Fightin' Fo Ya Rights Egg

Bold and bright, like da true rebel defiant of da sand-bound clutch, dis egg has unmistakably vibrant colors ringin' da sides of it's shell — almost perfectly round, dey say. It's colors stand truly distinct from one anoda, one bright band after anoda in first tomato red, den bright, sunny yellow, and finally organic, grassy green. Almost like a rainbow, don'tcha think? But to top it all off — check out dat pun, mon — da roof of da shell sprouts a mound of brown-ish black fingers, like a rugged head of dreadlocks. Isn't dat cool, yah mon?

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message:
Fightin' Fo Ya Rights Egg does what it has to. It wobbles, trying to shake free some of those rastafarian dreadlocks from the top of it's shell.

Crack Message:
Fightin' Fo Ya Rights Egg seems to be undergoing a certain battle, as the entity within struggles to free itself from the oppression that is the shell. Slowly bits of colour start to flake away onto the sand as hairline cracks spider-web across the entire form.

Hatch Message:
Fightin' Fo Ya Rights Egg crumbles finally, giving way to the determination of the bronze hatchling inside. With the egg shells being flicked off and wings spanning, this hatchling is off on the right start - on all four feet. With confidence born in the egg, the young dragonet takes his first breath of air and bellows as loud as he can. Freedom! At last mon!

Dragon Description

Shrouded in darkness, at first glance it's hard to determine the colour of the dragon - he's just that ebon. With a movement, only then does it become clear. Ripples of glimmering bronze traverse over his thick muscles, following his line of motion. The more light, the more glare that illuminates from his iridescent bronze hide. This fades around his broad head, where a dusted gold helmet predominates. This helmet leaves his sharp ridged eyes visible, with a nose piece built in to slip down toward the tip of his wide and elongated muzzle. The helmet further cuts shapes around his jaw, feathering out underneath it. Imagery of armoured plates in this same gold color rib down his substantial neck. This plated design runs all the way between his forward set shoulders down to his tucked underbelly where it fades out. As for his physical assembly, this dragon is packed with raw muscle. He has massive hind quarters, floppy feet with promises of a powerful ascent, and a sleek tail which gives his body balance. As for his wings, they are vast. The sails of his wings appear profuse - from the golden trims which line each sail or the wide spars which give them more extension. The last of his bold characteristics are his talons: they are tipped in silver, shaded to look like lethal weapons.

Impression Message

It's difficult to explain what happens, though it seems the light around you has brightened and everything else around you has darkened, as if you were standing in a spotlight. Though there's something else there, in the illuminated sphere of where you stand and it comes for you, a massive gleaming shape. A moment of dizziness might trickle through your senses as the rushing sound of water engulfs your hearing. «It twill take a strong will power, Ai'an. Yah be large and powerful, like me, but it twill take more dan dat ta make it mon.» The slur and accent of the voice is strange, though the beat of pitch is uplifting, which definitely asserts a positive elation within your own core as you hear it again, coming with another swoosh of water: «But ah be here now. Ah see yah through it.» The form in front of you starts to take shape. A hatchling, standing resolute and proud, with a regal tilt of his head, «Courage now Ai'an. Everything's gonna be alright now.» You may even feel the distance has become oh so close as your mind seems to be embraced with another, linked in a frenzy of love, «Nah more trouble. Nah more pain. No worries. Dat is our goal now. Togetharr. Two hearts and one love. How bout it, Ai'an?» A bronze shaped nose is suddenly resting against your heart, large nostrils cooling your chest with a deep exhale, «Stand up with me, for I am Jaharith. Yours.» Bliss. Utter bliss. All things bad removed, you are consumed with a buoyancy that comes from impression, a feeling that is to be cherished, a feeling that could make a person weak in the knees. Unfortunately it does end, with the world crashing down around your senses to rudely interrupt the first moment with your new life mate. Alas, his hunger now is yours, and there's a need to fill one's belly.


When there's no one else, there is Jaharith. When there are many, there is Jaharith. He is a defender, a soldier, a dragon of chivalry and honour. In the darkest hours, he'll lead the charge under a united banner, toward battle or strife. When there's only pleasant sunshine and bliss, he'll still hold that banner but he'll seem forever a sentry for peace, justice, and virtue. He will make sure you know by which path his life is leading and that he has chosen you for that long road in which you both must now face.

On his route through life, there are certain rules to keep the path clear, to ensure you know where to go and how to step. He's pretty certain you already know what youre doing, but there will be times he'll have to remind you, and don't think he won't. You wouldn't be standing with him if he knew you wouldn't follow, lead, and team with him. Sometimes, his rules may conflict with what you want or need, but in the end, he'll be confident that you'll make the right judgement for both of you. His rules are pretty simple, or so he believes. You've the general idea of them already. With your reasoning and his good willed heart, you won't have any trouble agreeing to them.

His first rule is to live by the order of moral conscience. Every action and word must be done for the good of all and he'll rarely stray from this path. He sure hopes you won't either, though he can certainly understand when you need to go charm a young woman off her feet « Jah don't be mean to hur. Get hur some flowahs ». See, he won't be the dragon caught defecating where he isn't supposed to. He won't be a dragon who will fly before he's allowed to. He won't be a dragon who will take what's not his. It's just not respectful and he's got a strong moral code.

His second rule is that both of you must be willing to defend your values. There's no point in being a guardian or leader if either of you back down as your values are challenged. If you cherish your friendship with Tyrnal, for example, Jaharith with expect you to stand up for this decision to anyone who questions this. « Tyr is yah friend, jah? Tyr has proven h'mself, and so 'as 'is Raphaith. If you don't defend em, how can yas defend yourself? How can yas defend me? Yah must proclaim your loyalty to 'em. He will do the same for yas. It is only right. » He will also be there in your shadow as you defend your ideals, punctuating your arguments with snorts and wing flares. He won't force his mind voice on anyone, ever, which will leave you to do the talking, but be prepared for him to nudge you along regardless.

The second rule goes hand in hand with the third, which is to have respect and pity for all weakness and have a steadfastness to defend them. If he ever has hatchlings, he'll be there to defend them. If there's a child lost in the forest, you best know he'll grab you from the ground if you aren't quick enough to mount up. « Must get fasta mon, day dependin on us ». If there is ever a situation in which a stronger entity is threatening a weaker one, he'll arrive there quickly to stand on the side of the weaker entity. He has a certain disgust for any higher powers or strengths to be picking on the weak, and makes it known in day to day life. Even drudges, if he sees one being treated unjustly, he'll demand you go to the aid of that person, no matter the cost or consequence.

To the fourth, however, is a way to ensure that he doesn't get out of hand in his generous need to give his whole self to the duty of protecting everyone and everything in his Weyr. The fourth you see, is a writ to obey the orders of those appointed above you and him, as long as those orders do not conflict with what you and he know to be just. Your wingleader thereby cannot give you orders to take goods from a Hold when that wingleader hasn't obtained permission to take the goods in the first place. Jaharith just won't do it, it'd be stealing. It'd put you between a rock and a hard place, yet, his second rule would likely mean he would not budge on the matter. He needs to feel a champion of the right and good at all times, and at all times oppose the forces of evil - so in this, you've got a challenge ahead of yourself, because who defines evil?

But, all in all, his final rule is a mixture of a few things. One should love his Weyr, hence he has a strong loyalty toward Fort Weyr. Often you'll find he is blatantly truthful to anyone who also shares his loyalty. Further to this, he will not retreat before an enemy and will wage unceasingly against all that is evil in the name of his Weyr, of his rider, and to everything good. He is by far a dragon built of chivalry, opposing oppression and attempting to keep the peace otherwise. If you ever need to transfer to a different Weyr, he'll feel uncomfortable in the new Weyr for months and months, talking of the golden days at Fort Weyr - but eventually, he'll learn to have some loyalty for the new Weyr, even if his heart remains with Fort.

Still, this is not all of who he is. Although he lives by what seems to be a strict moral code, there are other traits that allow you to know he is not merely a dragon of duty or a solemn creature. In times of peace, times where you and him can relax without having to be the peace makers and or the enforcers of truth and justice, Jaharith happens to enjoy long hours stretched out on the rim of the Weyr bowl. He'll more often than not want you up there with him, gazing at the horizon, the sun, the clouds, or the stars. It seems that the height provides him with a content peace of mind. He does love one-on-one time with you and will get you talking about your loves, your loss, your troubles, of your successes and next times. « Dun worry, about ta thing. »

When he's frisky and playful, watch out! He'll be caught loping around the weyr bowls in chase of you or other dragons, or of your human friends. Mostly this will be during weyrlinghood, but even into post-weyrlinghood you can bet that when the rare mood strikes him, he'll be performing. This performance can lead to another of his quirks, which comes to surface at times when the world is wonderful: music. Singing more specifically. Where his clutch dam is never vocal, your Jaharith is the opposite. He'll start thrumming and trumpeting physically while mentally he'll add in the chorus and a beat all of his own, making a very unique combination of sound that will either annoy or please those around you. In his musical playfulness, he'll try to emphasise the importance of friendship, loyalty, love, and duty.

This brings us to flying, because for the first time he's allowed to fly, the music will follow him there into the skies. « No problem! » It can't be helped, flight is a form of freedom. There he can be rebellious as he reaches for the heights smaller dragons just cannot reach. Since he has been built tough, he can manage distances and heights like none other. Don't forget the storms and wild weather! He flies steady even in the most rugged weather that faces Pern. Yet, you can't expect him to keep up to the darting acrobatics of greens or blues. Sometimes even brown dragons can fly circles around him, but for power - Jaharith has it. He's large, tough, and well muscled. He can outlast most of the other bronzes on Pern and he is a steady flyer. Think of him as Juggernaut from the X-Men, once he gets going, he's got crazy speed and power that has everyone screaming.

Hopefully it'll be the females that are screaming and not out of fear, but out of desire for him. He'll definitely try to chase as often as he can, especially with those lady dragons that he's charmed and wooed. Yet, it's not too important to him. Sometimes he'll be lounging in the sun as proddy females rise and not be bothered to chase. Chasing females falls under the play category, after all. Work always comes first - you and he are in agreement to this. However, there are just some days where he’ll pull out all the stops and chase with all his might, usually when it involves a gold dragon. Gold dragons are in his range to catch, since he’s so large. He just doesn’t have the quick moves that it takes to snag green. Even if he does fail at catching, when and if he does participate, he won’t be long wallowing over it. In fact, he’ll be a rare one, going away from the flight with a jolly good nature, swooning up to any other female that will let him. If he does win, he’s loyal. And if she happens to be gold, he’ll favour chasing her and tend to forget about chasing the other ladies.

It’s with hopes then, that you two can find a balance between life, liberty, and peace. Maybe, just maybe, you can show everyone else how it’s done.


Jaharith has a mind voice that is peculiar from other dragons, especially since he seems to have some sort of slur when he forms his thoughts into words for you to understand. It's a very upbeat way of talking and he always seems to be positive when doing this. It's rare that he will use the 'spoken' word when he's upset or angered, usually in those instances reverting the physical draconic roars and growls. Otherwise, when he isn't actually producing words he is portraying his feeling to you through other telepathic and emotive ways. Such a way is the conveying of his feeling through the use of nature, with his strong attachment to water over anything else « Even stone can be withered down by dah water ».

Without a doubt Jaharith believes that water is the source of living for all things and a source for all of nature's strength. It can damage lands when there's too much or too little of it. It can flow slowly or rapidly and can most certainly chew through rock over time. It can take away life or give it. It is connected to every living thing, and thus, he feels a certain need to express his thoughts with it. The only down fall to him using running water to place emphasis on his feelings is that you may feel the urge to go to the washroom a lot more and more often after impressing to him - it's hard to say if or when the constant urge to urinate will fade.


Hey Ai'an! The clutch theme was based on Music Genre's. Your egg was based on 'Reggae music' and more specifically Bob Marley. The egg description and mind touches were written by Tarish. Everything else was written by Kessa, based on Bob Marley and chivalry. I believe this fits well with what you wanted and we hope you enjoy him.

Bob Marley was a leader to his people. He had tried to get his people to stand up for their rights through the use of music. Eventually he did turn to politics and got himself in trouble. If you want to find out more about Bob Marley, For the songs in which I used for inspiration during his creation, please refer to 'Buffalo Soldier', 'Get Up, Stand Up', 'Exodus', 'Don't Worry Be Happy' and 'One Love.'

Name Meaning: Jaharith comes from the African word Jahari, which means young strong and powerful. I thought it fit nicely with the theme of the egg and what you wanted. And it's unique!

Mind Desc: I felt very strongly that in Africa, water is vital and gives life to everything and everyone when it's available. Without it, there would be more desert land in Africa. Water is as important to the eco-system in Africa as it is all over /our/ planet. So, over stone, thunder, or caves - I believed water outweighed them all when it came to sheer power.

Please feel free to play Jaharith how you want, after all is said and done! It was a joy to have you and an even greater joy to have you impress at Fort! Congratulations!

Name Bronze Jaharith
Dam Gold Choth
Sire Bronze Garanth
Created By Kessa
Impressee Ai'an
Hatched April 26th 2009
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH