Egg Name and Description

Losing the Trail Egg

A bright small single white light, like a beacon indicating where home is, flickers against the creeping mysterious shadows which strive to envelope the shell. Colors are visible for those items within reach of the burning bulb, a bit of white porch rail, the cut green grass of a small lawn and a few darker green shrubs fading to black. Beyond there lies a world of grays, an odd sort of trail seems to wend along although its hard to tell if its coming or going from the beacon upon the shells apex. Darker shadows outline a mix of back alleys, fences and yards filled with all manner of oddities before the lines cross, patches of grey mingle in a trail no longer traceable. Upon this odd irregular trail the figure of a feline taunts one as it fades in and out at random locations.

Hatching Message

Shards in varying hues of gray abruptly spatter the sands as a small lanky hatchling tumbles free.

Impression Message

It feels as if a strong gust draws up a cloud of the black sand around you, what colors the world has allowed a moment before shifting into shades of gray that are interrupted by a mysterious blob of bronze which has come to curl around your feet both in loving partnership and a practical measure to rub off the paper which sticks to his hide. Mischievous eyes meet yours in sly adoration. «Ke'mi,» the clear masculine voice rings in your head, «My name is Dzekecth!» and you know one part of your life's journey has come to an end, you have been found, and now a new path opens before you with endless possibilities. «Can you get this sticky paper off me? I'm starved but I can hardly be seen like this!»


Dzekecth, or "DC" as he likes to be called, is a relatively carefree dragon. Carefree yes, but not ditzy or clue less in any way, no that would be a serious error in judgment to try to apply to him. He knows what is going on, and has a sharp mind and clever intelligence which is used to his and your advantage. He is perhaps less physically bold than most bronzes, preferring when matters are complex to use sly wit, and cunning to nudge and convince others to do, in the end, what he and you most desire. — He is also a dragon which is either moving, or curled up somewhere in the sun sleeping. There are only these two extremes, sitting in one place too long without being allowed to simply fall into a pleasant nap will be a most irritating affair and send his eyes narrowing and tail twitching to display his irritation. Anyone catching a glimpse will easily be able to reach his body language. He most especially likes to prowl at night, and (when older) does not need you to be along. He'll be most comfortable whiffing along the bowl rim under a star studded sky while you remain curled in your cozy bed. In fact, you could almost get a sense that he'd prefer you not to know /exactly/ what he's getting into. An odd air of mystery that surrounds him as he holds certain secrets tightly to his heart, nothing harmful to you, no he would never, ever hurt you in any way. The secrets he holds are things more clever, fun or curious to which you can pry from him directly, but he hopes you will find more challenging to seek out the answers yourself by other means. Like you he doesn't particularly care about consequences, but unlike you he has less direction and so will easily team up with your whims as to where and what to do on a particular day provided he is either in motion, or has a sunny spot to sleep in while you handle your affairs. Music is a secret passion he holds, the way notes can flow so wildly about, he can lose himself in almost any tune, dancing too (well given enough room at least). That such wild and carefree notes can be contained and cataloged in such mathematical order and logical fashion is a mystery to which he will spend many hours of consideration. — Weyrlinghood will be an interesting period as you are exposed to the developing facets of your dragon each and every day. Each dawn brings something new as you poke and prod him to wakefulness for a dragon that is certainly no morning type. Hunger of course will help drive him early on to respond to your desires, but should you try to command him to do anything you'll find yourself with a stubborn handful that seems to decide to do just the opposite. Surely you of all people can appreciate what it's like to be /told/ what to do and not allowed to do what /you/ want to do?? As he grows he'll come to understand the ways of your thoughts as well and begin to find more subtle and sly manners to get what he desires and do what he wants to do when he has a strong inclination on a particular activity. Evenings will bring just the opposite, for he'll want to be out on the prowl all night long and settling to bed just, well, just doesn't fit in with his ideas here. - He will take you on many adventures, exploring the mysteries of life the universe and all that, for it will be your challenge to keep up with this dragon of boundless reserves. - One of his best kept secrets will be which ladies of the weyr he prefers, or is courting at any given time. Unless you keep a close eye on which dragons he is hanging around with, or who's riders he seems to get you to "run into" you'll end up with the short notice of a sudden surge of emotions as he takes to the feeding grounds and drags you along for the wild ride.


A deep masculine voice resonates clearly in your mind and carries with it a sense of great depth and strength. Yet for all it might be overpowering, it dances lightly amongst ones thoughts, weaving with feline tenacity through even the trickiest of mental mine fields with nary a sense of overly exerting himself. Voice is sometimes accompanied by hues, but they tend to remain in tones of gray, varying from nearly white to nearly black, and when most excited shimmering with metallic silver. His mind is sharp and cunning and he often leads one down a path without his chosen target realizing they are being so led, somehow it will always seem to be /their/ idea in the end. Not that he likes to talk with any other humans but you, but he is chatty enough among his fellow dragons so as not to be considered anti-social, although he might often be thought of as a bit aloof at times.


The clutch theme was the TV show the Wonderful World of Disney. It originally played starting in 1954 and continued for more then 30 years before taking a hiatus and returning in 1997. This egg is based on 'That Darn Cat'. The egg itself a twist on the efforts of the FBI agent to track the feline through his nightly prowl. The hatchling is inspired of debris from alley and fences a bit… ok so I took a bit of creative license. His personality comes from a mix of the Cat and the Agent which so perfectly seemed to match your desires. I hope I have captured him well for you, but he is yours now to truly play him as you desire. His name comes from DC (the cat) and Zeke (the agent). I pronounce it duh-Zek-ehth, the latter c being silent. This was the creation of Neyuni, with edits by Kathryn and Sianne.


Name Dzekecth
Dam Nylaeth
Sire Azaeth
Created By Kathryn + Sianne
Impressee Ke'mi (Kelemi)
Hatched Sun Nov 9 18:59:02 2008
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH