Winter's long storms have all but leeched the color from this dragon's hide, giving him the impression of autumn's last lingering leaf, its rich greens long faded into dull and transparent parchment wings lined in dark, parched veins. His body might have once held the fire-kissed luster of copper and vivid burnished mahogany, but the cold and stormy skies turn it to a fire-scorched ashen brown, like old rye grass still desperately clinging to some hint of warmth in soft auburn tones. Even his hide is deeply wrinkled like the cracked, frost-burned earth, yet below the broken surface awaits new life, ready to burst forth at the first touch of spring's renewing rains in a symphony of flashing ruby, sun-golden terra cotta, and the rush of new maple growth. There is a patient strength to this dragon, built into every tightly coiled fiber of his stocky and sturdy frame, even down to his heavy, sturdy legs like the trunks of trees rooted to weather the most violent of storms the North Wind can throw his way. Solemn, does this weather-worn dragon appear, but upturned eyes remain bright even in the darkest and coldest time, shining in their heavy, sharply-ridged sets like two jars of summer's last fireflies, glittering and dancing the night away, challenging the unforgiving times to come.

Egg Name and Description

Prisoner of Winter Egg
Cold, does this egg appear. Its sheer, blindingly white surface is devoid of any warmth or gentleness. The crispness of the shell is highlighted with the light in a glass-smooth shine of cerulean too pure of color to give it any feel of naturalness, while the shadows claim their hold with a gleam of indigo. In between, the whiteness of the egg is so stark it might appear nearly clear, and held within, invisible most of the time unless it is turned just so, seems to appear the pale shape of a geometric flower, its ice-colored petals all but lost save for the occasional illusion of embossment.

Hatching Message

The Prisoner of Winter Egg's first movements could easily be missed, as if movement was hard for this heavy egg. It's a very subtle shift, more like a shift of weight as it rolls to the left and settles in upside down. There, it seems to get stuck in a ditch to wiggle in a half-hearted attempt to be free.

Still stuck in its sandy wallow, the Prisoner of Winter Egg continues to rock to an fro, digging itself a deeper hole as if it didn't want to hatch, but bury itself back into the warm nest of the hatching ground. However, the shell is weak these days, and one roll too many brings a loud *snap* and a flurry of crackles to spread across the surface.

With the egg weakened to the point of cracking, the Prisoner of Winter Egg is at the end as the one trapped within shoves one heavy forelimb through the shell, and then another and another, until at last four stout legs stick upright. The rest of the egg is quick to fall apart, and there sprawled on his back, is the Last One Standing brown hatchling.

Impression Message

« Reziz. » Comes a voice, soft and distant and lonely, like a gull caught far out to sea. It waivers in speaking again, as if it lacked the strength to do so, but then more resolutely does it sound again. « Reziz. » There is something cold about the voice, like a deep northern winter wind, with a crispy edge like an old dried leaf. Yet there is beauty in the sound, a kind of old gentleman's infinite patience and charm, weatherworn but still holding a deep, resonant melody like the subtle rush of a burning branch as the air is sucked away by the flames. « Reziz, it must be so lonely out here… waiting for me…. like you waited for help out on that beach. But, I am here now, to rescue you from these hots sands, and you to take me away from all of this and find me food. I am with you now, Reziz, your Endellioth, and never shall you be lost and alone again. »


Hello, Reziz! I welcome you to Endellioth and the (hopeful) start of many grand adventures. As you're likely aware, there was no set theme for this hatching as we sought for a more canonical approach, and so… Endellioth is not so much a dragon fitted to an idea, but a dragon /with/ an idea, and that idea is you. Reziz is a hunter, a survivor, and in that Endellioth has forged himself and will continue to be burnished and changed as you both grow and learn. Endellioth is based off the name Endellion, which is gaelic for 'fire soul'. I've had the name written down for sometime, with the images of fireflies and autumn heat, of burning embers and the lingering edge of persistence that said it would not be ignored.
Endellioth is a realist, and perhaps just a bit jaded about the world. He's not sarcastic or cynical, he just knows there are some battles you can fight and some you cannot. He cares little for the rest of the world, though he'll do his duties just like any other, but his real focus is you and you alone. You are his life, his source of all that is good and right, and never will he like to be parted from your side. Not unlike, you could say, the daemons of the Golden Compass series that his name puts me in the mind of, he feels an ache in his heart when you two are apart and he is never content unless you are by his side. « Reziz, I would much prefer you bath with me in the lake than in those caverns. Why? You can reach places I cannot, of course. » Right, it's just an excuse, but how can you argue with a reason like that? Why is he so possessive? Well, he knows how you were nearly lost once on the ship, and he wouln't be happy any moment when he wouldn't be by your side to protect you. Don't expect to get away with any dangerous behavior with Endellioth on the watch! Danger is bad for you, and thus, him. From his youngest days to his last, this dragon will be your shadow.

His earliest days will be spent absorbing all you know, and he'll be curled around your leg like a lost puppy. He's not one to goof around much, though you'll get him to play here or there if it is what you really want. Instead, he'll be the quiet one, not a smarty or a fighter or even a brooder, he just doesn't prefer to say anything unless he really has a point or is being spoken to. « Seviadeth, as the gold among us, shouldn't you be showing us the right way to do this? This is serious business, and I don't think we should practice half-heartedly, one of our riders could be hurt. » He'll talk with you gladly, but others will mostly just get silence from him. Age and wisdom will mature him fast, and he'll be much more the wise old man who's seen and done it all and speaks with the voice of experience, even when he's never done something before. And when age brings about things like flights? Endellioth has a soft spot for the young, and the chance to be a sire would be a dream to him, but he knows the chances are slim and will be content to capture a green, but he wouln't stress if he doesn't. There will always be another green.

Why you, Reziz? You are his muse, his source of inspiration to persist against all odds, like the last leaf of autumn defying the storms of winter that seek to dash it to the ground. Which, actually, inspired his description and specifically this image: You have survived much in your life, and Endellioth is here to draw upon your strength and bolster it with his own, limitless patience and support. You will both fail, you will do wrong, but nothing can change that and so one moves on, learning from one mistake so another is not made. And he will be there with you every step of the way. In the long run, Endellioth will be what you make of him, and he'll change just as you do. So, if he's not perfect, then adapt! Afterall, he's yours to change and shape! What I have here are just suggestions, the thoughts and moments that went into his creation, and I hope you'll find the inspiration to persist and stay strong, just like he finds in you, Reziz. Enjoy. - C'vez


Lonely Winter Howling
Slow and steady, one might mistake this deep voice for that of some ancient tortoise. Never is something said without a great deal of thought put behind it, the tones flowing like thick, deep caramel colored molasses. Rarely is the voice raised in anger, little more than an oppressive and stern note, but the depths of the mind's sorrows can run deep, numbing in their hollow and lackluster tones.



Name Resisting the End Brown Endellioth
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Limerith
Created By C'vez
Impressee Reziz
Hatched 18 November 2007
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH