The darkest depths of wolfish night are proud to present this lupine dragon. Hidden beneath nightfall's cloak is a figure long-limbed and lithe, with padfoot agility writ into supple muscle and silent steps. Black colours the tip of his muzzle, from which paw-print dapples emerge on a meandering journey, ambling across the handsome planes of his cocky-canted head and the prongs of his 'knobs, then down along the moon-flecked 'ridges that crest the arrogant arch of his neck. From there, they spread across the vastness of his wings, hundreds of thousands of inky prints padding their criss-cross way through the chimerical topography of his translucent 'sails and spars, the tips of which brighten to sweet lupin purple. His rangy physique speaks of swiftness and shenanigans, down to the potter's blue of his gryffinclaws and the dogwood tip of his point-me tail.

Egg Name and Description


A chaos of colors and glistening hues envelops this egg, but not in a single layer. Instead of a neatly wrapped package, this egg's shell seems to be made up of many other wrappings, crumpled, torn and discarded. Colors clash against each other in garish combinations of red, orange, brown, green, purple, yellow, and black. Borders are frayed in some places and sharply divided in others as the colors meet in indistinguishable patterns. It hurts the eyes and yet seems oddly satisfying. Or it'll give you a tummy ache. Take your pick.

Hatching Message

Wrappers EVERYWHERE Egg has been active for a while, wobbling back and forth, cracks growing, shell weakening… and the breaking point is now. With one last, almighty shudder, the shell rolls the tiniest bit before *CRACK* - it falls apart, shattering into tiny pieces that leave a large, egg-goo shiny blue sitting in its shards. Must've been bigger on the inside to hold that much dragon!

Impression Message

Blackness. Total, utter, complete blackness. You can't see. What's going on?! Don't panic, Leia - there's an egg-damp muzzle butting your belly, moving up towards your head. It prods curiously at your chest - « What are these? » - then wuffles warm air on your neck, right up to your cheek. An ichor-hot tongue licks you, leaving a dragon-spit trail of affection and love. It's not romantic. It's the puppyish sort of teenage infatuation that began with him asking about your boobs. The blackness is split with a pinprick of light, a tiny star to stud the night. It's quickly followed by thousands, millions of others, until you're immersed in a spectacular cosmos that swirls and changes, just for you. « I'm Foryth. » A flicker of something soft and mischievous ripples through your mind, and his thoughts change to plotting the path of where he's been - from egg to you - and where he wants to go - with you to food - on the giant star-studded map of his mind. Follow the footprints, Leia. « I'm hungry, Leia. Let's go eat. » He'll even try to help you up.



Oh, Leia, you have a handful of a dragon here! He's a combination of the Marauders - James, Sirius and Remus, because we don't count that nasty little Wormtail as one of them. D:< The Marauders represent several things: mischief and boyish revelries, loyalty and a desire to fight for what's right, and, of course, a friendship that's deep enough to be more like brotherhood than mere school buddies. That's what we've rolled into your Foryth. Sure, you'll have the mayhem you asked for (and we cannot wait to see what you do with it!), but you'll also have a balance between cocky, prankster bugger of a dragon, and loyal to the bone genuine good guy.

Some may call him an arrogant arse, but you'll know better - Foryth is charismatic. It's not his fault that he's got oodles of it and then some to spare - the other dragons just can't handle his awesomeness.


Just like James and Sirius, he's flashy and loud with everything he does. Everyone in the barracks will know when Foryth is awake, because he's crowing about it loud and clear. They'll know when he's eating. « I have THE BEST piece of herdbeast! » They'll know when he's pooping. « BEST. DUMP. EVER. » It might be embarrassing, Leia, but he'll think it's fab. He's fab. Why //wouldn't people want to bask in every fabulous thing he's doing? Think of him as being your typical, cocky teenaged boy.

It'll take him a while to understand that some things are best kept between you, but even when he realises what's for public and what isn't, you'll still be getting a full cocky commentary of whatever he's up to.


Of course, you can't have a Marauders dragon without the mischief and pranks the trio got up to! When he's younger, Foryth is going to be exceptionally curious. It's going to lead him into some sticky situations… especially when he realises that there's a whole warren of tunnels to be explored in Fort's lower caverns. He'll be small enough to slip in there in his early months, and he'll insist you sneak out in the middle of the night to go with him. Perhaps there's an entrance that was exposed with the rockslide that he can sneak through? However it happens, he'll get in there. Time and time again.

He'll like to cause mayhem during classes too. Any opportunity he gets, once he learns that such antics get laughs. Maybe he'll stick out his tail to trip up Am'ry, or he'll eat M'icha's notes when he's not looking. The only thing anyone can count on from young Foryth is that no-one is safe from his pranks!

The first time he meets Jajen is when he comes face to face with his worst enemy. He'll hate her. She's his Voldemort. And Foryth will go out of his way, whenever possible, just to do something against her. Little inconveniences here and there… Like waiting for her to exit the caverns and dropping a paw full of runner poo on her head. Will anyone know it's him? They're bound to find out someday… If he doesn't crow about his little victories before then!


As a youngster, Remus' voice of reason doesn't really come into play. There'll be the occasional moment where he'll question something he's about to do… but then nine times out of 10, even with realising what the better path to take is, he'll ignore it and go ahead anyway. Just for the fun of it! And that's the important thing to remember about your Foryth; everything he does, all of the pranks, the teasing - it's all for fun. There's not a malicious bone in his body.

As he grows older, he won't leave the pranking behind, but he will mature out of it to a degree. Foryth needs to find a purpose to guide him. Whether that's in Search and Rescue, in being the best logistics dragon Haast has ever seen, as an exemplary weyrlingmaster's assistant, or even in being all prim and proper for you if you choose a path of diplomacy and administration in Phoenix, he has to have a purpose to flourish. When he's focused on a clear goal, Foryth is at his very best. And that very best is committed to the fight to prove himself as nothing but stellar.

When he grows up, and when he's found his purpose, Foryth will prove to be a faithful ally of the Weyr and a blue folks will come to rely on. Well, at least they'll come to rely on him to get the job done in whatever it is he's dedicated to being the best at… because he's still capable of pulling pranks on unsuspecting folks and he isn't exactly reliable in that sense. But if there's a landslide and there's a blue-sized need to shift rocks, he'll be there and dammit, he'll do it well. It's a matter of pride. Foryth has to be the best!




Did you notice all of the Marauders references in your Foryth's desc, Leia? Wolfish. Lupine. Padfoot. Black. Cocky. Prongs. Moon. Arrogant. Lupin. Potter. Gryffinclaws (hah)! And let's not forget those little paw/footprints tip-toeing their way across the Marauder's Map of his hide!

Foryth's physical appearance is inspired by traits from all three of the Marauders - James, Sirius, and Remus. From the latter two he gets his lanky, wolfish/canine-like physique; he's slender-bodied, dark-hided, and long-legged. If he had fur he'd probably be shaggy, just to give good ol' Padfoot a run for his puppy money. He's handsome and looks cocky before anyone even gets to know him, just like James and Sirius. The references to moonlight are of course a nod to Potterdom's favourite werewolf, and the lupin purple… well, that should hopefully be obvious as Remus. Don't be fooled by his 'Black' nose - that's not a Sirius reference even if it is his name! It is, in fact, in line with the prongs of his headknobs, in that it's a note of James' stag form - deer have black noses! The potter's blue of his paws are also James, if you didn't get it already. Sirius inspired his dark colours, and Padfoot is the main inspiration behind his entire physique. He has a lot of canine-like traits taken from Sirius's animagus form, especially in the way that he moves.


Dogwood, as found at the tip of his tail, was a very specific choice. In Potterverse wandlore, dogwood wands are considered to be quirky and mischievous, with a playful nature and yet they are capable of performing serious magic when required to - just like the Marauders themselves. Just like you, Leia - because Foryth knows you're capable of balancing the mischief with the serious, when it's necessary. It's also written that dogwood wands will only choose someone that can offer them excitement and fun. Oh. And they're supposed to be pretty noisy, too… so there really wasn't anything more fitting!

Your Foryth is on the upper end of large, though he isn't the hugest of blues - but, with that lithe body of his and his incredible agility, he is more than capable of wriggling his way into all sorts of tight spots and places where he really shouldn't be. It might make him an asset to Thunderbird in the future, if that's a path you choose to explore.

While he's unusually nimble on the ground with a gait like a lolloping pup, Foryth absolutely excels in the air. Watch out when the Weyr games roll around, because you're going to be one of the most in-demand pairings in the whole of Fort. While he may be slightly limited by his size, Foryth is a genius at coming up with intricate flying patterns, at perfectly judging a sweep-through of tight spaces, and he's capable of turning on a dime - even at the fastest of speeds! You name it, he can do it. It might even be said that he's the best flier in the Weyr…



Let's face it - as a pretty epic flier, Foryth is going to have a pretty good chance at catching greens, and catching often. He's a good-looking blue, and that will work towards him being able to win over the ladies is they're into looks. But his biggest stumbling blocks are his teenaged awkwardness and his over-eager desire to please a green by doing all the things that are probably going to tick her off… like biting at her tail to show he likes her. Or dropping a half-eaten herdbeast on her ledge and annoying her rider. He's really just a teenaged boy who's awkward and clumsy in courtship, and sadly he's not really got the memory required to learn from his mistakes and become better.


Foryth is going to chase a lot, Leia. It's possibly going to affect your work, because if there's a green about to rise - especially if she's one he's particularly fond of - he isn't going to leave her side. Or her proximity, at least, because he wants to be right there when she takes to the pens. "Oops, sorry Boss. Can't do sweeps today - Foryth's refusing to budge until Kyramith rises."

Think of him as a dog when there's a bitch in heat nearby. He's going to go around sniffing (well, looking, at the very least) at all the greens he can, spending at least a good hour a day doing it. Perhaps he gets it from Velokraeth? Foryth might even learn their proddy cycles better than them in the end, because while he's hopeless at learning how to court them better, he is excellent at knowing who is going to rise, and how soon she will do it, based on little nuances that are stored somewhere in the galaxy of his mind.

« Leia, Nadeyuth is being oiled for the third time this sevenday. You know what that means! »
"Foryth, you just caught Livanyth yesterday! Give it a rest for a while."
« No way. »

Then he'll dig in his heels, and H'tal will find himself shooing a wolfish dark blue off his ledge every morning until Nadeyuth actually rises.

Foryth doesn't have tactics as such when he's giving chase. He's more of a wing it sort of guy, going with the flow of the flight and playing up to his advantage of speed and agility. While he isn't especially boisterous, he's not above a little bit of dirty play if that's what's going on around him. Did Kralkth just ram Beauxth out of the running? Well then, he's going to cut the big brown off in his tracks. Ultimately he's out there for himself because « Faranth yeah I get to get it ON! », but the Remus in him has him looking out for his fellow blues if he notices foul play against them.

With how frequently Foryth chases and how often he'll win, you may want to keep a change of clothes in the ground weyrs, Leia. You just never know when you might need them!



TARDIHM. Time And Relative Dimension In His Mind. Foryth has the entire depths of the universe in his mind - and also a map of Pern, too. Just how he knows the lay of the land in places he's never seen yet is a mystery… or perhaps he's just making them up as he goes along? Either way, maps and celestial landscapes are his thing, and you'll be able to lose yourself for hours counting the stars in his thoughts.

Foryth's mind is one giant, star-studded map. Each room, each walkway, mountain, Weyr, Hold and more is planned out in a shimmer of stars, bordered with stardust and painted in all the darkest hues of the galaxy. Think of it as a cosmic version of the Marauder's Map. He'll use his map to show you where to go, where he wants to go, where you've been - you'll show up as a star-glittered set of footprints, and he'll show up as a streak of shimmering blue light. It's going to be great for you when you have to do weyrling trust exercises, because Foryth is going to give you a literal step by step walkthrough of whatever obstacle course has been laid out for you. All you have to do in life, Leia, is follow the footsteps. Follow where he leads, and Foryth will lead you to new heights of adventure… and mischief.


The celestial part of his mind is a glorious starscape of nebula hues against a black backdrop. Purple. Pink. Blue. Even green and white. They swirl and shimmer behind the light of the stars that blink and pop, a never-ending well of eternal night. It's a comforting night, though. One that's warm whenever you're cold, and refreshingly cool when you need it to be. Imagine being wrapped in a cloak of starlight; it's snuggly, it's comfortable, and it's exactly where you should be.

There are no scents in space but there are hints within his mind, if you can discern them: Foryth's thoughts smell of magic and the promise of adventure, which is a little bit like smoke and rain in the air. It's hard to fully figure out whatever he's throwing at you… unless he's feeling stroppy, that is. Whenever Foryth is upset - which will happen a lot when he sees Jajen - his mind fills with stink bomb stench. It's awful. Just as bad as whatever is upsetting him.


Leimna-Lemon-Lei'ero-Leia, how could we not give you the Marauders dragon you asked for to perpetuate the mischief you've already caused here at Fort? It's been such a pleasure getting to know your character and we cannot wait to see what you and your Foryth get up to!

The theme for our eggs this cycle was Halloween, because they were laid around that time, so we just ran with it! Your Wrappers EVERYWHERE Egg was created by Nyalle, inspired by the mess of candy wrappers left over after Halloween. The egg's emits, written by me (Thys!) during your touching, were inspired by Nyalle's direction of a hyper kid who has eaten way too much sugar.

And then, of course, there's your Foryth himself. When you said Marauders dragon… I think I actually squeed out loud. I am a huge Potterhead and the thought of combining the Marauders' pranktastic cockiness with Leia's huge personality was just too good to resist! He's a combination of James, Sirius and Remus (no nasty Peter Pettigrew here!). The Gryffindor trio are the embodiment of chaos while also being exceptionally loyal and all-round good guys, once you scratch beneath the hotshot exterior. He's got a hearty dose of canine/wolfishness to him too, because of Moony and Padfoot, of course!

I managed to sneak a little TARDIS inspiration into him, too - particularly in his mindvoice, which is a combination between TARDIS and the Marauder's Map. The egg's original mindvoice was tweaked from the original Noise Covered in Sugar to suit Foryth's more specific personality - it's now Cosmic Cartographer, as he uses the stars and the cosmos to craft intricate maps of the world around him.

And then there's his name. Oh, man, Leia, this was hard for me. I tossed around several options, then one just seemed to stick. I used it in a sentence, just to test it out… and that was that. Foryth comes from 'fortraed lykkedes', which is a rough Danish translation of 'Mischief Managed'. Hopefully it'll be an easy one for you to remember. :)

So, with that done - welcome to Weyrlinghood! Your Foryth was created for you with love but he is 110% yours to shape and mould into the dragon of your dreams. Take our guidelines and run with them, Leia, because we are so excited to see the future chaos the pair of you rain down on Fort Weyr. <3


Name Foryth
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Thys (egg by Nyalle)
Impressee Leia (Leimna)
Hatched December 4, 2016
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH