Mysterious as the night is dark, this indigo dragon has more elongated and regal features than his clutch siblings. Sapphire markings encrust his eyeridges with wondrous riches, more dazzling than any ever mined by man. A narrow wedged head rests atop a slender neck that glides with a regal ease. Deep navy encircles his eyes, almost as though he's wearing eyeliner. The dark hue winds back and up slightly, towards his headknobs. A deep cobalt stripe runs from just below the opening of his maw, down his chin. His wings and lower portion of his body remain true to almost every portion of his body, save his wingsails. They are a soft azure, resembling a fine fabric fit for a king.

Egg Name and Description

Conflicting Lapis Lazuli Egg
A battle field of color clashes in dark bursts of rain filled clouds across this overly small space that this little ovum offers. Flares of midnight blue clump together, sliding towards a brighter royal hue with each battle won. Ebon and lapis tainted gray flickers here and there, marbling the whole egg with its colorful yet dark battle for supremacy. Only one will win, that much is apparent as the colors seem to shift before your eyes, blue claiming the majority of the egg for a time before it's overrun by the dark onyx that refuses to give up. Stubbornness is something both sides have, a softer side, a darker side, yet all balance perfectly even in this chaotic never ending fight.

Hatching Message

Spiderweb-like cracks appear along the subtle blue hues of this egg. With a sudden popping sound, they shatter completely, falling to the sand at the hatchling's feet. He stands among the shards of his shell and looks around at this new world. He puffs himself up proudly before taking his first, very shakey, step.

Impression Message

Tendrils of harsh light and soft seduction insinuate themselves into your mind, almost blinding you from within, yet alluring at the same time, filling you with a wealth of happiness. « I am Dainith, my lovely Gael. » A voice fills your mind, one that seems familiar somehow and feels like it has always belonged there. « We are together now! »


Why: You and I are two of a kind, in many ways. We compliment each other with just enough difference to make getting to know one another interesting. Together, we could rise to new heights, in the sky, on the ground, in the Weyr. You are my soul mate, the only one who could truly make a whole out of these two halves.

Growing Up: As he matures, his attitudes will become less black and white, some males are trusted and some females are regarded with the same cool he usually shows to the more masculine people. His cutting wit may turn to cynicism easily, often resulting in sarcastic comments which could in turn delight, amuse or annoy his rider. OOC Note: Whatever Dainith will become as a mature dragon is entirely up to you, his rider. He is yours to develop as you wish.

Personality Description: Dainith is quick-witted, often with a cutting edge to it. He has a wealth of different faces that he shows to various people. To males of all types, he will puff himself up and play the gruff, strong and slightly arrogant rival. To females, he softens, becoming more tender and caring. Through all this, his sense of dignity rules his actions, a dignity that is sometimes misconstrued as self-importance.


Tendrils of Harsh Light and Soft Seduction
Tendrils of Harsh Light and Soft Seduction flow into your mind, blinding you from within from it's brilliant light, but at the same time, drawing you in closer, almost in a loving embrace. Sharp edges of quick wit feel almost knife-like, yet aren't painful. Above all else, the presence fills you with love and acceptance.


Egg Theme: The semi-precious gem Lapis Lazuli
Hatchling Theme: King Ramses II of Egypt
Egg Credits: Darianya
Dragonet Desc Credits: Oarin
Dragonet Inspiration Credits: Darianya and Oarin


Name Majestic Sapphire and Cobalt Blue Dainith
Dam Gold Biancath
Sire Bronze Koliath
Created By Darianya and Oarin
Impressee Gael (Gabrael)
Hatched Match 17th, 2002
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH