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A very light shade of brown brushes over the well-toned musculature of this dragon, his sleek limbs touched by a pale, creamy tan, the sandy hue sweeping out across the underside of his wingsails. The opposite side of the membranes is coated in a darker brown, not unlike caramelized sweetening, the color spattered again across his flanks and around his eyes like freckles, streaked here and there with the barest tint of russet that paints a few spots along his back, defining the edges of the ridges and blending again into that ghostly hue that covers the rest of him. Talons, a rich auburn, provide a more saturated shade that is rivalled only by the brilliant facets of his eyes. Though not large for his color, this brown nonetheless has a presence about him. It might be the dignified arch of his neck or the proudly confident set of his eyeridges, or perhaps the strong line of his jaw.

Egg Name and Description

Most Magnificent In The Universe Egg

If perfection were an egg, this might be it. From a distance, it appears a pure, uninterrupted white which coats its near-perfect curves to encase it in a soft, creamy hue. No odd bumps or bulges mar this shell, smooth and almost opalescent. But upon closer inspection, the egg is revealed for the marvel it truly is, its surface almost scintillant, a veritable rainbow streaming forth over a cloudy backdrop of soft sky-blues, followed closely by shimmering particles of what must be captured light. Red and orange, yellow and green, blue and indigo wash across the egg, with seeming direction and purpose. Shift just a little, and the view changes, the colors cascading over the shell in a prismatic dance that never seems the same twice. Surely, it must just be all that color that makes the surface only seem to dance. And yet, there is one spot atop the egg where there is only a single splash of gold, five points to form a star that glitters magnificently above it all.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message

The Most Magnificent In The Universe Egg seems to shiver, just a little, though from afar it might still appear frozen in place. Only the very slight shifting of sand around it really indicates there is some movement there.

Crack Message

The Most Magnificent In The Universe Egg remains where it is, still for a moment, and then the shell shudders, a multitude of cracks appearing over the near-perfect surface, disrupting the rainbow hues and sending the vibrant colors into chaos.

Hatch Message

With one final, spectacular shudder, the shell of the Most Magnificent In The Universe Egg shatters and falls away, the fragments sprinkling the sands in glittering rainbow shards, and leaving a small, pale brown to topple out onto his belly. Ooph! He rights himself, shaking off the last, scintillant bits of shell, and taking a moment to recover his poor dignity.

Impression Message

It begins with a hush. «YES» And then you hear it, a steady, subtle sound, felt deep down inside… it seems as if your heart is beating to the rhythm of some other, distant pulse. That, or you've suddenly acquired two hearts. Everything around you seems to shift slightly, the colors becoming more vivid, shapes jumping into focus with stark clarity - the brilliant golden-white of the sands, the pristine whites of the candidates' robes, the incredible hues on the eggs and hatchlings themselves - all of it, sweeping over you at once, the world painted in more details than you might ever have thought possible. «Look! Isn't it magnificent?» Everything, from the smallest grain of sand to the fabric of your robe, glitters beautifully with a light that seems to emanate from everything, growing slowly brighter and brighter, until finally your entire universe is overwhelmed by its radiance. Only one thing is left, standing before you, pale and dignified, faceted eyes drawing your full attention. A gentle warmth brushes over your skin, felt despite the heat of the sands, and your mind is filled with unbridled love, every corner of your consciousness thrown open as it settles with absolute confidence, because there is no doubt now, it has always belonged here, shimmering in all the colors you can imagine. It's only an instant in time, really. The world returns to what it was only a moment before, but the feeling remains, along with the unshakable belief your Irelanth has in you. «There is so much we can do, M'lo. First, however, I think we could find some food.» And you become aware of the hunger, then, and although the very faint rhythm fades, you need but only to reach for it, like the beating of your own heart, always there.



Irelanth is a dragon whose mind is as much a work of art as anything you would wish to create, although his mental landscape is nowhere near as refined as a painting. If his mind were a canvas, he would be attempting to paint the world upon it in colors and feelings, and then share it with you. The feel of oil on his hide, the scent of meat, the hunger or sleepiness he feels - all of these things will be conveyed with his own rich mental brushstrokes; it may be incredible, but also a little disorienting, having to share another's thoughts and feelings. Eventually, though, you will learn to separate his senses from your own, and his mind will become much more attuned to the details, often bringing important things to your attention if you fail to notice them. You, likewise, will be the inspiration for all his hopes and dreams. He's seen into your heart, and will encourage you to work toward what you truly want, even if you aren't actively persuing it.

When he's young, he'll be innocence and light, perhaps coming on too strongly when he tries to express himself, but being well-meaning nonetheless. It will take a little time for him to learn to be a bit subtler, but when he does, like a finely painted canvas, the dragon's mind will be rich with detail and a thing of true beauty. Beyond the obvious rainbow of his mind, Irelanth is a stalwart companion, the sturdy support you can fall back on. When things aren't going well, he'll be there with an encouraging word, and an unshakable belief that you can do better. He believes in you, no matter what you think of yourself, and he will always have your back, should you need him to come to your defense.

As he grows, Irelanth will gain confidence - something he never really lacked to begin with, but which will make him a little competitive. He'll likely be a bit overconfident, especially during lessons and exercises. He'll want to be good at the tasks he's set to, if not the best at them, and will push both you and himself to work hard at it. This steady confidence will extend into adulthood, and you may find yourself attempting to reign in his ego now and again. But he won't be an overly-vain dragon, his sense of dignity helping to balance out his wish to be the best, or the most magnificent.

His wish to be the best will be most obvious during flights, where his competitive streak will really come out. He'll use his smaller size and agility to his advantage, while having the stamina to keep up the acrobatics. Though golds will probably be well beyond him, he'll be happy enough to chase the greens, and even if he doesn't win, he'll console himself that next time, he will do better. He will be slow to anger and difficult to sadden, for he has you, and as long as you are alright, so is he. His greatest joy will be when you are content, even if it is simply sitting back and letting you sketch.


Life will never be the same again. The colors! All those incredible colors, shimmering together in infinite combinations. Irelanth's mind is a veritable palette, from the subtlest pastel shades to the most garishly bright tones, capable of being scintillant and brilliant all at once or quietly soothing in softer hues. At first, it might just be a bit overwhelming, as he'll attempt to convey the full force of his thoughts quite strongly across the bond he shares with you. But he will very soon grow out of it, developing an aesthetic sense to temper his thoughts, the same way a child may move from bright, clumsy finger paintings to more finely honed works. And just as an artist develops a style, so will Irelanth's mindvoice, certain combinations of shades and shapes appealing to him more than others. As he matures, this sense of style may become more sophisticated, echoed in the more carefully chosen tones of his mindvoice.

As with dragons' eyes, the colors of his mind will be a strong indication of Irelanth's mood, although it will be the the brightness rather than the colors themselves, becoming more vibrant the stronger his or your emotions are. Darker tones might signify anger and frustration, while greyed-out colors will be the first indication that something might be wrong.

To others, he'll probably come across as confidently cool and colorful, able to dazzle with a bit of glitter and glamour, or charm with a soft glimmering of lights, but to you, there will always be an undertone to is voice, a vital warmth that forever connects the both of you, like a shared heartbeat, more felt than heard. Even when he's asleep, it's always there, and you need only reach for it to know the absolute faith he has in you.


Welcome to weyrlinghood at Fort Weyr!

The theme for this clutch was supporting characters from 80's cartoons, and the inspiration for your dragon's egg was Starlite from Rainbow Brite, with mindtouches reflecting his role in the Star Stealer movie. The character Starlite is a magnificent white horse with rainbow mane and tail. He has the ability to talk and think, and is able to gallop through the skies on a rainbow. In the show, he is a faithful friend and dignified companion, helping bring color to the world. Your dragon is loosely based on Starlite, and his name was inspired, as you requested, by the band U2, from Ireland. I hope you like your Irelanth, and have as much fun playing him as I had building him! As always, play him however you wish; he is all yours. ^^

This dragon is brought to you by the B'ky. :)

Clutch Siblings (PC)

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On a Wing and a Prayer Egg - Outer Space Aerialist Brown Furuihaneth Impressed to Meo (Moydeo)
Big Things From Small Packaging Egg - Hyperactive Transformation Green Maglinoth Impressed to Ely (Elyciana)
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Secrets of the Defender Egg - The Hunters Forested Defense Green Shisuth Impressed to N'drei (Wyndrei)


Name Irelanth
Dam Kessa's Gold Choth
Sire Ma'kai's Bronze Garanth
Created By B'ky
Impressee M'lo (Milodann)
Hatched November 20 2009
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

Color palette: