A dark bundle of muscle and bone, this wraith-like brown is such a dark shade he appears to be living in eternal shadow. Deep klah drips along his narrow muzzle, lightening as it pours along his heavy eyeridges. More prominent than most dragons', it gives him a slightly brooding look. Bark hues trudge around his neckridges, which are sharper as though the rounded edges were worn down. Cinnamon speckles his hide along his shoulders and belly, lightening his presence with faint shimmers like sweetener sprinkled into a mug. His wings are broad, like a cloak of darkness which block all the light in the world. Despite that, if you look closely you'll find thin veins of white and tan weaving their way across his sails in a complicated twining pattern. His tail is long and serpentine, color darkening ever more until it ends in a black point at the fork.

Egg Name and Description

Iced Indifference Egg
More blue than its counterparts, this rounded egg is nonetheless striking. Lightning flashes across its surface in brilliant white streaks along pale blue tones. Ice crystals form in perfect lines - the nature of perfection. Or, perhaps, the perfection of nature. It is up to the looker to decide if the egg is white over blue, or blue over white, as the colors meld so perfectly together. Shadows give the deception of texture and depth as the slashes and lined markings continue around the egg's surface. It looks raised, bumpy and yet sharp.

Hatching Message

Iced Indifference Egg wobbles, shaking sand grains from its shell cascading back to the ground.

Iced Indifference Egg begins to crack, a fine network of fissures racing across the surface.

Iced Indifference Egg finally fails, breaking into hundreds of tiny shards and leaving its occupant wet on the hot sands.

Impression Message

Mysterious Darkness and Light reaches into your mind for the first time. Glorious light overshadows the dark that rides like an undercurrent to the more pressing joy of the moment. Pure, simple joy touches your soul and captures you, lifting you up and away from your body into a suspended place where you are surrounded on all sides by /him/. His love, his joy in having found you. « N'yx! My beloved, wonderful, perfect N'yx, I have found you and I will protect you and never, ever, ever let you go or let you be hurt. I am Eixynth, and I am yours and you are mine forever. » His glorious speech over, more pressing needs push on your mind, invading your body with a powerful hunger, « Can we get food? Something juicy and crunchy and yummy that will fill this empty feeling? »


Your Eixynth has many contradictions that make up his personality. He is fun-loving for the most part, but prone to sudden serious moments that might take you by surprise. He works hard, and plays hard. As a weyrling he will not object to your rigorous schedule and frequent lessons. Rather, he'll thrive on the opportunities to learn new things. He will keep you focused, refusing to let your mind wander off. He will rarely get stern with you, but don't expect him to sit idly by and let you not pay attention. He will be your focus point, making sure you know everything that is expected of you. While he takes his lessons seriously, as soon as you're released you'll see an entirely different side of your beloved Eixynth. He will become fun-loving and playful, engaging you for word games or a nice run around the bowl. High energy, don't be surprised if he asks for a trek across the entire bowl, even though he'll have to take a nap halfway to the lake. He will be a little hesitant to get to know other dragons, but once he determines they're « not going to hurt you » he'll be their comrade for life.

He is fiercely loyal to you and those he deems his family. He does not use the distinction 'friend', either. To him, other people and dragons are either unknown, enemies, or family. He is so loyal and protective that he will err on the side of recklessness if something were to threaten one he loves. He would not hesitate to attempt a daring stunt that would probably result in his own injury or death if it was to save a family member, or even a stranger. This is an area where you will have to be strong in order to prevent him from causing himself harm. He is very strong-minded, and you will have many battles of wills until the two of you reach understandings that will last the whole of your life together.

Flying will be a challenge for him. It's not a physical challenge, either. He is a dragon, after all, and all dragons are born to fly. Rather he will have a fear of his first flight. A hidden, secret and nagging doubt that something will go wrong and he'll injure himself or - worse - injure you. You will have to be patient and coaxing with him to help him overcome that first leap into the sky. After that, he will be a fine flyer, but one who uses a lot of caution. He will almost never *between* too close to the ground or skim treetops or the rim of the bowl. The exceptions to his cautious flying will come when someone is in danger. Then all bets are off and he'll do whatever he has to in order to save them. Because of his passion for saving people, he will be both a good and bad choice for Thunderbird Wing, come graduation. You know he has the drive and the ability, but his disregard for his own life is something that you will have to learn to control if you want to become an effective member of that wing and the entire weyr.

He would have done wonderfully during the time of Thread, but without that outlet you will have to find things to keep him occupied. He will not sit by and watch the world revolve. He has to be doing something almost all the time. During flights he will let his sexual energy come forward and control him. He will not be polite; he will be lustful and do whatever he needs to in order to reach his goal. A few other quirks your Eixynth has. He will enjoy carving out the eyes of his meals and saving them for last, popping them into his mouth like candy. He will also love the music of Harper Farris, much preferring her driving rhythms to the traditional ballads. But above all, he will love you, and you above all things. He will be fiercely protective and for the first few turns of his life will rarely leave your side.


Mysterious Darkness and Light
Eixynth's voice is a strange combination of many things. Sometimes light, sometimes dark, his mind will always be shifting with one or the other more prominent while the other remains in the background. He is complicated, and depending on his mood his mind will change. His voice will also change with the mood. Light, happy tones or dark, brooding tones will emerge from his voice, often changing in the middle of a sentence.


Your dragon was created entirely by Elara. He is based on Dean Winchester, and the information you gave in your application. His name comes from one you listed, and his description is the 'dark' side of Dean and his connection with the supernatural. While Pern doesn't necessarily have supernatural, I took elements from Dean's personality that I thought would work in a dragon. Obviously, he's your dragon and you can change him however you see fit. :) His egg was based on this picture: http://www.windows.ucar.edu/earth/polar/images/ucar_snowflake2_sm.jpg


Name Shadow in Darkness Brown Eixynth
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Limerith
Created By Elara
Impressee N'yx
Hatched 18 November 2007
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH