Practical. Undeniably practical, in every possible way, channelling steel and grit into flesh and ichor. Each inch of her stocky form is nothing but purposefully useful beneath the haphazard mottling that darkens her hide, making her rough-hewn curves less easily distinguished. A bold camouflage, combining every dusky shade of the earth's green spectrum, marls her hide from her blocky nose down to the tip of her stubby tail, echoing the ground's sturdy reliability within the powerhouse of her chest and hindquarters, and challenging the sky through her expansive wings.

Egg Name and Description

Upside Down Egg
White filigree stretches in uneven stripes across a shell marbled in cream and pale pink, with the occasional odd-one-out splotch of orange and blue. Its texturing is interesting, the lacelike pattern raised up just slightly, for fingertips or the edge of a dragon’s snout to find distinct. This egg’s mystery is not in how it looks, though, but how it balances … how exactly does it sit like that? Upside Down Egg lives up to its name in an extreme — from the moment it is laid it settles the wrong way up, with the smaller, more pointed end on the bottom and the wider smooth side up. It seems as if the dragonet inside has shifted its weight the wrong way around, existing in a pre-hatching limbo of topsy-turvy.

Hatching Message

POUND. POUND. POUND. From within a powerful sound of baby dragon DETERMINED TO EXIT rings out. This one will not be denied. Rhythmic comes the sounds until, abruptly, as if a line was drawn and measured the egg splits perfectly into two. Shaking herself, Working Woman Woes Green Dragonet steps from the shell, head up, eyes searching the area. She’ll take this methodically kthanks, and step forward to examine the first work… er, candidate standing upon the sands.

Impression Message

Wait, wait, wait, just a moment. There’s just one thing left to do. Heat swamps your mind as a loud PING rings- the sound of hammer ringing off of pure iron. The sound lingers until a sizzle and abrupt upward lift of steam fills the room about you. « There we go. » Now that mind, intense with the heat of the forge turns do you. « Well. It’s time we get to work, isn’t it Lucy? I’m Hallenayth. You and I? We have stuff to get done. » Steam disappears leaving behind the cooling steel at the bottom of the bucket. « Let’s get to work. »



Lucy, you asked for “determined,” and you absolutely got it — Hallenayth is an enthusiastic, enterprising go-getter from the moment she’s shelled, and is not ever going to slow down. While several of her sisters are similarly energetic, her drive is something different, more focused on productivity than activity. She won’t have the same patience for the slow-and-steady pace of weyrling lessons, wanting to get to the Big Things like flying and betweening quickly at first … though she’ll quickly learn that the best way to do a task is to learn it perfectly and get it done, at which point she will throw that focused intensity into whatever she is being taught and get it right, at which point she’s only going to be frustrated with the rest of the clutch and the pace of the program.

« Why aren't we doing formations yet? »

» Because you're still learning stretches and we're still learning anatomy. «

« But I know stretches already! Just because Akleteyth and Xianeth don't know stretches yet doesn't mean I don't! »

She will grow especially impatient with Yschazith, who seems to be able to focus on things besides work okay, but her direction in weyrling training is decidedly laughing. Expect some quiet hopes from your dragon, privately, that Senira and her lifemate might get held back so you can move forward — but she won’t say any of that to Yschazith’s face, instead trying to encourage the younger green to put more effort into her learning. The way some of the others are capable of such distraction is absolute anathema to her … in fact, you couldn’t distract Hallenayth from her task if you tried, unless it is truly life or death.

Her encouragement, whether welcome or not, is also extended to Ahzavayth and Akleteyth as they struggle with flight:

« Don’t let ANYONE tell you you’re not flightworthy! You two are DRAGONS and you WILL get off the ground and do GREAT! »

And whether or not either of her odd-winged siblings are ever Weyr Games-worthy aerial acrobats, she will be proud of whatever they manage to do.

Despite her frustrations with the others, Hallenayth is very much a family dragon in the image of both of her parents. She cares quite deeply for her clutchsiblings, and has a protective instinct that extends to the entire Weyr and every dragon of Fortian blood, even those across Pern. (Even Kayeth’s descendants in the High Reachian bloodlines will be recipients of Hallenayth’s favor if she ever manages to figure out they’re related, so long as they are directly traced back to Kayeth and Zhirazoth — no matter how Fort and the ‘Reaches’ relationship stands.) She has an instinct to protect and care for those that she considers her family, which sometimes also turns into trying to improve other dragons’ lives, whether they like it or not.

No matter how Hallenayth likes to protect, though, she does not like that Akleteyth does it. Nadeyuth’s similar attitude doesn’t bother her, even pleases her, because Nadeyuth is a green, but Akleteyth chafes against Hallenayth’s patience. She can, after all, take care of herself, and she isn’t really a little sister, because let’s face it, Akleteyth is tiny and Hallenayth flies better than he does. She will assert this even before she can fly, though at the base of this rivalry is still an undying love from both dragons.

Weyrlinghood won’t be easy on you, for two reasons: one, that Hallenayth wants to move at HER pace which isn’t an option, and two, that Hallenayth doesn’t like rules. She understands the purpose of rules, but is really only content with their existence if she’s the one making them (or, begrudgingly, a gold dragon or the Weyrleading bronze). Hallenayth would rather be able to do what she wants when she wants it, because she has projects, you see, and even as a young dragon she will have concepts of these things she wants to do and see and create — and everything else is holding her back. This isn’t something that will change, as when she becomes a wingriding dragon Hallenayth will still want something that lets her do a lot with very little sitting around.

« Of course we’ll join Haast, right, so that I can see all over Pern and deliver things and help all the crafts, and YOU can work on your projects, too. »

“I’m not a crafter, Hallenayth.”

« But you were, and you could be again! »

Sorry, Lucy, you wanted to stop being a Weaver? While Hallenayth won’t insist you rejoin the Hall — thanks to being around Inri from her shelling in addition to her own Lucy, she does also accept that people can be good at fibercraft without being part of a craft formally — she isn’t going to like that you don’t want to at least have some level of involvement. After all, she loves crafts, and she wants tasks and jobs and focus. Her sense of purpose may be very wide and encompassing, but it’s also loudly encouraging. She’ll push you to do things until you find something that fits, because she won’t have this uncertainty about where you belong. The answer is first and foremost “with her,” but there’s also more out there for you. Until your final wing selection is made and your life path is set before you, there will be a lot of discussion — Hallenayth will want to plan, and figure out what’s best for you as a pair, so you can be cemented in a place that is just right for you both. One that keeps you busy, active, driven and productive.

She can be choosy and selective about what she does and how she does it, as well as what you do and how you do it — and that will extend to which herdbeast she decides to eat that week and if you should really be doing your hair that way. You’ll never be able to think that no one is looking out for you but you again, because Hallenayth may be looking out for you even more than you are, and you may or may not appreciate her contributions.

« Your shirt is crooked, Lu. Just a little, there at the bottom. It makes it look like you rolled out of bed like that. I KNOW I saw you get dressed, but the rest of the Weyr didn’t! You should fix it. No, really, now. »

Her actions are just as precise and deliberate when it comes to, well, everything. She will never be a dragon who is too requiring of external correction, because she’s careful to get everything right immediately. Her Wingleaders will always love her, once she’s no longer a weyrling — she simply gets things right and sticks to them being that way. It’s not actually because Hallenayth is a perfect dragon, though … it’s more that, between you and her, she’s not actually as quick on the uptake as some others. Some of her siblings are definitely more intelligent, but Hallenayth works around that and won’t let anyone but you know it (or know that she knows it). Her lack of aptitude is masked by a total lack of impulsivity, as she watches, waits and plans before making any moves. Therefore, she’s less prone to failure than her clutchmates, and is more likely to be praised for effort and concentration.

It certainly can’t hurt that she also has the rest of her clutch’s failures to learn from. And that’s something that she does, and will continue to do — it is one point where despite being a dragon, Hallenayth’s memory is reliable. She may not remember who or when it was, but she will remember that someone did that thing before and messed it up, and what to do not do or do better.

When it comes to her relationships to others, some might think that Hallenayth is mean, but she’s really more like straightforward. She says what she thinks and is concise and to the point about it, which can come off as insulting to some —

Another green asks her if this particular set of straps looks good on her, and Hallenayth’s response is an almost immediate, « No. » When her rider comes to complain that your dragon was tastelessly harsh, Hallenayth’s explanation is that she must have wanted to know the truth, right?

— but it’s meant to be clear and honest, as Hallenayth says what she means and means what she says and nothing else, in either case. She’s not a dragon who goes for pretty words and beating around the bush (though with some encouragement she may understand why others do) but is the kind who gets to the point, even if the point might be kind of … unflattering. She doesn’t want to be rude! She just wants to help.

Externally, anyway.

She has a bit of snark to her, but it’s something that’s never going to be shown outside your bond. Even a dragon who is her very best friend may get lots of commentary, as well as gossip — because yes, for all that she is a hard worker, a driven dragon and a green out to show all of Pern that greens are just as good as bigger dragons, she can also be very gossipy when someone does something she deems noteworthy to comment on (did you guys HEAR about what Livanyth did?) — but no one except you will get her more sarcastic side. And she’d prefer you didn’t tell anyone else she had one.

She is particular about the work she has around, as well as the work she does, and so sharing a weyr with Hallenayth will mean a lot of compromise and selection. While she won’t have any preference about where you live, exactly, she’ll be choosy about the things you put inside and what ends up on her ledge. Expect her to want to speak to crafters, too, and ask about inspirations behind what you manage to find.

“Hallenayth, I got that chair from the stores.”

« It must have a makers’ mark. Can’t you find the woodcrafter who put it together? I just want to know … »

As for what your future may hold, well, Lucy, have you ever considered having children? It’s not so much that Hallenayth will necessarily push you to (she may be Kainaesyth’s daughter, but she doesn’t take things quite as far as he does) but that a large part of her wishes she could. After all, she would be amazing at balancing work and family, right? Hallenayth is immensely proud to be green, and don’t you ever forget it, but she does sneak the occasional longing look at the Sands and may come out of a proddy period a little bit sad she isn’t egg-heavy. Those golds who are welcoming to others on the viewing ledges or even visiting the sands themselves will be her favorites, because for a little while, she gets to be around eggs, and while she isn’t so much pretending they’re hers, she can at least remind them that they all have a favorite aunt who will fuss over them when they’re sad but urge them firmly through their weyrling lessons: Hallenayth.


While the honor or the curse of being the biggest of the clutch was taken by Nadeyuth — and Hallenayth isn’t so much jealous as just quietly whispering to Lucy that it must be awkward to be that huge, for all that she does like Nadeyuth, of course! — Hallenayth is still certainly not small, and is aware of the fact that she has some considerable size over her other sisters. (As well as a lot less size under her brothers than she might expect, especially the brown one, as they age.) She also has much more considerable muscle than the rest of her siblings save one, for even the larger dragons in the clutch aren’t as, well, built as Hallenayth (excepting of course Akleteyth’s stockiness).


She isn’t curvaceous, but she does have a little bit of chub, and around that is an impressive amount of muscle. Hallenayth’s a strong dragon, not one you’d want to get in a wrestling match with, but she’s also proportional and capable looking, unlike that brother of hers. Her entire body is muscled in such a way that you can see her muscles move when she does, but there’s nothing masculine or unattractive about it. Hallenayth is a green, and a strong one. Even a beautiful one. But you couldn’t call her “pretty.”

You also couldn’t call her graceful. She doesn’t flow when she moves, nor does she have an innate sense of balance or an elegant step to her. She stomps. Her paws go thud on the ground. You’ll always know when she’s coming, and so will everyone else, but even if someone chooses to tease her about it this particular feature (and it is a feature, not a bug!) doesn’t bother Hallenayth. She’s simply got a tendency to announce her arrival. Her landings from flight are much the same, with a very notable *thump* whenever she touches the ground (often all four paws at once).

For a green she is a surprisingly strong distance flyer, able to maintan an aerial state much longer than many others of her color. She even rivals some blues, though it’s got to be down to her size, determination and those strong wings of hers.

Just stay out of her way when she takes a nap, because from that very first sleep and from then on forever, no matter what you try to do about it, Hallenayth is going to be a very … exciting sleeper. She starts in one position. She wakes up in a completely different one. She often starts out compact, curled up, and always wakes up with all six limbs — seven, if you count the tail — sprawled out in different directions, taking up as much space as possible. Hallenayth flails about in her sleep and isn’t easily woken, so she will smack anyone, human or dragon, who gets too close — and will completely and utterly fail to notice doing so, possibly as far as denying it when confronted.


A working girl requires a time to let her hair down, and to step outside the shop for a bit. And no one knows how to party quite like your Hallenayth, and flights? They’re her chance to get down with it. There’s more than a hint of SWAGGER that overcomes your solid green when the flight fancy takes her. Under all that cameo covering she can be more than slightly striking.

"I think a lot of women said, Screw that noise. 'Cause they had a taste of freedom, they had a taste of making their own money, a taste of spending their own money, making their own decisions. I think the beginning of the women's movement had its seeds right there in World War Two."
- Dellie Hahne, an educator who worked as a nurse's aid for the Red Cross during the war

During these moments of fancy - and don’t fear long drawn out proddy periods, they’re a weekend, MAX - she’s got an eye to go out dancing. How does a dragon dance you might ask? Easy, in the air. She’ll want to find some harpers and take to the sky to just boogie.

And you, oh sweet Lucy, don’t think she’s going to leave you outside of these parties. This is your chance for a weekend pass out of the factory too, and she’ll make sure that you get that pass. Her influence will only bolster Lucy’s tendency towards slightly mean-girl attitude, with Hallenayth giving Lucy nudges to get out there and just do, the consequences be danged. She’ll encourage all impulsivity, from shopping sprees to wild runs through the weyr just to scandalize people. That handsome harper? The courage there to be forward totally expresses itself.

When it comes time for the wildness of the flight itself Hallenayth tends to treat it like a night on the town. She’s drag racing with the fellows, and daring each and every single one of them to follow. In the end though, it’ll rarely be random the blue, brown, or bronze that she ends up tangled with. She is the master of her destiny, and even with her hair let down? SHE is going to choose thanks much.

Final Summary

Lucy, we’re really hopeful that you weren’t actually all that attached to the way of life you’ve been leading, because your Hallenayth has very staunch OPINIONS about that. She’s not one to put up with lazy for even a second, and she knows the value of a good day’s worth of work. Or Week’s. Or Months.

Really Lucy, your days of idleness are probably completely over. But that’s why she chose you right? Because she saw in you a firm chance to put something to rights. She meshes well with your own straight up personality, and over time (once you have a conversation about WORK) the two of you will find ways to mesh. Just… be careful, because you never can be quite sure when your Hallenayth might get promoted above where you were exactly wanting to be.

She’s steady and dependable almost to a fault, and likely to be that rock in her weyrling room that keeps everything from spinning into chaos. She loves you Lucy, above and beyond all else, and though she’ll push, it’ll always be fore your good and benefit.


Your Hallenayth’s mindvoice is just a little different from those of her clutchmates. She’s not really interested in nature and all of it’s boundless complexities. She’s not even leading you on a journey somewhere, or trying to pull metaphor out of the common place. Rather, just as suits her, Hallenayth’s mind is one that is at work- the work of creation.


It all starts with wood, one of the fundamental building blocks of history. There’s something deftly comforting about the way Hallenayth’s mind smooths the wood. Shavings fall in an unending rain, their size dependent completely on the complexity of the task facing the two of you. Something as smile as a conversation? They fall in long curls, their speed reflecting the intensity of said conversation. But something requiring more variables, (like that first flight?) will bring out the inner artist. Those shavings are tiny as she is determined to make sure that each detail is just right. Here is where Hallenayth tends to default, a medium that everyone can understand.


But wood burns and savings, if left alone, eventually create a fire trap. There are other kinds of work, and though Fort tends to a more traditional role, no one is going to turn their back on a firm bit of steelwork. When she’s at her most stubborn her thoughts will turn metal hard, and you’ll feel the heat that comes of working metal. Cherry red and sparking, this is the place where Hallenayth stores her temper. She’s not at all beyond taking a diamond tipped drill to a thick piece of metal till she has gotten her point across!


On the flip side of all of that, Hallenayth does have a bit of an artist at her very core. Right in that place between common-place and anger a much more precious medium of creation exists. It holds the fire of smith work, but also the intricate delicacy of a perfectly carved piece of wood. Infinitely more delicate though, this medium is fragile, and gives a hint to the fact that while outwardly Hallenayth is work work work, she’s as fragile as glass at times. Walk with care when her thoughts take on the clear tone of well worked glass. She’ll need you to be her advocate here. Warmth allows the glass to be worked, only cooling into the delicate artistry which shaped glass creates at the very end. Emotions are less distinct here, but oh so fragile.


No matter what medium your Hallenayth’s thoughts take them a few aspects tie everything together. First, there’s this funny little carving that seems to pop up whenever Hallenayth gets a bit of her snarky tone on. Just half a face, with a long nose, and two dots for eyes, this shape stares out from the edges of her thoughts. Better be wary when these little kilroys show up, because they always foretell something going on.



You asked us for either a happy-go-lucky dragon, or determined. Sweetheart, we spent a lot of time with our hands on fists going, “But…” A lot of the others came out as very happy-go-lucky, so we decided to go a different direction for yours, and create a steady-as-anything green that is just destined to be a busy-bee worker.

Our original thought began and ended with a single picture of Rosie the Riveter. She’s the symbol for all of the women who cast off the traditional female roles and instead stepped up into the work force during the second World War. The archetype of a woman who can be both mother and still contribute to society intrigued us, and we dove in from there.

This was a clutch for easy-ish coming names, and we settled on your Hallenayth’s after exactly two names. First, Inri threw out the name of Mary Hallen, a female hero from WWII, specifically her surname. Adding a ‘th’ to the end of it seemed pretty good. Rolling with that though, we decided to soften it a little bit, and ended up with Hallenayth. It’s a little longer than you really wanted, but the syllables seem to flow one right after another, so we hope it is at least easy to say!

Again bucking the trend of some of the other, longer descriptions, in this clutch, we kept Hallenayth’s nice and short. Thys drew inspiration from a woman dressed in military cameo to give her some of those funky markings that you wanted. Hopefully Lucy doesn’t lose her too often in Fort’s forests!

Her mindvoice gave us some pause for a bit until it hit us- Hallenayth is a working woman, thus, shouldn’t her mind be at work too? So we delved into Pern’s craft world and pulled out different images of creation to tie her all together.

Hallenayth was created by Ha’ze and Inri, with her desc by Thys; her egg was also a collaboration between Ha’ze and Inri! But above all else, she is yours to do with as you so desire.

Clutch Siblings

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Keeper of Secret Waters Green Ahzavayth and Gabriela
Energetic Empress Green Xianeth and B'yrl (Beyrl)
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Facebook Killed the Email Star Blue Zukerberth and M'rc
Good Fortune in Your Pocket Green Shibuth and Kouki
Playful Pastime Green Hlarasath and Cymlei


Name Hallenayth
Dam Gold Kouzevelth
Sire Bronze Kainaesyth
Created By Ha’ze, Inri, Thys
Impressee Lucy
Hatched 1 April, 2015
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH