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This large dragon's form is drenched in a deep liver chestnut for a base, though there are shifts of light and dark to make it interesting. The reddish hue comes out in the gleam of light against soft hide, where shadows darken to black. Falling down the front of this brown's face is a stark, flaxen looking hue almost like a forelock, which then coats his average headknobs and trails down his neckridges down to the tip of his tail. It breaks only for his back. His patterning is truly a remarkable sight: the hide is edged in near-black chocolate in a "cloudy" pattern. Within these clouds, dark palomino bordering on bronze lightens things here or there, up to ruddy tan. At its lightest, mostly on the inner legs, chest, throat, and under his tail, it's distinctly sandy-toned. His wingspars take up the cloudy patterns before lightening to a definite brown, and then a tan, with pale sails.

Egg Name and Description

On A Wing And A Prayer Egg

Pastels are the color of the day. A pale grey-white stripe wisps over the top of this perfectly-shaped egg. A pale pink color, like a baby's warmed skin, washes beneath it. At the sides are blue-grey, cloud-like formations of color that shade into a beautiful light lavender at the ends. They stretch almost like the pinions of wings down to the bottom to frame the egg. Beneath the pink is a band of reddish-brown shaped like a V that vanishes under the wings, followed by more of the pale-grey hue, and then a very vibrant hot pink, all the way to the bottom. The soft quality of the hues, and the way they feather out, is delicate - in fact, each color has subtle details to it in light and dark so that it seems to be made of nothing but down and feathers, with the pink taking on the nature of some form of skin.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message

On a Wing and a Prayer Egg does a happy dance of joy! Or, at least, it shakes left, right, and then slowly keels over onto its side with several cracks on it.

Crack Message

On a Wing and a Prayer Egg suddenly rolls around a little one way, and then back the way it came, over the sands as if an internal battle were being waged. The cracks become dangerously large.

Hatch Message

On a Wing and a Prayer Egg pulses a few times, as if whatever was within was breathing in the air flooding through the drooling canyons it created in its prison. With a last, mighty effort, the shell splits and is shoved aside in three directions to reveal its inhabitant.

Impression Message

Outer Space Aerialist Brown Hatchling lifts his head proudly and meets your gaze. His voice fills your head, the plumage of great wings beating around you softly yet steadily as a heart. «Meo, I am your Furuihaneth. I have been waiting for you.» A feeling of great hunger surges through your mind - a raptor in need of a hunt. «Shall we find meat together, my Own?» The feeling of rapturous joy, like a dizzying spiral in the air, fills your mind at the last word - but also deepest satisfaction.


This is not a weak-willed, easily pushed-around brown. Oh no. Your dragon's mind is the first place to start. In the egg, he was friendly to all, and welcoming. This hasn't changed in the least, and will not do so barring anything traumatic happening to him. He's not nearly as clingy, however, with his maturity and after the initial few days to weeks of weyrlinghood, his confidence will soar and he'll welcome the chance to meet others. He's an amiable sort, sociable and typically happy, but is happiest when you're with him.

Whenever you seem to hesitate too long, or otherwise remain uncertain, a firm (if fluffy) mind fills your own with a gentle push. «Caution is good, but too much hesitation and you will be lost. Move forward.» He is, like many other dragons, not prone to seek out conversation with other humans - but other dragons are just fine to talk to in his opinion. Furu will never bat a lash at whoever you take as a weyrmate, and if you try to never do so, he'll attempt to convince you otherwise: «Oh, but if I were a human female, I should think that male there to be quite attractive. You seem to like him too.»

When it comes time for him to join mating flights, he will do so with headlong abandon. It's all about the thrill of the chase for him, no matter if she's green or gold. He's a sucker for the excitement of it all, and in fact is usually a little down after it's over given his adrenaline has slowed. He's not really an adrenaline junkie, of course, but mating flights just bring out the ladies' man in him that would otherwise not be evident.

He's not particularly studious and curious as some other dragons; in fact, his drive to learn on his own is low, and he trusts that whatever is important, you will tell him about it. If he doesn't already know from instinct or the other dragons around him, at least. He loves to hunt in the pens and looks forward to it, perhaps a little worse for his rider's psyche, but is easily trained to avoid non-prey creatures like runners, caprines, porcines, and other farm animals. Once firmly instructed NOT to do something, he won't even look at it, as if it doesn't exist - sometimes grudgingly, and other times quite willingly. «They probably taste horrible, anyway.»


His mind-voice has taken the feathers of when he was in the egg, but unlike a burst down pillow, he is now capable of strong and calculated wing-beats. If you feel as if the down of a mother bird's chest has snuggled against you, don't be alarmed, as Furu's affectionate side has shown through to you and a select few others.

But make no mistake, when he becomes angry, it's usually justified, and those strong wings become weapons. They say a swan can easily break a man's arm with its wings, and so too does Furu's mind aggressively seek to batter his enemy's mind. His stubborn quality is easy to find, for when he doesn't want to do something, or decides he doesn't like something (or someone), there will be no changing his mind. His mental plumage will darken from their pastel hues to greys and blacks and even dark reds at this point. The feathers will alter their hues with his moods, but the usual contentment is always pastel and light to the touch. His mental touches, feathery as they are, do tend to tickle inadvertantly and constantly.


Furuihaneth was created by D'mos for you, Moydeo, during Fort's fall 09 clutching cycle. Please enjoy him! Some items of note:

-Furuihaneth is actually two Japanese words: furui, an adjective meaning "ancient", and hane, a noun meaning "wing." This is a play on the Greek meaning of the word Archeopteryx - which is what the inspiration for the egg and hatchling was. Teryx, off of the Dinosaucers, was the 80s cartoon supporting character chosen for the On a Wing and a Prayer Egg. You can find most, if not all, the eps of the cartoon Dinosaucers on YouTube if you'd like a blast from the past! :)

-Furuihaneth is pronounced, generally, "foo-roo-ee-ha-neth." Or a reasonable facsimile. Thus, you have a longish name with meaning, and it's Japanese. :P

-The brown's hide patterning was based off of what you mentioned you liked: a clouded leopard and a palomino. Thus, the base of liver chestnut works with a flaxen "mane and tail" of sorts to make a "chocolate palomino." A very dark palomino color, almost bronze, helps make up the "clouds" on the hide, with the very lightest points being tan and a sandy color. I thought it might work out well with the patterns of a clouded leopard.

I hope you enjoy your new lifemate. :)

Clutch Siblings (PC)

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Name Furuihaneth
Dam Kessa's Gold Choth
Sire Ma'kai's Bronze Garanth
Created By D'mos
Impressee Meo (Moydeo)
Hatched November 20 2009
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH