It is a dark, aged bronze which gives a first impression of evenly coating this dragon’s slim body. Buffed to a soft, healthy glow by forces unknown, it brings out some of the more subtle details in his coloring. Rolling waves of copper-tinted bronze flow over the hide of his lithe and powerful frame, casting him in the light of Rukbat’s rays, tinted with silvery light from the moons. Finely wrought and elegantly crafted, he is the antithesis of his sire, full of grace and elegance. The timeless light of distant galaxies flow over his slender muzzle and curve along his eyeridges like twin crescent moons, faintly glimmering. Large faceted eyes are indomitably fascinated by the world, absorbing all about him with an eager gaze. Looking back into those eyes however, one looks into the timeless depths of an old soul.
His neck is slender but powerful, muscles visible flowing beneath his hide, without bulging out in excess. Most distinctly one finds along his deep barreled chest a very thin, soft pinstriping in ever so slightly a more ambered hue of the aged bronze. It fades as one reaches his haunches where a simple uniformity in hue resumes. Ripples of copper gleam along his sides and down his limbs, ending in pinpoints of starlight captured in each ivory talon.
Wings are altogether a different element of this cheeky fellow. Thickly muscled shoulders support elongated spars which carry a great expanse of sail stretched between them. The light filtering through the translucent membrane comes as lighter dusty bronze, which when swathed about his frame appears as though he wears a sort of overcoat. It gives this slender and elegant bronze a bit of a foxy look, so much more like his dam than sire in appearance. Rounded neckridges are formed with the grace of waves washing onto the shore, worn smooth by time and patience. Likewise, his slender and long tail is also smooth, texture an illusion given by ripples of darkness and light that tumble down like sea foam chasing the tide onto the shore.


Egg Name and Description

Ruled by Superstition and the Sword Egg

Dreary would be one word to describe this egg, with a good portion of its shell marred by neutral hues of umber, tan and sepia browns that come together in mixed overlapping and subtle patterns much like dirt and stone to form what appears like a broad cliffside palisade that curves gradually upwards to a massive and towering, well fortified castle. Cool grays and ash make their appearance then, lending stark contrast to outline more of the illusion, broken cleanly by pale hues of beige and hints of orange and yellow as though lit from the first rays of the morning sun from one side. It lends a classic halved look, dark and cold and warmth and light evenly upon the stone-like structure and complimented further by the pastel oranges and orange-yellow and pinks that fade upwards to a greyish purple then deep blue like a pre-dawn sky behind it. Beneath it, a swath of steel and cyan blue stretches out, a glimmer of ocean or the sea far below and capped by a small streak of taupe that tapers just enough to create the impression of some faraway and distant mountains. It lends a rather secluded feeling to the castle, perched and almost floating on the very edge of the cliff, a long standing sentinel of stone overlooking the sea below and the lands above.

Hatching Message

The roaring tide of time, inevitable, invisible and yet impacting every last fragment in the universe impales upon the Ruled by Superstition and the Sword Egg in a way that gives no room for anything but the inevitable. Its destiny, its fate… or whatever you would call it. Yet there it a defiance about it in that final moment before it shatters and crumbles completely. A hint of something that transcends into the bronzen figure that emerges from the swirling dust as it settles. Hello!

Impression Message

Time shifts, in the depths of your mind you can feel that it has changed. The flow is certainly not the same, nor are you. You have changed in a matter of moments, seconds? Hours? No. Surely not days. Then, you are drawn in and there is no control over your body as you are placed gently in this world. A world of color despite the dark sky and you are in a field, suddenly shifted from the Sands. How did you get there? « You have not moved, D'ani. » Its a simple statement, but there is nothing that accompanies the voice aside from a gentle breeze that is mixed with gentle laughter. « We are one, now. Dremkoth and D'ani. And while I'd like to stay here a little longer, there are things we must tend to. » You are drawn back, but you understand that there is a door that will lead you here again. And with practice, you will be able to do so on your own. « I am hungry, as are you. » Indeed, your stomach does rumble and you are lifted gently from the world and again transported to the Sands. The culprit stands before you, proudly and the presence of another mind lingers there in yours like a gentle pressure, a gentle reminder.


“Trouble's just the bits-in-between! It's all waiting out there, Jackie. And it's brand new to me—all those planets and creatures and horizons! I haven't seen them yet, not with these eyes. And it is gonna be…fantastic!” - The Doctor

An old soul, wise beyond his years even in youth is your Dremkoth. One would think that so much knowledge would bring the youth to feel quite jaded, especially as it seems he has lived many lifetimes. Yet your Dremkoth is quite enthusiastic about life in general. He is open to new experiences, especially since you have not yet experienced that much. Life is a journey and the moment he chose you was the moment you two would walk alongside one another forever. You are his. His best friend, brother, comrade, and just about everything he could never need. And he certainly intends on returning the favor. You shall never walk alone, and when you do there will always be a constant reminder that his mind is linked with yours, as are your hearts even though that sounds mushy and romantic.

He looks forward to new experiences with a cheerful and almost cheeky demeanor, looking for the positives behind every situation and every misstep. Why? Because you don’t always find what you’re looking for, but you’ll certainly gain something else from it. Life is /fun/, and should be seen as such! Should you, or anyone else, complain about Weyrling Lessons he will point out that is a chance to understand yourself and your lifemate better. It’s better to experience something yourself rather than just reading about it, so your work may be hard but you will certainly be better for it in the end.

When the rain comes before the snow, he will point out that crops will have better land to be sowed upon and will grow better, feeding the Weyr and the surrounding areas. So, there is no reason to hate the rain despite it making you cold. Perhaps it is the wise old man that lives inside him that speaks at these moments, or perhaps it is simply his nature to see the deeper meanings in things. Should you ever be the one to need such positive reinforcement on something or another, he will happily give reassurance and likely will be the first to offer those words. « D’ani, don’t worry so much. You may have been late to the lesson, yes, but you have learned something about managing time better. And, not to mention: you have gotten the attention of the Weyrlingmasters. They’ll be paying more attention to you and now Is your chance to learn more than the rest. It’s an opportunity to really go far. »

Driven by ambition? Not really. He’s not the type to go intensely after things, opting for the more patient approach than attacking head on. « Good things come to those who wait is the saying, D’ani. » Regardless, though, Dremkoth is a natural born leader, believe it or not. Even in Weyrlinghood, he steps forward as the first volunteer even if he’s not certain that he understands what is required. He would rather try and fail, than not try at all. Because someone who doesn’t try, fails 100%% of the time. You learn from doing and seeing others try. And at a young age, should he discover anything about something deeper going on in the Weyr (conspiracy theories, anyone?) he will be quick to involve himself. He will keep his figurative ears open and to the ground, listening often and even involving himself and you in places where you may not be entirely welcomed to snoop. But, his disposition in the terms of diplomacy is to seek peace first before fighting, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.

He is insatiably curious about the world and workings around him, always seeking to learn something new, see something new, experience something new. And with a dragon’s memory, ‘new’ is a relative term. He will get an idea from somewhere, and he will want to try it out. Perhaps it’s a different way to move his tail while he flies, or maybe it’s a rumor of a two headed wherry over in Benden, he will want to go explore it. « We must go see, D’ani! And learn, and explore, and experience what this amazing world has to offer! »

“No second chances. I'm that sort of a man.” - The Doctor

One would think that he, of all dragons, would not be one to lose his temper since he does say ‘peace before violence’. But, there are indeed a few triggers that cause his emotions to run rampant and anger is unleashed without question. You are his everything, his closest friend. If anything were to happen to you? Well, let’s not consider that and instead focus on the fact that his rage knows no bounds should someone threaten you. You are the most important in his life, above all else and he does not hesitate with his rage when you are in danger. It’s hard to say exactly how he would respond. And, if he should ever grow close to a lady friend (a dragon, of course) you can expect him to have the same sort of reaction towards her and her lifemate, especially if you and her are especially close. While he is willing to forgive should someone commit a great wrong, against you, other people, or the Weyr, so long as they apologize. If the action is repeated, he will be quick to respond and not necessarily violently. Should they apologize again, they will be met on deaf ears. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Those who have lost their one chance often to not get another, scorned by this bronze’s temper and sense of morality. Should you ever get involved with the administrative wing in the Weyr, he will insist that your mindset follows his: peace before attacking, but after peace is tried, there will be an unyielding sternness and sense of duty, and he will not hesitate in doling out punishments when they are rightly deserved. If a dragon and rider pair are caught dishonoring Fort, they will receive one warning and that is it. If they mess up a second time, they will be removed from the weyr. No more chances, and their pleas will fall upon deaf ears. He is a kind leader, and empathetic, but does not give endless chances to people.

You should also expect him to be a constant part of meetings, often listening through you and offering his opinion, wanted or not. After all, his duty is to the people and dragons of Pern, as is yours. He will do so in whatever way that he deems the best. Whether it be obligation or a deep respect, it is hard to say as he is often in wonder over how many generations have been born upon this planet. His loyalty to Fort is fierce, along with his bonds to family and friends. He knows, as you do, how unstable and temporary such things can be, and so he lives life to the fullest - and encourages you to do so as well. Days should not be wasted. There is always something to learn, or see, or do.

There is one thing that everyone will remember when meeting your lifemate, though they can’t hear what he has to say: he is incredibly charming for the way he holds his head and carries himself. A certain swagger that no dragon or human can ignore, because he’s simply larger than life. He welcomes all those who would gather around him, but does not open to them as he would do you. Why? Because you are his only lifemate, and there’s no need for his mind to touch theirs. They, while important, will never be as close to him as you are. But, he welcomes them and understands them and plays a willing ear, even if no advice comes in return. Empathy is one of his biggest traits, said to be a bleeding heart but at the same time he protects his own heart from all others but you. Surely they wouldn’t understand the deeper layers of him as you do. Still, he’s charming and whether or not people notice this difference isn’t likely.

There is one additional thing that causes reactions of anger in him. That is failure. Not yours, not the failure of others. No, he understands that you struggle and that others struggle and sometimes things are harder than they seem. You, he expects to fall now and again and he would be there to help you with whatever it was. It is his own failure that sparks his anger. He should know better, shouldn’t he? He should do better! This anger is something that only you can soothe, lest he beat himself up endlessly within his mind and look for constant ways in which he should have done better rather than looking for where he must improve. You are as much as his guide as he is to yours, and he would be lost without you regardless of how wise he believes he is.

Should the pair of you ever take on leadership, he will be constantly questioning his decisions. « D’ani, » he will whisper to you in the depths of the night. « Did I do right by Gerenth? Was I too harsh? He did swoop awfully low over those Traders, and startled their burdenbeasts, but was it too much to ground him for a sevenday? » He will question himself and his motives, because he knows that a leader that thinks he knows all the answers is lost. This internal conflict and struggle is something that only you will be privy to, and it will be up to you to soothe him and talk him through his decisions. To help him see the bigger picture when his memory fails him, and to help him not to overreact when his pride is threatened.

In the matters of flights your charming and knowledgeable lifemate isn’t all that well versed, if anything: he’s rather uninterested in the matters of love. Flights are a means of reproduction with no feelings behind them, so he does not become attached to those he chases. There’s always something not quite /right/, something that’s just not there for him to feel a deeper connection. That’s not to say that he won’t chase at all, but he would not actively seek to participate.

In matters of the heart, a long and deeper commitment to one particular lady is possible. The thing is, he’s so particular that it’s hard for him to really find /the one/. Though, stranger things have likely happened. Should he ever find her, she would be the only woman in his heart and he would be entirely committed to her when it came to flights. Of course, it’d be rather awkward if you didn’t really approve of her rider as your own lover. Hopefully, that would not be the case. However, since you come first in all matters he would be willing (not enthusiastically so) to push her away. « D’ani, consider my feelings for her gone. » You are far more important than his lady love, and though it would sadden him to do so, he would push her away. At least he would, if she did not feel spurned, continue to talk and he would try his best to maintain friendship.

If ever given the chance at becoming a clutch sire, he is the doting sire to the eggs and his lady love (who becomes his brief obsession for the time in which she is upon the Sands before he moves on). This goes on for the first few sevendays of Weyrlinghood before he lets them off on their own to grow and experience all that life has to offer. Everyone must experience to grow, after all, and eventually they will fade to the back of his mind.

But you, D’ani, you will never be forgotten as you are all that he is. And he is all that you are, and all that you can become. He offers the guidance and the wisdom. You are free to take what he offers, or you may go in an entirely different direction but he will be by your side no matter what you decide.

“Think you've seen it all? Think again. Outside those doors, we might see anything. We could find new worlds, terrifying monsters, impossible things. And if you come with me… nothing will ever be the same again!” - The Doctor

Just when you think you know what he’s going to do or how he’s going to act, he’ll throw you a curveball and do something spontaneous and seemingly out of nowhere. Perhaps he senses a need in you, or some idea strikes him, but he’ll be pulling you away from whatever it was you were doing to go on some sort of adventure. « Come, D’ani, we must go explore. » And you will find yourself in the wilds of Fort helping traders repair a wagon and spending the night under the stars, or on the wild Western coastline, casting your net alongside other hardy fisherfolks. « We must remember where we come from, » he will whisper, and then he will be there in case your emotions carry you along sad paths.

He will know your past, because it is such a strong part of who you are. He will know your sister’s faces as you remember them, and hear their laughter and their voices. He might even conjure images of them into his mindscape sometimes, though that would be rare since he figures it would cause you pain. But if seeing them would bring you some measure of joy, then he will do it. Surely you have envisioned a tearful and joyous reunion, and that might be something that he will give life to, but unfortunately only in his thoughts.

When you are granted your freedoms though, you will never again have to pay for passage to distant shores to search. No, Dremkoth will willingly take you on those journeys whenever you are able to go, passing along your sister’s images to all the dragons that you meet along the way. He will be quietly encouraging, but will try not to offer false hope. He knows, like you do, that with each passing day, month, and turn, the chances of you finding them dwindle all the smaller. But he will never give up - not until you do. And since you probably never will, the search will continue.

Along with those adventures will be some of a more physical nature, as he seeks to test his skills. You will discover that flying is much like wave-walking and sailing, with the rises and falls, dips and heart-dropping turns. And though he is small for his size, he is still a bronze, but he will manage to give you some thrills, just the same. And in this activity he will try to get you to loosen up a bit. To let go and enjoy things, and let yourself feel truly happy. Even if you pick up control again when your boots touch the ground, he will have planted that seed of freedom in your mind, and you and he can seek it whenever you wish.


For you and for him, this is a place that time dare not tread and dare not threaten. No, this is a place where the worries of the world are no longer present. It is a landscape, a field thats setting is always the serene night sky with the stars shining ever brightly. There is no passage of time and thus it never changes to day. There is never a sunrise - it is just you, him, and the stars. Despite the night hours of his mindscape, the flowers, grass, and trees are all visible as if it were day. One could blame the moons but there are none present in the sky, just making you all the more aware of the fact that this is his mind and reality has no say in here. Of course, you can make it any way you want just as he can. Your whimsy is something that he would happily make happen, if only in his mind. Because in his mind, anything can happen and the deepest desires you have could become reality. Be mindful, however, as he will not let you linger in fantasy for long. It is a place of respite and peace for your mind and for his, to recharge for the days ahead should they be hard or for the days passed when they have worn you down, but you must always return to reality.


Gentle winds may occasionally blow forth, his laughter making for soft breezes, while sorrow is reflected in chilling gusts, all different for their meanings and there are certainly more moods than these few examples. Each breath of wind always has an effect on the landscape in his mind, blowing leaves from their vines and petals of flowers from their grip upon their flowers. They do not fall, however, once freed from their bindings. They remain suspended in air, unmoving except for when they right themselves and settle back from whence they came as if they had never left to begin with.

His voice, in his mind, is the wind while he is everything you can see. He is powerful, unseen but seen, untouchable but able to be touched. You, however, when drawn into his mind will always be present and you will see yourself in the landscape and you are able to interact with all that there is. Of course, should you find a way to draw him out every now and again, he would not be opposed. You, D’ani, may conjure any image, person, or change the world as you see fit. Company you welcome in will be welcomed by him, though they aren’t entirely real. Nonetheless, he will welcome them. Again, should you become too drawn into this fantasy, he will draw you out and focus you on the real things in life. Not that he thinks that you will lose yourself, but he knows how tempting it is to escape for periods far longer than necessary.

Now and again he will draw others into the depths of his mind for conversations but they should be mindful that what they see is entirely different than what you, yourself experience. Only for you is this world a bright paradise where things stand completely still, as if holding their breath and waiting for your next move. No, for others the world is a monochromatic landscape that is not immune to the laws of time. Time does move, yes, but at an incredibly slow pace. Should a leaf fall from a tree, it is hard to say exactly how long it would take to land. Weeks, months, Turns? No one knows and none have dared to try and find out. The tones of monochrome change based upon his mood, often with brighter colors reflecting happiness while darker either expresses sorrow or anger.


As mentioned, he hides his voice among the wind but speaks in a way that’s far from breathy. His voice mimics your own, but going into deeper tones. His tone is often what people call understanding and full of wisdom, as if he knows more than he lets on and as if he were Turns older than he actually is. When finally aged, others will note that he finally sounds as old as he is, though it will take quite some time to reach that point. He speaks simply, fluidly, making sure that he expresses himself in the best way to be understood rather than beating around the bush. « What’s the point of speaking if no one understands? » He’ll tsk and scold you, should you ever speak in a way that is unclear. That’s not to say he won’t enjoy riddles, however, but there is a time and place for everything. And while there are quite a few dragons that speak in confusing ways, he’ll certainly try his best to understand them.


The overall theme for the clutch as a whole was “Time”, with the egg “Ruled by Superstition and the Sword” based on Disney’s Gargoyles. How does this tie in with time? Well, the series itself deals with it quite often (dealing with the past going forwards to the future, time gates, past influence to the present, etc and so on). But the series itself on an animation perspective and storyline was before it’s time as well. To quote the Wiki:

“Gargoyles is an American animated series created by Greg Weisman, produced by Greg Weisman and Frank Paur and originally aired from October 24, 1994 to February 15, 1997. Gargoyles is known for its relatively dark tone, complex story arcs andmelodrama. Character arcs were heavily employed throughout the series, as were Shakespearean themes.”

And it was! The show was only moderately successful at the time, yet did not fall into obscurity. But it’s known more for it’s more mature storylines, darker tones and complex arcs and characters. It catered to an older audience of children, branching away from the “norm” that most television cartoons fall into, which may have accounted for it’s lower audience numbers but it spawned a loyal cult following that continued on long after the show ended. But it wasn’t all darkness, as the show really did focus on the importance of family bonds, friendship, loyalty, doing what is right in the face of difficult decisions and so much more.

It was those themes that were expanded upon in the Mind Touches: playing on the familial roles among the Gargoyles and how their whole culture revolved around their clan. They rarely had names (it’s a human thing actually, that they adapted to) and would always refer to each other as friend, brother, sister. To them, their sense and bond of “family” and “clan” and “kin” went above all and seemingly unshakeable, even after much tragedy and the eons of time.

For more information on the show, check out the Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gargoyles_(TV_series)

Or, feel free to check out the first episode, which was primarily the main focus of the egg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7Rz9aDhl-k Your egg was written by Th’ero.

Names, names, names! How hard they are! We first settled on one name that was a little longer than you requested, so we were set to scramble again to look for another name. We wanted something that was meaningful, unique, and easy to say. Dremkoth was then found by combining the statement “Jsem lékař” (I am a doctor, Cszech) with the word Drzy (cheeky, saucy, brash, impertinent (and similar)). This was conjured through the efforts of Th’ero, Elara, Dtirae and Neyuni.

For your dragon as a whole, we’ve got to break him down into parts to fully explain him. Your desc was written by Elara and Neyuni. Dremkoth’s description is a combination of several things. First of all being The Doctor and his overcoat, which is such a large part of his persona. Secondly, the image from the Hubble Telescope, which suggested waves of bronze, combining the celestial and time with the ocean that is so important to Edani. Next, his personality: This was written by a combination of Dtirae, Neyuni, and Elara. He is based largely on the Tenth Doctor with touches of your desires in traits. We had a bit of a struggle trying to find a good balance before we eventually got him written. There were many, many, many drafts that were discarded, created, edited, then discarded again before we found something that we thought you would like. We do hope that you enjoy him! Though with any dragon, Dremkoth is yours to play as you see fit as the RP tips are purely that. - Dtirae, Elara, Neyuni, and Th’ero

Clutch Siblings

Cloaked in Storms Gold Kouzevelth - Inri
One Cannot Make the Journey Alone Brown Niumdreoth - Abigail
Always Seeking and Scampering Blue Crosentura​th - Harmony
Arcane Magic and Darkness Green Lyrienth - Kh’nai
No More Will I Wear the Shackles Green Xucieth - Eirwyn

The Aftermath of Stress Bronze Tezeveth - J’men (Jamen)
Samurai Betwixt Time Brown Zlicnith - K’vi (Kevi)
Timeless Giant Star Blue Zetath - Py’n (Pycian)
Drive by Blur Green Vetizath - Brilwen


Name Dremkoth
Dam Zuvaleyuth
Sire Velokraeth
Created By Dtirae, Elara, Neyuni, Th'ero
Impressee D'ani (Edani)
Hatched 23 September, 2012
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH