Draped in shimmering veils of gold, this hatchling has more layers than are readily apparent. A deep, burnished hue covers the majority of her form, unrefined ore beneath a canopy of pines. Dark umber traces across her narrow and pointed muzzle, eyeridges well defined and expressive. Her headknobs are thinner than most, lifted and attentive. Her color deepens and flows along the contours of her muscles as it streams down her strong neck, racing along her spine to the very fork of her tail. Shifts in color are evident along her flanks, lightening in tiny specks, as if white hairs have been blown to stick to her hide. Her talons are the inverse of her dam's, a dark ebony black with lightning strikes of gold veins arcing through them.
Her wings are broad and perfectly formed, folding gently against her back or arching up in preparation for flight. Her sails are a shade lighter than the rest, as if the living fabric grasped the sunlight and is holding it there throughout the darkness of the rest of her. Eyes are large and well set in her face, spinning with a slow, deliberate patience. This young Fortian queen is streamlined and slender, the lines of her body speaking of grace and poise.

Egg Name and Description

Silent Winter's Night Egg
Peaceful solitude and quiet grace etch the lines across this egg. The rich and loamy soil beneath your feet gives life to the great trees which rise above, their emerald canopies stretching for the infinite, seeking eternity in a moment's time. Darkness occurs in patches, a comparison to the bright white mounds of snow at the bases of the trees. Flickers of light between the trunks, silently moving golden stars winking in and out. Footprints first seen and then unseen, great hunters on the prowl.

Hatching Message

Silent Winter's Night Egg finally falls to pieces, leaving the shell behind as the hatchling is revealed.

Impression Message

Whispers of Wisdom seep slowly into your mind with rich hues of shimmering green and brown, a cool shade to the hot hatching sands engulfing you and surrounding you, transporting you into the familiar feel of your favorite egg. The presence is singular right now, overwhelmingly loving and caressing. Her voice is like running your hands through rich soil, cool but dark and promising much growth, seeping into every fiber of your being, connecting you to her and her to you mind, body and soul. « Svandis, » she whispers, the rustling of leaves in the forest, the silence, « I shall use your true name, your real name, as you have lost yourself. I have found you. We shall grow together…My Wilderness Within Her… I am yours, your Ilanith. I am your pack and you are mine. Together we shall explore the wild outside and within us. But right now I am very hungry, may we go hunt and then explore? »


Ilanith is based on the totem wolf, and as such she is multi-faceted and complex. She is devoted to you and the weyr as members of her "pack", and fiercely protective. She will not stand for any slight or insult directed at her pack members, and may react violently at times. A dark and wild streak runs through your lifemate's personality, and it will be up to you to temper that and control her. By the same token she will be able to talk you down. She pays strict attention to rank within the weyr, and will be quick to reprimand you should you overstep that boundary, « That is not your place! ». She will easily defer to the Senior or the Weyrleader's dragon, unless she feels an injustice is being done. Her outward appearance to others is one of wild mystery and darkness, though with you and other trusted friends she is able to be more playful and show off a lady-like side of herself. She does not mind getting dirty, and may sometimes relish in a roll in the mud, but afterwards she will privately beg for a bath to set her hide gleaming. She has two different personas - her public, mysterious and protective one, and her quiet, contemplative and feminine persona which often only you will see. She will love to go exploring with you, spending time in the wilderness with her rider and best friend, though you must always leave it exactly how you found it. She has a particular fondness for Fort's forests, and will watch out for them and make sure they are healthy and treated well.

When she is young she will show off her playful side more than her mysterious one, curiosity and exploration being at the top of her priority list. She will be very close with her clutchmates, though as she grows she will become more suspicious of strangers. « They are not of this pack, and must be watched. » She is attentive in lessons, realizing quickly that you and she will be looked upon as leaders of the weyr and therefore you must know what you're doing and do everything to perfection. She moves with quiet grace both on the ground and in the air, very smooth and regal. She takes great pride in her color and position as one of Fort's queens and will expect no less from you. When she gets proddy your Ilanith will truly become wild. The urge to mate will hit her hard and when she flies it will often become a bloody contest as she uses daredevil tactics to try and cause collisions among her chasers. Little emotion is involved for your queen, it is all about the strongest suitor and she will push them to their limits. « Only the best for me! » Weaklings need not apply, and will be cut down with scorn. When she clutches she will be very protective of her eggs, and may sometimes not even allow anyone in the galleries! Candidates will have a tough time with touchings, and it will be up to you to placate your queen - or organize touchings when she's off hunting!

As are all golds, she will not recognize her offspring, but your pack-minded queen will see the whole weyr as her family and will treat them all with equal care and protection. She knows you better than you know yourself, and will want you to become the best Weyrwoman you can be. Part of this means overcoming your shortcomings, and Ilanith will work lovingly and deftly with you on these. She will push you to submit to the proper authorities, and warn you of being too prideful. Humble thoughts will come from your queen's mysterious mind, encouraging you to give to others and expect nothing in return. « Get that chip off your shoulder and help! » she will firmly but fondly say. Your position is one of service, and Ilanith will push you and herself very hard to become exactly what Fort needs. Dedication and devotion to the weyr are powerful forces in your queen's mind, and should be in yours now, too. At least that's what she thinks. She adores you, Svandis, utterly and completely. She will not coddle you though, and when you make mistakes she will be a firm but gentle teacher and help you correct them. She loves you unconditionally, and adores your strength of spirit which so matches her own.


Whispers of Wisdom
Your Ilanith's mind is complex and multi-layered. Overall it reflects the calm beauty and wildness of the northern forests, rich and dark in hue and tone. Mysterious, she will often leave sentences unfinished, trailing off into silence. Sometimes she speaks with an echo, as if many voices are speaking at once. Shades of green and brown will dominate her thoughts. When she is angry however, her mind and voice shifts to a chill and barren glacier, frozen edges cutting sharply into the minds of others. —> Original Egg Mind Desc —> Mysterious and dark, this mind is rustling in shadows, ever on the move, ever on the prowl. Darting between thoughts this mind seems to be most interested in the toucher's dreams. Wanting to explore them, wanting to move through them on paws as light as starshine. A group mentality, this mind will seek to put the toucher in his or her 'place', as it were, inviting them into the pack and seeing what skills they can offer. Mostly muted colors, there are often many voices speaking at once.


The theme for this clutch was totem animals, with the eggs based on their habitats or how they look as young. Your lifemate is based on Wolf. Sungmanitu Tanka means 'gray wolf' in the Lakota language. Her name comes from the website wolfpack.org. One of their wolves is named Kailani, so your queen's name is a derivative of that wolf's name. Wolf is very community oriented and protective, as well as being a teacher and full of wisdom. In your application you said you would like either a dark and mysterious bond, or a true lady. I wrote Ilanith so you could play her both ways, or either way. I've only written guidelines, so of course feel free to change things as you see fit. :) The egg and bond inside were created by Elara. I hope you like her!


Name Sungmanitu Tanka Gold Ilanith
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Raeyth
Created By Elara
Impressee Svandis
Hatched 15 October 2005
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH