Of Life's Greatest Things Blue

If blues could be metallic, this one would be close as his coloration gleams in the sunlight, sparkling with thousands of tiny facets of brilliance. Dark sapphire blue glimmers around his angular muzzle, a dusting of pale azure over his eyeridges. That shimmer of sky blue, a silver lining to the darkness that otherwise cloaks him, continues over his neckridges, also more angular than smooth. There are no outright sharp edges on him, but neither is he soft and cuddly. His limbs are well proportioned, sturdy and strong, his body slender and his tail a long whip stretching behind him.
His wings are long and narrow, dark facets winking and fading to a twilight blue across his sails which gleams with flecks of silver almost like stars or precious gems. Flexible and nimble, his wings speak to a prowess of flight, an ability to soar and dip and weave and dive like many of his color. The darkness of his body continues along his limbs to his talons, which are as sharp as the finest crafted blade, streaked with white.

Egg Name and Description


Organic Ink Spill Egg

Blue bases are in this clutch, or at least they are if you ask this egg and one of its more decorative siblings. This one is both larger and paler than the other, though; its blue is a washed-out icy shade and sizewise it sits quite firmly in the middle of the possible range. If one were to pick an "average sized" dragon egg, this would be it — and were it left to that, a medium sized pale blue, it would be perfectly lovely just as it is. And yet nature wasn't done: as if it were the canvas of a frenzied, angry painter, black dashes, dots, swipes and blobs dance across its surface. Only the rounded top of the egg is safe, as the rest is covered in swirling ribbons of spattered blackness.

Hatching Message

Organic Ink Spill Egg finally breaks, revealing the hatchling within and letting him take his first look at the world.

Impression Message

It enters your mind as a smell, and then scenery: first, the scent of fresh grasses after a fallen rain. Then there's the sound of a nearby brook, and the mental images to go with it — tall grass, sunshine beating down on you, river flowing into a marsh. You feel your feet shift on the hot sands, but then they are cooled, and a gentle breeze brushes against your mind. « C’rus, » a voice speaks, soft and sweet. « My dear boy. I see you. A little shy, and sad of eye, but very wise. » As he speaks his words are melodic - not quite singing, but not quite speaking either. « C’rus, we will be together. » You can feel his thoughts melding with yours, bonding with your mind and soul, twining together and filling in the gaps you never knew you had. « C’rus, » he whispers again, trying to draw your attention back to him. « The greatest thing you'll even learn is just to love and be loved in return. And I love you, C’rus. I love you completely, until the end of time. » There is another pause, while the warmth of your dragon’s love envelops you. « I am Jaicoureth. And I’m terribly hungry. »



Only by admitting your true feelings to yourself right now can you move forward with love and respect for yourself. -Redwing Blackbird

Jaicoureth is a dragon of truth and acceptance, of unconditional love for you and for everyone around him.

Love is like oxygen!

He is incredibly non-judgemental, accepting of everyone regardless of how you might feel about them. This could potentially be a point of conflict between the two of you, with you so set on what you believe to be ‘right’, and your blue open to all thoughts and ideas, and willing to defend how others see the world. To you, he provides balance and the sense of being grounded. Even when your emotions are high and you are upset about some perceived injustice, he will be there to calm you down. He will help you see all the sides of an issue, and when you have made your decision about how you feel on something, he will support you. Until another thought or idea comes along, and then he will latch onto that one. It’s difficult to be a dragon who likes to see the big picture when he can’t remember it. His entire life will be a constant state of discovery and adjusting his views on the world. Some views will remain the same, and others might change as he grows and learns more about the rest of Pern.


In his youth and throughout his life he will be a dragon of great creativity. He will be able to think up stories, images, solutions to problems that others would never have thought of. Now, granted, not all of those solutions will work, but his mind never ceases to come up with them anyway.

« Why can’t we just chase all the herdbeasts off a cliff? They’d die much easier and faster too. »

There was a boy
A very strange, enchanted boy
They say he wandered very far, very far
Over land and sea

He will open your mind and your world to countless adventures and life experiences. He is not a dragon to let you stay in your little box, no matter how big it already is. He wants you to see and learn about everything. Everything Pern has to offer is of interest to your dragon, and he will want you to learn it - and remember it - with him.

« Come, C’rus! I heard they are giving a lecture at the Farmcraft about the history of bean cultivation! » How exciting!

He will push you to see and learn everything there is to know, and to question your thoughts and your understanding of everything. « Do not make up your mind so quickly, C’rus. What about this? » and he will show you another way of looking at something, or another’s perspective on a certain topic. For there is more to life than one’s narrow minded opinions. Better to free your thoughts and open yourself up to learning from experience.

He will hunt after knowledge the way most dragons hunt after prey - with determination, focus and tenacity. These traits he will put towards many things in his life. He will approach Weyrling lessons with the same drive. He will want to be the best at anything he sets his mind to, and he will push you to do the same with anything you wish to do in your life.

My gift is my song
and this one’s for you

One day, and we don’t yet know when, Jaicoureth will hear the Harpers play. Perhaps it’s early in his life, or it might take a while before he’s in a place to hear Harpers, but as soon as he does, a shift will occur. It will be like the cover has been taken off a glow basket, or a spark has lit kindling and coaxed it into a flame, because the music will become a passion of Jaicoureth’s that will never wane over time.

He will tend to prefer the slower, more eloquent ballads, loving the interplay between word and story and melody, but he will love all forms of music from a full band to a single voice of a lower cavern girl singing while she works in the kitchens. Wherever there is music he will be drawn. No doubt the Weyr’s Harpers will get used to a blue muzzle poking through the Caverns entrance or sitting outside windows while they practice or perform.

From that day on he will seek out all forms of music. « Come, C’rus, I hear music! » And off you will go to Hold, Hall or Weyr, wherever he hears the music. Even if the music is bad he will still love it. « See how hard they’re trying? » He’ll settle in and close his eyes and let it wash over him orr he’ll move, swaying back and forth. Hey may even fly, if the music is loud enough, dipping and soaring through the skies above, letting the music carry him along with his wings. Dancing, in a way, as he flows and lets it take him where it will. This habit of his may draw interest from two of his siblings, Tovihasuth for his fascination with intuitive imagination and allure to the air and Ciesoveth’s love and passion for flying and constant drive for a partner to fly with.

Privately, just for you, C’rus, his mind will whisper melodies to you, special songs that are only for you. Perhaps he’ll imagine and create different songs for different people and other dragons. He will have a special connection to Kainaesyth because of this love of music, for Ha’ze’s bronze is also fond of music, and his mindvoice often has song. The two of them might spend time together mentally singing, weaving melodies together and pairing them with images. For you, though C’rus, he will sing songs of trust and of the almost indescribable love he shares through the bond with you.

« I don’t know if ‘love’ is strong enough of a word? What else can be said? »

He will often come to you for advice for his creative whims, even though he knows you are no Harper yourself. It doesn’t matter, as your opinion and insight he holds to highest value and perhaps he will sing of that too someday.

A little shy
And sad of eye
But very wise
Was he

Jaicoureth is a complex soul and just when you think you have him puzzled out, he will show you a little more and make you reconsider just how much depth there is to such a being. As he grows, his taste for adventure and exploration tempers a little and he prefers to be in familiar surroundings. Turning shy and a little withdrawn, you will know better, for his mind is always working. Only when the creative mood strikes him will he ask: « Can we go to the lake again, C’rus? The setting sun is casting such colors tonight and it would be wonderful inspiration! Don’t you think? »

Unless he has the drive or inspiration to do so, encouraging Jaicoureth to come out of the barracks or beyond the training fields may be a challenge. Thankfully he is so eager to learn and experience new things that you won’t have this struggle … all the time. When the lessons become repetitive, it’ll be another story entirely.

« I’d rather puzzle out this new feeling into song. »
“We’re due for lessons!”
« They are the same as yesterday’s. I will learn nothing new, but I can make discoveries here! Stay with me. »

Of course, if you stand your ground and dig in your heels C’rus, Jaicoureth will eventually give in for he trusts you and you can convince him if you remain patient enough. You could play into his habit of him clinging so close to you, as he is a blue who loves to nurture relationships, similar to what Rhenesath loves to do (which is nurture in general). Jaicoureth will need your strength and reassurance to shed the uncertainty that grips him and help him step out again into the world.

For when he does, the true scope of his imagination and creativity will take hold of him. Jaicoureth can think out of the box and put his imagination to the best of use during lessons and exercises, a skill that is shared with Tovihasuth and a little in each of his siblings. This is both a blessing and a curse for Jaicoureth, as his creativity sometimes comes with the risk of him becoming over-imaginative and his stretching of reality and logic can be taken too literally by some of his clutchsiblings and lead, predictably, to shenanigans and chaos.

As he grows, you will discover that your Jaicoureth is a complex dragon, with many facets and layers to his personality. Layers that you’ll be uncovering for the rest of your live spent together. But fundamentally, he is conservative and home-loving. He is a blue that likes to have a place to call home. Even though he will sometimes want to go out and explore and see new things, he will soon find the walls of Fort calling him home, because that is where he is the most comfortable. He is secure there, and there is comfort in its forests and tall bowl walls. He finds comfort in its history and the idea that so many dragons have lived there before him will be something he will daydream about.

« Imagine. Where Kayeth rests now, Holth once rested. And Orlith. And Faranth. »

The history of Fort will capture his imagination, so don’t be surprised if he asks you to go into the archives and find the oldest texts you can, and read them to him. Even if they aren’t allowed out of the archives, seeing them through your eyes will be enough to set his imagination going.

Another part of loving his home is the relationships he will want to nurture with other dragons. A lot of his time and effort will be spent in being social. While he’s not a social butterfly type of dragon, flitting from ledge to ledge, he’s more methodical in his relationships, but he does actively work at them.

« I haven’t seen that green in a while. I should go say hello. »

He keeps a mental list of his friends, and dragons he wants to get to know better and as times arise he will seek them out for a quiet conversation or even a little flight over the forests if the other dragon is so inclined. He understands quite early on that all relationships require maintenance, and he will work hard to maintain those that he feels are important.

In his early youth though, he’ll want to stick closer to your side. He will look at the big outside world and feel a longing within him to go explore, and yet he is hesitant to do so. Everything is so new and unknown, and he is more cautious than some of his siblings. You will have to either go with him, or reassure him that everything will be fine if he goes alone.

« I want to see what’s over there, C’rus! But…it’s so far… »
“Do you want me to go with you?”
« YES please! »

His imagination and creativity will be both a strength and a weakness for him. On the one hand, he can come up with solutions to problems that others would never have considered. But on the other hand, sometimes they don’t work out. At all. You’ll have to help him learn from his mistakes and not let him get too discouraged with them. He is a baby after all, and is very much learning how the world around him works.

Sometimes, in his more poetic moments, he might speak or think in more flowery prose or metaphors. This might cause issues with his clutchsiblings, who tend to be more literally-minded than your dreamer dragon. Misunderstandings will happen, as they always do, and Jaicoureth will at first be confused when they don’t understand him.

« But I didn’t mean for them to /actually/ stop and smell all the flowers on the way to the feeding grounds… I just meant they should appreciate what’s around them. »

It might be a problem for him in lessons as well, if something captures his imagination and he’s off dreaming instead of paying attention.

« What? Oh. What? Did they ask me a question? What do you think the weyr would look like if it were draped all in purple and gold cloth? »

And then one day
The magic day he passed my way
And while we spoke of many things
Fools and kings
This he said to me

He is a dreamer and he is distractible but he is not stupid. He is a very intelligent blue, with very keen motor skills, he just doesn’t rely on logic so much as he relies on his emotions. His decision making is more based on how something *feels*, rather than being able to sit down and think it through. With you, he’ll be able to be more logical because your brain can be his guide and lead him through those logic steps, but when he’s left to his own devices…

« I don’t know why I dropped a bovine in the lake. It felt right! »

Despite all of those flaws, he is extremely loyal and generous, and expects little or nothing in return for that.

« Trade duties with her, C’rus. She needs a rest. »
“But she won’t be able to cover one of ours in return.”
« What does it matter? We are young and fit, we can take the extra sweeps. »

His loyalty is automatically extended to his clutchsiblings and to Fort Weyr in general, a deep sense of belonging and duty drawing him back to the weyr time and again. If others are faithful and loyal to him, they will have his undying faithfulness in return. Broken trust though is very difficult for him to recover from. If someone breaks his trust, he will be cut deeply and will require quite a bit of nurturing from you to regain that sense of belief in others around him. If there is one thing you can be absolutely certain of when it comes to trust is that Jaicoureth trusts you. Deeply and unconditionally and without question. He takes comfort in knowing that that faith will never waver.

That being said, Jaicoureth is a dragon who begins any new relationship with trust and love. While you might approach others with suspicion and fear of their hidden agendas, Jaicoureth will be a dragon who approaches everyone believing in the best in them.

« You do not know them, C’rus. Why do you not trust them? Let’s go speak with them, I’m sure they’re very nice people. »

His trust will also extend to the leadership and the Weyrlingstaff of the weyr. While you might hesitate at being given orders, while you’re still thinking them over or possibly questioning them, Jaicoureth is already moving forward and /doing/ it.

« They are older than we are, C’rus. I’m sure they know what they are doing. »


When he is newly hatched, he will be so wrapped up in you and in his own head that others might perceive him as being cold and detached, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Jaicoureth is quite emotional and he empathizes a lot with others, he just has some trouble showing it when he is younger. Much like you, he has a Healer’s nature, wanting to help and care for those around him. He wants to protect them and make them feel safe - even when that isn’t what the other dragon necessarily wants for themselves. He could be labeled as a meddler, but his intentions are always pure.

« I just wanted to help. »
“I know, Jai, but she didn’t want your help.”
« …why? »

It will take him time to understand the complexities of close relationships, and the boundaries that also have to come with that in order for them to be successful.

Another thing that might have his clutchsiblings thinking he’s a bit odd when he’s young is his possessiveness of his personal space and possessions. In his youth he will not like other people near you or near his things. He will not like people sneaking up on him either, so there’s bound to be some awkward altercations in the barracks until the others learn to give him his space and he begins to feel more comfortable. He is very possessive of you in his early months. You are HIS, and no one else’s, and he will want ALL of your attention. This might cause issue if a certain greenrider from Xanadu were to visit.

Setbacks and failures in lessons are inevitable, as no one is perfect their first time out, but Jaicoureth will take them harder than most. He will sulk and he will brood, and you will discover that your dragon is prone to bouts of pessimism.

« Why did I even try? I knew I wasn’t going to be very good at it. »

It’ll be up to you to encourage him and bring him out of those moods, to convince him to try again - and again - until he has mastered it. In time, he will forget his mistakes, as all dragons do, so the pensive moods are fleeting and rare, but they will last well into his adulthood.

When it comes time to start flying (or perhaps before that) he will begin to realize your fear of flying. It will surprise him at first, but don’t worry, he will help you work through it. It all comes down to trust. Jaicoureth will teach you, C’rus, to not only trust him but to trust the people around you as well.

« Do you not trust me, C’rus? Trust my wings and trust my skill? You have seen me fly on my own. You know how good I am. »

He will help you get over it and through him you will begin to realize the joy of flying. The freedom and thrills that it can bring. He shares similar love to flying as Ciesoveth does, and the two of them will likely spend a lot of time together in the air. At first he will not pressure you into joining him in flights outside of lessons and exercise and duty, but overtime he will gradually try to coax you more and more to simply fly at leisure. Jaicoureth can fly too, he has the skill to match even Ciesoveth in the skies if he puts his mind to it or allows the joy and thrill of flying overtake him, but he will hold back until you are ready. If he does get swept up in the moment though, he may forget and if he is inspired to suddenly dive, soar, twist or speed up until you call him back to task. He doesn’t mean to do it, he is born and made to fly, but he loves you and so respects you and will fly calmly if that is what brings you happiness. In time though, he will hope to erase that fear you have so that you can both enjoy the limitless freedom of the skies.

The greatest thing
You'll even learn
Is just to love
And be loved
In return.

As he grows, some of Jaicoureth’s quirks will fade with maturity and others will intensify. One of those that intensifies is his protectiveness of those he loves. He will cherish and protect his relationships as well as the dragons themselves, always making time to chat or fly with a few dragons he holds dear to his heart. He will not take breaking those relationships lightly either. If someone he cares about no longer cares about him, he will become quite upset about it. Over time it will heal of course, but losses are not something he handles very well.

Come what may, I will love you until my dying day.

He has a deep love for the people and dragons he is close to. It is limitless, and goes to the very core of his being. His love seems to radiate from him in all directions, touching everyone, and especially those that he chooses.

As he grows he will become more of a wanderer and an adventurer, leaving his timidness behind in his youth. He will want to get out and explore Pern, and he will want to pull you along with him for all of those adventures. He’ll have a hard time staying in one place for long when those moods strike him, but he will always return to Fort.

With these adventures will come soul searching for you, and Jaicoureth will always help you identify and overcome those fears, whatever they might be. There is a big wide world out there after all. No sense missing out on any of it because you’re afraid.

Like Mazzolyth and some of his other siblings, he is influenced a little by the seasons and he is at his best in summer with the renewed vibrancy and vitality. Winter sees him pensive and a little withdrawn, but he can be often at his most creative in the colder, darker winter days. With little else to do, winter blizzards will be a time for sitting and reflecting, either with you or alone. Curled up somewhere warm he will let his thoughts wander, and his dreams will be incredibly vivid and bright, in direct contrast to the bleakness outside.

He will seek to create a healthy and balanced life, integrating and developing minds and hearts, instinct and intuition, much like Tovihasuth. It will take a lot of time and effort as well. A lot of pushing things too far and then pulling back, the pendulum swinging between too possessive to not caring enough, to over thinking to being too emotional. He’ll get there though, eventually. He will find that balance in life even though it’s likely a long time coming.

He will continue to be loyal and giving regardless, his faithfulness strong for others and stronger every day for you, his beloved rider. He will learn to trust you more and more as each day passes, and he is your greatest champion. He will still be very in tune with his emotions, and very empathetic to others. He will be able to put himself in their shoes and feel what they’re feeling, and this understanding will likely help you a lot if you continue on as a Healer. He will grow into a nurturer, a trait he shares with Rhenesath, and he will always want to take care of people. However as he grows he’ll better learn how to identify when someone wants his help and when he needs to just let them be. Sometimes, though, he’ll have a tendency to overshare, so be careful what he knows - about you and about others.

His love of music will continue as well, and one of his favorite things to do will be to sit somewhere with you and simply listen. It will be a secret joy, and something that fills his soul. He loves the emotions behind it, and will want you to go ask the composer or performer questions.

« Tell me the story, C’rus. How did they think of it? What does it mean? »

He wants to know the depth of meaning behind things. Superficial conversations, chats about the weather, these do little for him. He will come to realize that some dragons thrive on that sort of conversation, and so he will tolerate it, but it does nothing for him. He wants depth.

Without trust,
There is no love!
Yes, jealousy…
Will drive you… mad!

With maturity comes flights, and Jaicoureth is a male just like any other. However, he did not inherit his sire’s lusty nature. He takes an interest in females but in a sort of detached way. He is aware of them, he might speak to them and like to flatter a few of them, make them feel good, give them the attention they crave, but his drive to chase is low. Very low.

He can understand the need, and he feels the passion and the instinct. It fascinates him and yet he doesn’t often act upon it. He doesn’t chase every flashy green hide. Even when he does choose to rise in the chase, he might get swept up in the moment and rise into the sky only to lose interest. His heart just won’t be in it, and he’ll quickly drop out of the chase.

When he does find those greens, though, who pluck the right chord with his heart, he is the complete opposite. His interest in a flight is solely dependent on the green. If she is one who has captured his mind and heart he will chase with a determined and fierce passion, filling the skies with his song just for her.

If he wins he will be overjoyed and quite the gentleman and tender partner for however long she tolerates his presence. If he’s permitted, he’ll stay in her company, snuggling, for as long as she’ll allow him to.

If he loses, he will feel the bitter sting of disappointment and bemoan his failure quietly and only to you, but by the next day it will all be set aside and he will be his normal self once again. For him, there is no jealousy, there is only this moment and in this moment he is either with someone or he is not. At the end of the day, it is you C’rus that he loves and no green could even come close to replacing you in his heart.

How wonderful life is, now you're in the world!

Jaicoureth chose you, C’rus, for many reasons. Together, the two of you make the perfect pair. You look at the world and will take the bad with the good, and be able to make the best of any moment. You both can laugh at fate and at fortune, and ride the ups and downs of life and always, in the end, know that you have each other.

The depth of your love and capacity for love drew him to you as well. How deep your soul is and how many things he thinks he can show you, share and experience with you and what you can show him about love. He can share with you his creativity and never feel judged or stifled by it. You will encourage and support him, and he will do the same for you.

He sees in you your passion and your protectiveness, and he thinks he can help you balance that with the realization that sometimes people need to be allowed to be who they are, and there’s nothing you can do to change that. He can help you with that. He can help you choose your own path and help you let others go down their own paths, and love them no matter what. In the end, you’ve got to live your own life and be your own person.

« Come what may, C’rus, we will always have each other. »

He will be your support in everything, and will help you to learn to be supportive as well, without inserting your own beliefs or propaganda. Everyone just wants to be understood and loved after all, not lectured, and Jaicoureth will help you find that balance, with passion and purpose.

That will be your life together. A life of passion and purpose, but above all it will be a life based and deeply rooted in trust and love, surrounded by the joys of life and a few good, close friends.


Songs from the Heart


There are two sides to Jaicoureth’s mind, as you will quickly discover. One side is the quiet side. It’s the side of darkness, of thoughts, of the night sky and shifting clouds. It’s a place where he can imagine and dream, and set those ideas free to dance through his mind. Standing on a rooftop overlooking the weyr, lights dancing below, with distant music. He is isolated but he is not alone. It’s a comfortable solitude where pen can be put to paper and where wonderful thoughts are allowed to rise to the surface. It’s a dreamer’s mind, a contemplative one.


The other side to his thoughts is energy. To the outside observer it is chaotic but the closer you look the more you’ll realize everything is in its proper place. There is structure here and there is symmetry, even with the sheer volume of *things* to look at. This part of his mind is bursting with colors and textures. Rich reds and golds, patterned fabrics, luscious tapestries, tassels, gleaming bells and shimmering gems. There is a lot to explore. Here, too, there is noise. Louder noise. Like being right up close to the Harpers when they play in a cramped room. There is energy here and his thoughts dance and spin like dancing trader girls up on the stage. There is so much to see and his thoughts whirl so fast they’re difficult to keep up with.


He flips back and forth between his two mindscapes as the mood takes him, or if you just need a moment’s peace. His chaotic mind will be difficult to ignore. Walls will need to be built, with boundaries, less you get swept up in it all and lose many nights of sleep caught up in the glorious party of his mind.

His voice is a treasure in and of itself and Jaicoureth is not shy about his talents. A pleasant baritone when he speaks, his voice is often gentle and quiet spoken, rarely firm unless he’s caught up in a moment of creative passion or determination or if his mood has been piqued. Othertimes, his voice takes on a melodious quality. While physically a dragon’s vocal range is limited and not at all musical save for a few hums, rumbles, chirps, trills, croons and warbling, in his mind he hums, he sings and the mood may come upon him at any time. When he does sing, he sings with an uncanny talent and his songs often reflect his mood or fit to the situation he is in and likely led to the inspiration behind his lyrical muse.


C’rus! We’re so happy to have you here at Fort and we had a lot of fun creating your Bohemian, Christian, Moulin Rouge inspired blue.

We took the theme you gave us, Christian, and ran with it. We wanted to create a blue for you that fit in with what you asked for, and also fit in with Cyrus and all his wonderful little quirks. We pulled inspiration from the film and from the red winged blackbird, which is what your dragon’s egg was based on. The red winged blackbird, as a totem animal/spirit guide, represents a lot of things such as love and support, and respect for oneself. It fit in great with your theme!

His description was based on a blue diamond, bright and yet deep.

His name took us some time to come up with. What we did was found a lot of French words that applied to his personality. In the end we found Loved - J’ai adore, and Courage - Courageux. Combining those two words, we got your dragon’s beautiful name!

Remember that he is your dragon, and you may do with him what you will. This inspiration is just that - inspiration and guidelines. If something in here doesn’t fit with your vision, or if he grows and develops differently as a character, that’s totally fine! Don’t feel like you have to RP everything in here exactly as it’s written. He is your character, enjoy him!

His egg and the mind touches were written by Inri, while Nyalle and Th’ero are behind Jaicoureth’s description, mind description, name and personality.

Congratulations again, C’rus and we look forwards to seeing where you and Jaicoureth go throughout Weyrlinghood!

~ Th’ero, Nyalle and Fort SCo


Clutch Siblings

No Harm No Fowl Gold Rhenesath and Thys (Amethyst)
Hidden Wellspring of Strength Bronze Tovihasuth and Br’enn (Brennan)
Wandering Storyteller Bronze Kainaesyth and Ha’ze (Hazelon)
Dreams of a Digital Frontier Bronze Bronze Zeruth and S'ai (Sairon)
Transformation of the Spirit Brown Mazzolyth and Rynn (Therynn)
Challenge the Storms Blue Blue Ciesoveth and Sk’ler (Skyler)
Of Life's Greatest Things Blue Blue Jaicoureth and C'rus (Cyrus)
Rising Winter’s Dawn Green Livanyth and R’yal (Ravyal)

At a Steady Pace Green Amidaeth and Annah (Ciannah)


Name Blue Jaicoureth
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Th'ero and Nyalle
Impressee C'rus (Cyrus)
Hatched 8 June, 2014
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH