Classic bronze enshrouds a large head, maybe a little too large for his body. Metallic hues drift down into his lean neck, deeping to a shade closer to brown on his well formed chest. Molten bronze coats lean sides, the classic shade with a hint of gold leaf floating on the surface. Twisting and turning down his legs, the warm metal is glossy, a glowing sheen of heat, but you know the bronze hide is soft to the touch. Finely crafted wingsails are liquid ale bronze, a filmy, transparent sail, sweet shivers of onyx black forming along the edgs. His tail is dotted with silver streaks of stars, his thin muzzle bearing the same marks. Heavy paws and legs are the same color of the ore that coats his body, but they too are a little too large for his body, ending in glassy onyx talons. Indeed, his body is perfectly streamlined, not a bit of fat beneath the bronze hide.

Egg Name and Description

Reflecting Onyx Egg
This egg seems to reflect every bit of light that comes it's way. In fact, it's hard to see just what color the egg itself is. The shell looks smooth, almost glassy. The tips of the egg are true points. Not sharp, but there isn't much rounding involved there. A line of color runs from tip to tip, looking remotely like a crack. But then, it's far too early for the little egg to crack, so that must just be a marking of some kind.

Hatching Message

The Onyx egg shifts restlessly on the sands, small cracks inching their way along the shell, creating a fascinating pattern over the eggshell. All of a sudden, all of the cracks seem to split at once, giving the impression of a small explosion in the middle of the Sands. A proud bronze hatchling stands in the wreckage, his wings slightly unfurled, and taking in his new surroundings.

Impression Message

Suddenly a strange new awareness springs into being inside your mind. Bright lights, colourful lights, roving through your thoughts, your desires, your fears, discovering you with a hunger, a powerful need to /know/. Finally he ceases searching, and spirals up into your consciousness. A whisper interrupts your thoughts « I was hatched for you, A'iin. » murmurs Ikanarath, inserting his name neatly into your thoughts. A strangely mutated feeling washes over you, is it adoration, joy, excitement, humour, love … ? You feel an undeniably strong bond also. Ikanarath has latched onto you and will not let go. « You are mine and I am yours. Now and always. » that last part echoing through your skull. 'Now and always.' gradually fading away into silence, only to be replaced by an overwhelming sense of hunger.


Why: Why did I chose you… you smelled good. Your mind touch is comfortable. We both have our fun sides, tempered with a sense of duty to those around us. Together we can amaze the ladies and fly in glorious mating flights. I'm sure we'll win most of them! You are the other half that makes me feel whole and no one else would ever do.

Growing Up: As Ikanarath grows up, he will lose a bit of his restlessness, but never completely, playful trouble will always be part of his life. His curiosoty will never go away, in fact, it will intensify as his understanding of the world increases. OOC Note: The way Ikanarath develops is entirely up to you, this is just a guideline.

Personality Description: This young lad is restless, often getting into trouble for lack of anything better to take up his energies, making him a very playful dragon. He craves knowledge of all types and will often peek into his rider's mind to see what he's doing, so he can learn more about the amazing world around him. His impulsive and sometimes flirty nature is tempered with a strong sense of duty which drives him to be the best, to win, to come out ahead of the rest. His biggest need is to be loved.


Shimmering Reflections of Light
The lights are blinding! No, not really. But they are bright and colorful, much like the egg. They're also see-though.. Sort of. Mutated feelings, like they're coming out of a sieve.. Is that happiness or joy? Confused or just skeptical?


Egg Theme: The semi-precious gem Onyx
Hatchling Theme: Alexander the Great


Name Playful Bronze Ikanarath
Dam Gold Biancath
Sire Bronze Koliath
Created By Marja
Impressee A'iin (Iain)
Hatched Match 17th, 2002
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH