The ravages of time mark this bronze without regard for his actual age. He wears within his hide turns of use and endless love, painted by thousands of stories told in the weathered craggy surface. He has a squared muzzle, tipped by slivers of tan in dark bronze as if chips had been knocked out. The heavyset neck wears a vine of ivy green crawling thru the tarnished bronze. It spreads from the crook of his neck downwards across his thick left foreleg. His stocky back is a weave of darker bronzes with the glint of a shiny thread here and there telling of how he might have been a shining monument had fate been more kind. Deep brown tarnish with bits of mossy green showing up on the more chiseled of his lines, grows up the remaining three legs, staining his strong paws and talons completely. Patches of that mossy green creep over the moist dark shadows of his belly and tail which is the only part of him that seems longer then it is wide. His wings are ragged scraps of lighter copper bronze patches sewn into sheets of tarnished bronze. It creates an impression of tattered, moth eaten drapes. Yet, the compact mass has strength and a sturdy foundation of good bones which gives promise of turns more love and shelter.

Colorless Name: Black as Pitch Hatchling

Colorless Desc: Covered from head to tail in Igen's black sand, this young dragon is distinguished more by a lack of visible color then anything else. It seems just about midsized in general, proportioned short in length in comparison to its bulk. The remains of the tarp scrap make it hard to tell what is cloth and what is wings as both appear a tattered and sand splattered russet brown. Though it is difficult to see any other details while the hatchling clings to the shadows, occasional flares of light might allow one to spot a patch of mossy green on the right rear limb, where some sand has fallen away.

Egg Name and Description

The Obvious Places Egg

Slightly on the larger side, the shape of this egg is really odd. At first glance it appears boxy! The apexes are blunted and three of the sides seem to have a section of flat surface, but an egg it actually is. The base color is a woody brown straight down to the wood grain and slatted look. Straps and rivets of iron hold the wooden base together so other scenes can catch the eye. On one side is a brick red pattern of rectangles hashed out by grey. One seems to be falling out of the pattern. Another surface is just a blur of many colors, too numerous to name. They come in all varieties of squares and rectangles, all stacked one next to the other. On the left apex is a grey stone with a frightening resemblance to a headstone. Spilling out from the center top of the shell are thick rounds of yellow glittering with a dulled metallic sheen. Somehow they seem the very focus of all this crazy mess.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message: One must solve the riddle that lays within, if they wish to hold the secrets of The Obvious Places Egg. A search within the red brick surface wins a place of honor and stirs the first warning of what is to come. A bump, a bulge, and the slow slipping of sands down the colored surface.

Crack Message: Knowledge helps when seeking much, so its off to the library for The Obvious Places Egg. Squares and rectangles all colors and sizes hold that which is sought. It needs only the first cracked spine to start onto the path. One, then two, and finally a vast web work of cracks break across the shell's surface.

Hatch Message: The job is nearly done! Search high and low, search under foot and the treasure within The Obvious Places Egg will be revealed. Coins of gold spill off the upper apex as the egg disintegrates on the sands. Just as the first hints of color appear, a bit of ripped tarp lands upon the pile and all is hidden again. Was that blue? Green?

Impression Message

A rough and ready presence bowls into your thoughts with all the subtlety of a raging bull. You could be forgiven for thinking it is the storm increasing in strength, but no, this feels familiar and is colored with grey and muddy brown. Even as you think this, the touch gentles and the colors brighten to sunny yellow and spring green. A waft of mint crosses the sands, though still quite powerful in feel. « Ma'kai? » You sense an impatient waiting, a steady buzz in the sunny yellow that is both inside you and in him. Him? « Yes, silly. Him. I am bronze you know. » At your shock, you hear amused exasperation in the baritone voice. « I'm Garanth and I'm hungry. What are you going to do about that? »


Wary. Pragmatic. Noble. Loyal. All of these are your Garanth. They are his defining traits and may well make the poor fellow seem a touch crazy, but somehow they all end up working together. Though most dragons are open and friendly, your bronze is just one of those rare beings who are born naturally suspicious and wary of the motives of others. It's not as if he's ever been really hurt by someone, yet he acts much as one of the lost, forgotten street kids might. It is as if he expects others to take advantage of him, and therefore must always put up a strong, uncaring front to protect him. Strangers will likely find him rude, arrogant, and rough mannered, and even a little prideful. Some might even go so far as to call him cruel, though he would never really intentionally harm another.

Once Garanth grows to know and trust one, he is a horse of a different color. He has hidden depths and they show him to be a devoted friend and lover, caring, compassionate and selfless to the point of foolishness. He is loyal, and as a bronze, instinctively takes responsibility for any he considers to be under him. He is pragmatic in is approach to duty, willing to do the things necessary to accomplish something that might bother others of a more delicate constitution. Most surprisingly he has endless patience for the very young, no matter the species, though he quickly becomes frustrated with them as they get a bit older. Garanth is not all work though. He's got a rough handed sense of humor that he uses liberally and he loves to play pranks. He enjoys colorful things, though he has no real artist fashion.

Between his love of pranks, his suspicion of others and natural superiority of just being bronze in general, he will likely always have a little trouble with authority. Not that he gets into trouble. He's good at pushing the line just to the edge without crossing. But he will grumble and fuss and likely do best if you can keep him in a leadership position. This includes flights, which are all about the competition in his mind. He doesn't care who. He doesn't care when. And he doesn't even care what color. So long as he's chasing and winning, that's all that matters. Gold, green, everywhere and every when. Nothing will keep him on the ground.

This is your Garanth and I hope you like him. Please remember he is now your dragon and as such you should do whatever you must with him to make you happy.


Like an urchin straight from the streets, Garanth's mind is rough, ill mannered, and self absorbed. At least with strangers. In colors he tends towards grays and blacks with occasional muddy browns. The touches are rough in texture and contain an arrogance, a nasty cocky attitude spoken in a raspy tenor that can be very off putting. But with familiarity and affection, his mind flowers into a rough and tumble tomboy with a soft gushy center. He is still a bit rough in touch but the attitude and arrogance are gone. His colors change to sunny yellows, spring greens and the scent of mint. His voice shifts into a more mellow and natural baritone.


The clutch theme was the TV show the Wonderful World of Disney. It originally played starting in 1954 and continued for more then 30 years before taking a hiatus and returning in 1997. Your egg and dragon were inspired by the movie Candleshoe. It is about a teenage girl picked up off the streets of America and brought to England to pretend to be the long lost grand daughter of aristocracy. This girl, Casey Brown, was supposed to attempt to find a hidden treasure somewhere on the grounds but after being exposed to the natural love and support between the residents there, she learned to care about others and subsequently assisted them in finding the money for their own use. Garanth's egg desc was based on the poem used to find the treasure. His hatchling desc is based on the manor itself, Candleshoe, while his personality is based on Casey Brown. His name is one you picked yourself. I hope that you like him but if not, he is yours and you should change him as you will. All where created by Kathryn


Name Where Love Resides Bronze Garanth
Dam Gold Nylaeth
Sire Bronze Azaeth
Created By Kathryn
Impressee Malakai (Ma'kai)
Hatched Sun Nov 9, 2008 @ Igen Weyr
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH