself, but those he loves and he loves you unconditionally – therefore your sister is also brought into the fold. He has a sense of honor to him and seems to have a knack for understanding the unbreakable bonds of friendship, always knowing how far to push and when to sober up just enough to be serious when needed or if he so desired to be. If one of his on the fly plans should fail and others suffer for it, the honor in him will lead Jheth into finding someway to make it up to them.

His loyalty will be a trait he shares with his brown clutch-brother Njordeth and as you and the rest of the clutch grow together, you’ll discover that Jheth does well with teamwork and gets along with almost all his brothers and sisters (to a degree, anyways). It will be a trait that will follow you both into riderhood, with Jheth always being reliable for being sensible, unbiased and able to control his emotions in tough situations, though his witty sarcastic remarks will always remain and he’ll be an unflappable source of humor – even if it doesn’t truly call for it.

“Back at my village, I’m kind of a prince myself. So would you like to do an /activity/ together?”
~ Sokka to Yue, Avatar: The Last Airbender

When it comes to flights, Jheth will be as laid back about them as his normal everyday attitude. Unlike his sire, Velokraeth, who will chase every single flashy hide, Jheth seems a little more reserved. In fact, the whole concept seems to go right over his head. Oh, he’ll flirt all right and if the mood strikes him he’ll give chase, but as to the outcome, it won’t seem to matter so much. If he wins, fantastic! If he doesn’t, well … tough luck? Jheth won’t be one to brood long, finding some sarcastic humorous remark about the green or the suitors or the flight itself before he moves on. Romance and love just don’t seem to be on the forefront of his mind, though Jheth will support you unconditionally in any of your own pursuits, often egging you on with some witty comment or two in his own off beat manner in encouraging you. If it makes you happy, then why not!


Youthful Wit and Sarcasm
Jheth’s mind is a landscape of ice and snow, an endless horizon of it though lacking the frigidness. For the most part, his laid back attitude leads to a clear mind and similarly clear skies. Few colors accompany his words or thoughts, sticking mainly to paler and ghostly blues, whites and the occasional glimmer of silver or vague hints of gold like the play of sunlight over snow and ice. The skies will only darken when he is truly upset or angered, times, which are rarely seen and the blizzard it promises and even rarer sight. At most, one might glimpse the storm hovering way off on the horizon, but usually it will pass. When overly excited, be it in using his sharp wit to plot or some other activity, Jheth’s mind will become a flurry of activity as well. Winds will kick up and send snow swirling in every direction, shifting and melding into hidden symbols or patterns to best suit his words or accentuate his mood or thoughts. As for his actual voice, his tone is youthful and capable of varying in pitch to various degrees, all of which he’s a master in manipulating to best compliment his words, adding all the more flavor to his humorous or eccentric moods or when he’s delivering yet another of his witty or sarcastic remarks. Where he lacks in any flashy colors, his voice makes up for it tenfold and is his obvious strong point.


Welcome to the crazy and fun ride that riderhood here at Fort can be! The theme for the eggs this cycle was Adventure and the egg that Jheth hatched from was based on the His Dark Materials Trilogy written by Philip Pullman. To be more specific, Hidden Within the Aurora Egg was based on the ending of the first book, The Golden Compass (a.k.a. Northern Lights), where the main character Lyra reaches the end of her first journey in the arctic and the bridge to her next and greatest adventure (and trials) opens up to her. I don’t want to give too much away, in case you haven’t read the series, but it is a very emotionally charged scene and one that I felt echoed the theme, as it’s both the end and the beginning of her adventures.

Jheth himself is based off of Sokka, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, as you requested and because it just fit the theme so perfectly! Sokka’s personality also meshed well with what you asked for in a dragon and so I stuck with it! Why fix it when it isn’t broken, after all? For his physical appearance, I stuck to the color schemes you suggested (they’re some of my favorite shades of blue too) and added a few more for minor accents and base his physical build loosely off the Polar Bear Dog (as seen here: http://avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Naga and here: http://www.ugo.com/tv/every-insane-animal-from-avatar-the-last-airbender-polar-bear-dog ) from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, with tweaks so that he suited your preferences. His coloring reflects a little of Sokka’s warrior paint, as seen here: http://avatar.wikia.com/wiki/File:War_Paint_Sokka.png , though a little more subtle and not as harshly contrasting. And last, but not least, his name! It was one tough, tough decision, since the two you offered were both so very awesome. But in the end, Jheth won out. It’s short and just has a certain zing to it that just seemed to click with his personality and just really suited him to the core.

Originally, the mind to this egg was based off of the golden compass that Lyra uses in the book series, hence the name ‘Subtly Hidden Symbols’. However, I’ve since changed the name to what it is now, since the original idea didn’t quite mesh as well for Jheth. What it’s evolved too now carries more of a connection, though I still retained some of the original but fleshed it out in a way to make it mesh.

I hope you enjoy your Jheth as much as I enjoyed creating him! But what it all comes down to in the end, dear K’hys, is that he’s yours to play how you see fit! Congratulations again and welcome to Fort!

From Egg to Dragon, all were written by Th’ero.

Clutch Siblings

Specter of a Queen Gold Zuvaleyuth - Dtirae
Scamp by Day Vigilante by Night Brown Maehwazeyeth - Jaye
King of Kings Brown Njordeth Njordeth - A'lin

Fighting With the Legends of Yore Brozne Davarnesonth - P'on
These Fortians are Crzy Blue Obelizkth - As’trix
Make Way for the Runway Green Aravith - C’or
Make-Believe Zeppelin Pilot Green Elliveth - C’arl


Name Jheth
Dam Zuhth
Sire Velokraeth
Created By Th'ero
Impressee K'hys (Kairhys)
Hatched November 18, 2011
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH