That Guy at the Club Bronze Hatchling

A carefully cultivated appearance of dignity and rebelliousness somehow worms it's way into everything that this young dragon does. The way he moves is very deliberate to always keep himself in the best appearing angle to as many onlookers as possible. In fact, this constant adjustment of his pose and movement is as much a part of him as his coloration and build and is by far the most memorable facet of his appearance. He is small, even tiny for a bronze and is well below the largest of browns in terms both muscle mass and length. Dark sienna and earthier browns pass over the top of his narrow muzzle and sculpted head, running down the subtle ridges of his spine and tail like a stripe. The bottom half of his jaw and the underside of his neck and underbelly brighten to a very metallic bronze shine and yet the uppermost reaches of his limbs turn darker and darker as they reach hip and shoulder, finally fading out to a dull tarnish that takes on a burnt-wood appearance. It is much like some strange copper alloy, gleaming only under direct light but seeming merely brown the rest of the time. The dark patches spread across his back only to connect up with the darker-yet stripe down his spine. The inside of each limb matches the shine of his underbelly and very bright claws, tinged with intricate swirls of tarnish stand out brightly against very dark hind and forefeet. From below he is the most bronze dragon ever, shining and aglow but from above only an experienced eye would be able to tell what he actually is.

Egg Name and Description

Come Away with Me Egg
With its muted shades of blue, brown and green, this egg promises adventure and wonder to all those who look upon it. Softly, deftly decorated, the colours have an antiqued look to them. It's almost as if they've been faded by ocean spray on the salty high seas, tempered by trudging through countless storms, and besmudged by the earth that eager feet have carried them over, step by gleefully exploring step. Artful placement has the muted shades arranged in such a way that might even be familiar - surely the blue must be ocean, while the brown and green, with its mountain range markings and sandy smudges, must be Pern's continents? There's only one way to know for sure… come away, and explore all this egg with its worldly wrapping has to offer.

Hatching Message

Come Away With me Egg seems to be almost dancing. Every heartbeat the life within is beating at the confines of the shell. Finally! Finally! A brown snout bursts out. And then a bronze tail. Or is it a brown tail? It's so hard to tell. Comically though, tail, snout and one limb exposed the dragonet pushes off and ends up rolling like a ball back into the as yet unhatched eggs. Bumping against one gives the creature the break, no pun intended, that it needs and with a shell-cracking spreading of wings a yuck colored little dragon is on the sands. Only what color IS he?

Impression Message

That's funny. It's strange, really. One of the things that the Weyrlingmasters specifically told you was no scents. Nothing that could be deemed to attract a dragon by hook or crook. Then … then why the heck can you smell cheap cologne? It hits you like walking into a room full of people who've bathed in the stuff and it completely blots out everything else. The smell of the sands? Gone. The smell of the boy or girl next to you? Gone. The smell of yourself? Gone. It is a pungent impossible thing and you are at the middle of a cloud of it that just won't go away. Your eyes water from it. Someone must have broken a bottle of the stuff nearby? Some kind of late prank? And it only seems to get worse as your body tries to rebel against a smell that … doesn't actually exist except in your head. Everyone around you is breathing normally but you? You are the only one who's struggling. It's not a pleasant experience at all. Kind of like drowning in a scent. Not until… « A'ki? » The voice is questioning. Unsure, imploring. Are you the right one? You have to be. There is an air of desperation to it, the sound of someone who has been searching forever. « A'ki! » Much more certain of itself this time, relief that is not yours floods over you. The character of the cloud around you changes to become something less unpleasant. You still can't smell a damn thing other than that overpowering scent in your mind, but at least your eyes aren't going to be watering anymore. « A'ki! » It begs acknowledgement. « I thought you would be way better looking. I almost could not find you! I was looking for someone at least as pretty as me! No worries though, man. You will do. We are going to have the best of times! Brothers! » There is so much in the way that it's said. You can … feel it? It's a new thing, to feel what someone else is but it's a loving and playful jab at you. Never again are you going to be alone. Ever. And what the heck man, you are beyond starving but that voice is in your head once more. Challenging. Playful. « Tell them all I'm Gwyngyrgogoth … yeah say my name out loud! And if you do not know how to pronounce it you had better learn fast! And when you are done that? What does someone have to do to get some food around here? »



A’ki … oh, A’ki. You are in trouble with this one. From a young age Gwyngyrgogoth is going to be a challenge to your self control and situational awareness. This is due to a fact that will permeate through his entire life all the way to his (and your’s) old age: He simply does not know when to stop. As a hatchling it will manifest itself primarily in physical ways. He will not understand that if he doesn’t stop eating until he can’t move you’ll both be in trouble. He doesn’t understand that other dragons may not want to engage in rough and tumble play with an already bigger than them bronze. He doesn’t understand that the toy that he has been loaned eventually needs to go back in the same condition he found it. He will always, always be testing the limits of what he can get away with and what he can’t. You will likely never truly be on the Weyrlingmaster’s good side because of it.

His not knowing when to stop (especially when young) is combined with a genuine inquisitiveness that will turn ever more towards the mischievous as he becomes older. The danger there of course is that he doesn’t know when to stop when it comes to this sort of thing either. When young he is going to be very much like a puppy that could not stop sniffing at a porcupine and ended up quilled for his trouble and come running to you with a complete lack of understanding as to why he got poked, someone got mad at him or he got in trouble. He will need to experience everything, understand everything and you, his A’ki, are the only one who can tell him no. Not the Weyrlingmaster, not the other dragons, not the Weyrleader. Which means you are going to have to do some fast growing of your own as his pushing of boundaries will force you to gain a better understanding of your own.

Later on as Gwyngyrgogoth grows into the draconian equivalent of his teen years (Read: Late Weyrlinghood) he is going to take something from you that will also remain with him for the rest of his life: A certain joy in causing trouble. This too is where you will have to do some fast growing because he genuinely cannot tell the difference between something hurtful and something hilarious. Or that something hilarious to him might actually be hurtful to others. Pranks? Fun! Teasing? That’s fun too. Getting other people in trouble? Oh yeah. Him getting in trouble? What the hell, man. That’s not cool. He never meant any harm by eating someone else’s food rations and getting them chewed out by the Weyrlingmaster when they had to ask for more, he was just hungry!

It will be up to you to temper and tame this and set the lines in the sand of what is right and what is wrong. He will take your cues off of this so how he grows up depends completely on how you guide him at a young age – and it’s not going to be easy. His love of fun will likely create a strong bond between you and he but there are times even as an adult dragon he will test you. Expect lots of…

« So sorry, I didn’t hear you! »

… and the equivalent of putting his fingers in his ears and going “I’m not listeneeeeeeeeeeeeening” because he really must do whatever it is that he has in mind. He’ll have a habit of filling your head with cologne-smelling mental static when he’s up to no good. He *thinks* he’s being stealthy and sneaky by doing it but it is one of his failings that he will advertise to you almost every time. Of course, then you have to find him….

You may find that during these times when he’s blocking you out mentally, speaking out loud (or sometimes yelling at him as appropriate, for there are going to be many times that this is appropriate) is helpful in jarring him back to your control as he might think he can filter out your mental voice but his ears work just fine.

As he grows his love of fun will shape his personality as well. It is likely that he will become known for his sense of humor and sarcasm (which very well might get him in trouble when he says the wrong thing to the wrong person) as well as his inherent sense of smugness. He just *knows* his sense of humor is better than everyone else’s and if someone is taking a joke wrong then that must be their fault. He just knows that he’s the best at just about everything and is very much a stereotypical bronze in that sense. He’s also stereotypical in that he doesn’t take his failings very well. The fortunate thing about his sense of humor and sarcasm is that he’s usually right. Which may make it hard for you to not laugh at times.

« That Weyrlingmaster’s head is so fuzzy it looks like an ovine. And her rump looks like a herdbeast. »

Those sorts of things will happen often. The sorts of things you shouldn’t laugh at? But let’s be honest here? They are pretty darn funny.

He’s not a terrible person though, especially as he grows into an adult. While he will never be good at controlling his impulses for ‘fun’ as he calls it, be it of the physical kind, the humor kind or just saying the wrong thing at the wrong time kind he is genuinely upset when something he does causes actual hurt to someone or something. He’ll always cover it with..

« Yeah, well. That’s their fault for not seeing it’s funny. »

… but the wounded pride will be something that is palpable but he will never be able to bring himself to apologize. You will have to do that for him. The best that he can do is take whatever punishment he is dolled out with the resoluteness of someone who knows he deserves it.

« And that Weyrlingmaster’s face looks like a porcine. »

As he loves ‘fun’ he will become something of an enabler for you as he grows up which is something you are going to have to be very, very careful of. Again it is here that you are going to have to know when to draw that line. If you are ever on the fence about kissing that woman, having that extra drink even though you are about to fall down, staying out late when you know you have wing duties the next day or just doing that thing or all of those things? He will be in your head to encourage you to do it. Stupid things can wait, fun is more important.

« You can do wing duties later on when you are dead. Kiss her now! Drink the drink now! Drink the drink and then kiss her now and have more drink to drink! »

In many ways he will live vicariously through you and time and time again you’ll find that the easiest way to cheer him in the few times that he is down is to go out and have fun yourself. It may not always be easy with a grumbly dragon in the back of your head but surrounding yourself with a good time is the sure fire way to bring him back.

It should be noted that he’s likely to form a pack of cronies that all have a similar tastes and sense of humor. For lack of other ways to describe it, A pack of bro dragons that will keep themselves tight together and hate each other as much as they love each other. Constant heckling, constant pranking and teasing of each other and much eyeing the hindquarters of and speculating what they’d love to do. They will probably be insufferable and you probably won’t be able to keep from smiling at their antics either. As much as he is a troublemaker and a tease and all of his bad qualities (especially when it comes to leering at the female kind) he is a dragon’s dragon. The bonds that he forms as part of his bro pack will last for his lifetime and when they are all old they will tell each other the same stories over and over again of THAT THING they did when they were young.

As he grows older, for he is a bronze, a few limited leadership qualities will come out in him. He is rarely serious and usually attempts to get others to see the light of situations through humor though he won’t be afraid to put his foot down for the good of everyone. This won’t come naturally to him and you will have to do most of the duties of any position of responsibility the two of you get put in. He’d rather spend his time looking cool. This is where you will once again have to grow and learn.

Overall? He’s an enabler for you that will constantly push you into mischief, push your limits and those of everyone around him. Loyal to those he likes, dangerously sarcastic to those he doesn’t. He’s a determined fellow and little will bring him to a halt …. And he usually takes it badly when something does, even if it’s your good sense keeping him out of trouble.


Anything physical is not really Gwyngyrgogoth's strong point. No pun intended. For a bronze? He's almost tiny. There are browns that are larger. He's a little less agile and a little less strong than just about every other bronze.

He's able to pass all of of the basic tests of strength and agility as a weyrling dragon and he's not a slouch in the sky but he just straight up wasn't built for physicality. Instead, all of the energy during his development has gone to feed his extra large ego. That's a joke of course. Sort of. He gets away with not being the strongest or the fastest because, basically, your Gwyngyrgogoth knows he's cool. He's damn cool. Alluding to something that was mentioned earlier? He is the guy on the edge of the floor of the dance club with cool shades and a cool pose and a great demeanor and way of talking … but who doesn't actually dance. He doesn't have to dance to be awesome. He just knows he is.


This will carry on throughout his life as he attempts to win flights by guile and disruption or gets out of trouble by his glib tongue. He just always, always looks good doing it. It's almost magical how well he can pull himself into the right position to look his best — in fact his assessment on the fly of the environment around him is nothing less than masterful. If he has a chance to position himself to a green he's never met before on the edge of the sea looking picturesque with the rising sun silhouetting him to look his very best? He will do it without thought.

It's interesting really because like the guy who can't dance he's not especially graceful, nor is he lumbering. He's just very very good at making himself look the best no matter what. It's subtle, sometimes. Might be the way the light hits him or if he cants a wing or a tail just the right way. You can bet that everything about the way that he moves is deliberate.

This is all good news. Congratulations, your dragon is a master of making himself look amazing. He's cool and he knows it.

The bad news is that this is going to be a learned skill and as a weyrling? He is going to constantly make himself look like he's trying too hard. His natural lack of agility will combine with his conscious positioning to have him tripping over his own feet many times in his efforts.

But in a nutshell, A'ki? This is your dragon:

Gwyngyrgogoth sits at rest with one forelimb folded over the other. He is the picture of the confident master, what with the light of Belior and Timor glinting off of his scales. In fact, he turns his head just to the side as he projects to Greenth — just so a little more light shows the complicated patterns in his hide.

« Hey, doll. That one is boring. Come talk to someone who can actually string two words together. If you talk half as well as your tail curves, you will be the best company ever. »



When it comes to flights? That’s when Gwyngyrgogoth’s inherent smugness comes to the surface. If life were a dance club, he would be the guy with cool shades and fitted clothes playing the sidelines for just the right moment. He doesn’t *need* to croon, beg or call. He knows he’s cool. He knows he’s got the right stuff and he knows what greens and golds want from him. He loves stirring the pot, from letting the other chasers know they aren’t good enough to pushing his luck with suggestive thoughts (pre-flight at least) at the rising ones in question. His smugness will probably make him a little irritating but his cleverness and talent for humor and sarcasm will generally edge this out.

However, like just about everything else about him he doesn’t know when to stop. Some of the stuff that comes out of his mind will shock you and everyone else. Suggestions about what *you* could do for the other rider. On *your* prowess and qualities. It’s not that he’s trying to embarrass you, he just thinks that you are that awesome as well because obviously he picked you. Be well prepared to keep him on a short leash during these times.

« I will provide *many* eggs when I fly you, and mine will provide *many* small humans too. »

Once he’s in the air? He has full command of himself and everything else. Flights are a game to him. With a dragon’s short memory though? He’ll forget previous losses. He’ll forget the mistakes he made before and he’ll often be guilty of just not giving it his all – especially in gold flights. He’ll be too busy taunting the others around him and losing himself in how awesome he is to do that and just get out flown.

He’s not an especially powerful flyer, nor a graceful one. He tends to thrive mostly on causing trouble by veering into others’ flight paths and messing them up, or a well placed mental jab to take the confidence out of them. He’s not above trickery either and these will be the things that carry the day for him rather than strength and speed.

The biggest problem you are going to have with him when it comes to flights is that he is a little bit of a creepy stalker. It comes from not knowing when to stop. He isn’t above making inappropriate comments weeks later about how great the flight was and promising to do it again. He will have his favorites, the ones that he just loves to chase and it will wound him greatly each time that he isn’t successful in getting them and like most of these problems those will be yours to sort out and determine where the line is. He is not above jealousy either and if he has a favorite dragon to chase that is say, Weyrmated, you can expect to get a mindfull about it.

Being that he has his many favorites he is not and never will be one to settle down with a single female in an exclusive weyr mating style situation. It’s just not him. He can have his favorite over favorites, but it’s pretty unlikely that he’ll ever be able to forget all of the others that he loves to chase so well.

« Remember that gold? That I flew so high and so long that you ended up in the infirmary from muscle strain? »

Yeah, you’ll end up remembering that gold too.


Gwyngyrgogoth isn't one of those dragons that has an especially flowery mind voice. You will hear your friends and weyrlings talk about associated colors especially but Gwyngyrgogoth? Not so much. With him, it's a not-gentle and quite lingering scent. You can tell when he's watching through your eyes or lingering in the back of your mind because the subtle, non-existent smell will begin to build in your nose until it's something that you can't quite ignore. When you call him on it or acknowledge his presence and he retreats it will be reminiscent of someone walking quickly through the room. The scent is, for all of the world?

Cheap cologne.


Cheap cologne from the very /worst/ of boutiques at Ierne. The ones where they sell the stuff by the bottle for for the thirty second mark or even a handful of different scents for an eighth mark.You wouldn't quite say that he reeks of it because you do adore him so but were he a person? You'd probably have to tell him to take some of that stuff off so that you can breathe around him. Over time? You'll become used to it and be able to tune it out enough that your own sense of smell actually functions again. It's that overwhelming that when he's excited, angry or in the throes of flight-lust it will completely overwhelm your own olfactory senses and this is something that will most likely stay with you for the rest of your life and his.

He appears to have some level of control over it too, because the projection that he sends to other dragons — especially of the female sort — is quite different than the one that is used for you. It's still cologne. How the heck did he develop this when he had no idea what cologne was? But, it's familiar, cloying and deeply infatuating all at once. Or at least he *thinks* so. Because he's got an ego bigger than he is. And he knows just how cool he is, do you remember? But when he's trying to be persuasive or appealing his mind-scent, for there is no other way to describe it is just darn good. You can't even describe what's so good about it either.

It's the Gwyngyrgogoth effect. It's got to be.

Once and awhile you’ll get a bit of color to the scent but it’s a rare thing. He has to be feeling *really* lusty, or *really* sad or *really* angry for this to come out. But over the years? You’ll almost come to associate a particular color with a particular bit of cheap cologne because of it. Green (also sad Gwyngyrgogoth) smells like that stuff from Fort that the trader was selling with the huge shoe polish bottles, blue (happy Gwyngyrgogoth) smells like slightly fruity Istan stuff and red (angry Gwyngyrgogoth) is like the most spicy Igenian stuff.

But it’s all cheap so it all kind of smells the same, too. Who knew green would have a smell to you?


Welcome to Fort Weyr, A’ki!

Gwyngyrgogoth was written by Ashwin who feels slightly lame that he can’t point to a pop star or the like and say this is what inspired him. But! But! Inspiration for this guy essentially from interacting with you! There was a conversation one day that involved a series of jokes about Killian being a dudebro and a number of suggestions and comments about axe body spray and right then and there the idea of a dragon for him that was a combination of dudebro and greaser came to mind. Some of the rest — in particular his winning habit of mentally going ‘I’m not listeeeeeeening’ to you came from your own request and it just seemed perfect to integrate into the concept.

The eggs were themed around gift wraps for Valentine’s day presents with Come Away With Me Egg inspired by a present wrapped with atlas paper, while the hatchlings were themed around the idea of 'Valentine’s Day fails.’ Several of us SCO folks got it into our heads to create something along the lines of the worst date imaginable and with all that in mind? It seemed like a hilarious and fun concept and with your awesome sense of humor it seemed a sure fire win.

I drew a blank though on the name and Thys was awesome enough to step up and provide! Inspired by his not knowing when to stop, he’s named after a little town with a big name - Llanfair PG, also Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch which is the longest named town in Europe and they clearly didn’t know when to stop. Thys says don't be scared by all those syllables - Gwyngyrgogoth is actually easy to pronounce - gwin-gear-go-goth. The 'Gwyn' could also be pronounced goo-in ('w' can sometimes be 'oo' in Welsh), but your dragon, your choice!

He’s yours of course to alter and twist as you want and need to!

Hope you enjoy him. I had an absolute blast putting him together and giggled to myself way too many times.

Remember, though A’ki?

Dudebro’s don’t dance.

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Name Gwyngyrgogoth
Dam Gold Rhenesath
Sire Brown Rinxyth
Created By Ashwin
Impressee A’ki
Hatched February 11, 2016
Fort Weyr